tagLoving WivesSandra Meets Her Lover

Sandra Meets Her Lover


Chapter One: The ladies

It was the monthly gathering of "Ladies Who Lunch," three women from the same small town in Ohio who had been friends since the first day of high school. Sherri was the only unmarried woman and had developed a taste for nightlife that occasionally scandalized her friends. Maria had gone on to a junior college, got married, dropped out, had two kids and was now a full time soccer mom.

Sandra was the object of discussion today. She had been married to her high school sweetheart since the day after graduation, almost 12 years of 'wedded bliss' as she called it, sometimes with just a hint of sarcasm. She announced as the first Cosmos were delivered to the table that she and Will had decided it was time to have children. As of today, she was going off the pill and she hoped to have a baby within the year.

"A toast!" said Sherri, "And you must come with us to Cabo San Lucas for a week of sun and fun before you do that whole maternity thing. It might be the last free week you'll have for at least 20 years."

"Us?" Said Maria. "Who is us?"

"The three of us, of course. Three hot babes on the cusp of 30 with one last chance to sow some wild oats before we're all old and over the hill."

"I have no wild oats," said Sandra. "I'm an old married woman about to start making babies."

"And I've already made some babies. I can't just pick up and party, anymore," said Maria.

"Look, dears, all it will cost is a plane ticket and food. My boyfriend owns a condo down there and I'm sure we can find a few gentlemen more than willing to buy our drinks."

It took a few more minutes of coaxing but when Sherri opened her iPad and showed them how cheap the rates were from Cincinnati to Cabo, the discussion was over. Plans were made right there at the table.

Chapter two: The gentlemen

Four compadres were sitting at table at Cabo Wabo, discussing the deeds and misdeeds of their youth. The only player still in the group was Ricardo. The others were married. Being citizens of one of the finest resorts on the western edge of the continent, all of them indulged in a little sport fucking from time-to-time but only as time and opportunity permitted.

Ricardo made chasing gringo skirt a hobby, some would even call it his profession. He was a large man, Six and a half feet tall with an impressive physique so few would dare call him a gigolo or a man whore. But he was what he was; he lived for the chase and the conquest.

"Still getting them suburban wives to drop to their knees?" asked Felipe. Ricardo just smiled.

"Most of them are spinners," laughed Jose. "Pequenitos - their faces and his cojones are on the same level."

Ricardo adjusted himself, taking great care to act as though he was hefting some major wood. "Those senoritas need some of this," he said. "I am but supplying an important service to brighten their lives. After all, many of them come to Cabo to play."

"And you like to convince them that you are the best ride in all of Disneyland. You're gonna wear that thing out," said Jaime. Make sure you keep putting a coat on it or your gonna end up with a teeny weeny and a dose of the clap."

"I must remind you of a few things. Suburban house wives don't bring STD's with them. Most of my amigas haven't fucked anyone but their husbands in years. And I don't wear a coat in bed. I want to feel every inch of their sweet little pussies."

"You're betting they're on the pill?"

"It's their choice, he said as he waved in hand in a non-committal way. "If they are, we can enjoy some nice sport fucking. If they're not, they can take my bambinos home with them."

The men at the table howled and ordered more beers.

Jaime watched the waitress walk away from the table, appreciating the suggestive sway of her hips as well as Cabo Wabo's wait staff dress code. He turned to Ricardo and asked, "You make many American babies?"

"Mmmmm, many I think" said Ricardo with a satisfied smile on this face. "Maybe I send two or three women home with a little Ricardo in their bellies every year."

"I'm throwing the bull shit flag on that," said Jaime.

"You doubt my word!" said Ricardo, feigning rage at his friend's disbelief.

Jamie pulled out his wallet and slapped a hundred dollar bill on the table. "It's yours if you can fuck one of the ladies at that table by the window – and deliver photographic proof. "

Ricardo checked the table by the window – He saw Maria, Sandra and Sherri, just off the plane from Cincinnati and grabbing the first of too many drinks before they went to their condo. He pointed at Sherri and said, "That one?"

"No, she looks a little too easy. No ring on her finger. Try the other blond." He pointed at Sandra. She was the most conservatively dressed of the three and seemed a little nervous.

