tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 64

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 64


Note: This story is the sixty-fourth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous sixty-three episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


The entire weekend was devoted to making wedding arrangements. Saturday Sandra and Julie met Brenda, Maddie and April at the mall. The girls spent the whole day shopping. They had to buy dresses, shoes, lingerie, stag party toys and many other things. Their shopping list was nearly endless. It took Ricky and I twenty minutes just to carry all the packages in when they got home.

While Sandra and Julie were at the mall, Ricky and I spent the day cleaning the house.

Sunday Mark and Bobby came over with Brenda, Maddie and April. The four of us spent the day in the basement recreation room watching football while the girls were upstairs making wedding plans.

On Monday life got even busier. In addition to trying to make wedding arrangements we had to take care of the daily business of life. I had to go to work, Ricky had to teach and Sandra and Julie had classes to attend. All four of us were very busy.

Sandra talks to her mother every day now. She's very happy. Her parents are coming on Friday morning. We reserved a suite for them at the Calvert Hotel.

Sandra talked to her mother about whether or not they should stay with us at the house. They both agreed that this weekend was going to be so busy that it would be better if they stayed at a Hotel.

On Thursday morning I had my scheduled meeting with the partners. When the meeting was over I cleared my desk and left for the weekend. I was taking Thursday afternoon and Friday off.

When I got home Sandra and Julie were already there. They were both skipping their Thursday and Friday classes. Brenda and Maddie arrived shortly after I got home. April got there just after three. The house became a beehive of activity.

Ricky's last class ended at 4:00. He walked in the door just after 4:15. I was in the kitchen making snack trays for the stag party. As soon as he walked in Julie gave him a quick kiss and handed him his apron. "Go change your clothes and start vacuuming the living room and dining room."

Mark and Bobby arrived just after 5:00 pm. I immediately put them to work stocking the bar. This was a stag party, the girls and their studs would be thirsty.

It was 6:30. The party was scheduled to start at 7:00. The doorbell rang. Ricky answered the door. It was Big Dick Jason.

He walked in and looked around. "Hi Ricky, I know I'm early, but I got done at the office sooner than I expected and I thought you guys might like some help getting everything ready."

Sandra walked in to the living room. She smiled when she saw Jason. "Hi baby, nice to see you."

Jason kissed her cheek. "Sandra you look beautiful tonight."

Sandra laughed and grabbed Jason's cock. "You flatterer, you're just fishing for an early blow job."

Jason laughed. "It never hurts to try."

I was standing in the kitchen doorway. I waved, "Hi Jason."

He looked over at me and smiled. "Hi Stevie, I got done at the office a little early. Is there anything I can do to help you guys?"

I laughed. "Yes I have a very important job for you. Go over to the bar, throw some ice cubes in a glass and pour some scotch over them. I want you to make sure the ice properly melts when it's exposed to whiskey."

Jason grinned. "Buddy that's a job I think I can handle right now."

Jason may have been Sandra's lover, but he was also one of my best friends. He was a very nice person and I knew exactly why he arrived early. He wanted to be with us."

Julie walked in with a stack of shorts and sweatshirts in her arms. When she saw Jason she set the clothes down on a chair, walked over and kissed him. "Hi Jason, it's nice to see you." As she kissed him she reached down, squeezed his cock and giggled. "I just love feeling that big monster of yours."

Jason took a sip of his scotch and winked at her. "Julie my dear you're always welcome to both look and touch."

Brenda walked in. "Jason if you're going to be here you are going to go to work."

Jason shook his head. "Bren you are one hard task master. Bobby's life must be hell."

Bobbi yelled from the bar. "It's about time someone figured out how badly I'm abused."

Brenda stared at Jason. There was a look of mock indignation on her face and a twinkle in her eye. "Honey are you trying to start a slave revolt?"

Jason laughed, "Absolutely not! If these guys ever revolted they might try to stop you girls from giving me blow jobs."

Julie giggled. "All right Jason, that's enough of your silliness. I have a job for you. We have outfits for the studs tonight. All of you are getting a nice pair of shorts and a sweatshirt to wear. We think you will be much more comfortable; you won't have to get dressed every time you're done playing with one of us."

Jason nodded. "That's a good idea Julie. What do you want me to do?"

