Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 04


Nicole had me stand leaning against the iron footboard. It came up to the small of my back. She quickly reaffixed the cuffs to the footboard with my arms spread as wide as they would go. I was a bit surprised she didn't cuff my legs into a similar position. Not that I was complaining mind you, I just figured she would put me in a standing spread eagle.

"OK Sandra," she began. "This is the final scene. Remember we've just finished torturing you. You've begged to cum and pledged to serve me. I know you want to get fucked right now and fucked you will be. I'm going to make you beg just a bit more and then I'll give you what you want. I'm going to tell you not to cum without permission and I want you to beg for that honor also. Don't worry. I'm going to let you cum soon. I just want your begging on the video. After I'm done Liz is going to fuck you. Just so you can see that I am a good sport, you can cum with her too. If you ask nicely."

I couldn't see the expression on her face but I'm sure she was proud of the little taunt she just used. Liz said she was ready. So was I. I'm pretty sure Nicole had been looking forward to this moment from the second she first entered my house. I felt the hard rubber of her strap-on smack against my clit. I hoped the camera audio would catch the sound of my wetness. I could certainly hear it as Nicole hit my clit three more times causing me to cry out my first begging of this scene.

"Oh please rubber girl," I whimpered. "Don't make me wait. Fuck me. Take me. Make me your slave."

I was no longer playing the role. I knew deep that is what I really wanted from Nicole. I wanted to be her slave. I wanted her to control me. I wanted her to take me and use me for her own pleasure. I felt a finger slide into my pussy. I knew she was going to show the camera how wet I was. Nicole's running commentary confirmed what I knew she would do. I continued to beg. I felt her strap-on at the tip of my labia.

"Ask nice and I'll fuck you," she cooed.

I didn't care what I had to say or agree to at that moment. Nicole had me pledge again to serve her and to be a double agent against the government. In hindsight it was amazing that she kept her character so well. I was a babbling begging slut and all I knew was I had to get her rubber cock into my pussy. Finally she tired of taunting me and slowly pushed the strap-on into me. I'm sure Liz had an obscene close-up of my pussy swallowing the whole length.

Nicole was masterful as she worked the cock into and out of me. She alternated between slow loving strokes and fast pounding thrusts. Bound as I was in the standing position, I could do little but take her in the manner she pleased. One of the first things she said was my instruction not to cum without permission. I knew that was likely a losing battle. It was tough enough to control my lust during the slow strokes, but when she would grab the top rail of the footboard and really lay into me I was begging nonstop for relief. In character she would just laugh at me. Softly she would then give me assurances I was going great and would tell me just a little longer. We both knew my orgasm was going to hit momentarily and it was going to be massive.

Nicole announced that "When you come you will belong to me." She punctuated her edict with three savage thrusts which shook the entire bed. I shouted out "Yes mistress! May I please cum! I will be your slave!"

Thankfully she said, "Yes slave. Cum for me and take your place at my feet as my slave."

She then reached up and squeezed both my nipples hard. Without warning the pain mixed with another pleasurable savage thrust of the dildo and I exploded. The mix of emotions running through my body caused an information overload in my brain. I was operating on pure instinct and adrenaline as I howled in pleasure and tried to thrust forward to capture every ounce of pleasure I could take from her wonderful dick. I lost all sense of time as I quivered and shook against the bed frame. A second orgasm ripped through me as Nicole didn't bother to stop pounding me with her fuckstick. Finally I screamed, "No more!" and thankfully she took pity on me and stopped. I was still shaking. The bindings joyfully held me upright.

I was still on another planet when I felt Nicole's fingers reach into my pussy and scoop out a sloppy load of juice. She then wiped my goo against my face. "Remember I own you now," she said.

I was slumping down worn out from her monumental fucking. My weight was hanging from my wrists. I couldn't even hold my head straight until Nicole pulled it up for me. "Yes ma'am," I replied. "Thank you mistress."

I could sense Nicole walking away. I heard her confirm with Liz that everything went well technically. I was still trying to recover when I felt my wrists being released. I slumped to the floor.

"She's no good to me now," I heard Liz say. "I hope you're happy."

I know I was happy. I was pretty sure Nicole was too.

"Don't worry Liz. She's a fuck beast. Let's get the equipment put away and then you can do what you want to her."

"She had better be ready for me or you owe me this time," Liz responded.