"You've given me a challenge. I'll take the bet only if they're here for a week. If they're just weekenders, not enough time." He dropped his own hundred dollar bill on top of Jaime's and covered it with his beer mug. Felipe picked up both bills and pocketed them.

"I'll be the banker," he said knowing that in a few weeks the money would bankroll a night on the town for the three of them, regardless of the outcome of the bet.

Ricardo excused himself from the table and walked over to the ladies and introduced himself. Sherri was intrigued. Sandra was wary of this very handsome Latino.

Chapter 3: The introduction

"My name is Ricardo and you three are obviously turistas," he said with a smile. "You must allow me to escort you around my city."

"We would love it," said a smitten Sherri.

"Wait a minute," said Sandra. "Wasn't this supposed to be a girls only week at the beach?" Maria just gawked at the handsome stranger.

"Ahhh, the beach!" said Ricardo. "I will pick the three of you up in an hour. Go to your hotel and put on your tiniest bikinis and I will take you to the nicest beach –no tourists, no crowds, just a place where us locals hang out."

Maria was wary. "You expect us to go off with a stranger?"

"My apologies," said Ricardo. "Here is my card. I operate a tourist service her in Cabo. If you wish to find your own way, the direciones are on the back of my card. Be there in an hour or I will be so disappointed to not spend the afternoon in the accompaniment of three such beautiful ladies." He smiled again, bowed and walked away from the table.

When he was out of ear shot, all three ladies burst into school girl giggles. "Should we do it?" said Maria.

"Absolutely, he's such a hunk," said Sherri.

A hesitant Sandra waited a few seconds as both her friends waited for her opinion. "OK, if we make our way there by ourselves, we're safe and he's a tour guide so we can probably ask him about the best places to go."

They high-fived each other, picked up their bags and made their way to the condo.

After they donned their beach wear, Maria and Sherri looked at Sandra in disbelief. "Why are you wearing your mother's bathing suit?" said Sherri.

"It's all I have."

Sherri pointed to the small bikini that Maria was wearing and then gestured at her own much smaller bikini. "You're our friend but you look like our chaperone. We'll have to find something for you that's a little more....not 1950's."

"We don't have time. I'll wear this for now. Can we just go?" Sandra was a little annoyed with her friends.

Chapter 4: The beach and the bikini

They arrived at the beach and found Ricardo. He gave each of them a Pina Colada, smiling at Sherri and Maria. When he saw Sandra, he frowned.

"That is a bathing suit and it will not do. You must get some sun while you're here and you are so"... he searched for the right word..."so covered. Drink your pina colada and I will take you up there and we will find you something more suitable for a vacation at the beach." He pointed to a row of small shops on the road to the beach.

All four of them chatted for a while as the drinks were consumed. Ricardo turned up the charm. He was amusing, friendly, fun and he gradually turned most of his attention to Sandra. She might be a bigger challenge than he thought.

When the drinks were gone, he led them over to the beach front bar and bought drinks for Maria and Sherri. He needed to separate Sandra from the herd, a necessary step he had learned in order to seduce a woman. Together, they would protect each other; getting one alone would lower her defenses.

"Come with me," he told Sandra as he grabbed her hand. "My friend owns that beach wear store right over there. We will ask her to help us find something that more suitable for Cabo San Lucas."

The place was only a hundred yards off the beach and Katie, the owner, greeted them warmly. She spent the occasional weekend with Ricardo when he couldn't find other female companions. She knew his game well and sized up Sandra as possibly his next conquest.

"My goodness," she said, looking at Sandra. "Where did you get that thing? That suit of full body armor?"

She walked around Sandra, inspecting her closely. "You have a very nice body under all that. You should show it off."

Sandra blushed. Ricardo said, "A nice, tasteful bikini...what do you suggest?"

Katie went over to one of the rack and pulled off a turquoise suit and held it out. "It will highlight her blonde hair."

Sandra looked at it. "It's so small."

"That's the idea, dear. Try it on. The bottom ties at both sides. The top ties at the back of your neck and the center of your back. Easy on, easy off!"

"i...I can't...I"

"You will look magnificent," said Ricardo when he saw how easily he could remove it. "You must at least try it on."

"Yes," said Katie. She leaned forward and whispered in Sandra's ear, "That black box in the changing room? It contains an electric razor. I suspect you might need a little trim...you know...below."

"Ohmigod," gasped Sandra as he took the hangar and headed for the changing room.

