tagLesbian SexSandra's Fantasy Ch. 05

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 05


By Sandra and Tappy McWidestance
Editing and Continuity by Lisa Jones

*** Rose's POV ***

I hung up the phone with my mother. She drank occasionally but going out and getting smashed seemed a little strange for her. But considering her other recent changes in behavior, I guess partying a bit wasn't too bad. I'd been studying her new online persona and the websites she has been visiting and I confess I'd started to get turned on by some of the activities discussed. I started to do a little research into dominance and submission. I still didn't quite understand how my mom fit into this lifestyle, but I could see myself enjoying it. I had always been very sexual growing up. But I was raised to be a "good girl" and told that "good girls" don't go to bed with a boy on the first date. Well they don't go to bed until they are married was the official position although my mom was always realistic enough to also tell me to make sure I practiced safe sex and only had sex with someone I could see getting married to someday.

Throughout college I had several partners but always tried to protect my reputation as somebody who didn't sleep around. This was in stark contrast to most of my friends who seemed to be screwing somebody new every weekend. I always looked at them with a bit of jealousy because I loved sex and secretly wished I could be more like them. But my parents had been so resolute that I shouldn't act that way that I never did.

Now all of a sudden, I found my mother acting in a most provocative way. Jeannie had sent me pictures that she said she found on mom's PC. Although the subject was blindfolded which hid her identity, I was sure it was my mom. I struggled to imagine why my mom was dressed as she was or acting at the obvious direction of another woman. Although I didn't understand it, I found myself becoming aroused thinking about being in that situation. Throughout school I'd never had any bisexual urges, but after reading so many stories of women submitting to other women and even watching some lesbian videos, I have to admit I was curious. I was also curious if that was the reason Jeannie had sent me the pictures. I wondered if she was interested in me the way I suddenly found myself interested in her.

I'd come over to my mom's house this morning to try and get a read on her to see if these changes were real or just something that she did as an experiment or a lark. After I hung up my cell phone I quickly found the hide-a-key and walked into the house. Even though I had lived in that house for over a decade, since I didn't live there anymore I felt like I was sneaking around as I made my way to the living room and to her computer. Fortunately it had been in standby mode saving me a couple of minutes from the boot time.

Jeannie had told me about a hidden folder she found called Nicole. A quick search exposed the true depth of my mother's depravity. There were more pictures just like those Jeannie had sent me but also a number of files called VID00001, VID00002, etc. I double clicked on the first file. A high-def image of my mom dressed like she was in the pictures filled the screen. My heart skipped a beat when I realized my mom had also made a dirty movie. I checked the timestamp on the files. The last one was created only three hours ago and had been copied to the hard drive just over two hours ago. So this was what she had been up to last night. I quickly shut the video player. I would have been mortified to have my mom catch me watching her.

I momentarily listened and could still hear the sound of water running from upstairs. She must still be in the shower, I thought. I looked at the Nicole directory again. I had brought a thumb drive in case I found anything interesting. I wasn't big enough to hold all the video files so I just grabbed the first one, one from the middle and the last one. As I started the copy process I was shocked to see how long it would take to transfer 8 GB to the thumb drive. Maybe half was through I heard the water stop. I started to panic. I debated hitting cancel and just taking what I had, but I still had the last file to go and I wanted to see the climax to whatever mom did last night. I listened for any signs of her coming downstairs. Fortunately she was taking her time getting dressed. Finally the file finished copying. I ejected the thumb drive and put it back in my pocket. I then cleared the document history and put the computer back in standby. It turns out I didn't have to rush as my mom took another five minutes to come downstairs. Even then my heart was still pounding as I wondered what I would see on the videos when I got home.

*** Sandra's POV ***

Removing the latex proved to be more of a challenge than Nicole had led me to believe. Maybe it would be easier for two people, but I struggled. I turned the shower on while I was still trying to peel the cat suit off my body. I hated to see the latex end up in the garbage can. I certainly had enjoyed wearing it. I made a mental note to order some for myself. My shower felt wonderful as the hot drops of water cascaded over my naked body. I was exhausted. The short nap had done little to restore my vitality, but at least the shower would allow me to face Rose. After she left I could crash.

