Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 05


I walked past her house without stopping. I went to the end of the block and then crossed the street and doubled back to Jeannie's house. She was waiting for me dressed head to toe in black. She seemed surprised I was dressed to go out.

"I thought you said we were spying on your mom tonight?" she asked.

"Yeah, but I thought we could go to the club later," I responded. "Are your parents home?"

"No, they're up at the lake house again this weekend," she replied.

I noticed she was holding a pair of binoculars. She obviously had put some thought into tonight. I looked at my watch. It was 8:40. Jeannie noticed and said we had better get in position. I nodded.

Into position for her was across the street behind the well groomed hedges of the neighbor directly across the street from my mom's house. The house was dark. Apparently they were not home. Jeannie sat down. She obviously was prepared to get her black pants a little dirty. I had not thought my plan through as thoroughly as she had. I had to squat, although I could use the house as a backrest. In this position my pussy felt very open and available. The binoculars came in very handy. I could see into my mom's house like I was in the room. She was staying remarkable still. Almost too still I thought. I panned my view to the other windows. The only other light was from the dining room. I had to do a double take when I saw what was on the table. I dropped the binoculars and looked at Jeannie. She had been looking at me. I guess my clothes were having their desired effect.

"Look at her dining room table," I said. "You will not believe it."

I handed Jeannie the binoculars. As she took them I looked down at my legs and noticed my position was giving Jeannie a very good view of my thighs. Maybe squatting wasn't such a bad idea after all. Just then a car pulled up. I wondered if this was the Nicole I'd been reading so much about. Instinctively I slumped down a little lower. Jeannie was looking at the house through the binoculars. I doubt she even saw the car. If she did, she didn't seem to care. I noticed the car's turn signal was blinking on this side of the street. Shit, it was the owners of the house we were hiding at. Intuitively I grabbed Jeannie's shirt and pulled her to the ground falling on top of her in the process. I tried to lie still as I heard the garage door open and the then the car drive past us and pull inside. My heart was pounding and felt like it was going to burst through my chest. As soon as the garage door started its decent I stood up and told Jeannie we had to get out of there. I sprinted back to her house. Looking back I saw Jeannie brushing off the dirt and walking as casually as somebody could carrying binoculars and having almost been caught peeping on their neighbor. When she finally got back to her front door I gave her a playful backhand against her shoulder.

"Great plan Einstein."

We didn't have time to discuss the merits of what we were doing as another car appeared. This one parked in front of my mom's house. I watched as a woman, impeccably dressed, got out. She was dressed as if she were going out for a night on the town. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, a black blouse and appeared to be wearing black leather boots. She walked up the front sidewalk with an air of superiority about her. Was this Nicole? It must have been. She looked determined. She marched right up to the door and walked inside. I had to see what was happening.

*** Sandra's POV ***

After I finished eating the Josh flavored pizza I tidied up the rest of the house as best I could but I was too excited to concentrate on anything but the impending arrival of my mistress. I knew in my soul that she would not be arriving anytime soon. I could tell she enjoyed keeping me on edge. Heck she might not have come by at all just to test me. But none of that really mattered. The only thing that mattered was that I followed her instructions and was ready to serve her in any way she wanted. By 8pm I had finished cleaning everything I could clean. My pussy was still oozing sauce in anticipation of another Friday night spent as her fucktoy. I felt the dildo Josh had brought calling out to me. I was out of excuses. It didn't matter how long it took for her to arrive. It was time for me to sit patiently and wait.

The big black dildo I had attached to my table looked menacing, but in truth wasn't any bigger than the strap-on Nicole had used on me last week. I think the inclusion of the suction cup and the fake testicles made it look bigger than it was. I had placed it on the edge of the table so when I settled myself over it, my feet would rest comfortably on the ground. I had no idea how long I would have to wait so I figured the less stress on my legs the better.

After I skewered myself on the new toy I put on the blindfold. Deprived of sight my other senses began to compensate just like they had last week. I could already feel my skin tightening up as it became sensitive to the slightest touch. My hearing was picking up every little sound in my house and my nose was detecting every little fragrance. The urge to fuck myself was overpowering. I'm sure that was Nicole's plan. I was determined to sit absolutely still and not tempt fate. Any more than a few strokes on the dildo or any fingering of my clit would have sent me off like a rocket. I tried to pretend I was a human mannequin or that I was posing for an art class. I was suspended in time waiting for my champion to come and release me.