Ricardo and Katie watched her retreat. "Cute little thing," said Katie. "You planning on banging her?"

Ricardo smiled and adjusted himself again. "Very nice ass, don't you think?"

"Fucking lamb to slaughter" snorted Katie.

She walked over to the changing room and asked through the door, "How's it going?" She could hear the buzz of the razor.

"Good" Sandra stuttered.

"Do you mind if I come in and see how it fits?"


Katie opened the door. Sandra was tieing on the bottom. Shehad trouble with the top.

"Turn around and I'll tie it behind your neck. Lift your hair."

Sandra did as she was told and Katie snugged it up.

"Look at yourself in the mirror, you're quite the sight. You'll have all the boys coming around!"

"Oh, I don't think I can go out in public showing this much!" The bikini showed more of her breasts than it covered. The bottoms were almost not there.

"What a naïve little bitch," though Katie. "She's probably never had anyone really come on to her. Ricardo will have her pants down before midnight."

"Nonsense, it's perfect. Besides, you're on vacation. No one from home will see you. Let it all hang out!" She looked down and frowned.

"We're going to have to do a little more with that razor, though. You're going to have to completely dethatch before you'll look right. She handed Sandra the razor again and told her she would ring it up while she played 'beaver barber.' Sandra stood there with a nervous expression as Katie turned and walked out of the room. She hesitated for a second before she headed toward the front. When she heard the razor's buzz, she knew she had a sale and Ricardo was probably going to get a little something tonight.

Ricardo looked at her quizzically, not fully understanding her expression. She gave him a naughty look and held up her index and middle finger in front of her mouth. She wiggled her tongue in and out. He smiled.

"This will be on your personal store account?" she asked. He nodded.

"You planning on jumping her bones tonight?"

He smiled again and signed the slip.

"When you get tired of amateurs, come see me," she said.

"A man must have his fun, he must have a sport he enjoys."

"Still sport fucking little innocent wifeys. One of these days an angry husband is going to shoot your sorry ass."

Sandra came out wearing the bikini. Ricardo gulped. Her body was perfect, much better than it looked in that old bathing suit. His palms itched, he wanted to feel her nipples digging into them. She noticed his stare and suddenly felt over exposed and nervous. At the same time it excited her to know she could hold the attention of this handsome Latino.

"Perfecto!" he said. He grabbed a beach cover up and handed it to her. "Come with me now. You will make your friends very jealous." As they left the shop, he looked back at Katie and winked.

Chapter 5: The seduction begins

"Ohmigod, you're still as sexy as ever", screamed Maria. "I always envied that hot bod of yours!"

Ricardo smiled. "She is still so modest.' He turned to her and said, "In order to get some sun, you must take off that beach cover up. Let your friends see you in your new bikini."

A suddenly nervous Sandra looked around and saw they were away from most of the other people on the beach. Very hesitantly she removed the cover up.

"Whoa, big time model stuff!" Exclaimed Sherri. "You still have the boobies of an 18 year old!"

"Sherri! Don't be so gross!" said Sandra.

"You have beach blankets over there,: said Ricardo. "Please stretch out and get some sun. Go in the water, if you please. You'll find it refreshing. I'll get us some more drinks."

The ladies trotted to the waters edge and waded for a few moments before they settled in on the blankets. Ricardo return with a tray of pina coladas and a bottle of sun tan oil. All three women 'oiled up' as they consumed their drinks. Soon they were face down on the blankets, drowsy from the sun and the drinks.

"Sandra, you have no oil on your back. Your pale skin will burn," said Ricardo. He poured some oil down her spine which caused her to squeal. He began rubbing it in with a very practiced hand, glad that he was wearing baggies. The softness of her skin and the disturbing curves of her body excited him. Sporting that much wood in front of his potential conquest would definitely scare her away.

Sandra found herself enjoying his touch. No man other than her husband had ever touched her and she liked the roughness of his slightly calloused hands as he worked the oil into her back. It was oddly exciting but very safe out here in public.

She gasped when he untied the strap across her back. "Don't get him or you'll be exposed," he whispered. "Just be sure to tie it back before you run into the water or you'll...."

"Show your boobies to the world" hooted Sherri who had been watching the whole thing with envy. She was starting to realize what was going on. Ricardo is going to take a run at her, she thought, but he's gonna strike out. Sandra is such a home body she probably doesn't understand what he's up to and she's certainly not the type to get a little something on the side.