I tried to put on an "everything is alright" look after my shower. I got dressed in my running clothes as if I was going to work out. I'd already admitted I'd been out drinking so Rose would be expecting me to do something to counteract the effects of my night before. All I had to do was keep her believing I'd just been out drinking and dancing and hide the truth from her.

I made my way downstairs. Rose was sitting in the living room. For a brief moment I had a flash that she'd been on my computer and found my secret stash. I glanced discretely at the PC and saw the power was off. I guess I had worried about nothing. We began our usual mother/daughter chatter. She never did say why she came over so early. She did ask where my car was since she didn't see it in the driveway. My garage is used primarily for storage so it is not often I can park inside.

I realized it was still at the hotel. Fortunately my alibi for last night that I had been drinking easily explained my missing car. I told her that I'd gone out with friends. I'd parked at the hotel where we all met and then took a cab home because I was too drunk to drive. I hoped this made me sound responsible although why we would have met at a hotel instead of the bar remained a mystery. Rose seemed to buy my story and offered to give me a ride to pick up my car. All I really wanted to do was sleep, but instead I grabbed my purse, car keys and off we went.

*** Rose's POV ***

I was amused by my mother's attempt to hide the truth from me. If I didn't know what she really had done last night I would have believed her story. I was interested in how she got home from the hotel if she didn't drive. I wished we had the close intimate relationship which would have just let me ask her who she was really with last night and what happened. But we don't. We drove to the hotel with the conversation focused on my job and how I was getting along. My mom looked so different right now compared to the pictures I'd seen. As we pulled up to the hotel my mind was racing. The last time she'd been here she had been covered head to toe in latex. I had a devilish thought. I told her we should go inside for breakfast. I'm sure that was the last thing on her mind, but playing the part of "normal mom" I knew she wouldn't be able to say no.

*** Sandra's POV ***

This morning was going from bad to worse. I was exhausted and almost had my daughter catch me in my latex cat suit. Now she wanted to get breakfast at the scene of my lust fueled night of depravity. What could I say? "Sorry hon. I can't go inside there again after last night?" No that wouldn't work. My only hope was nobody who worked the night shift was still on duty. I agreed to her plan to grab breakfast. I offered to take her to a restaurant nearby that I knew. I was lying about knowing a place but I was sure we could find something. She insisted on just eating here since it would be quick so inside we went.

I looked around the lobby. It seemed total different from when I walked in about 12 hours earlier. The first time I walked in I was dressed elegantly and was the personification of a professional woman. By the time I walked out I was a wanton pussy slave desperate for an orgasm. It is funny how life can change so fast. This morning I was just a regular woman having breakfast with her daughter. We sat in the restaurant and ate. I just had coffee and toast. Rose had an omelet. I tried to stay focused but my mind was wandering to thoughts of last night. From where I was seated in the restaurant I could see the door to the bar. I thought of Liz and how well she had fucked me. I thought of how well I had cum sitting on her strap-on. I could feel my pussy moistening as Rose continued to talk about her job.

I tried to focus on the conversation but when I looked up, I saw Erin walking pass the restaurant. Apparently her shift was finally over. I was staring straight at her and caught her eye. She smiled back at me with a knowing smile but kept walking. Rose noticed me not paying attention to her and turned to see who I was looking at. She only saw the back of Erin's head, but when she turned back I could tell she knew something was up.

I was thankful she didn't press me on who I was looking at. In fact we didn't talk much about what I'd done the night before at all. After she finished eating I paid the check and we walked back outside. I thanked her for giving me the ride and told her to stop by again soon. I was anxious to get away from her and get back home, but I had to hide my emotions. Fortunately she just gave me a hug and got in her car. I breathed a big sigh of relief.