"I'd like you to get changed right now. Ricky will take your clothes and hang them up in the playpen. When the other studs arrive, I want you to you give them their clothes and have them get changed. Ricky will stay with you. He'll take care of their street clothes."

Jason smiled and patted Ricky on the back. "Between us we have a law degree and a PHD in English Literature. I think we can handle this."

Brenda looked at Jason. "I know that you're really good friends with all of our cucks, but Jason please remember, when the party starts tonight they have to call you sir and we want you treat them like slaves."

Jason nodded. "Don't worry Bren. I know the routine with you guys." He looked at Ricky. "At 7:00 pm I'll become one mean son of a bitch and I'll stay that way during the whole party." He smiled at Ricky. "But when the party's over, you're going to sit down and I'm going to serve you a drink."

Julie smiled. "Jason honey, that's why we all love you so much."

Jason looked at Julie. "Sweetheart that might very well be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. If my wife ever decides to leave me, will you guys let me move in with you?"

I laughed. "Sure Jas, but give us some warning because we're going to have to buy a bigger bed."

Jason stared at us. "All four of you really do sleep together don't you?"

Ricky grinned. "Yes and it really is wonderful."

Jason shook his head. "I envy the four of you. You seem to have life pretty well figured out."

Maddie walked out of our bedroom with Julie's riding crop in her hand. She was dressed in some very sexy lingerie. This was obviously her outfit for the party. She looked at all of us. "It's 6:45, everyone should be getting dressed or undressed."

She walked over and gave Jason a hard swat on the butt. "As for you Mister Lawyer, enough idle talk; get that suit off and get your shorts and sweatshirt on."

Jason bowed his head. "Yes Mistress Maddie, right away."

Maddie raised her eyebrows. "Oh my, I love the way that sounds." She looked at the rest of us. "Imagine having a submissive cuck with a twelve inch dick."

Jason took off his suit coat. As he handed it to Ricky, he winked at Maddie. "In that situation my dear you really would have to worry about a slave revolt."

Sandra grabbed me. "Come on baby its time for us to get ready."

We walked into our bedroom. Mark, Bobby and Ricky were already in there. They were dressed in their panties and tee shirts. April, Brenda and Julie were putting their cock cages on them.

When the girls were done locking the cages they handed the keys to Julie. She put them in her dresser.

As she put them away she said, "Slaves our guests will be arriving soon. We expect you to greet them and serve them drinks as soon as they're here. Now go to your stations."

I looked at Sandra. Bobby had bathed her while I was preparing the food. Her hair and her makeup were perfect. She was wearing her sexiest lingerie. She was gorgeous. The studs were really in for a treat tonight.

Sandra took out my cock cage. As she was putting it on me I said, "You look really gorgeous tonight sweetheart."

She smiled at me. "Stevie, I tried really hard to look pretty for you this evening. I want you to be thinking about how beautiful and sexy I am while you watch all those handsome men fuck me tonight

Sandra locked my cock cage into place and kissed me. "Stevie were both going to have a lot of fun during this party." She winked at me. "I'm planning on being very dominant.

I got down on my knees, turned Sandra around and pulled her panties down. She leaned against her makeup table and I spread the cheeks of her ass and submissively kissed her asshole.

"Sandra I am your slave. I freely acknowledge that I belong to you. I am your possession. You may do anything to me you want this evening."

She whispered. "Baby I am going to humiliate you without mercy tonight." She took a deep breath. "I plan to whip you in front of all of those men."

I kissed her ass again. "I'm already excited. I can't wait."

She giggled as I licked her asshole. "I'm going to try to push the limits a little further tonight Sissyboy."

I bowed; it was intended as a clear demonstration of submission. "I trust you Sandra. I know that you'll never really hurt me."

Sandra cooed as I closed my eyes and made love to her ass.

The doorbell rang while I was pleasuring Sandra. Once it started ringing, it rang repeatedly for the next several minutes. The men were arriving.

Sandra stood up, went to her dresser, got my dog collar and leash and fastened the collar around my neck. "Tonight you will be naked except for your cock cage and your collar. You will kneel at my feet at all times unless you're directed to do other wise. This evening I expect you to be at my feet worshipping me while I'm making love to other men. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Sandra, I understand."

