tagLesbian SexSandra's Fantasy Ch. 03

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 03


With editing help from Lisa Jones

Author's Note: Please read chapter 01 and 02 before reading chapter 03 or you will be pretty lost. As with the previous chapters, chapter 03 will be told from multiple points of view.

*** Jeannie's POV ***

Friday night at the hotel was very educational for me. Nicole had been sending me the chat logs of the conversations she had been having with Sandra posing as Mistress D, but I didn't believe her. I didn't think she could have wrapped the obviously intelligent and strong woman around her finger that quickly and easily. Nicole told me she always had the gift of sensing when a woman was submissive. After that, it was just finding out a pressure point and pushing. I was quickly figuring out she was right.

Nicole told me about her plans for Sandra at the hotel. I told her she was full of shit that Sandra would never do what Nicole had planned, but she was confident. I told her maybe Mistress D could get Sandra to follow the instructions but if the tasks came from Nicole instead, Sandra would pass since she'd only talked to her the one time. Nicole was confident, however, that Sandra really craved submission and that she could get the woman to do anything she wanted.

We ended up betting my ass, literally, on the outcome. As I told you before, although I never told Nicole in so many words, I secretly loved when she would order me make love to her. Sure I played hard to get, but I did enjoy it. So when Nicole offered to prove her dominance over Sandra, I was quick to join her merry gang to aid Sandra's seduction. To make things interesting because I didn't understand how she could get Sandra to go along with her plan, Nicole offered me the following bet. If Sandra followed every order, Nicole would get to spank me in front of Sandra and then I had to eat her out. Nicole had told me the broad outlines of what she intended to have Sandra do. I didn't believe she would give her soiled panties to a stranger and I didn't believe she would flash the bartender so I figured I would win the bet. When I asked Nicole what I would win she said $100. I questioned her about putting up cash instead of having her pleasure me and she said mistresses don't eat pussy on command. I told her my virtue was worth more than $100. It's not, but I wanted to see how confident she was in her success. She immediately went to $200. We haggled a bit and end at $250 for her side of the bet. To me the offer was win/win. I'd either get to watch Nicole fail and take her money or I'd get to indulge my secret pleasure of submitting to her.

We met at the hotel and immediately I began to feel less confident about winning. She introduced me to Erin who was the night manager. I could see from the look in Erin's eyes that she was totally smitten with Nicole. I also met Liz who was walking through the lobby on the way to her shift in the bar. Nicole briefed them both. They both were obviously willing to help Nicole in any way they could. Apparently Nicole had a harem of older women on call to do her bidding.

Erin gave us the swipe card to room 909. Nicole told Liz her task was to watch out for Sandra's safety in the bar and to give her a napkin with the room number at the appropriate time. Nicole showed Liz how to write the numbers and hand the napkin to Sandra so she would think the room number was 606. Nicole had a devious mind when it came to practical jokes. If her plan worked, Sandra would be completely frazzled by that time she got to our room. I only wish I could have seen the look on her face when she went to the wrong room. Erin said the hotel was less than half full on a typical weekend and she would make sure room 606 was empty. Liz asked how she would know what the right time was to send Sandra on her way and Nicole told her not to worry. It would be obvious. Liz was satisfied with that answer and then left to go to the bar. Erin escorted us to the surveillance room behind the check-in counter. There was another woman working the counter but I didn't catch her name. We had about 15 minutes before Sandra was due to arrive.

Erin showed us where the controls were for the hotel's security system. It was obvious Nicole had been in the room before because she sat down and immediately began panning certain cameras into the positions she wanted. Erin smiled and left us alone. Nicole was obviously in charge. Suddenly I decided maybe my bet would not be so easy to win after all.

Right on time Sandra walked into the lobby. Nicole followed her every step. I could tell she was nervous, but she looked stunning. I could only watch and drool a little. I prayed I looked that good at her age. I had to laugh a bit to myself as Erin handed her the instruction envelope. My pussy was getting wet at the thought of participating in this game. Nicole seemed to have everything planned perfectly and I now put her chance of success above 90%. I wiggled my ass a bit involuntarily thinking about her spanking me. We watched Sandra move to where she thought she was unseen in the lobby, but of course a different camera picked her up and showed her reading the instructions. It was deliciously naughty to watch her reaction as she assumed she was alone.

