Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 04


"Tortured mistress," I questioned.

"Sexually tortured, pet," came the answer. "We have been filming you since you came in from the balcony in the hotel. Now we are going to tease you here in my world domination evil headquarters. You will be playing the role of the Latex Avenger and I am your arch nemesis Rubber Woman."

"I don't understand, mistress," I said with a questioning tone.

"These movies, it seems, always have women dressed in latex, spandex, rubber or leather. First we're going to tie you to the bed and interrogate you. By interrogate I mean tease you until you give me the secret government information you have."

"But I don't have any government information?" I was pleading at this point. I was not happy with how this night had veered from playtime at the hotel.

"I know pet. Just play along. You'll understand what we want. Soon you will be begging to cum and pledging your faithful service to Rubber Woman. If you do a good job I'll give you the fucking I know you've been craving."

I'd already had my fill of sexual teasing, but bound, blindfolded and with no idea of where I was I didn't see any way out of playing Nicole's warped game so I agreed with her terms. I felt hands unclip my wrist cuffs from each other. I quickly brought my arms in front of me to relax them. Of course that action caused my breasts to push together and the nipple suckers to move just enough to shoot pain through my breasts and down to my clit.

"I almost forgot," cooed Liz. "We need to take off your protective gear."

Now knowing what to expect, I was better prepared for the intense pain associated with releasing the air pressure in the suckers. It still hurt but didn't seem as bad as the first time. I guess my body was just getting familiar with the pain. Taking the strap running between my legs off was easier. The cool air blowing across my overheated pussy was a welcome breeze. The collar and leash remained as I was assisted down onto a cot of some kind. The mattress was lumpy and I could feel the springs. My hands were now pulled up and attached to the headboard. I could tell only one person was hooking me to the bed. The other person was obviously handling the camera. I was told to struggle, but not too hard.

That was an easy thing to do. I rolled a bit side to side and tried to make it look like I was trying to pull my arms down. When the person moved on to my legs I tried to kick, but I made sure to let them cuff my ankles to the bed without too much trouble. I could also tell the end of the leash was tied to the headboard. Mistress Nicole in her best evil supervillian voice then began the interrogation.

I tried to picture in my mind what I must look like to the video camera. Mistress Nicole, sorry, Rubber Woman, was drilling me with questions rapid fire about who my contacts were in the Justice department. Who were the other secret agents investigating her criminal enterprise and what sting operations we were planning. Since I really had no idea how she wanted me to play along it was easy for me to resist her questions. Of course that was exactly what she wanted which gave her ample reason to begin using harsher interrogation techniques. Instead of water boarding or a different traditional torture method, she preferred alternating sessions of pain and pleasure designed to bring me right to the edge of orgasm before taking away my climax at the last moment. It was frustrating to not be able to see her or what she was doing. I know the strongest vibrator I'd ever felt was placed between my legs. I could tell by the shape it was a Hitachi Wand. Nicole was cruel about how it was used. Sometimes she would just let it rest between my thighs buzzing my legs but just barely touching my labia. Other times when she was bringing me close again she would hold it tight against my clit. Of course that would be only for a few seconds. If she held it like that any longer I would have erupted.

At other times she used a riding crop on me. The latex provided some protection and spread out the stinging snap of the leather but it never failed to kill my desire to cum as she methodically hit my thighs, stomach and arms. She took care, apparently, not to crop my breasts or pussy. I'm sure she though the shock of doing so would push me over the edge. She probably was right.

She used other "toys" on me too. They were primarily designed to cause pain. I can't really describe them since I didn't see them but I can tell you that her alternating cycle of pleasure and pain had my head spinning with lust. Rubber Girl continued to press me for information saying I would break eventually. She said that soon enough I would beg her for an orgasm. She said I would beg to be fucked. She said that once I came I would be her loyal slave and become a double agent feeding her all the classified information the government had on her and her organization.