Maria jumped up and said, "Last one in the water!" She began running the few feet to the water's edge. Sherri was just a few steps behind. Sandra started to jump up and realized her top would fall away. Quickly she dropped back down.

Ricardo laughed and retied her top. "Go to the water with your friends," he said. "I must go but you will have to meet me for dinner tonight at Cabo. Here is the address." He handed her a card.

"Six tonight. All three of you will be my guests. Be there or I shall be very disappointed and wear your bikinis, we will go for a midnight swim afterwards."

Sandra joined her friends in the water, almost glad for the added sense of modesty it gave her.

She asked her friends if they should meet Ricardo for dinner. "We want to see a lot of Cabo," she said, "and, so far, we've just been here."

Maria reminded her that they would have never found this great beach without him. "and besides, he said we would be his guests. That means he's paying for dinner. I'm OK with that!"

Sherri said he might have a handsome friend or two to keep them amused. A little extra-curricular flirting on vacation wouldn't hurt any of them.

"We'll go then...be there at 6?" Sherri said, asking for group approval.

"Absolutely" the other two agreed.

Chapter 6: The seduction continues

It was almost 5:00 so they jumped in their car and drove back to the condo. Three women sharing a bath and a half meant a solid hour and a half of confusion as each jockeyed for position. Showers, hair, make-up; it was all done on the share system. Just one shower and two mirrors slowed them down but they soon tumbled out of the place and hurried to Cabo Wabo.

Ricardo already was there with his friends, Jaime and Felipe. They were seated at a corner table and drinks were immediately served – another round of pina coladas. "I took the liberty of ordering these for everyone," said Ricardo. For the next round, let me suggest Modelos, a truly fine beer.?"

Sherri immediately took an interest in Jaime. Maria, nervous at being a married woman on the town with three strange men, made nervous small talk with Felipe as Ricardo focused on Sandra. Felipe was a silver-tongued devil, though, just like Ricardo. After a few more drinks, all three ladies were relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Ricardo and friends knew the drill, though, and soon began "separating the herd." Felipe and Jaime dragged their women onto the dance floor, leaving Ricardo alone at the table with Sandra. He moved closer, talking with her from just a few inches away. He was close enough that should could feel his breath on her face when he talked. He spoke quietly, forcing her to stay close to hear him.

Almost unnoticed was the occasional fleeting touch. First her shoulder, then her side. Soon he had his hand between her shoulders, quietly massaging that space just below her neck. The drinks and the long day had served to lower her natural defenses. His touch felt good.

"Let's dance." He whispered.

"Huh?" she had been so lost in the moment that it took her a second to understand his suggestion. He grabbed her hand and led her to a corner of the dance floor. A few fast dances were followed by a slow dance. She started to head back to the table but he pulled her tom him, wrapping his hand around her waist.

"I'v e been talking with your friends and they've told me some of the most remarkable things about you," he whispered into her hear.

She shivered at the sensation. "What did they say?" she asked.

"Later, manana, maybe," he whispered, pulling her in tightly. She was molded to his body as they swayed gently to the music. Her head rested on his shoulder.

Sherri and Jaime were several yards away but she was watching her friend closely. Jaime looked over and thought the $100 was truly in Ricardo's pocket. "Hmmmf," snorted Sherri, "Dance floor fucking." It was just a wise crack, though. Sherri never suspected Sandra would spread her legs for some Latin Lothario.

Sandra was feeling very warm. The married woman voice in the back of her head was warning her that it was time to pack it in and get back to the condo. Another voice, though, was telling her to relax and enjoy the evening.

"A little harmless fun flirting with this man – my last fling before I go home and start making babies, she thought. She relaxed and smiled up at him. Ricardo smiled back, confident that he could have his way with her, maybe not tonight but certainly before she left for Ohio. He let his hand drop dangerously near her ass, not enough to frighten her but enough that he knew she was still wearing that bikini he had bought for her that afternoon.

"Hey Ricardo, come join us," yelled Jaime. "We're going to the bar down the street, better musica!" Ricardo looked over at the four of them and smiled. The separation of Sandra from her friends was almost complete. "Uno momento!" he said. "We will finish this dance and be with you soon."

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