As if on cue, she walked out of range of the lobby camera, but Nicole shifted to the one which captured the area around the meeting rooms and Sandra quickly reappeared. I didn't bother to ask how Nicole knew she would pick this isolated area. Of course there are no cameras in the bathroom itself, but based on the way Sandra was walking when she exited, I knew she had followed Nicole's instructions to the letter. We then switched to the camera behind the front desk. Nicole panned the camera to focus on Sandra's face while she waited for her turn at the counter. I almost felt sorry for her. Even through the poor resolution video I could feel the conflict within her. I also felt a sense of relief in her facial expression when she handed over the envelope as if a huge weight had been lifted. It was almost as if once she crossed the line of admitting why she was there she now felt like everything was going to be alright. We then switched to the camera outside the bar door. Erin also came back into the security office carrying the envelope with Sandra's soiled thong.

I wasn't paying close attention to Erin. I was watching Sandra pausing at the bar door as if she was willing herself to continue playing the game. In fact I didn't notice that Erin had dropped to her knees and was crawling between Nicole's legs. I had not stopped concentrating on the monitor until I heard a mewing sound coming from Nicole's lips. Looking down at the older woman between her legs I knew I'd lost my bet with Nicole. It was only a matter of time. I felt a rush of arousal.

We continued to monitor Sandra in the bar. Nicole would send her a text message every few minutes. I was still a bit shocked that Sandra followed every command, but as I watched Erin bring Nicole higher and higher I guess that shock began to wear off. For the record, except for Liz the bartender, nobody else in the bar was in on Nicole's game. She would later tell me she wished she knew that the swinging couple was going to be there because she would have had Sandra play with them. At least not everything went according to plan :-)

I was getting more and more aroused watching Sandra act as Nicole's puppet. The sex show happening in the chair next to me didn't hurt either. Once Nicole came, I knew Sandra's time in the bar was coming to an end. Nicole stood up and motioned for me to do the same. She then positioned the 6th floor camera to watch room 606 and asked Erin to email her the footage. She then typed out the final message and told Erin to give us 5 minutes and then send it. I followed Nicole out of the office like a lost puppy. I was now totally under her spell. Erin had the same look in her eyes. I knew she too would do anything Nicole commanded.

Room 909 was a spacious one bedroom suite at the end of the hall. I was sure Erin had not booked anybody near us to give us privacy. Inside Nicole had obviously been busy preparing the room before I had arrived. Arranged on breakfast bar of the kitchenette she had several cameras, both video and still, assorted sex toys to pleasure a woman, a few cuffs, a riding crop, a couple of cans that looked like paint and some brushes, two different blindfolds and a bag which probably had some more implements of pleasure and pain. Nicole had me take the cans and a few other items into the bedroom.

Nicole also had a suitcase with some clothes for the occasion. She told me to relax while she went into the bathroom to change. I paced around the room. I knew Sandra would be there in moments. Now was not the time to relax. I looked out of the window from the living room area. There was a small balcony and I stepped outside to get some air. There was a cool breeze, but it felt invigorating. There were two small plastic chairs and a tiny glass table. The balcony was maybe about 10 feet wide and 4 feet deep. There was a waist high iron rail which protected people from the 9 story drop into the parking lot. Behind the hotel were office buildings. I could see a few people working late, but they were mostly dark by this time. I heard Nicole clear her throat and turned to walk back into the room.

Nicole was standing in the center of the room. She had transformed into a vision of pure dominance. Her blouse and skirt had been replaced by a leather corset. She also had leather opera gloves, thigh high leather boots with a silver tipped stiletto heel and a leather choker with the word BITCH embroidered into the neck.

"Do you approve?" she asked me. My mouth was suddenly dry. All I could do was nod.

"I expect you to pay off your debt soon, but first we will need to attend to Sandra."