I was ready to beg just as she had predicted. I tried to picture myself as if this situation was real. I found myself assuming the role of the Latex Avenger in my mind and I started to enjoy this game. I could withstand the pain, at least at this level, but she was right that my lust would eventually compel me to submit to her. I had the distinct impression that Nicole was enjoying her role play too. The next time she held the wand against my clit a few seconds longer. My body tensed as it teetered on the edge of a massive explosion. I was right there about to cum when she pulled it away. That was the last straw. I had forgotten about the camera at this point. The Latex Avenger was broken in mind, body and spirit.

"Please let me cum," I begged her. "I'll do whatever you want!"

I felt a lone finger slide into my smouldering pussy.

"I know you will pet," she replied. "Now beg me to fuck you. When you cum you will belong to me."

I didn't hold back. I begged. I pleaded. I gave her every assurance I was hers and would do her bidding. I promised to be her double agent. I promised to spy on my own government. I promised to feed her classified information. I basically promised to become a traitor all to quench the fire of lust in my heart and more importantly my pussy. I fully expected her to pounce on me and fill me with her strap-on. I would have cum on the first stroke and it would have been one of the best orgasms I ever had in my life. I felt the barrier between our role play and reality crumbling. Was I pledging that the Latex Avenger would serve Rubber Girl or that Sandra the middle aged executive would faithfully serve this young hellcat Mistress Nicole?

As much as I wanted her to pounce on me and fill my needy pussy, it didn't happen. Instead I felt the bonds being released. Soon my hands were free of the cuffs and my collar was removed. I felt her moving to my ankles when she spoke.

"That was great Sandra," Nicole said back in her normal, non-evil voice. "You were spectacular."

She next removed the blindfold. The bright lights hurt by eyes and I had to cover them with my hands. I was very confused. Had she decided not to fuck me after I did everything she had asked? My facial expression must have asked the question for me.

"Not to worry pet," Nicole said definitely back in mistress mode. "You're still going to get the best fucking you've ever had later tonight. But we need to get a little more footage of you and you'll never be up for it after I take you the way nobody has ever taken you before."

I guess I wasn't confused any more but I certainly wasn't happy either. Nicole helped me off the bed. Liz was making adjustments to the video camera. Nicole handed me a mask not unlike the one Michelle Pfeiffer wore in the second Batman movie. She had to help with my hair so I could put it on properly but damn, did it look good on me. I temporarily forgot about the fire in my pussy and my orgasm denied as I looked at myself in a small mirror they had. I also took the time to look around the room. It was basically a concrete block walled room. The blocks were painted white and there was a metal door. It probably was a storeroom at some point but now it was furnished to look like a cell. There was a twin sized bed which I had been bound to with a utilitarian metal headboard. It had vertical iron bars which made it easy to secure a saucy slave to it. The mattress looked dirty. I already knew it was uncomfortable. I wondered how many other women had spilled their juices on it under Nicole's care. I was sure she didn't wash it after each use.

There was also a stainless steel table where Nicole and Liz had laid out the "torture" devices as if Rubber Girl was a surgeon and the bed was her operating theatre. Off to the side out of camera range was a green duffel bag. Soon we were ready to continue. Nicole explained what to do.

"We're going upstairs. We will be in a factory, but don't worry, nobody is here at night. We're going to turn on just enough light to get a good picture. The idea is that you have tracked me to what you're sure is my secret lair. You are going to creep around in your best catlike moves searching from me. You will pretend you are trying not to be seen. The camera will shoot you hiding behind the equipment and then moving as fast as you can to the next piece of equipment for cover. We will shoot a combination of long shots when you move and close-ups when you stop so we'll have to shoot each move you make at least two times. When we edit the footage together it will appear seamless. When we get enough footage you will find me. We will struggle. We'll wrestle a bit and have a fake fight. Eventually you will pull my mask off. It is then you will realize you know who I am."

