tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 61

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 61


Note: This story is the sixty-first installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous sixty episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines the word as: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also: an instance of this.

In the past year serendipity has visited me on numerous occasions.

Just slightly over a year ago I went to a party at Ty Cummings townhouse and serendipity brought me Sandra Monroe.

Three weeks later serendipity brought me Bentine Pharmaceutical and I became a millionaire. That night serendipity brought me Julie Gordon and I was blessed with two wonderful women.

This past spring serendipity brought us Dr. Richard Norman, who you are more familiar with as Ricky. The four of us were able to become a family.

Last weekend, serendipity brought us Brandy. Brandy taught Sandra to forgive.

This week serendipity is going to bring us Father Tom.

The magical combination of a prostitute and a Catholic Priest ended up having miraculous impact on our lives.

Sandra and I have been the beneficiaries of good fortune on numerous occasions during the past year. On Tuesday September 18th we may have had our finest stroke of luck.

I was at work preparing for my weekly meeting with the partners when Avery Patterson called and asked me to come to his office.

I walked down the hall. His door was open. Avery was talking with an older gentleman wearing a dark suit and a clerical collar. He appeared to be a priest.

Avery stood up when he saw me. "Stevie please come in."

He turned to the man in the clerical collar. "Father Tom this is the wonder boy that you wanted to meet."

Father Tom stood up and Avery introduced us. "Father Thomas Delaney, this is Steven Wagner."

Father Delaney extended his hand. "I'm honored to meet you Mr. Wagner, Please call me Father Tom."

I shook Father Tom's hand. "Please call me Stevie."

Avery motioned for us to sit down. "Stevie, Father Tom and I went to college together. We became good friends at that time and have maintained a close friendship ever since. I'll let him explain everything else."

Father Tom smiled at me. "Stevie for years my calling in the church has been to work with homeless families on Chicago's west side. You may have heard of Barbarossa Commons. That notorious housing project is at the center of the neighborhood where I have my mission.

We have many needy families. Two years ago now a wealthy widow in one of Chicago's more affluent parishes passed away and left my mission $200,000." It was a generous gift.

The money came to us without any stipulations regarding its use. This allowed me to use half of it to fund our programs for homeless children and give the other half to Avery. I asked him to invest it wisely. Many children needed this money.

Avery took our money and held it until he found what he thought was a good investment. The investment opportunity that he finally selected for us was Bentine Pharmaceutical. He purchased 10,000 shares of Bentine stock for us during the initial issue and held it until the day that it received FDA approval."

He smiled at me. "I gather that you are very familiar with this part of my story."

I nodded. "Yes, I am very familiar with that part of the story."

"I gather that you are the man who is responsible for our good fortune."

I started to answer but Avery jumped in. "Father Tom, Stevie is always way too modest about this. He discovered Bentine and mapped out the investment strategy that we used. He is the man behind your financial success."

Father Tom looked at me. "Stevie, in my case it wasn't my financial success. It was a financial success for hundreds of poor families in one of Chicago's worst neighborhoods. Your efforts on our behalf have allowed us to feed and clothe another thousand children during this past year."

I smiled at Father Tom. "Thank you, It means a lot to me to hear that. Sometimes it bothers me that all that I do with my life is make money for myself and other wealthy people."

Father Tom laughed. "It's nice to meet a stock broker with a sense of moral responsibility." He laughed some more and turned to Avery. "Of course my buddy Avery over here has always been conscious of his responsibility to his community. He's a big contributor to my mission." He paused. "Stevie I just wanted to have a chance to meet you and let you know how much good your little Bentine Pharmaceutical discovery has done. I am forever in your debt. If there is ever anything that I can do for you, please ask."

I thought for a moment. I knew that I wasn't really supposed to ask Father Tom for a favor, but I suddenly realized that this was our opportunity to reach Sandra's father.

I took a deep breath and spoke. "Father Tom there is something you could do for me."

"What might that be?"

"Would you be willing to tell a priest in Milwaukee and two of his parishioners what you just told me?"

Avery stepped in. "Stevie, Father Tom is a very busy man."

Father Tom put his hand up and stopped Avery. "No this must be very important to this boy. Let's hear a little more."