Again all I could do was nod my approval. Nicole took a bag and put the thinner blindfold into it. She then slid another sheet of instructions into it and hung it on the doorknob for Sandra to find.

"She's going to strip in the hallway. If she does, you lose the bet."

I already knew I had lost my bet and I wasn't overly upset about it.

"When she knocks, you can watch her through the peep hole. Let her sweat for a minute or two. Erin will give us the hallway surveillance feed later. When you let her in, don't say a word. In fact, don't speak the rest of the time you are here. I'll stand near you so she doesn't know you're here. I've got a few training tasks for her. I want you to get a good feel of her body. I'll take some pictures. When I give you the signal, finger her until she comes. When I took her in her living room I used two fingers and my thumb on her clit. Do it the same way so she thinks you are me. After she comes, you are going to pay off your debt. I want you to then take the memory card from the camera. I'll email you more pictures later and some video. I want you to copy the files to her computer's hard drive. You can then tell Rose you were snooping remotely on her mom's computer for more websites she was visiting and found these pictures Rose might be interested in. Do you understand?"

Finally I found my voice. "Yes. I understand." Seconds later I heard the first knock. I quickly ran to the door to look out the peep hole. I had not noticed any sound from my shoeless feet on the thick carpet. I'd be able to move silently around our victim. At least I'd be silent if I could control my breathing and my racing heart. I peeked through the security eyepiece and Sandra had already stripped off her skirt and blouse and was standing motionless in the hallway. I looked back at Nicole wondering how long we should make her wait. It felt like an eternity to me and I'm sure it felt longer to Sandra, but eventually Nicole nodded and I opened the door. I took Sandra's hand in my own and led her into the suite. Our touch sent a shiver through my body. I'd never felt that before. This was going to be fun.

*** Sandra's POV ***

The electric touch of Nicole's hand was like an aphrodisiac. Although I'd long since lost any thoughts of hesitation, her touch made me lose all my inhibitions and any thoughts that I was making a mistake were vanquished. This was where I belonged. I was born to serve her and whatever she commanded, I would do.

I was escorted slowly into the room. This must have been a suite because the room seemed huge to me. Nicole stopped me and let go of my hand. I could sense her walking around me. Then I felt her hot breath on my ear.

"You've done well tonight pet. You have pleased me with how well you followed my instructions."

I could feel myself blushing.

"Tonight we begin your formal training for your new life as my submissive."

My new life? I guess this wasn't a game after all. The thought excited me even more.

"The first thing you must learn is how to properly present yourself. You are already dressed, or shall I say undressed, in a way which pleases me. From now on no pantyhose... ever. Only stockings with garters from here forward."

I was trying to pay attention but the lust in my heart was distracting me. I could hear myself breath and felt every heartbeat.

"The heels are good, but should be a little higher. You have tremendous legs and a great ass. Don't be afraid to show them off."

I felt her hand slide up my thigh and touch my butt. Her hand then continued up my torso and gave my breast a firm squeeze.

"The same goes for these tits. They are wonderful. Never be shy to show them off a bit."

She continued to massage my breast and tweak my nipple. My pussy was on fire. Nicole now slid her hand down toward my pussy. If she touched my clit I think I would have cum right then. Instead she twirled her finger through my public hair. I'm neat and trimmed, but this apparently displeased her.

"This mess will have to go. You will shave it later, but you'll have to keep it waxed going forward."

I'd always resisted doing a Brazilian wax. It hurt enough when I'd get my legs done to make me decide waxing my cooter was out of the question. Of course, that wasn't my decision anymore and I welcomed Nicole's grooming suggestion.

"Spread your legs and put your hands on the back of the top of your head."

Immediately I did. I could feel my breasts popping forward.

"This is called inspection. When I say inspection, this is the position you will take. I don't care where we are, who we are with or what you are wearing. If I say the word inspection, you will immediately comply. Do I make myself clear?"

I could sense she was still walking around me. But I now felt her hands wrap around me and take both breasts into her hands. I heard a sharp intake of air at her sudden touch and realized it was me making the noise. She squeezed my left breast and then right lifting them up and down as if weighing them. Now I absolutely love having my lover wrap their arms around me like that. If that was what inspection would bring, I was all for it. I told Nicole I understood.