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am the daughter of one of this city's most prominent, trusted and politically connected businessmen. Think of me as Paris Hilton, but as a criminal mastermind instead of a talentless celebrity. This is how I can run my criminal enterprise without interference. This revelation will cause you to put your guard down. You will stand looking at me and then looking down at the mask. I will then push you back and you'll fall to the floor. Liz will drop a net on you to capture you. In the movie we'll then cut to the torture footage we already shot. In real life we'll take you back to the cell and fuck your brains out. If I fuck you now you'll cum immediately and be done for the night. If we wait 45 minutes or an hour you'll be able to take much more. And trust me, Liz wants to fuck you too so you better have enough energy for both of us."

I almost taunted her that I had enough energy for both of them twice over, but I thought better of it. Nicole obviously knew exactly what buttons to push on me. I had no doubt she really was going to fuck me into submission in an hour and that the game was really a precursor to real life. We headed upstairs.

Nicole led me upstairs for my acting debut. I was still nervous about doing what she was asking. I certainly had my reservations but I was too far committed to serving her to back out now. I just couldn't face not seeing her again and walking away from the lifestyle she had shown me. I could do this. I just thought of it as a role play like I'd done with Mistress D. The only difference was this was real life and I was being recorded.

Upstairs was the factory floor. The oil smell I had noticed when we first came in was from lubricants for the machinery. I have no idea what kinds of machines I was looking at but apparently they could cut and bend metal. The factory was dirty and smelly. Somehow it seemed right for the video Nicole wanted to make. I wondered how she got access to the building. Actually I didn't really wonder that much. It seemed even at her early twenties age she could get anything she wanted. From the suite at the hotel to a factory to shoot an adult movie to getting a strong willed middle aged woman begging to be allowed to serve her, Nicole could do anything.

Liz setup the tripod and the video camera while Nicole turned on just a couple of lights in a hallway and an office. The open expanse of the factory floor was eerily dim as it was illuminated by only a couple of security lights. Liz turned on a light mounted to the top of the camera. It was brighter and focused on the area right in front of the lens. Nicole explained to me how I should "act."

"First I need you to stand at the door," she said pointing to the exit. Move like you are sneaking around. Remember you are trying to catch me and need to remain out of sight until just the right moment."

I nodded that I understood.

"Liz will shoot the video. I'm going to look around for the best machines you can hide behind and for the best location for our confrontation."

I watched as Nicole walked off into the darkness of the factory. Liz pointed to where she wanted me. It took a couple of takes for me to figure out just what she was looking for in my "cat like" movements. The heels were definitely an issue. My standard issue 5 inch slave heels were definitely not super heroine approved. They were just too restrictive for my character's cat like movements and reactions. In truth, however, I had to admit they probably looked great on camera. I began to imagine people watching the video and playing with themselves. The awoke the exhibitionist in me and I started to get into the role and began to play to the camera more. By the time Nicole returned Liz said she had enough footage of me in the hallways and searching the offices for "clues."

Next up was me moving through the factory. This time Nicole was watching the progress which made me more nervous as I wanted so much to please her. It also turned me on since I knew the sooner we finished making the video, the sooner Nicole could fuck me. It was frustrating when Nicole would have Liz reshoot a segment both Liz and I thought went perfectly fine. I only hoped when the clips were spliced together everything would turn out OK.

Finally it was time for the big scene where I confronted Rubber Girl. There was a small office on the edge of the factory floor where I could sneak up and catch her. Liz positioned the camera in a wide shot where she could see Nicole, sitting with her back to the factory, and me lurking in the shadows. In real life the click of my heels would have given me away, but in this fantasy world I was quickly upon her with my arms wrapped around her pinning her against the chair.

"Now I've got you Rubber Girl!" I shouted getting into my role.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Nicole. She sprung up from the chair easily breaking my hold. I admit I didn't have my full strength locking my hands, but even if I had I don't think it would have mattered. Nicole must have taken a self defense class because like a flash she was free and pushing me out of the office.

"You think I'm that easy?" she bellowed. "Prepare to taste my wrath."

