tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 70

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 70


Note: This story is the seventieth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous sixty-nine episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


The end of September is still a beautiful time of year in the north central part of the United States. It doesn't rain much. The skies are clear and blue. The sun shines almost every day. The cold blustery winds that herald the coming of winter haven't arrived yet. The days are more like cool summer days. The normal high temperatures are generally in the 70's. The nights are cooler. Women generally bring a light sweater or wrap of some kind when they go out for the evening.

When I got up on the morning of Saturday September 29th I was greeted by the beginning of a beautiful fall day. I walked out onto the patio. The sky was clear and blue. It was early in the morning. The previous night had left behind a slight chill that still hung in the air. The warm sun was just starting to peek over our back fence. I smiled, the rising sun would quickly chase the chill away.

I looked at my watch. It was almost 7:00 am. Sandra's parents and the wedding party were due to arrive in three hours. We were going to have a quick wedding rehearsal. When that was done we were all going to sit down to brunch.

I went into the kitchen and started preparing the food for the brunch. I was just putting a large ham into the oven when I heard a sound behind me. I turned it was Ricky.

He had a big smile on his face. "Good morning Stevie, happy wedding day."

"Thanks Ricky." I poured him a cup of coffee. "What's happening with our two sleeping beauties in the bedroom?"

Sandra and Julie strolled into the kitchen. Sandra grinned at me. "We're up and ready for action."

Sandra walked up to me, put her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. "Good morning sweet groom."

I laughed. "Good morning beautiful bride."

Sandra giggled. "Tonight you get to become my submissive cuckold husband."

I grinned at Sandra. "I can't wait."

Julie came over and hugged me. "Stevie I am so happy that you and Sandra are getting married today. I love both of you so much."

I kissed Julie. "I know Jules; I love you to."

She smiled at me. "Do you love me enough to get me a cup of coffee?"

We all started laughing. Ricky grabbed the coffee pot. "Come on let's go out on the patio. It's a beautiful morning."

As they walked outside I ran into the bedroom and grabbed two robes for the girls. The morning sun still hadn't won it's battle with the chill of the night.

When I got outside Sandra and Julie were already sitting down. I draped a robe over each of their shoulders. Julie smiled at me. "Thanks Stevie. It's just a little cool out here."

I sat down and asked, "Did Barry ever call and let us know what happened with the house next door?"

Ricky set his coffee mug down and shook his head. "Sorry, he left a message on the answering machine. They accepted the offer. We're now the proud owners of the house next door."

Julie and Sandra clapped their hands.

"I guess we'll have to call Barry on Monday and make arrangements to fill out the formal purchase agreement and set up a closing."

Sandra looked at me. "Won't Bobby and Jason help you with that?"

"They will, but since I am probably going to be the buyer I have to sign the papers." I paused. "My schedule next week is going to be pretty easy. I'll have the time to take care of the house business." I smiled. "The following week is going to be a different situation."

Sandra tilted her head. "What's happening then?"

"Remember that company in Atlanta that I told you about?"

She nodded. "Sure the company that's making the drug to enhance sexual desire in women." She laughed. "The drug that you said Julie and I could never even touch."

I smiled. "That's the one. They should be hearing from the FDA in about a week. If they get approval to start manufacturing the drug, things are going to get pretty wild."

Julie tapped my knee. "Stevie are we going to make a lot of money from this deal?"

I grabbed Julie's hand. "Sweetheart if everything works out, we are going to make more money than you can possibly imagine."

Sandra set her coffee cup down. "Exactly how much is that Stevie?"

"Right now we have about 5 million dollars invested in the company. If they get FDA approval their stock should triple in value. Adding in our other assets, our net worth will increase to about 35 million dollars." I laughed. "Once we have that much money there's no stopping us. Between my ability to find places to invest money and Bobby's ability to manage money, we could be billionaires within the next ten years."

Sandra, Julie and Ricky just stared at me.

I decided that it was time to drop the next bomb. I looked at the three of them. "Jules, you and Ricky never got a honeymoon. Sandra and I aren't going to get one either. All three of you get time off at Christmas, so does April. I kind of thought it might be fun if all of us spent this coming Christmas in a warm climate. Hawaii or Jamaica would be nice. We could take a cruise if you like. Maybe you want to go to one of those sex resorts in Mexico." I smiled at Julie and Sandra. "You get the picture. A nice place where there will be lots of hot guys for you to play with."

Sandra looked at me. "You're planning on taking everybody right?"

I nodded. "Yes, the four of us, Brenda, Bobby, Maddie, Jamal, April and Mark. I would also love it if Jason could go, but that sort of depends on Evelyn." I paused. " I think that Bobby, Mark, Ricky and I would like it if we went somewhere where there was a golf course. It would give us something to do while you girls and Jamal are busy partying."

Julie grinned at Sandra and turned to me. "Stevie you have certainly just given us something to talk about at the reception tonight."

Sandra leaned over and looked at my watch, it was just after 8:00. "Oh dear, we have to start getting ready. We have lots of company coming in less than two hours." She jumped up. "Come on boys, it's bath time."