"It would help us clear up a major misunderstanding between my fiancée and her father. I would be very willing to make a significant donation to your mission in Chicago."

He turned to Avery. "See it's already getting more interesting."

"Father Tom if you would be willing to do this I would make a $200,000 donation to your programs. Avery knows a little about my financial situation. He can verify the fact that the sum is easily within my financial capabilities."

Father Tom looked at Avery. Avery nodded to him. Father Tom looked back at me. "It's a very attractive offer Stevie, but I don't have the time. I have to be back in Chicago tomorrow evening. I'm taking the morning Greyhound Bus." He smiled. "Priests who work in missions for the poor don't get to travel lavishly."

I smiled. "Father Tom you could travel lavishly tomorrow. I'm willing to buy you a first class airline ticket to Milwaukee. I'll have a limousine pick you up at the airport and take you to meet with the parish priest and his parishioners. I'll have that limousine wait and take you back to the airport where you will have a first class seat on an airplane to Chicago. When you arrive in Chicago I'll have another limousine meet you at the airport and take you to your home."

Father Tom stared at me. "This must be very important to you Stevie?"

"It is."

Father Tom looked at Avery. "I think that this boy and I should speak in private."

Avery looked at me. "Stevie why don't you take Father Tom to your office."

I got up. "Father Tom will you please come with me."

Father Tom followed me to my office. When we were both seated he said, "All right Stevie, tell me what this is all about."

"Father Tom, when Sandra was eighteen." I stopped. "Sandra is my girl friend. We live together now and plan to get married in two weeks." He nodded. I continued. "When Sandra was eighteen she had an abortion."

Father Tom shook his head. "Stevie you understand the Church's position on that."

"Yes, very well. That's the heart of our problem. Sandra's father is a devout Catholic. He threw Sandra out of the house when it happened. "

Father Tom sighed. "I see."

I continued. "Until recently Sandra has not had any communication with her mother or her father and it weighs heavily on her. This past summer her father had a heart attack. When Sandra went to visit him, her mother stopped her. She accused Sandra of being a prostitute and me of being her pimp."

"What would cause her mother come to that conclusion?"

"Before Sandra met me she was pretty wild. She developed a bad reputation."

"Was there ever any truth to her parents suspicions?'

"Are you asking if Sandra was ever a prostitute?"

Father Tom nodded. "If I'm going to plead your case for you, I need to know the facts."

I smiled. "No Sandra has never been a prostitute. Father Tom, she graduated from the University with honors. She got accepted to law school and has completed her first two years with a 3.75 grade point average. She has done all of this without any parental support. She earned scholarships and worked at menial jobs. She has never been a prostitute."

Father Tom smiled. "You're very proud of her aren't you Stevie."

"Yes Father Tom, I am." I paused. "I also love her very much. Sandra desperately wants be accepted by her parents. She even left me for another man last summer because she thought his professional position would convince her parents to accept her."

"Really, What happened?"

"Her parents allowed her to visit them, but she realized that she didn't love this man so she broke off her engagement and came back to me."

"Because you have asked for my help in this matter, I assume that her parents rejected her again when she returned to you. Is that true?"


"Why do they dislike you so much Stevie?"

"Father Tom my investments have made me a very wealthy man. Sandra and I do not live a lavish life style, but we live well. The nature of my job makes it difficult for many people to understand what I do. I frequently work from home.

Sandra has a cousin who lives here. When she came to visit us, she saw our house and cars and Sandra's clothing and jewelry. She noticed that I didn't appear to have to go to work and she knew about Sandra's wild past. She put two and two together and unfortunately got 5. She drew a false conclusion from her observations and reported this false conclusion to Sandra's parents."

Father Tom nodded his head in understanding. "You need me to give Sandra's parents a creditable explanation for how you acquired your wealth.

I smiled. "Father Tom that is exactly what I am asking you to do. I am not asking you to provide character references or speak on our behalf. I just want Sandra's parents to understand how I earn my income."

"If I do this you say that you will make a $200,000 donation to my mission?"

"Yes, I will give you more if I need to."

Father Tom laughed. "No Stevie that amount is generous enough." He smiled at me. "I've never flown first class."

