Sandra Lee


I first "met" Sandra Lee when she called my office. I run a small, specialized public relations office in New York, where I deal primarily with celebrities--usually celebrities with problems.

My secretary buzzed me and said that Sandra Lee was on the phone. While we had never met, I knew of her "Semi-Homemade" show on the food network and also knew that she was the long-time girlfriend of Andrew Cuomo, candidate for Governor of New York. I assumed that connection was why she was calling and it turned out that I was right.

"Mr. Barber," she said when I clicked on the line. "We haven't met, but I know your reputation and I hope you can help me. I have a strong relationship with most of my viewers, but there is a small but vocal group on the internet that is really trashing me. I don't know why and personally I wouldn't worry about it, but with the Governor's race getting so nasty, I'm afraid that this might somehow hurt Andrew and I wouldn't want that to happen. So I'm calling you."

I told her that I would like to meet her personally as soon as possible, so we could discuss the situation and my possible involvement. She suggested that we meet later that evening at her apartment. I checked my schedule and agreed.

The next thing I did was go on the internet and check out anything negative being said about Sandra Lee. It didn't take long to find, but it took much longer to scan the comments. While some seemed to be serious criticisms about her recipes and her food presentations, most appeared to be from persons (always anonymous) who just disliked her personally for some reason. These comments ranged from snide to deeply offensive. I wondered why these people didn't just stop watching her show if they hated it so much. But my research did give me a lot to talk about when I met Sandra.

That evening I arrived at her apartment building and was buzzed in by the doorman. I was expected, so he showed me to the elevator and I rode up to the tenth floor.

Sandra opened the door and invited me in. I noted that she looked even more attractive in person than she did on television and in photos. She was tall--only a few inches below my six foot height--and her long, blonde hair set off the color of her blue eyes. She was dressed casually, in fairly tight fitting jeans and a multi-colored peasant blouse. And even though the bloose hung loose, I got the impression that her breasts were large, and it appeared when she and they moved that she probably wasn't wearing a bra.

Even though this was a professional visit, her appearance began to set off some tingling in my groin.

"Ron," she said, after we had both seated ourselves on a long, dark green couch. "May I call you that?"

"Of course," I said. "Do you prefer Sandra or Sandra Lee or....." I hesitated. "I don't know your last name."

"That's all right. It may change soon. Why don't you call me Sandy?"

With that she moved right into the business at hand.

"As I said on the phone, some of the things being said about me on the internet are fairly vicious, but I normally wouldn't care about that, but with Andrew running for Governor now, I'd hope that you could help me calm things down so they wouldn't have any chance to impact his race." She looked at me. "I assume you did your homework on this."

"I've checked everything I could find," I said, "and I think there are three main areas of concern. Let me list them and then you can tell me if I'm right in my assumptions." She nodded so I continued. "First and most significant, there is the drinking issue. People are claiming that you're a heavy drinker and that you drink a lot on your show. Then there are those who criticize your recipes and your table presentations. And finally, some of the harshest comments are from people who just don't like your appearance or you in general." I stopped and then said "Anything I've left out?"

"Let's talk about the first two now and tell me what you think," she said.

For the next hour I talked almost uninterrupted, with only occasional comments from Sandy. I gave her several strategies I thought would at least mitigate the problems and which could be implemented almost immediately. I also told her my fees.

When I stopped, she said "I like your ideas and the cost doesn't bother me. Now lets talk about something that's very personal to me. I'm really hurt when people talk about my appearance. I think I look pretty good for my age, and when there are comments that I'm old and my breasts are sagging, it hurts me. Do these look like they're sagging?"

And with that she grasped the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up to her shoulders.

As I had thought, she wasn't wearing a bra.

I stared at her large breasts, which had almost no sag to them. They were beautiful. But what really was fascinating were her nipples. Her light brown areola were about normal size, but her nipples--a dark pink--were huge. They were thick and they were long. Perhaps the longest nipples I had ever seen. They were so erect it was almost like someone had just been playing with them. My penis was rapidly coming to attention.

"What do you think?" Sandy said.