I heard them walk out the door. I still couldn't move so I remained on the cold concrete floor. My pussy was oozing happiness and still throbbing. Just thinking about my situation brought me a mini-cum as my body remembered the pleasure my mistress had just given me. I hoped they would hurry back. It never occurred to me to take off the blindfold. My hands were free and I could have, but my brain was replying what had just happened and I didn't want to risk killing my buzz.

I felt a hand take mine and lift me up. I was then pushed up onto the cot. I was positioned my favorite way. On my knees with my hands grabbing the rail of the footboard, I knew Liz was going to take me doggie style. I didn't know if I could handle it. My best orgasms, at least my best non-toy related orgasms, always came when I got it from behind. Given how I'd just cum from Nicole's frontal assault, I wondered how much more I could take. She didn't clip the cuffs to the rail. In truth I needed it for stability so it really didn't matter. I wasn't about to let go.

Immediately I noticed she was wearing Nicole's bigger strap-on, the one she was holding when we walked into the suite when Liz arrived. It filled me completely. Even after the major league fucking Nicole had given me, Liz's added size made me feel brand new. Even though I was blindfolded I knew there was a mirror over the table at the end of the bed. In my mind I could see exactly what I looked like as Liz had her way with me. I'd always found a mirror to be one of the best bedroom accessories you could have and I wished I could take advantage of it now. But Liz obviously still wanted me blindfolded so for the time being I played along. I rocked my hips back and forth trying to match her pace and maximize the pleasure of her thrusts. I was as loud and obscene as the world's best porn star as she began to pound me every bit as hard as Nicole had. Soon I was on the edge of another massive climax and begged Liz to give me permission to cum. Instead she stopped and pulled out. I groaned in frustration. Then I heard Nicole from in front of me.

"I'm the one who will keep you on the edge for hours, pet. We just need to change position and then you can cum."

What the hell did the position have to do with anything? I was perfectly happy to cum bent over on my knees. I felt Liz push against my butt causing me to roll to my side. I could feel her lying down next to me. Not that I was disappointed to play cowgirl, but I really didn't understand the reason to switch. Maybe having me bounce on her would get the strap-on to hit her clit better. Maybe she just liked the view. It didn't really matter. I was rolled back on top of her and with a little guidance from Nicole was soon filled and moaning again. I felt two hands on my butt pushing me down onto Liz's cock.

"Hold still a moment," I heard Nicole say. Then I felt her weight on the cot. I realized what she meant before I even felt her push me forward so I was laying on top of Liz or before I felt the lube against my asshole. I made a mental note to thank Mistress D for her anal training as I felt Nicole's strap-on push against my brown eye. My first double penetration and it was at the hand of two women. I'd come a long way in a week from the sexually frustrated divorcee I had been when Nicole found me.

Logistically it was a challenge to find our rhythm, but it didn't take long. I can tell you both my antagonists were expert swordswomen and had obviously done this before. I was screaming in pleasure almost immediately. Nicole gave me permission to cum whenever I wanted and as often as I could. She then pulled off the blindfold and I saw the camera was still pointed right at me. It had been focused on me the entire time I was on my knees. I came and I came hard. Nicole then pulled off my mask.

"Sandra, meet the world. The world, meet Sandra."

I quivered as another orgasm washed over me. I was cumming fast and furious now. Mini-cums, little cums, big cums in succession as Mistress Nicole and helper mistress Liz (I didn't really know what to call her) continued to fuck me into submission. I know Liz came at least once and I ground myself on top of her. I don't know if Nicole did. In the end they left me as a fucked out piece of meat lying in a pool of my own juice with a gaping asshole and a pussy which had been fucked raw. I could only lie passively and watch as this time they really did pack up their gear. When I was alone in the room I wondered if they were coming back.

*** Nicole's POV ***

The night at the hotel and factory had been a long one. By the time Liz and I fucked Sandra I think we both needed our own relief more than Sandra did, but I knew by giving her an endless series of orgasms would further draw her into my web of submission. I'd had some fun earlier and with Sandra now firmly under my control she would be giving me pleasure on command so I could let her have some fun tonight. She'd been a remarkable good sport about all we'd put her through. I could tell she loved it. No she craved it and by this time next week her daughter would be under Jeannie's control as well.

