Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 02


"Did you do it?" she asked.

I was still struggling. "No not yet."

"You need this if you are going to grow as a sub," she said.

Finally I summoned up enough courage and followed her instructions. I then slumped back down on the couch in shame. I knew the top of my head was visible through the window, but at least my nudity was hidden by the back of the couch.

"It is done mistress."

"Good. Now I want you to get yourself off. Use the vibrator as a dildo and finger your clit and nipples as you like. Think about the follow scenario. Picture your biggest female rival at work. Overcome by passion you have been masturbating like a naughty girl. You are in the bathroom or some unused office. She catches you and drags you back to your office. Your clothes are disheveled and your co-works see her doing this to you. She pulls your skirt down and pulls your blouse open. She then bends you over your own desk and spanks you. Eventually she flips you over and has you masturbate. As you begin to cum she opens your office door and everyone can see you."

I was horrified by both the scene she laid before me and by having the windows and blinds open. But I did what she asked. Later she would tell me this was an exercise to see if I could keep my sounds to a minimum while I came. Slumped onto the couch I really couldn't be seen, but I certainly could be heard. In fact I thought I heard sounds from outside my windows. But I was too far gone to care. The vibrator was working its magic. The thin tissue between my vagina and anal cavity transferred all the vibrations to the plug which buzzed quite wonderfully against my newly discovered nerve endings. It didn't take long for me to realize my inability to have a decent orgasm since Nicole had ordered me not to masturbate was going to be gloriously absent tonight. After all Mistress D had commanded me to cum so I was just following orders.

I didn't think about the consequences of disobeying Nicole. I only thought about pleasing Mistress D. I did my best to be quiet, but I don't think I was too successful. Just as I was letting go, I was sure I heard a noise right outside my window. But the thrill of being caught took center stage and I came. I came hard. I came tensing my body and rolling off the couch onto the floor. By the time I recovered and could carefully peak out the window, I couldn't see anything. The lights reflecting off the glass would have prevented me seeing anybody even if they were there. I looked at the chat log. Mistress D had left shortly after she lay out the scenario. I was crestfallen that I couldn't tell her about my success. I sat down and wrote her a long journal entry before shutting down the computer. I sat a couple more minutes in my post orgasm glow before standing up and shutting the windows and then the blinds. I wasn't so shy any more about exposing myself to whoever happens to come by. Finally I removed the plug. It was pretty nasty so I washed it and then relieved myself. Finally I crawled into bed my lust satisfied for the time being.

Tuesday at the office I managed to get some work done and not think about what happened the night before. I realized I had subconsciously dressed in a shorter skirt than I normal wear to the office. This came as a bit of a shock to me. I kept checking my personal email hoping to have a message from Mistress D or Nicole, but the only thing I got was a tracking number from my shopping the night before.

Since I would not be home when FedEx usually delivers, I had sent the package to the office. I received packages all the time and I knew this would not cause any suspicion like the flowers had. I found myself watching the tracking number waiting for my package. I didn't expect it until late in the day so I tried to stay focused on my work. Thankfully the shipping package was wonderfully generic and nobody had any clue what the contents were. I was still skeptical that I'd ever need the larger size, but I had followed orders and that was the important part.

I didn't know if I'd be chatting with Mistress D that night, but just in case, as soon as I got home I inserted the small plug. I kept the computer on waiting for her, but she didn't show up. Without her order to masturbate, I refrained trying to remain true to Nicole. It was very difficult. Now that I knew how good the plug would feel with my vibrator, it took all my willpower not to diddle myself. The plug was easier to put in this time. I remembered to relieve myself first and it started to feel less foreign.

The next night I tried the medium size plug when I got home. It wasn't that much wider, but the strain of inserting it reminded me of the first time I used the small one. I forced myself to relax and an extra plop of lube helped as I finally snapped around to the base. I took a deep breath. I'd never felt so full. I hoped and prayed Mistress D would appear online so I could tell her of my progress. She finally did about 10pm. I'd had the plug in for about 4 hours at that point and I was ready for action. She told me she had been very proud of my journal entry. Tonight's exercise was to watch someone else while I masturbate. I worried this meant doing it in public but she said it did not. At least not yet.

