I had set up my tent in a campsite in the national forest between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. As I relaxed with my coffee I became fully aware of what a beautiful setting I had. My little bluff put me above the shrubs and I had a clear view of Jackson Lake and The Grand Tetons behind it. I could see the reflection of the mountains on the waters. I saw a bald eagle soaring over the lake.

"Picture perfect," I thought so I took pictures. I then walked to the hosts' trailer and told them I would be staying three nights instead of one. He said that happened a lot.

On my way back to my tent I detoured to the restroom and found that as usual there were no showers. As usual the necessaries were there and clean.

After a short hike I returned to my tent to discover that I had neighbors; there was a tent on the site next to mine. There was no car there so I assumed they had gone exploring.

On one-night stays I just sleep in my sleeping bag, but now I was staying three nights so I inflated the bed. It was a queen size, comfortable, and not too squeaky. I also unloaded my favorite high back folding chair and a folding side table. Those made my tent site home to me. I sat on my chair and took more pictures before I dozed off; I had not slept well the night before.

I heard voices and I looked towards the north end of the lake and saw them, two guys on kayaks in the middle of the lake. I went back to my chair and fixed myself another cup of coffee.

As the voices got closer I could hear one guy giving the other one grief about something. A few minutes later they beached their kayaks on the shoreline just below me.

They looked around and when they saw me one asked if there was anyone else around.

I said "No. Just me and the squirrels."

Quickly a guy clambered out of the kayak and ran to the restroom.

I had to laugh. The guy running to the restroom was nude except for his life vest.

I asked the guy still in his craft, "I assume that taking a leak out of one of those things is a bit awkward?"

"Only if you don't want to piss all over yourself. But he has a different problem. I asked the idiot if he needed to go before we set out and he said, no, he was fine. It's like talking to a four year old."

We talked about kayak rentals, ground squirrels, and bears for a while, (they had seen a black bear on the opposite shoreline just north of us). Eventually I saw the first guy peek out of the restroom and begin to run back to the kayak. His companion said, "Camera," and the guy quickly turned towards the tent next to mine.

These guys were my neighbors.

When he came out he had a very nice camera in his hand, unprotected.

"You guys have a waterproof case for that?"

"No. He is going to be very careful."

"Hang on," I said.

I went into my tent and got a plastic zip bag and walked it over to him. I explained, "These work well, particularly this brand because the plastic is clear on both sides. One added advantage is that if it hits the water it will float long enough for you to be able to grab it before it sinks."

"Great idea," the guy said as he placed the camera in the bag.

I suggested he test it to make sure he had lens clearance and he took a picture of me.

"Now the lens will need to be recalibrated," I said.

He laughed and showed me the picture. Except for the subject matter it had turned out well.

Neither of us had noticed that the other guy had gotten out of his kayak and gone to the restroom until he came out and joined us. He was as nude as his buddy.

"Would you mind taking a couple of pictures of us?" He asked.

"In your present state of dress?" I asked with a smile.

"Should we take off our vests?" the first guy asked trumping my line.

I laughed and said, "Maybe for the second photo. Flashing is quite popular nowadays."

I took three pictures, one with their vest on, one flashing tits as they opened their vests, and one completely nude.

I asked them if they wanted a picture with them in the kayaks and they said good thinking. I took a picture as they maneuvered themselves into their crafts and another as they smiled in their seats with the Tetons behind them.

I walked into the water and handed the camera to the blonde one and noticed that the water was very cold.

"Don't your asses freeze in this water?"

"Yes," both said with a laugh and paddled away.

I changed sneakers and I studied the National Park map, I noticed that a few miles north from me was a settlement of some kind. It had symbols for a marina, lodging, food, and white water rafting. The Snake River was just north of me.

I decided I really needed a hamburger and got in my car and set off. The drive to the area was shorter than expected and the hamburger more expensive than expected although definitely satisfying.

I looked around the area and saw outfitters offering white water rafting, lake boat tours and kayak rentals. I decided the kayak rental would be fine for the next morning and joined the boat tour. Lots of families and couples including a lesbian couple sailed with me on the boat. As usual I was the only one by himself.

I will admit that there were a couple of photo ops where the view was so magnificent it looked computer generated. I took a lot of pictures.