"You will not speak unless you are spoken to. All women will be addressed as Mistress and all of the men will be addressed as Sir of Master. Is that clear?"

The bedroom door opened. Mistress Brenda came in. "Everyone is here. It's time for the two of you to come into the living room."

Sandra kissed me. "Stevie I love you so very much."

I smiled. "I love you to Sandra."

Sandra attached my leash to my collar and gave it a firm tug. "Sissyboy crawl."

We walked to the bedroom door. At the door Brenda handed Sandra a new riding crop. "Here Sandra, this is a gift from all of us to you."

Sandra smiled. "Thank you Brenda."

She turned and struck me firmly across my bare buttocks. "How do you like our new toy Sissyboy?"

Everyone stood and applauded when we entered the room. Sandra led me over to the big easy chair in the corner. She sat down in the chair and pointed to a spot on the floor. "Sissyboy sit."

I kneeled at her feet.

I looked around. The five guys from Baxters were all here. Jason was seated near us.

Our eyes made contact. We smiled at each other. Jamal was seated next to him. Jason and Jamal had become good friends.

Ricky was carrying a tray of snacks around. Mark and Bobby were filling drink orders. Julie and April were standing at the front of the room. Maddie and Brenda were standing by the kitchen door.

Julie walked into the middle of the room and smiled at everyone. "Please excuse me. A year ago I was a waitress in a coffee shop. I'm not used to talking to groups of people." She smiled, "Even if it's a group of hot guys who are about to take turns fucking me."

Everyone laughed. Julie relaxed. "Welcome to Sandra Monroe's stag party. Sandra and Stevie are my best friends." She shook her head. "No they're more than friends, they're my family. I love both of them."

She looked at us. Sandra and I smiled at her.

Julie continued. "I just told you that a year ago I was a waitress in a coffee shop. Today I'm a college student and I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world. I owe all of that to Stevie Wagner. My husband is the slave serving you snacks right now. April's husband is the slave getting your drinks. Tonight Sandra, April, Maddie, Brenda and I are going to be partying with all of you. We are also going to be playing domination games with our husbands. We want you to help us with those games, but we also want you to understand...."

Jason stood up and walked over to Julie. He kissed her on the cheek. "Julie honey, let me help you with this part."

He turned to the other men. "What Julie is trying to say to you is that tonight we are going to abuse and humiliate these four men. We are going to do it because they enjoy it. We are asking for your help in doing it. For the next several hours we are going to treat them with arrogance and disdain while we fuck their wives. We want you to treat them like slaves."

Jason paused. "But understand this. These men are my close friends. When the evening is over I am going to get each of them the cocktail of their choice and I am going to serve it to them on a tray. Next Tuesday afternoon Stevie, Mark and Bobby are going to be my golf partners in a charity golf tournament at the Oak Grove Country Club." He smiled. "What I am trying to say is that this is a game. Please remember that. Be dominant, be arrogant but be careful."

Julie kissed him, "Thank you Jason." Suddenly she punched him on his right arm.

"Ow!" Jason looked at Julie. "What was that for?"

"How come my baby isn't getting to play in your golf tournament?"

Jason laughed. "Julie your husband already has an invitation to come to the tournament. He's going to drive one of the carts and spend the day with us. Jamal is going to drive the other cart." He smiled at her. "Both your baby and Jamal are just learning to play golf. Stevie can probably beat 99 percent of the golfers in this city. Mark is almost as good and Bobby is right behind them." He laughed. "I have three ringers. We're going to win this tournament."

Sandra looked at me. "Are you really that good?"

I looked up at her. "While you were with Roger I played every day." I shrugged. "Yes right now I'm that good."

Sandra looked at me. There was admiration in her eyes. "Stevie is there anything in this world that you can't do?"

I smiled at her. "Be a stud I guess."

She whispered to me. "Stevie you will always be my first choice as a stud. Say the word and I'll ask all of these men to leave right now and I'll happily spend the rest of the night fucking just you."

I looked at her. She was serious. "Sandra both of us are here right now because we want to be. I love you and I know you love me. I want to be your submissive cuckold husband more than anything in the world. Let's get this party going."

Sandra laughed and smacked me across my back with the riding crop. "You asked for it Speedy; let's play."

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