Her plan was simple although it made me feel dirty. I had told her my bedroom overlooked Jeannie's bedroom. I'd already told Mistress D about my daughter's best friend who lived next door. I had confessed I found Jeannie attractive. Although I had known her almost her whole life, it was only recently I'd begun to feel a sexual attraction.

Mistress D told me to go into the bedroom and move a chair to the window. I could leave the lights off this time, but I was to strip down and wait for Jeannie to appear in her bedroom. I was instructed to watch her and play with myself. Once again I should use my vibrator and fingers as I wanted. I told Mistress D I had no idea when she would be home and was told to just sit and wait. I'd seen her lights on usually around 11pm and I hoped she would not get home late tonight. As always I was instructed to write about my experience when I was done.

I had a chair in my bedroom so that was not a problem. I was glad I could have the lights off. If Jeannie could have seen me sitting in my chair with my legs spread and ass plugged waiting for her I think I would have died. As it were, alone in the dark with just my thoughts, a plug and a vibrator to keep me busy, I felt like the biggest pervert in the world. The silent but relentless parade of my digital clock reminded me of just how long I had waited. My pussy was screaming for attention, but I was determined to wait. Why did she have to be late tonight? Finally at 11:22, I saw her bedroom light turn on.

I wasted no time. I didn't know how long she would be visible. I had hours of mental foreplay that night and knew I could come very quickly. I didn't really need Jeannie to do anything for me to get off, but she did provide an unknown service by beginning to undress for bed. I pretended she was doing a sensual striptease just for me. The larger plug was even more efficient at transferring the vibrations from the vibrator around my entire sexual core. I knew it wouldn't take long. Jeannie was down to her bra and panties. For the first time I wondered if she slept naked, but I didn't get the chance to find out.

My orgasm hit me like a freight train from out of nowhere. I had felt it building, but usually my body stays on the edge for at least a few moments before crashing over. That didn't happen this time. I went directly from strong build up to loud, screaming orgasm. Like Monday night, I was completely unaware of my surroundings. With the knowledge of the windows being shut, I made no effort to quiet myself and I allowed my cum to wash over me like a warm blanket. I looked up when I finally calmed down and Jeannie was staring out of her window. I knew she couldn't see into my room because the window would just reflect her lights since my light was off, but I instantly flushed with embarrassment. She must have heard me and looked to investigate. In shame I slide to the floor and crawled out of the room. I then wrote my journal and took out the plug. I went to bed wondering what Mistress D had planned for me next and then remembered that Friday was fast approaching too. I didn't know what Nicole would do when she found out I masturbated several times against her order. But I was ready to find out.

Friday couldn't come fast enough. My pussy was wet all morning at work in anticipation of seeing Nicole. I could hardly concentrate. My chats with Mistress D had me primed for action and I was ready to submit. Nicole had told me to keep tonight open although I had little more than that promise of seeing her. I wondered just what we were going to do and where we would be doing it.

At 10am a FedEx letter arrived for me. I didn't recognize the sender's address, but I assumed it was from her. The address was several towns away. Was this where I was going tonight? I tore open envelope. There was a single typed page with no signature or identifying marks. It said, "Dear Sandra. Tonight we are going out. However, I am not taking you to a club or some kind of sleazy motel. I want you to dress elegantly as befits a mature educated woman such as yourself. I want you to take your time and make yourself pretty for me. Alluring not slutty. I already know you're a slut and will bring your true self out of you later, but to begin, I want you spectacular for me. Sometime today I want you to go shopping for new lingerie. I want you to come to me fresh in clothes you've never shown a lover before. A new bra (black demi push up), thong, garter belt, stockings and a black choker to match. I will text you with further instructions tonight, but not before 8pm so you will have time to go home and prepare. Take a nice long hot bath to relax your mind and body. Then put on your new lingerie and do your makeup. I do not want you using too much makeup and looking like a tart. At least I don't want that tonight. Make yourself up like you would for a first date. In addition to the lingerie wear a sheer white button down blouse. Make sure the black bra is clearly visible through it. Leave the top three buttons open. You should have just a hint of cleavage. Also wear a black skirt. It should come no longer than three inches above your knee and be slit high up the side so when you sit and cross your legs, the garter snap will show. Remember no masturbating or you will be punished." I was shaking in my seat by the time I finished reading it.

