Sandra Says

byAvalanche Man©

Like a vision or a strange experience that I had never had before, she seem to affect me every time that she came near me. I had stopped by a fairly nice Bar for a quick drink just to kill some time and decide what I was going to do for the evening. The tight white, silky blouse and short light blue skirt were not tantalizing; nor were her actions or her voice something that would intrigue me, or cause me to pursue her...yet, there was something that triggered me every time she came up to order drinks.

I tried to make light conversation with her every time she came to the bar to get new drinks for her and her girlfriend that she was sitting with, but other than small, very non-committal type answers she would say nothing. Slowly, a light went on in my head and I realized that she had murmured every time, "I'll have to ask Sandra". So the next time she headed for the bar, I got up and went to their table.

Smiling at the large brunette sitting there, I said, " Hi, you must be Sandra; I'm Ken and would like to talk with you for just a minute or two, Okay??"

Almost laughing at me, she replied, "Yeah, I'm Sandra, though most call me Sandy...but you really want to talk with Vicki, don't you??"

"Uh, well, I guess that you have read me pretty quick...So, tell me about Vicki and why she has to ask you everything."

Once she has checked me out personality wise and eyed me over real closely, then she started to tell me about Vicki.

"Vicki and I were roommates in college, and we were both just freshmen when we first met as roomies, but it changed very quickly as she would ask me about just anything and everything. At first, I was flattered that she considered me a big sister or whatever, but it went to irritating real fast. So, even though I didn't realize what she was at the time, I began to tell her what to wear, where to go, and what she was to do for her whole day.

Funny thing is...she does fine and can make her own decisions when I'm not around, but it all changes when we're together. I've had Vicki dress in ways she never would have had I not told her to, and I've had her do things (Well, guys) that she wouldn't dream of even talking to otherwise. I had a good and active social life and a different major then Vicki, so our paths didn't exactly run in the same track, but many times I would tell her she had to stay nude while I was out, and never once did I catch her doing anything that I hadn't told her."

Smiling at me with her eyes, she then gave me the details of what an odd couple they seem to make at college. Whereas, she (Sandy) was a 5'10', full 38DD, and about 170 pounds; Vicki was an ash blonde, about 5'3, barely a 34B, and about 100 pounds, so there was quite a contrast. She had been a marketing major and gotten her degree, but Vicki was just a general education major and had never finished.

While I was about to go for another Tom Collins, Vicki had returned and Sandy told her to wait at the bar and she could have another drink there until she ( Sandy) and I finished our conversation. However, she had changed her mind, and had Vicki join us when I came back with my drink..

After a long sip of her drink,she stated, "Vicki would do anything I told her, isn't that right, Vicki??" Nodding her head while staring at her drink and the table top, Vicki seemed to blush and wait for whatever Sandy was going to tell her to do.

"Even though this is an old game for us, I'll do it one more time for you", Sandy said. " Vicki go to the ladies and take off your bra and thong and bring them back in your hand to Ken!"

Not even looking up, Vicki got up and headed out for the ladies room. Sandy sadly smiled and went on, "I've tried this before and although she will literally do

whatever or whoever I tell her to...she sticks with me like glue, and frankly, it is about to drive me mad. I would give her away if someone would treat her right and not abused her... Well, anymore than I already have."

Thinking very fast, I said, "Let me try something when she gets back, and then you can decide whether or not I might be the one????"

A small glimmer of hope seem to be in Sandy's eyes as Vicki returned with her bra and thong hanging loosely in her hand, and she stood and offered them to me at the edge of the table. Her nipples stuck out very proudly through the white, silky blouse she had on, and she was smiling while offering me her bra and thong.

Smiling back at her, I said, " Vicki, SANDRA SAYS...put them on the table and unbutton your blouse two buttons!!!!!!"

With just a quick look at Sandy, Vicki put her bra and thong on the table and after unbuttoning two buttons looked back at me.

"Very Good", I continued, "Now, SANDRA can sit down and unbutton the last two buttons on your blouse.'

Without missing a beat, Vicki sat down and unbuttoned the last two buttons completely exposing her breasts. Even though everyone in the bar had gotten a good eye full when she came back from the ladies room, they almost applauded when she totally unbuttoned her blouse.

Sandy cracked up and was laughing deliriously on the other side of the table. Finally, she got up and came around and hugged me, almost smothering me in her abundant breasts, but wiping the tears from her eyes, she went back and sat down.

A few minutes later, Sandy looked at Vicki and told her, "You will stay with Ken and do whatever he says as though it was me telling you understand???"

Yes, very shortly afterwards I married Vicki, and even though, once in a great while I have to use "SANDRA SAYS"; most of the time "KEN SAYS" works just fine and we been happily married 15 years now...Well, I've been happily married and Vicki says she is when I tell her to.

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