Nicole advanced on me. We locked arms holding each other's shoulders like two wrestlers at the start of the match. My pussy was throbbing in anticipation of losing, but my pride meant I'd have to give her a match. Liz would call out instructions to us. I'd temporarily get the upper hand and then Nicole would counter and it would look bad for me. All the while one of us was always showing our body to the camera. I really started to enjoy showing off my body this way. I good feel myself getting juicier and the whole situation began to feel normal.

I wondered how much footage they needed as we continued for quite a while. One of us would fall and the other would stand above the other and gloat. The girl on the floor would then trip her opponent and we would wrestle for a while on the grimy floor. Liz would tell us to stop when she needed to move the camera and we shot multiple takes to account for various camera angles, wide shots and close-ups. Overall it must have been about half an hour before Liz told us she had enough and that it was time for me to be captured. I was thrilled by her decree. We were almost done and I was well primed for Nicole and Liz to both take me back downstairs.

Nicole had us move over to where there was a pallet with a number of boxes wrapped in shrink wrap. Liz then setup a medium shot with the boxes just in the edge of the frame. We struggled once more and then Nicole told me to pull her mask off. She bent her head forward as if my last shove had forced her to do so and I grabbed the back of her head. I think I got a bit of her hair too, but she didn't seem to mind. When she snapped her head back leaving the mask in my hand, her long hair flowed upward as if she was in a shampoo commercial instead of a porn movie. I looked down at the mask and then up at her. I remembered the instruction to be shocked and I hope I showed that on camera. I left my mouth open as if I was stunned. Nicole spoke.

"So now you know my real identity. Well that means either you join my organization or I'll kill you," she said without a hint of being concerned.

I stood in front of her alternating glances at the mask and at her. I didn't know what to say. I guess that was alright because Nicole quickly moved in front of me and pushed me toward the boxes. I stumbled trying to keep my spiked heels below my center of gravity and soon found myself falling backwards into the boxes. Liz yelled cut and told me to stay there.

She quickly moved the camera and focused a tight shot on me. She then had me stand up and mock falling backwards again. I be lying if I said it didn't hurt landing against the pallet again. Liz told me to lay still. She reset the camera again and then ran behind the boxes. She told Nicole she was ready. Nicole in turn told me to start to get up and that Liz was going to throw a net on me. When that happened I was to fall forward on the floor.

I guess Liz had set the camera up wide enough to capture the falling of the net and my capture in one take. Nicole loudly praised her "evil assistant" for taking me prisoner. She then announced that I should be taken to the interrogation room.

Liz reappeared and stopped the camera. Nicole said she was very proud of me which gave me a warm feeling inside. Liz setup the camera so all three of us could be in the shot. Once the camera was rolling, Nicole gave the orders. She was holding up the blindfold I had been wearing earlier.

"Put this on her. I don't want her knowing where we take her," she instructed Liz.

Liz seemed all too pleased to agree. I knew we were going downstairs but when they had originally shot the torture scenes, I didn't know where I was so emotions were real. If I wanted to make it impossible for her to blindfold me I could have. After all it was tough for her to wiggle the blindfold through the net and certainly I had enough freedom of movement to remain sighted, but I passively played along. I then heard the tripod move again and soon I was being dragged along the oily floor. It was not pleasant. The latex did little to protect me from the cutting sensation from the net. Fortunately they only dragged me until I was out of the camera frame.

After that I was released and the blindfold was removed, at least temporarily. Nicole and Liz both gave me big hugs of congratulations. They each also gave me a passionate kiss. The feeling of normalcy for the situation was reinforced.

Once we were back downstairs Liz quickly setup the camera facing the front edge of the bed. Nicole put the blindfold back on me and then tied me to the bed as I had been during the torture scene. I wished she had not put the blindfold back on me. I've seen enough movies to know even in a porno people look for continuity problems between scenes, but I really wanted to see what they were up to. I heard noises from the equipment table. I prayed that meant Nicole was donning her strap-on.

Nicole told me to beg again to be fucked so they could have a choice of angles for my official submission. That was easy for me. Instead of feeling her penetrate me as I had expected, I heard and then felt my leg cuffs being removed. My wrist cuffs quickly followed and I was pulled off the cot.

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