Julie stood up. "Sandra and I had so much fun in the tub yesterday that we decided we always want to take our baths together."

Sandra started giggling. "Come on Sissy groom. It's time to bathe your Mistress bride."

Sandra grabbed my hand, pulled me out of my chair and led me into our bedroom. Julie grabbed Ricky and followed on our heels.

When we got into the bedroom both girls threw their robes on the bed.

Sandra got a wicked grin on her face and said, "Stevie get down on your knees."

It was an order. I did as I was told.

Sandra pulled her shorts down. "Cuckboy look at my cute little pussy. You love this pussy don't you?"

I nodded, "Yes."

"Most men consider their wife's pussy to be their private playground. In our culture exclusive access to his wife's body is generally thought to be a husband's marital right."

Sandra smirked at me. "That won't be true in your case will it Sissy Cuck. You understand that I am going to freely give your marital right to my cunt to any man I choose."

Sandra laughed. "Sissy Cuck I guarantee you that even though we're husband and wife, I intend to let lots and lots of men play with my cute little pussy."

Sandra took her top off. "You like my cute little titties to don't you Stevie." She smiled at me. "Think of all the guys that are going to get to fondle these titties." Sandra started laughing. "Sissyboy just imagine about how hot all those guys are going to get while they're playing with your wife's nipples."

Julie decided that she wanted to join in the fun. She leered at Ricky. "Footboy you can join Stevie; get down on you knees!"

Ricky fell to his knees. Julie started a slow strip. As she removed her top and exposed her large breasts she said, "Footboy you love my breasts don't you."

Ricky nodded.

"But you never get to play with them do you?"

He shook his head.

"That's because my breasts are reserved for real men. Wimps like you just get to suck on my toes."

Julie pulled her panties down and showed Ricky her cunt. "Footboy when was the last time you got to fuck this pussy."

Ricky hung his head in shame. He just barely whispered his answer. "On our wedding night."

Julie leaned forward. "Speak up footboy, I didn't hear you. When was the last time you got to fuck me?"

Ricky looked up. "On our wedding night."

Julie shook her head. "Poor little boy, lots of other guys have fucked me since then, but not you." Julie patted Ricky's head. "That's so very sad"; and then she started laughing, "But you do get to lick my asshole and jack off don't you?"

Ricky smiled. "Yes Mistress Julie and I am very grateful that you allow me that privilege."

Sandra looked at Julie. "You're not fooling us, we live with you guys. This is just a game."

Julie laughed. "It sure is and it's a game we both love to play." She reached down and grabbed Ricky. "Come here baby." Julie pulled Ricky up to his feet. She put her arm around him, pulled his face to her breast and slipped one of her nipples into his mouth. "My baby loves to suck on my tits."

Sandra reached out and grabbed my shoulder. "Come here sweetheart." She pulled me to my feet and led me to the bed. As we sat down she said, "Jules let's let our boys fuck us right now."

I looked at Sandra. "Shouldn't we wait until tonight?"

Sandra giggled. "Stevie I don't know how to break this to you, but I'm not going to be a virgin bride."

I stared into Sandra's eyes. "My dear I am crushed by this news. When did this happen? Who was responsible?"

Julie started laughing. "Stevie I think it was six years ago and it was the entire male student body at the University."

Sandra winked at Julie. "That's not true Jules and you know it. There were at least five guys at the University that never got to fuck me." She giggled. "But it was okay because you took care of them."

Julie grinned at Sandra. "We did get around didn't we."

Sandra turned to me. "Stevie I want you to fuck me right now." She took my hand. "You can fuck me again tonight but I want to feel you inside me right now. Please baby, it's important to me."

"Okay, but why?"

Sandra squeezed my hand. "Stevie I plan to let several guys fuck me today. I intend to cuckold you all evening. By the time we get to the hotel room my pussy is going to be pretty stretched out. I am sorry baby but your cock is so small that I won't be able to feel you fucking me tonight. Right now I'm nice and tight. I'll be able to enjoy you this morning." She started giggling. "Also it is our wedding day. You really should be the first guy that gets to fuck me today."

Sandra pulled my t shirt over my head. "Come on sweet boy, let's get your clothes off."

Julie sat down next to us and pulled Ricky down on top of her. "Let's get your clothes off to baby doll. Sandra's not the only one with a nice tight pussy this morning."

I got on top of Sandra and Ricky got on top of Julie. As we were fucking our girls Sandra grinned at Julie. "This really brings back memories doesn't it Jules."

Julie laughed. "I was just thinking the same thing Sandra."

Sandra looked up at me. "Julie and I lived in a studio apartment for two years. It was all we could afford. There was one double bed in the living room. We spent a lot of nights lying on our backs side by side just like this."

Sandra and Julie had spent a lot of time training Ricky and me. We were both able to last a long time. I came first. When I was done ejaculating into Sandra I started to slide down her body to do my cleanup chores.

She stopped me. "Wait just a minute sweetheart."

Seconds later Ricky started cumming. When he was done, Sandra said, "I want the two of you to clean up after each other this morning." She grabbed Ricky's hand. "Come here baby." Sandra pulled Ricky to her and gently pushed his face to her crotch."