Shopping was not a problem. There is a fancy lingerie shop near the office and that is where I spent lunch. I left my purchases in my car so I would not be tempted to put them on in the office. I already owned a suitable skirt, blouse and shoes, but I'd never worn a choker before and when I tried on a simple black one in the store I felt deliciously naughty.

All day had been a struggle not to masturbate. I wanted to give myself a release so bad, but I knew waiting would make it better. I followed Nicole's instructions to the T. I took a long hot bath and then took my time getting ready. I didn't rush in the least. I setup my Friday night mood candles in my bedroom and slowly put my new lingerie on. Dressing as somebody had ordered me to dress was a new thrill. I'd worn clothes like these before, but always on my terms in order to seduce a lover. I'd never dressed specifically as somebody had ordered. In the end I achieved the Nicole's desired effect. I was stunning, if I do say so myself. Staring at myself in the mirror I looked like the executive I am with just a hint of naughty thrown in. With three buttons open, I was showing a little more cleavage than I would at the office where two buttons would have been the rule. My skirt was shorter than an office skirt too, but not by much and especially in high heels, I have the legs to carry it off. I twirled and saw my calves were tight and right and so was my butt.

As I twirled I noticed the slit of the skirt flip up slightly. I took hold of the opening and pulled it up exposing a generous expanse of my thigh, the top of my stocking and the garter snap. This look was definitely not office issue, but I must confess I was excited by the thought of other people knowing I was wearing the garter belt. My heart was racing at this point. I looked at the clock and it was only 7:30. I had some time to kill.

I sat like a school girl watching my email and holding on to my cell phone. I didn't know if Nicole would contact me via text message, voice or email so I had to be ready for anything. I didn't want to start another activity until I knew what was going on so like a dunce I sat and waited. 8pm came and went. My pussy had begun to throb in anticipation. By 8:30 I was starting to wonder if this was just a test. Maybe we were not going out and she was going to arrive at my door. My pussy continued to demand attention. By 9 my willpower to not play with myself was deteriorating. If she did not contact me soon I was going to be in trouble. By 9:30 I was going out of my mind with lust. Finally I felt my phone vibrate.

"Sandra my Elegant Submissive," it began. "Go to the Cyndmark hotel and ask for Erin at the front desk. She has an envelope for you. Follow the instructions."

That was it. Nicole's orders were clear, concise and to the point. I grabbed my purse, coat and car keys and headed out to my first public adventure. The drive to the hotel was uneventful. I didn't waste any time in the parking lot. My mind and body were primed to see this through and even though I was scared and nervous, I was determined to complete whatever Nicole had planned for me. I walked confidently into the hotel lobby. It was a fancy business hotel I'd never been to before. Being a Friday night, the lobby was almost deserted. I was guessing that Sunday through Thursday things were much busier. There were two women working at the front desk. Both were blondes and attractive. One had long hair and one short. I tried to scan their nametags without looking to conspicuous. The short haired woman was Erin.

I felt very subconscious standing waiting to talk to Erin. I wondered if she knew the contents of the envelope I was to pick up. If she didn't, why did Nicole tell me to ask for her? I stood patiently while both women handled other people checking in. I could feel my weight shifting from foot to foot as I tried to mask my nervousness. I worried that the other desk clerk would finish first and I would have to come up with an excuse why I needed to wait for Erin. Fortunately that did not happen and Erin asked me if I was checking in.

"No. My name is Sandra. I was told you are holding an envelope for me," was my reply trying to sound confident.

"Let's have a look," she said before turning to a bin which held several different sized envelopes and cards. I watched as she thumbed through them looking for my name.