I was almost speechless, but I managed to get out "Your critics are idiots. You have perhaps the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen."

"Thank you," she said. "And I haven't had any work done on them or any implants. They're all mine. Feel for yourself."

She reached over, took my hand and placed it on her left breast. She was very casual about it, but I wondered if she could see the front of my pants pushing out as my penis grew harder and harder. Acting without thought, I began gently fondling her breast. And then I could actually feel her nipple getting bigger, and I hadn't thought that was possible.. It felt hard and hot under my hand.

"That feels good," Sandy said. "Keep doing it."

I didn't need any further encouragement, but put my hands on both breasts and began stroking and squeezing. Sandy moaned.

I began focusing on her nipples, which now stood out maybe two inches from her tit. I rolled them and pinched them, then dropped my head to her breasts and began sucking and biting her right nipple. More moans came from Sandy. She leaned back against the couch and closed her eyes as I alternated between her right and left nipples.

As I sucked, I felt her hand cover my crotch. She began stroking her hand up and down.

"Ron," she said, as her hand kept moving. "I like to really get to know the people I work with. Don't you think that's a good idea?"

"I think that's the best idea I've heard all night," I said. Then I moved up from her breasts and began kissing her. Her lips were warm and soft and her lipstick tasted a little like peppermint. She opened her mouth and our tongues began exploring each other. As we kissed we began shedding our clothes. Soon we were totally naked. For a moment I wondered if there was anyone else in the apartment or if anyone would walk in, but that thought disappeared as I held her away from me and looked at her naked body.

Her body was firm and tight. Her stomach was flat. Her legs were long and slender. There was a triangle of blonde pubic hair that led to a prominent cunt mound. I kissed my way down her body until my face was in the secret delta of her pubic hair. I could smell a sweet scent coming from her.

I moved her legs apart and began kissing the soft, smooth skin of her inner thighs. As I alternated from leg to leg, I noticed that her outer pussy lips were opening. The inside was pink and moist. A large clitoris began peeking out from her sheath. I kissed my way from her thigh to the now wide open cunt. I licked up from her asshole to her clitoris and was rewarded with a shudder from Sandy, who was lying back on the sofa with her legs spread wide. For several minutes I concentrated on licking her inner lips and thrusting my tongue deep into her vaginal opening.I also licked her clit, blew on it and sucked it hard and steady. There were more moans from Sandy.

I moved up between her legs and positioned my penis at the entrance to her vagina. I stroked up and down her cunt a few times, making sure I was stimulating her clitoris. Then I slowly slid inside her until all of my seven-inch cock was buried to the fullest. I began to move gently back and forth until suddenly Sandy surprised me.

She reached up, grabbed my arms and pulled my face down close to hers.

"Aunt Sandy likes it rough," she hissed.

I didn't need to be told twice, so I began slamming my penis deep inside her, each stroke harder than the one before. I also reached down and took her long, hard nipples between my thumbs and fingers and began pinching and twisting them. Every sound I heard from Sandy I took for encouragement, so I continued fucking into her as hard as I could. My balls were bouncing off her ass and she started matching my movements with her own, so my downstroke met her thrust upward.

Our actions were starting to tire me out, even though I was enjoying it totally, so I was happy when I felt the start of tingling sensations in my penis. I didn't know if Sandy had orgasms or not, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to wait for her. But just when the sensations in me headed for climax, I felt Sandy's body stiffen and she began jerking so wildly I thought my penis was going to be pulled out of her. But then she settled into a series of soft spasms that let me move to my climax.

I felt my sperm shooting out of me and into her in five or six heavy loads. The sensation was electric.

I dropped as gently as I could onto Sandy's naked body as I felt the last spurts of cum leave my penis. I was exhausted and I felt she had to be, too, but once again Sandy surprised me.

"That was wonderful," she said softly. "Now take a few minutes to recover and then we can try other positions. I especially like doggy style."

I pushed myself up with my arms and looked down at the beautiful naked woman beneath me.

"Does that mean I'm hired?" I said.

"You're hired," she said, and she rolled out from underneath me, moved her body down and took my cum-covered penis into her mouth.

I think I'm going to like this client.

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