Then I took a lot of pictures of other people with their cameras. The lesbian couple gave me a little hope for humanity when as soon as they saw the opportunity the bigger blonde one grabbed the tits of the smaller redhead for the photo. They did it for my camera too. They also took pictures of me and the blonde and me with the redhead.

We flirted a bit until I spotted my neighbors on their kayaks. We all waved and they waved, I walked to the stern of our boat and waved again. They recognized me and took a picture of me and I took a picture of them.

The lesbian couple waved too and I took a picture of the four of them. The blonde, her name was Sandra, asked me if I knew them.

I told her, "No, I don't know anything about them, but yes they are my neighbors at my campground."

The redhead, her name was Leigh, commented that the guy's were going to get sunburned paddling around with no shirts on.

"That's only half the story," I said.

They looked back at the guys and quickly figured out what I meant. They waved and hollered at the guys again. The slimmer dark haired guy pointed an accusing finger at me then showed me it was possible to paddle a kayak away in a huff.

"Are they gay?" Sandra asked.

"That I do not know. It's probable, not that there is anything wrong with that."

They had joined me in chorus as soon as I had uttered the first two words of the Seinfeld line.

We laughed together for a few moments before Leigh asked me, "Are you gay?"

"Not so far but I swear if don't get laid real soon I may have to consider it."

They laughed and hugged me and gave me some needed "poor baby's."

I assumed they would be of no help to me in that regard but they knew I liked them anyway.

Both were a bit older than me, probably in their mid thirties. Both were very pretty in a somewhat butch sort of way. Neither wore make-up. Both had very curly hair and lots of it. They wore identical wedding bands that were very distinct.

Their wedding bands made me decide to fish for information and asked, "Who threw the bouquet at your wedding?"

"I did," Leigh said. "I have the better arm."

"Bullshit!" Sandra said. "Who struck you out twenty seven times in a row?"

"Are we talking on the field or off the field?"

I was laughing as they exchanged mock angry looks.

Sandra added, "Mom's dog Kat caught the bouquet. She took off with it and half a dozen of our girlfriends gave chase. Thank goodness we had a videographer. We have that on DVD."

"I want a copy." I said. "Wait, your mother has a dog named Cat?"

"Kat with a K, No, she has never been able to explain her thought process on that. I assume her friend Captain Morgan had some influence on it."

"I'm Corey by the way. No, not that one, the other one."

"Good you had us worried there for a second." Leigh said with a sigh of relief. Sandra was doing a poor job of containing her giggles.

By the time we returned to the dock I was in love with both women and they knew it. They were smart, sharp, witty, quick, down to earth, everything that makes a woman lovable.

The elbow jabs began as we prepared to leave the marina.

We stopped when we saw my camp neighbors paddle in to return their kayaks. We walked over to them and Sandra asked, "Are you two sunburned any place that will put a dent in your love life?"

The thinner, dark haired one said, "Ladies, please, we are experts at applying lotions, lubricants, and creams where it is most needed."

A very funny retort that also announced they were indeed gay.

"He extended his hand to the giggling Sandra and introduced himself as Tom. Sandra introduced herself and Leigh to him and his blonde partner Mac. Then Leigh introduced me as Corey, the other one.

Tom said, "Oh, I was hoping..... well never mind. Glad to meet you, traitor"

"I did not tell them you were nude. Ladies please confirm that."

"True. All he said was that not wearing shirts was just half of the story. Any pictures by the way?"

"In that camera," I said as I pointed to Mac's hand.

The ladies immediately tried to wrest it off him as I asked Tom, "Have you seen a place to eat that is a bit less touristy around here?"

"We were just talking about that as we paddled in. We saw a rambling looking place by the river that seemed to be bragging they had successfully crossed Mexican and Asian cuisine."

"Hmm, very tempting. How far?"

"About five miles. We have room for five. We can drive."

"Ladies the dinner bus is about to leave. Please follow in orderly fashion," I said.

"We don't work in hospitals," Leigh said.

"Thank goodness for that," I said to Tom.

I felt fingernails dig into my ass so I picked up our pace a bit.

I ended up in the middle seat between the women. Before we left the parking area Sandra was trying to reach my pancreas with her tongue as Leigh began fishing for my cock.