*** Jeannie's POV ***

I was in a deep sleep when I heard my cell phone ringing. I'd been up way too late last night. After I got home from the hotel I planted the pictures on Sandra's computer and then emailed them to Rose as Nicole had instructed. I was so horny from being part of the plan that I then spent the next hour diddling myself to several nice climaxes. I'd fallen asleep but woke when Nicole called that Liz was on her way over with the video files. I yawned through most of the conversation. Nicole called me a lightweight for not being able to go all night.

I waited outside for Liz to arrive. I took the SD cards from her and quickly went into Sandra's house using my own key. I knew I had time, but I didn't procrastinate and quickly got the files copied to where they belonged. I looked at my watch when I was done. I figured I had at least 20 minutes before Sandra would be brought home. I double clicked on the last file. It was the one where Sandra was getting double fucked by Nicole and Liz. I was jealous. The look of pure lust and sexual hunger on her face really got to me. If I had more time I would have masturbated right on her couch. But I had a deadline so I quickly retrieved the SD card and shut down the PC. I then made sure the lights were off and went out the back door sneaking between our yards and into my own house just as Nicole's car arrived. I crept into our living room so as not to wake my parents and watched through the window as Nicole left Sandra on her front lawn. Again I felt jealous as I could sense the passion in the kiss Nicole laid on her new sub.

I was in the dark of the living room with my hand down my pants as I watched Nicole leave and Sandra realize she was on her front lawn. I wanted so badly to run outside and grab her. There was no doubt in my mind she would have done anything I told her. Instead I stuck to the plan of using Sandra to get to Rose, although I did rush upstairs to finish what I had begun. The video Nicole provided proved to be most inspirational along with the audio of Sandra screaming in ecstasy playing in my headphones.

*** Rose's POV ***

I could hardly wait to get back to my apartment and watch my mom's video. I was already pulling off my clothes before my apartment door had shut all the way. The couple of minutes it took my computer to boot seemed like an eternity. I didn't need any foreplay. My fingers were in my pussy and rubbing my clit from the moment I double clicked.

I came a total of three times, once on each file. I didn't understand why my mom was doing what she did in the first two but that didn't stop me from wishing it was me in her place. The final file where she is fucked by two women at the same time didn't need an explanation. She was obviously so hot she would do anything. I too was that hot. If either of the women fucking my mom were to walk in the door right then I would have tackled them and forced them to do me.

Suddenly her motivation hit me like a ton of bricks. My mum had brought me up to be "good" and, I'm sure, back then she was also "good". But now, by submitting to this "Rubber Girl", by playing along, she was effectively being given permission to indulge all those suppressed desires she'd had for so long, suppressed desires I, unknown to both of us, shared with her. If I too would make that first step, if I too could allow another to decide my actions, then I too would be able to indulge the way she so obviously was. I could break free of my miss goody two shoes repression and really live my dreams. I decided then and there that I would have to find someone to share my new few found sense of adventure. Jeannie was the obvious choice. She'd already told me she found an email that my mom's new friend was coming over Friday night. I began to hatch a plan to spy on them with Jeannie. If I could get her excited, maybe I could talk her into trying some of the things my mom so obviously enjoyed with me.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I didn't do much else on Saturday. I mainly tried to recover from Friday night. Late Saturday night I did send Mistress D a complete recap about what happened to me, but we didn't chat. I wondered what she would think of my committing myself to another mistress in real life. I didn't hear back from her on Sunday. I didn't hear from Mistress Nicole either. Life seemed to be returning to normal as another work week began. I was fairly focused on my job that day, although I must admit I did have more than a few passing thoughts about my Friday adventure throughout the course of the afternoon.

When I got home and logged onto my computer I found a message from Mistress D. She wanted to chat that night at 9. Our conversation was centered on her making sure this was the lifestyle that I really wanted. She told me my escapades sounded exciting, but she wanted me to be sure I knew what I was agreeing to when I told Mistress Nicole I'd be her slave. I told her not to worry. She appeared not to be convinced.

"Sandra, you have to be prepared to do anything Nicole will ask of you," she told me. "She's already shared you with one person at a time but what if she brings in 5 or 10 people? Are you willing to get gang banged for her?"