I looked at Father Tom. "Does that mean that you'll do this?"

"Yes Stevie, I'll do this."

"Thank you very much Father Tom."

He laughed. "Stevie your $200,000 donation is more than enough thanks." He stopped to think. "Stevie we might need something to get the parish priest and Sandra's parents to agree to meet me tomorrow."

I smiled. "Would it help if I offered to make a $50,000 donation to the their church?"

He nodded. "I do believe that will get their attention." He paused. "Can you get me the name of the church?"

"Yes, but I have to make a telephone call. Why don't you want to go back and continue your visit with Avery while I make the necessary arrangements?"

"Thank you Stevie, I'll do that."

"How much longer will you be here?"

"Avery and I are planning to go out for a long lunch after his meeting with you. I'll come back here after lunch. I should be around at least until 3:00 pm."

I smiled. I'll have everything ready by 3:00."

"Stevie, get me the parish priests name and telephone number before your meeting with Avery. I should try to set up our meeting as quickly as possible."

"I'll call Sandra right now."

Father Tom went back to Avery's office. I sat down at my desk and looked at my watch. It was just after 9:15. Sandra should be at the law school. She told me that her first class was at 10:00. I called her cell phone.


"Hi Sandra.

"Hi Stevie is everything okay?"

"Everything is fine. Listen sweetheart I am starting a campaign to reopen the lines of communication with your parents."

"Really, What's your plan Stevie?"

"Its pretty basic right now. I am just going to send a $50,000 donation to their church. It will be in our two names."

Sandra was quiet for a moment. "Stevie that's a really good idea. It just might work."

"Well let's not get our hopes up, but it is worth a try. Listen Sandra, I need the name of your mom and dad's church."

"Oh sure. It's St. Stephens Catholic Church on North 17th Street. Its not in Milwaukee. It's in the suburb of Lakeview. Lakeview is just north of Milwaukee."

"That's what I needed to know from you. I can find everything else I need on my own. Sandra I'm going to have a busy afternoon. I probably won't be home until supper time."

"All right baby. Thanks for letting me know." She laughed. "Jules, Ricky and I will make supper tonight."

I laughed. "Now this is something to look forward to."

"Hey that's not fair, we can cook." Sandra paused. "Stevie your not being sarcastic again are you?"

I laughed some more. "What's going to happen if I am."

"I think we might have to have another session with the riding crop when you get home."

"Is that a promise."

"No sissyboy, that's a threat and I'm getting wet just thinking about it."

"Sandra, now we both have something to look forward to at the end of the day. Listen baby, I have to go. I'll see you at suppertime."

"By Stevie, I love you."

"I love you to sweetheart."

I hung the telephone up and went out to see Jeanne the receptionist.

She smiled when she saw me. "Hi Stevie, did you come out here to keep me company?"

"Sorry Jeanne, I came out to ask a favor."

"Sure honey what can I do for you?"

"Would you set up some travel arrangements for me?"

"I'd be glad to, where are you going?"

I smiled. "Jeanne they're not for me. They're for Father Tom, the priest who's visiting with Avery right now."

Jeanne nodded. "Okay where is he going and what's his full name."

I explained the arrangements that I wanted. Jeanne listened carefully and made some notes.

When I was done with my explanation she smiled. "This is easy enough, just leave it to me Stevie. I'll get this trip set up right away."

"Thanks Jeanne, I appreciate this."

"No problem Stevie."

When I turned to walk down to Avery's office Jeanne was already reaching for her computer mouse.

Avery's office door was open. When he saw me he said, "Come in."

As I walked in Avery laughed. "I understand that Father Tom is going to Milwaukee on your behalf tomorrow."

I smiled. "Yes, Jeanne is making the travel arrangements right now."

Father Tom grinned at us. "I can't wait to sit in that first class seat."

Avery looked at his watch. "Stevie its almost 10:00. Let's go down to the conference room. It's time for our meeting."

He looked at Father Tom. "Can you make yourself comfortable here for the next 1/2 hour?"

Father Tom smiled, "Easily." He turned to me. "Stevie do you have some information for me?