Sandra was truly spent. If I let her she would sleep for hours. I allowed her to pass out on the cot while I helped Liz with the gear. As we were loading everything back up into the car she asked when she could borrow Sandra and be properly pleasured instead of just the mediocre cum she had tonight. I told her I had plans for the next two Fridays with my new slave but after that she and all our friends could have a party and use Sandra. I could tell she didn't want to wait that long, but I still needed a couple of weeks to reinforce Sandra's place in my life. I asked Liz to run the memory cards from the cameras over to Jeannie's house and then to come back and pick us up. She didn't seem happy about being asked to run the errand so I offered to call Jeannie and put her tongue on standby for her. Liz just laughed at how easy it was for me to order someone to service her. Liz declined saying it was getting late. Looking up I could see the first glimmer of the sunrise so I had to agree. Liz said to just have Jeannie waiting outside and that she'd be right back.

I got Jeannie on the phone. She wanted to know everything that happened. I asked if she had planning the earlier pictures on Sandra's computer and had sent some to Rose. She said she had. I told her Liz was on her way over and that she should copy the video to Sandra's computer also. If I wanted to see what happened all I had to do was watch the footage. I then told her I needed a finished product by next Friday when I'd see Sandra again. Jeannie said she understood.

*** Sandra's POV **

Nicole finally did come back and she lay down on the cot with me and we snuggled for a while. It was a surreal tender moment considering what she had put me through that night. I dozed in and out of reality. I had no idea how long we lay together. She knew I needed some time to get my strength back. I assumed I would have to pleasure her before we were done, but I was wrong. Eventually she got up and helped me to my feet. She led me back upstairs. Then she held up the blindfold once again. I couldn't believe she had more planned. I passively stood in front of her as she affixed the blindfold and cuffed my hands behind my back for the final time. Once more I felt the cool outside air wash over me and soon I was in the back seat of the car. We must be heading back to the hotel. I tried to relax and rest in the back seat. When the car stopped I was mentally ready to walk through the lobby again. It had to be morning by now. Maybe Erin was about to end her shift and want her turn with me.

I heard the door open. Nicole told me to twist so she could remove the cuffs. She then helped me out of the car. Even after all these hours I wasn't very steady on these heels. I was going to have to practice walking in them. I heard the car door shut and Nicole holding my hand led me forward. "Step up," she said and I did. The ground was soft. This wasn't the front entrance to the hotel. This was grass. I was confused. Nicole spoke to me for the last time.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. I look forward to seeing you next Friday."

With that she gave me a very passionate kiss. This disoriented me further. I was outside somewhere standing on grass as my young mistress kissed me. I was stunned momentarily. I knew I was exposed in public, but I wanted Nicole to do more than just kiss me. I felt a strap which I later found out was my purse being slid onto my arm. I heard a car door shut and knew Nicole had driven off. I reached up and ripped off my blindfold in time to see her heading up the street. My street. I looked around. It was already dawn and the world was starting to stir. I was laying in my front yard in my latex suit with my pussy and nipples exposed. God help me if my neighbors just witnessed this display. I gathered my wits as quickly as I could. I fumbled with my purse to get my keys, but they were not in the compartment I usually keep them in. I stood up and started to make my way up the driveway to the back door. I kept a hide-a-key there. As I staggered up the driveway I kept searching through my purse and found my keys in a different compartment. Breathless I reached the safety of my yard. My chest was heaving with a mix of fear and arousal as I opened the door. Once safely in the kitchen I sat down and masturbated myself to another climax. I didn't feel like I had a choice. My body demanded one last cum. Looking at the clock it was 6:45am. I had to get some sleep and I had to get this latex off my body. But which one should I do first?

I was asleep almost as quick as my head hit the pillow and I didn't move until I heard a pounding on my front door. Roused from my coma like state. I looked at the clock. It was only 8:15. Who could be so insistent at this hour of a Saturday morning? I crawled out of bed. My body was still encased in the hardened liquid latex. Just a few hours ago the warm cocoon of my cat suit felt like a second skin to me and I had decided not to remove it just yet opting for sleep instead. Now as I peeked out of my bedroom window and saw Rose's car in the driveway I realized that had been a mistake. I knew she wasn't about to leave and I knew I couldn't let her see me this way. I panicked for a moment and then began to search for my cell phone. Thankfully I had not left it downstairs.

I called Rose. She seemed very surprised. I explained that I had a late night of drinking and that she had woke me up. I told her where to find the hide-a-key in the back yard and that I was going to shower and then I'd come downstairs. I didn't know how plausible I sounded but that was all I could think of on the spot. She seemed to buy it. Now all I had to do was remove the latex and shower away any evidence of my perverted adventure. That would prove to be easier said than done.

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