I didn't type a response right away, but I was definitely thinking. I wasn't sure how I would react to that scenario.

"What if she has a boyfriend? Are you just attracted to women as a submissive or are you willing to surrender to a guy? How would you react if she beat you, teased you and didn't let you cum? What if she forced you to perform live for an audience instead of just on video?"

Mistress D continued to ask very probing questions. I did my best to answer them honestly. There was a couple I had to reply I simply would not do. But for the most part, I had to admit to both of us that I was willing to do almost anything for her. I'm sure Mistress D was wishing our relationship was more than cyber. I'd never seen her but I'm sure she would want me.

In the end Mistress D told me that I'd make a fine slave and that she was sure Nicole would be very pleased with me. She concluded our chat by repeating the instructions she had given me before to always treat my superiors with the utmost respect and to obey without question. She also told me it was inappropriate for her to give me any more tasks as I was now dedicated to another, but it I ever needed advice or wanted to write her a juicy email about my exploits she was happy to read it. I was disappointed, of course, as I'd come to rely on her counsel and always enjoyed completing the tasks she would give me, but I could see her point too. In practical terms it's tough to serve two mistresses.

After our chat concluded I took a spin around my favorite story site looking for new publications. My mind really wasn't into it, however. Nicole had not ordered me not to play with myself, but somehow I knew I shouldn't without her permission. I was just about to retire for the night when I received an email from her.

"Dear Slave," the message began. "I look forward to having you serve me again on Friday. I want you hot and ready for action. Each night this week before bed I want you to masturbate yourself right to the verge of cumming and then stop. Do the same thing in the morning when you get up and before lunch and dinner. Obviously this means you need to play with yourself at work or someplace close by. On Friday I'm not sure when I can get to your house, but I want you to be prepared for me. You should be keeping your pussy shaved for me, but in case you forgot, make sure you are smooth and clean, inside and out for both your slutty holes."

I already had my hand in my panties at this point reading her message. She obviously had plans for my ass. I wondered why she would want to wait to Friday.

"Dress in the robe you were wearing last time I was at your house along with stockings and heels and nothing else. You know how I like you to look. Make sure your pussy is slick and ready. Have your toy collection on the dining room table for inspection. Leave the front door unlocked. When the door opens, assume the presentation position. Don't disappoint me."

The email left no room for discussion. It was also deviously vague on details. The take away I got was to tease myself all week and then to wait for my mistresses to arrive and make me act like a depraved slut. That certainly didn't sound bad at all. But what time would she arrive? She didn't say. How was I going to be sure I was wet and ready for her? And what was up with putting my toy collection on display? Did she expect me to sit around waiting for her while looking at my toys desperate to play with them but only able to give myself just enough pleasure to stay aroused? I don't even know why I had to question her. As soon as I had that thought I knew the answer was yes. As soon as I was home from work I would have to eat quickly and then get ready. I'd probably have to sit looking at my toys for hours as my arousal built until once again Mistress Nicole could use my lust to control me. I was already getting excited at the prospect.

*** Rose's POV ***

I'd been running different plans through my head of how to seduce Jeannie when I received an email from her. She'd been remotely snooping on my mom's PC again and forwarded an email from someone called "Mistress Nicole" detailing plans for her meeting with my mom next Friday. I immediately replied to Jeannie asking if she wanted to help me spy on my mom and "figure out" what was going on.

My plan was simple. With Jeannie's help I would spy on my mom. Hopefully Jeannie would get as excited as I knew I would be. I'd give her subtle hints that I was getting aroused watching my mom and see if she was willing to take me to bed. I knew Jeannie could at times be aggressive but at other times was pretty passive. I wasn't sure which side of her personality might come out in bed, but I felt much more comfortable being with somebody I knew for my first lesbian (and hopefully first submissive) sexual experience. I knew I couldn't just come out and ask her to fuck me, but if I made myself attractive enough to her and made sure she knew I was willing, perhaps she would respond. If she wasn't interested, at least I wouldn't be as embarrassed as I would be if I just came out and told her I wanted her and then she rejected me.

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