"Yes, It's St. Stephens Catholic Church on North 17th Street in Lakeview, Wisconsin. Lakeview is a suburb of Milwaukee."

"What are Sandra's parent's names?"

"Edward and Patricia Monroe."

"I have your okay to offer the $50,000 donation to the church, correct?"

I nodded. "Yes you do." I stopped to think. "Why don't I give you a check before you go today. You can give it to them at the beginning of the meeting."

"That's a good idea Stevie." Father Tom looked at Avery. "Can I sit at your desk and make a couple of long distance telephone calls?"

Avery smiled. "Please help yourself."

When we left for the conference room, Father Tom was getting seated behind Avery's desk.

The meeting was brief and very businesslike. Avery wanted to get back to visiting with his friend and I wanted to find out if Father Tom was able to set up a meeting.

When we got back to Avery's office, Father Tom was sitting on Avery's leather couch reading the Wall Street Journal.

He looked up at us as we walked into the room. "This is always a fun newspaper to read."

He set the paper down and looked at me. "Stevie the priest at St. Stephens is Father William Henry. I called Father Henry and briefly explained who I was and told him about your donation to the church. He was very excited. They're in the midst of a major fund raising program. They want to remodel the church. He told me that he knew Edward and Patricia Monroe very well. He was curious about why I wanted to meet them. I told him that I would explain that at our meeting."

Father Tom crossed his legs and leaned back. "Father Henry agreed to call them. I told him that I would call him back in ten minutes. When I called back, he told me that he had been able to talk with both of the Monroes. They were also curious about what was going on, but they'd heard of me and my work in Chicago. They were excited about the chance to meet me. They were also excited by the opportunity to get a large donation for their church."

Father Tom gave me a big smile. "Stevie I'm scheduled to meet them at St. Stephens Church at 11:00 am tomorrow morning."

I smiled back. "Thank you Father Tom. I don't know what I can ever do to repay this favor."

"Stevie the $200,000 donation for my mission will be more than adequate."

Avery stood up. "Thomas, I do believe it is time for us to go to lunch. I know of an excellent restaurant not too far from here that has an outstanding variety of imported beers on tap."

Father Tom stood up. "Avery I'm in the mood to sample several of them."

As they were walking out the door Father Tom turned to me. "Stevie, I trust that I'll see you when we get back later this afternoon."

"I'll be here Father Tom and I'll have everything ready for you."

I spent the next several hours organizing two projects that I was working on.

Jeanne had completed all of Father Tom's travel arrangements. Everything was neatly organized. His tickets and his itinerary were in a nice portfolio. Jeanne was very good at her job.

Avery and Father Tom returned about 3:00. They were both in excellent spirits.

Father Tom walked into my office. "Stevie my boy, is everything ready?"

I smiled at Father Tom. It was hard not to, he was a very appealing person. "Yes everything is ready." I handed him Jeanne's portfolio. "This contains your itinerary and tickets for tomorrow. It also contains a personal check from me made out to St. Stephens Catholic Church."

Father Tom opened the itinerary and looked at it. "This should do very nicely Stevie." He smiled. "I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It will be fun to travel in luxury."

"Father Tom, I understand that you're staying with the monks at The Angels of St. Michaels Academy tonight."

"Yes Stevie, they have a dormitory there."

"Father Tom I took the liberty of getting you a suite at the Calvert Hotel. It's our cities oldest and most luxurious hotel. I would really like it if you stayed there tonight as my guest."

Father Tom looked at me. "You don't need to do that Stevie. You've already been more than generous with me."

"I would like to do it Father Tom."

He smiled at me. "Thank you, it would be a real treat for me. I would love to stay there."

"Good they have an excellent restaurant. I hope that you will choose to dine there and also put that on my bill."

Father Tom shook his head. "I'm planning on dining with another priest tonight. He's an old friend from the seminary."

"Please invite him to dine with you at the Calvert." I paused. "Father Tom, I will never be able to completely repay you for what you are doing for Sandra and me. Please allow me to provide a nice luxurious evening for you and your friend." I smiled at him. "The Calvert is reported to have the finest wine cellar in the city. It is my hope that you and your friend will share a very nice bottle with your dinner."

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