*** Erin's POV ***

Nicole had told me she wouldn't show up at Sandra's until after 10 at the earliest. She told me to go over whenever I wanted and to have fun with her new slave as payment for my setting up the hotel for her last week. I'd been dreaming of Sandra since she first delivered her soiled underwear to the front desk of the hotel. Nicole and I share a love for submissive women, although Nicole seems to enjoy humiliating them more than I do. I'm more masochistic. I enjoy paddling a slave's bottom or whipping them into shape. Nicole had not shared with me too many details of how much she had trained Sandra in the finer points of serving her mistress. Obviously she had the woman wrapped around her little finger. Nicole had shared that she told Sandra not to cum until she was given permission. I had no doubt I could force her to break that decree which would give me the justification to punish her. These are the nights I gladly give up part of my pay check to have some fun. Nicole told me the door would be unlocked and it was. This one was going to be too easy. I approached Sandra. She was sitting bolt upright on the edge of her table. Her eyes were blindfolded and her hands were behind her back, although she was not restrained in any way. Nicole had told me Sandra's instructions were to be waiting in the presentation pose. She clearly was not doing so. I wondered why not. I decided to ask.

"Slut, were you not told to be in the presentation pose when I arrived?"

*** Sandra's POV ***

I had heard the door open but could not tell where my mistress had positioned herself in the room. The question cut through me like a knife. I had been instructed to be in the presentation position when she came through the door. But I had also been instructed to be sitting on the dildo. I'd totally forgotten about the first order. This must be some kind of test. At first I considered questioning her. But I quickly decided against that course of action. It is not the position of the slave to question her mistress. Instead I slowly stood up. I would have jumped up but I knew the dildo I was speared with required a delicate movement. I'm sure I left the shaft slimed. I hoped that would please my mistress.

Once free of the invader I quickly turned to where I perceived the voice to have come from, untied my robe, dropped to my knees and cupped my breasts as I had been taught to do. I imagined a big smile on my mistress' face.

*** Rose's POV ***

Jeannie and I had been standing on her front porch when the woman arrived. I had to see what she was going to do with my mother. Leaving Jeannie behind, I sprinted back across the yard to my mom's house. I peeked through the kitchen window from the driveway but couldn't see them. Next I tried the dining room. The sex toys were still there but neither my mom nor the woman was anywhere to be found. Throwing caution to the wind, after all my presence on the driveway could be explained easily enough, I crept through the bushes to get a look in the front window. It was then I saw my mom kneeling on the floor. Not only that but she was lifting her breasts and holding them out to the woman. The woman was slowly walking around my mom as if she was inspecting her. I saw the woman's mouth move, although I couldn't hear what she said, and I saw my mom quickly stand up and place her hands on top of her head.

I couldn't believe was I was seeing. The woman once again circled around my mom. This time she wrapped her hands around my mom and began pinching her nipples. My mom appeared to moan and bend forward slightly, but she never removed her hands from her head. My mom's nipples were hard as rocks and I could feel my own nipples joining her in sympathy. I looked over to the table and saw a dildo right where I'd seen my mom sitting before. Oh my God, she must have been sitting on it when we were watching her earlier. I felt my own pussy tighten in empathy as I looked at the size of the fake dick.

The woman now reached around and pushed two fingers into mom's pussy. They slid in without any apparent effort. Still my mom kept her hands on her head, but I could tell she was struggling. Oh how I wanted to feel that way. I was overcome with a desire to finger myself, but getting caught that way would have been even harder to explain than my presence in her bushes. I managed to control myself a little longer.

*** Sandra's POV ***

Nicole was driving me crazy. She knew what state I was in and had not given me permission to cum, but she seemed intent on making it happen anyway. The nipple play was bad enough but when she began to finger me too I almost lost it. "Please let me cum," I begged her. She just laughed.

I felt her pulling me by the nipples back toward the table. No doubt she was going to have me mount the toy she sent me. I also had little doubt this was how I would first cum this evening. The only question was whether I'd have permission. She told me to keep my hands on my head.