"Here it is," she said handing me a large brown envelope which had a tie clasp at the top. It looked like the kind of envelope we use for interoffice mail. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

I took the envelope and told her no. I thanked her for her help, turned and made a hasty retreat from the front desk. There was a secluded sitting area where you would wait in the lobby and I made my way there out of eyesight of Erin and the other woman. Taking a deep breath I unwound the string holding the clasp shut. Inside were a couple of other letter sized envelopes and a piece of paper. I pulled the paper out and read my next message from Nicole.

"Sandra, inside you have probably already noticed the envelopes. Each is numbered. You are to complete the instructions from the envelopes in order. Finish each BEFORE opening the next envelope. I will see you soon."

I had expected the note to read "come to room xyz so I can fuck your brains out." Apparently I had more tasks to complete before I'd get my satisfaction. I looked around to see if anybody was watching me and opened envelope number one.

"Begin by finding the ladies room. Choose a stall and open the second envelope." I quickly looked for a sign to the nearest bathroom. I didn't want to ask at the desk. I probably looked a little lost. I saw a sign indicating where the meeting rooms were. Certainly there would be a bathroom near those so I headed off. There probably was a closer bathroom as the meeting rooms were down a long hall, but I realized a very important side benefit was that area of the hotel was empty. I found the bathroom and locked myself in the first stall. I took another deep breath and opened envelope number two.

"Hike up your skirt. If you're not sitting down, do so now. Spread your legs and masturbate through your thong. Don't cum. Get your thong good and wet if it's not already. Bring yourself to the brink of orgasm and then stop. Then open envelope three." Nicole was right to assume my thong was already wet. It also wasn't particularly absorbent so my thighs were equally moist. I didn't need to be told twice to start pleasuring myself. I was desperate to cum and wondered how she would know if I did, but since she always seemed to know what I was thinking, I was determined to follow her instructions to the letter.

It took all of my willpower to pull my hand off my thong without going over the edge. I literally left myself panting on the edge of a massive climax. I almost didn't stop in time as the vision of me spread in a strange bathroom flashed through my mind just as I was pulling my hand away and that was enough to almost take me over the edge even though I had stopped touching myself. My orgasm teetered back and forth as I hung on the edge of climax trying to will myself to calm down but the eroticism of the moment pushing me further into my lustful desires. I held my breath and strained to force myself to calm down. The thong was positively saturated with my fluids and my pussy was pulsating to my heartbeat as my body refused to calm itself. I actually worried that I'd pushed myself too far. I'd always managed to calm down if I stopped rubbing myself, but my body didn't react that way this time. I started thinking about work, my daughter, my few friends, anything to get my mind of sex.

Finally I felt my arousal peak begin to ebb. God Nicole made me hot. I wondered how much longer I would last under her tutelage. I pulled envelope three out and tore it open.

"Pull envelopes four and five out and then put your thong in the large envelope and seal it. Write Erin on the delivery route."

If Erin didn't know what was going on she soon would, I mused to myself. I wondered what I would think if a strange woman handed me an envelope with a wet sticky thong in it. Still it felt good to get the messy underwear off my body. I hesitated before putting the thong in the envelope. I could just touch my clit, cum and go home. But I could feel my arousal starting to peak again and knew I couldn't stop now. I had to see this night through. I put the thong in the envelope and tied the clasp before I lost my nerve. I also looked down at my clit. It was puffy, pulsating and angry looking. One direct touch and I was a goner. Nicole had to know the state I'd be in. Certainly she was going to let me cum before leaving the bathroom. I opened envelope 4. I could tell it contained more than a letter. There was a note, but also a small thin belt.

"Sandra, I doubt it would not take much to make you cum right now, but I need you to hold off just a little longer. Leave everything in the stall and go turn on the cold water. Chill a paper towel with the cold water and hold it on your clit long enough to break your need to cum. Repeat if necessary but failure to control your climax will lead to serious consequences. When you are done, return to the stall and slip on the belt."

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