"Guys. A little help here."

Mac looked at me then said to Tom, "Are you sure the Yen will hold up?"

Five minutes later the women had changed from fun and games to a real attempt to get me off. Leigh had stopped the groping when she pulled my cock out of my sweatpants. My dick stopped fearing for its life and as Leigh caressed and masturbated it I achieved an impressive erection, considering. Leigh in fact seemed to be fascinated with my cock.

Suddenly the car stopped and the ladies stopped. They got out of the car as I tried to keep my cock from exploding. Tom said, "For crying out loud pull yourself together."

I was pretty much a staggering zombie when I joined the others at a table. I felt better when the server poured me a beer from a pitcher. "And one for the straight guy," she had said as she poured.

"Please do not be insulting, he does what he can." Leigh told her as she softly swatted the ladies butt then kept her hand there. As the server pointed out the specials written on a chalkboard Leigh softly caressed her ass.

"Leigh! Let go of her butt so she can get back to work," Sandra admonished.

"Oh, sorry. That felt so good I did not realize."

"There is no hurry on that. Have you decided what you want?"

Sandra was caressing her butt by then so I asked the lady a question to allow the ladies to fondle her ass a little longer.

We decided to each order something different and share. I ordered the Chinese fajitas that turned out to be too spicy for me but the ladies loved it. Leigh's kung fu burritos were excellent so we traded straight up.

We also traded some background information as we ate and drank beer. The ladies were high school coaches for rival small Texas towns. Sandra coached the girl's varsity volleyball and softball teams. Leigh coached the girls' varsity basketball and softball teams. One or the other had won a championship in one of those sports every year for the last seven years but neither had made it to state.

Tom and Mac were stockbrokers in San Francisco and had been together for five years. As it turned out they were three years younger than me.

I confessed to be an engineer for a power company but stressed that in no way was I responsible for billing.

Our server came by often. Sandra put her hand on the woman's ass each time she came by and Leigh's hand was there often too. Her name was Glenda and she was a big woman although not overweight. She appeared to be in her mid-forties. She had dark red hair, a very fine ass and tattoos over each large breast displayed over ample cleavage. They were motorcycle related tats.

"Is that your Harley under the tree?" I asked her.

"Yes, but not for much longer. My worry-wart-daughter won't let my grandbaby ride with me. I am buying a car."

"How old is your grandbaby?" Leigh asked.

"Eighteen weeks."

"That is so unreasonable of your daughter," Leigh said.

Glenda smiled then gave Leigh a soft kiss on the lips. "That is my daughter Valerie at the register," she said. "If you look behind her you will see my granddaughter Annie."

Sandra got up and went to the register, Valerie seemed to be amused by what Sandra was saying and laughed. I noted that Valerie was gorgeous, a tall girl about the size of Sandra with flaming red hair and laughing eyes. She seemed to be buying what Sandra was selling and after a kiss Sandra came back with Annie.

Tom, Mac and I could not help but admit the baby was gorgeous. Wisps of red hair and big eyes that were somewhere between green and blue made little Annie the super model of four month olds. Her smile told us she enjoyed being a star.

The women immediately took turns stealing her from each other so the guys and I sat and ate everything before they turned their attention back to the table.

After Annie was returned to her mother our table was cleared and our third pitcher of beer appeared accompanied by large bowl of won-ton chips along with some dipping bowls. Glenda sat with us and asked where we were from and we asked about her place.

As it turned out she was the owner and that the place was open only from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Her daughter Valerie was a teacher and came to help her as soon as the school year ended. Annie was on her first trip out.

As we munched on the chips I was the only that did not recognize the wasabi. My pain and tears caused much merriment.

Eventually we noticed we were the only people left in the joint. "What time do you close?" I asked Glenda.

"Eight on weekdays."

It was nearly nine on a Tuesday. We had been there well over three hours.

Leigh apologized to Glenda. "Oh baby, we are sorry. We did not mean to keep you here."

"I was having as much fun as you guys and I hope you will be seeing me again."

"I will be here the next two nights," I said.

"The next three," Tom and Mac said.

"Just tomorrow night," the ladies said. We have an appointment in Houston on Monday."