Once the dildo acted as a bayonet on me again my mistress ordered me to fuck it properly. I could tell she was standing in front of me because she took a strong grip on both my nipples. As she began to squeeze my nipples hard giving me the same pain/pleasure sensation which had driven me so crazy the week before. She then told me to remove the blindfold. My orgasm was just moments away. There was no stopping it now. My breasts were shaking wildly as I humped the dildo up and down. The death grip on my nipples kept their position fairly constant meaning with each stroke my nipples were being pulled and stretched very painfully. None of that mattered right then, however. My week of self teasing had me so ready to cum I can't equate the need to anything else. I pulled up the blindfold but it wasn't Mistress Nicole's face I saw. It was a very happy looking Erin. I came immediately with a scream that rattled the windows. Erin looked quite proud of herself.

I bucked and rode that dildo like a cowboy in a rodeo rides a bull. It kept trying to throw me off but I stood tall in the saddle and rode it like a woman possessed as the orgasm, five days in the making, ripped through me. There was nothing that could have stopped me right then. Neither ice cubes on my clit, a riding crop on my nipples or whatever the unsexyest thought you can muster was going to stop me from shamelessly taking my pleasure on the rubber cock. I was delirious with pleasure. Erin seemed amused. Finally I began to calm down and slow my assault on the dildo. Erin let go of my nipples.

"Nicole said you were a wild one. I don't think I've ever seen anyone cum to hard."

I took that as a complement. I was unable to speak but I managed a weak smile. We both turned our heads in unison when we hear something hit the window. Erin bolted toward the door.

*** Rose's POV ***

I couldn't believe I was watching my mom act this way. I could hear her screams of passion through the glass and finally could not resist the temptation to push my own finger into my pussy. I found it wet and inviting. With my other hand I began to rub my clit. I couldn't believe how long my mom's orgasm was lasting. I could see her shaking on the dildo but that didn't stop her from continuing to fuck herself. Hard. I'd never had such an intense orgasm. I was more than a little jealous but that seemed to only stimulate my need to play with myself right there and then. In fact by the time she began to show signs of slowing down, I was reaching my own peak. I knew I could cum in just a few more seconds when it happened. I somehow lost my balance in the bushes and my head came out of the shadows. It bounced against the glass. I couldn't believe I'd been that careless. I was sure they had heard me.

I quickly deduced there wasn't time for a sprint back to Jeannie's house so I dove headfirst under the bushes. The branches scraped against my face, arms and legs causing me great pain. Somehow I managed not to yell out and I heard the front door open. I was face down in the dirt under the bushes. I was praying my legs were covered although I couldn't really tell. I heard the screen door open. Somebody was looking around. My face was buried in my hands and I was trying not to make a sound or even a breathe. I was frozen to the spot not moving a muscle except my wildly beating heart. Every second seemed like a minute as time stood still.

Finally I heard the screen door shut again. I remained on the ground cowering under the bushes for several additional minutes before I had the courage to slowly crawl back to the window. My impending climax was long gone. When I looked in the window so my mom and the woman was nowhere to be seen. I made a mad dash back to Jeannie.

*** Erin's POV ***

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sandra fuck herself and cum so hard. Nicole had briefed me on how Sandra had reached the point last week of cumming almost non-stop by the end of the night and I was intrigued by whether we could get her to achieve that level of excitement again tonight. I'd been with multiorgasmic women before, but never one who could cum continually. Nicole had asked me to call her when I was done with my initial play with Sandra. We had left the living room in favor for the kitchen in order to get water for Sandra. I didn't want her getting dehydrated as I planned on making her cum all night. While she was serving herself I unzipped my skirt and dropped my panties. Now was the time for Sandra to pay me back while I called her mistress.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I finished downing a large glass of water just as Erin began talking to my mistress. She didn't break the conversation but simply pointed to her pussy. I understood what she meant and dropped to my knees in front of her. The roughness of my porcelain tile floor hurt my knees, but that wasn't important right then. I wish I could have heard both sides of the conversation as the two women discussed me. Erin for her part spoke as if I wasn't even in the room instead of between her legs.

"Yes, you have a live one here."

"Yes, she came without permission."