Her roving hands covered every inch of my body including pushing a solitary finger into my pussy from behind. I was shaking with sensation tingles as her hands worked me into a frenzy. Any clitoral stimulation at that point would have sent me over the edge. I knew her fingers were talented from the first night we met but tonight they were both familiar and new at the same time. What was she waiting for?

"Inspection went well. Before I share you my friends may want to inspect you. You should never hesitate from their touch. You are my property to do with as I please. Do you understand?"

I responded that I did. I felt her finger press into my overheated pussy, although she did not apply the pressure I desired to my clit. I could sense her thumb tantalizingly close to my clit just like it had been the night she seduced me. I began to beg. I began to plead. I was lost in the moment and overcome with the desire to climax. I heard her give the command "now" but the sound was in the wrong place.

Her voice was now over in the corner of the room. But her hands had never left me. How was that possible? I felt a thumb press against my clit while the two fingers continued to penetrate me. The thumb was rubbing my clit back and forth, snapping it really. One of the fingers curled and hit the spongy tissue of my g-spot. I didn't have time for rational thought. My orgasm crashed over me at the same moment I realized it wasn't Nicole's hand I'd been gyrating on. It was unlikely she had ever touched me since I came in. This realization flashed though my brain like a white hot poker as I forced myself down onto the fingers and screamed in ecstasy. I rode the hand for all I was worth until it was pulled back. I couldn't see it but I knew I'd slimed it good. I hope whomever I just used to finger bang myself had a good time as I slumped down onto the thick carpet.

Whoever it was didn't say a word. Instead they wiped their cum covered hand across my face. I guess they thought that was what I was worth. They were probably right. Whoever it was her touch was as thrilling as when she led me through the door. I tried to move my head to maintain contact as long as she would let me. When I heard Nicole speak again I turned my head to where the sound was coming from.

"As long as you are down there, we'll work on another position. Get up on your knees."

I was still weak from my orgasm so it took a moment to roll onto my knees and then, as instructed, to sit with my ass on my heels and my body straight up in the air. I was then told to cup my breasts and lift and separate them. I was also told if my nipples were not hard to play with them at this point. Of course that wasn't necessary and I failed to see how they would ever be soft if I found myself in this position again.

"This is call presenting yourself. When I say present this is the position you will take. Inspection will frequently follow. Unless otherwise directed you should be looking down during presentation and inspection. You are not an equal in this relationship. You will show me and the people I choose to share you with utmost respect at all times. Do you understand?"

I replied, "Yes."

"Yes mistress," quickly came the correction.

"Yes mistress," I replied.

"The next position is a variation on presenting yourself. After you present yourself I may say down. If I do you will lean forward instead of sitting on your heels. You will place your head on the ground with your palms open and your fingers spread. Try it now."

I did and I immediately realized what would happen. My ass was now the highest point of my body. Given my level of arousal and having just cum, I knew my now exposed pussy would give away what I was feeling. I felt the hand I had just come on rub my backside. I was hoping she would finger me again. There were obviously at least two women in this room I would do anything to be with.

"As you just realized, the down command puts you in a very vulnerable position."

I felt a single finger slide into my pussy and then, nicely lubricated, begin to push against my back side. I was glad Mistress D had given me stretching exercises for my ass as the finger slipped inside me with relative ease. How strange it was that I was now proud of having an ass someone could push their finger in without resistance.

"The second benefit of this position is you may show your devotion to me."

I felt the tip of her boot graze against my lips.

"Lick my boot pet. Show your loyalty to me."

I stuck my tongue out. I couldn't see the boot and hoped it was clean. It tasted a little salty which surprised me. But it wasn't too nasty and the combination of my submissive act combined with my anal penetration had my emotions climbing again. The finger in my ass now began to pump in and out. I realized if I stopped licking my mistress' boot and raised my head enough to moan, the finger would stop. Thus my pleasure was restricted to when I actively showed my subservience to my mistress. I'm sure that was exactly what she wanted and that is exactly what I gave her.

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