I slid over to Julie. I was starting to go down on her when she stopped me. "Stevie lie down on your back." I rolled over. Julie got up and mounted my face. As she pressed her cunt against my lips she said, "Lick my baby's cum out of my cunt Stevie."

Sandra looked at Julie and me. "Ricky we should be doing that, lie down baby."

Ricky lay down. Sandra got on top of him and sat on his face.

For the next twenty minutes our girls rode us. Julie would lean forward so that her cunt was over my mouth then she would lean back so that I could lick her asshole. I knew that Sandra was doing the same thing with Ricky.

Both girls had several orgasms. After her last orgasm Julie rolled off of me and cuddled up to my shoulder.

As we lay together we watched Ricky lick Sandra to one more orgasm. When they were done Sandra rolled off of him, lay in his arms and started to giggle. "What a wonderful way to begin a wedding day."

Sandra looked at the clock. "Oh no, look at the time; it's almost 9:00. Our company will be arriving in one hour. Stevie you attend to the brunch while Ricky gives us our bath."

We all jumped into action. As I pulled on a pair of shorts and went into the kitchen I laughed to myself. Sandra and Julie had gotten so used to having Ricky and me as their body slaves that it didn't even occur to them anymore that they could actually bathe themselves.

I worked quickly once I got into the kitchen. In a matter of minutes I had everything cooking.

Just as I was finishing Ricky came into the kitchen. "You need any help?"

I turned to him. "Are they out of the bathtub?"

Ricky laughed. "Yes they understood we were in a hurry. They were actually pretty cooperative this time." He shook his head. "They did have to take a minute to play lesbian bath scene." He smiled. "That's becoming their favorite bathtub game."

I winked at Ricky. "You know if we could sneak a video camera into the bathroom and film them playing that game, we could get rich."

Ricky grinned at me. "I don't know how to break this to you Stevie but we're already rich."

I laughed. "So we are Ricky, so we are."

I took a quick survey of the food preparations and turned back to Ricky. "When the timer goes off take the cinnamon rolls out of the oven. I'm going to grab a quick shower and a shave. I'll be right back."

The girls were just finishing dressing when I passed through the bedroom on my way to the bathroom.

As I walked through Sandra asked "How can we help Stevie?"

"Why don't you guys put a table cloth on the big patio table and get out plates and silverware. Oh and we need to put coffee mugs and cream and sugar out on the bar. Everyone is going to want coffee when they get here."

By the time I got done showering and dressing Ricky and the girls had everything well in hand. The preparations were all complete when the doorbell started to ring at 10:00.

The wedding rehearsal was quick. Our ceremony was short and simple. The only thing we had to go over was when each of us had to walk in and where we were supposed to stand. Brenda ran the rehearsal. She's an extraordinarily organized woman. The whole operation was very smooth.

The brunch was outstanding. It was a beautiful day. We all sat on the patio and ate.

Sandra's parents couldn't get over how beautiful our house was in the light of day. They were completely amazed when we took them into the front yard and told them that we had just purchased the house next door for Brenda, Bobby, Maddie, Jamal, April and Mark.

After everyone else went back inside, April stood silently in the front yard and stared at the house. It was the first time that she'd had an opportunity to look at it with the knowledge that she would soon be living there.

I walked over to her. "What do you think of the house April?"

She smiled at me. "Stevie it's magnificent. It looks like something out of a romance novel. I can't believe that I am actually going to get to live there."

"April I think that life is about to get really good for all of us."

April took my hand. "Stevie we were all incredibly lucky to get to know each other. All of you are absolutely wonderful friends."

"I feel the same way April."

"Stevie why do you think we were so blessed with luck."

"Serendipity April; we've all been visited by serendipity."

April looked at me. "Stevie I am a high school English teacher. I know all about Horace Wahlpole and the Three Princes of Serendip."

I laughed. "April you already know a lot more that I do.

She smiled. "Then allow me to teach you. Wahlpole was an Englishman who resurrected an old Persian tale about three princes who went on an exotic journey. While they were on this adventure they demonstrated this amazing ability to stumble across wonderful treasures that they weren't actually seeking. Wahlpole called it serendipity.

April smiled at me. "You're right Stevie. I went to Baxter's one night hoping to get laid and found all of you by accident. Becoming friends with you guys was a wonderful treasure that I never imagined before I met you. Finding all of you was definitely an instance of serendipity.

Suddenly April's mood changed. She stared at the ground and sighed. I looked at her. There was a tear running down her cheek.

I put my arm around her. "What's the matter sweetheart?"

She looked at me and smiled. "I'm sorry Stevie, my life right now is wonderful; but several years ago I went through a very difficult time. I'm still not fully recovered."

"Tell me about it."

She shook her head. "No not today. It's a long story and this is your wedding day." She put her arm around my waist. "Today just having you as my friend is all I need. Someday when the time is right, I'll tell everyone."

For a moment April and I just stood and silently held each other. When two people are close friends there are times when that's all that's necessary.

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