As we got ready to leave Glenda kissed all of us even making a show of slipping her hand into my sweat pants and giving my cock a squeeze.

"Poor lonely straight guy," she said.

The ladies gave me a kiss and a "poor baby".

Valerie was working on the day's receipts behind the counter but waved at us. Sandra ran back to her and kissed her.

On our way back to the marina parking lot Leigh asked Tom where they were staying and he gave her a nice description of our campgrounds. She said she would like to see it. They were staying at the inn across from the marina so I invited them to come over. "It's only about a fifteen minute drive," I said.

When we got to the marina parking Tom and Mac dropped us off then went on and the ladies followed me. They parked just past my car and they came up to my site.

It was a beautiful evening and a fairy tale sight; moonlight shimmering on the water with fluorescent mountains in the water. The sun had set but some sunlight remained behind them. I took pictures that included the ladies, the mountains, and the lake. I took a picture of Leigh in profile. They turned out to be the most spectacular photos I had ever taken.

The three of us were sitting at the picnic table drinking green tea with coconut rum and enjoying the view when Tom came over. He was nude.

He climbed onto the picnic table next to Leigh and said, "The next forty eight photos are from today," then handed his camera to her. I had not seen them and cuddled up between the ladies to look and Leigh handed the camera to me.

I noted that after the pictures I had taken there was a photo of a black bear looking for something in the shoreline then a couple of pictures of one or the other guy paddling the kayak as they slipped by each other. Their hard cocks were prominent in each photo.

"You guys seem to be proud of your adequacy," I commented.

"Not pride, promise. You seemed to be embarrassed by your adequacy when we got to Glenda's." After the pictures of the tour boat here was a picture of me trying to stuff my erect cock back into my sweatpants in the back seat of their car.

"Frustrated. The ladies have a mean streak in them as you plainly see."

Leigh had his cock in her hand as she viewed the photos in the camera. Sandra had her arm inside my pants and her hand wrapped around my cock.

There were pictures of Sandra talking to Annie and kissing Valerie. There were pictures of Sandra and Leigh's hand on Glenda's ass. There was a picture of me as I "enjoyed" the wasabi. The pictures ended with one of Glenda with her arm inside my sweatpants.

"We need these pictures," Leigh said. "Do you have your laptop with you?"

"No need, I can e-mail from the camera. Let me set up an album then give me your e-mail."

I wanted the pictures too and he grudgingly agreed only because a picture of me was the first in the album and I had taken the next five. By the time the electronic transfers had been accomplished Leigh was sucking Tom's cock. I had my arm in Sandra's sweatpants and a fingertip caressing her clit. She moaned so I led her to my tent.

I got nude quickly and as we kissed Sandra got mostly nude.

I fell back on my bed and pulled her over me. Her pussy invited my cock inside. We both groaned and she quickly started to fuck me.

I wanted to suck her tits and with a well-practiced move unhooked her bra and threw it down.

Sandra stopped cold. Her face showed embarrassment, anger, sadness, in the space of a second. Sandra had only one breast.

I knew I had to think of something quick.

"Umm Sandra. I don't know if you realize this but somebody stole one of your tits."

I felt her take a breath, I felt her relax a bit.

"Did you give the cops a good description of her?"

"No, I was completely out of it at that time."

"Ah, the perils of drugs. The thief must have been interrupted because she left a perfectly glorious breast behind," I said as I tried to swallow her tit.

Sandra moaned. I nibbled on the nipple. She slowly resumed our fuck. I managed to hold on until she had a very deep orgasm that was accompanied by a deep rumbling groan. We embraced, we kissed.

"Thank you," she said.

"You did all the work," I said.

Her smile told me that she knew that I had understood what she meant.

She answered, "Yeah, that's right. Its time for you to be a gentleman and fuck me hard."

"Yes, ma'm," I said and rolled us over.

I began slowly and kept ever increasing the speed and passion until she erupted with nowhere near silent groans. As we caught our breath we could hear giggles from the tent next door.

"For lesbians you two are weird," I said.

"We are not lesbians, we are just a committed couple. We were both married when we got into a fight on a softball field. As we wrestled each other to the ground our fury vanished quickly and while we were at the bottom of the pile of bodies she kissed me. I kissed her back.

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