"Brazenly and absolutely shamelessly."

"No problem."

"Sure I can punish her until you get here."

"No, nothing permanent although she might be a little black and blue for a few days."

"How long?"

"OK see you then."

And like that the conversation was over. I paused to look up but a stern look from Erin left no doubt what she was expecting me to resume eating her out. She let me continue to lick her for maybe another minute before she pulled over a chair and sat down. She had me crawl over to her and then ordered me to keep my hands behind my back while I serviced her. I held them as if they were cuffed. It would have been easier if they were so I would not have had to fight the temptation to put a hand between my legs. I knew that was strictly verboten though, so I concentrated on pleasing her. I was saddened that I couldn't make her cum. She pulled my head upward with a strong grip on my hair and told me I needed to be punished for cumming without permission and for being a bad pussy licker. I'd never had any complaints from Nicole or Liz and my face was cover in her juice so I must have been doing something right. But it was my job to be agreeable so I just nodded.

*** Rose's POV ***

I was out of breath when I landed back on Jeannie's front step. She seemed amused by watching me sprint across the yard and even more so by having to brush the dirt off my clothes.

"Yeah it's a riot," I scolded her. "I almost got caught."

"Well I could tell what you were doing right before you dove into the bushes," she countered. "So don't tell me you didn't enjoy watching your mom."

She was right, of course, but I almost died of embarrassment having to admit that to myself. And to her. The fact that she could tell I was masturbating was even worse. But then I remembered that was why I was here in the first place. Jeannie didn't seem disturbed by what I had been doing. She implied that she condoned it. I started to think I had read her intentions correctly.

Looking back toward my mom's house I could see shadows moving in the kitchen. My initial shock of almost getting caught was forgotten. I didn't run this time, instead I cautiously made my way back to my mom's driveway and then over to the kitchen window. I was standing with my back against her house and slowly tried to turn my head to steal a look without exposing myself to being seen. What I saw caused me to reverse my caution and instead I began to stare openly.

I saw my mom on her knees with her face buried between the legs of the woman. The woman had a look of pure contentment on her face. Not only that my mom was holding her hands behind her back. I didn't understand that. I read plenty about bondage from my mom's story websites, but from what I could see she didn't have anything wrapped around her wrists. She was just holding them there herself. That puzzled me.

I didn't have long to decipher what was going on. I watched as the woman grabbed my mom by the hair. She then appeared to be scolding her. I watched as the woman got up while my mom remained on her hands and knees. The woman walked around my mom and then had her sit up on her knees. Quick as a flash my mom's robe was dispatched. I felt envious as my mom's well formed boobs bounced into view. I'd always wished my breasts were bigger. The woman then pointed back at the floor and my mom was once again on her hands and knees. It looked like she was asking my mom additional questions and then she looped the sash of the robe around my mom's neck. I could feel my pussy starting to moisten again. Before the woman led my mom crawling behind her out of the kitchen toward the back of the house, she put her skirt back on. I felt my pussy begin to pulsate. The woman was apparently leading my mom to the basement. I looked back toward Jeannie's house. She was still standing on her porch but she was watching me. I waved at her and motioned for her to come over. She walked over slowly.

"The woman just led my mom out," I told her.

"What do you mean led?" Jeannie asked.

"I mean she tied a leash around her neck and had my mom crawl after her."


"I think they went downstairs."

Just then we heard the back door open. Once again I froze, but Jeannie seemed unfazed. My mom's yard has a 6 foot privacy fence which wraps around to a detached garage. As long as they stayed in the back yard Jeannie and I could stay on this side and not be seen. Jeannie led the way holding my hand and pulling me out into the open along the fence. We moved around a bit but couldn't see much through the slats of the fence. I was getting dejected. I could hear the woman's voice. They were moving toward the garage. Jeannie looked at me as if she had a eureka moment. She hastily moved behind me and dropped to her knees pushing her head between my legs. She then started to stand up so as to give me a shoulder ride. My skirt rode up to around my waist and we were so unsteady that I reluctantly had to put my hands on the fence to steady myself. I was worried about the noise but in retrospect the noise of us falling over would have been much louder and my mom and her friend we far too busy to be worrying about the minimal noise Jeannie and I were making.

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