Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 06


"You need to practice your pussy eating skills," my new mistress informed me. "We will be down here for a while. You will get to know this room well."

I wasn't sure I liked the sound of that. Did she mean even when her parents were home she intended to bring me down here? Or did that mean her dominant mother knew of her plans and planned to us me too? At that moment I didn't really care. I just wanted to prove myself worthy. I dropped to my knees.

How many times did Jeannie cum swinging back and forth against my face? I'm not entirely sure but it was more than twice. For the first time I gave my first rim job. For the first time I saw a woman squirt. That was very up close and personal as I worked a g-spot vibrator in and out of her pussy until she hosed down my face with her joy juice. I'd had boyfriends give me a facial before, but this was different. Jeannie's juice was much lighter in consistency and there was also much more of it. It sprayed out of her in a much wider pattern. My entire faced was some of my hair was layered in her happiness. Jeannie too was very thankful to me. She complemented me on my skills in making her cum which warmed my heart. I was just following her instructions and trying to think about what would make me happy.

I helped her out of the swing. I could tell her legs were a bit wobbly. She asked if I wanted to try the swing. That was a stupid question.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I was having a grand time with Erin and Nicole. The more degrading demands the pair of vixens put on me the more aroused I got. After they had both fucked themselves on the chin dildo and came on my face Nicole announced it was time for a break. Of course I wanted to cum again. I knew she could see the disappointment on my face, but once she makes a decision there is no going back. The first stop was a return to the kitchen for water and more snacks. We were all naked by this time. I knew the blinds were still open, but none of us seemed to care. Looking into the dining room Erin commented that my sex toy collection had gone unused. Nicole responded that from now on I was to carry the collection in a bag in the car so I would always have them available. She told me that I should bring them into the office with me each day at work in case she wanted to issue me any orders. She said she would drop by one day next week to check and if I wasn't prepared I was going to be in trouble. I asked if she meant prepared like I was tonight. She looked at me confused. I know she knew exactly what I was talking about but she wanted to hear me admit it out loud.

"With my pussy clean shaven, wet and read for you."

"Oh, that. Yes. That does sound like a good plan," she said.

And although I knew it would be hell, I asked if I was to continue teasing myself 4 times per day until she decided I could have the relief from an orgasm. Surprisingly she said no. The confusion on my face was obvious.

"I want you to tease yourself 6 times per day. Add a morning and afternoon coffee break to your schedule."

Why didn't I just keep my big mouth shut? Of course I agreed to her new terms. "Yes mistress. As you command."

Refreshed Nicole told me to show them to the basement. I led them down the stairs and turned on the lights. The basement is unfinished. The walls were still the bare concrete of the foundation but the floor had been painted and there was some furniture, lights and a TV. My ex had insisted on buying a pool table although it was covered and used for storage these days. The mechanicals area where the furnace and water heater were located was messier. Nicole toured the basement and declared it "had potential."

I questioned her about what "potential" she was talking about. She explained every one of her slaves had a fully equipped dungeon. I remember Erin saying a playroom. I guess those were synonyms. She said the layout of my basement was perfect. With the addition of a couple of walls the mechanical area could be closed off. Nicole swung her arms showing where she would put up a wall. You can divide the basement in half. On one side will be the pool table and TV and then behind a locked door, your new toy collection.

"My new toy collection?" I asked.

"I'll give you a list of what we'll need. You'll need restraints and a couple of whips. Various sizes of dildo, vibrators and plugs. Some cuffs, clamps and a few collars. An assortment of blindfolds and gags. And a pulley system to suspend you from."

I was taken aback. This sounded like a major construction project.

"Don't worry about the costs. I have friends who remodel houses. They work cheap. In fact you can get a wall framed for just oral sex. You can earn an entire basement build out."

Nicole was now prostituting me for lumber. I didn't like the sound of that. I wondered what I'd have to do to earn all the toys. While Nicole had been discussing her plans with me I noticed Erin was once again rubbing her pussy.

"I never did get to spank that cute tush of yours," she announced.

"Bend over the pool table," Nicole ordered. "Good, now spread your legs a bit more."

Erin lay into me with the palm of her right hand. The sound echoed off the bare concrete walls. My screams soon followed. Nicole taunted me.

"You can't even be quiet for one spank? We're definitely going to have to get you on a program. What if I was at your office and needed to punish you?"

Erin was alternating between my left and right cheeks. I was a little quieter as I adjusted to her hand action, but not much. Nicole continued to berate me.

"Seriously, am I going to have to keep a gag at your office? You're hurting my ears. I wish my panties were not upstairs."

Erin stopped spanking me long enough to push three fingers into my pussy filling me quite nicely. She then pulled her hand back and began to push her middle finger into my anus. It was now her turn to deride me.

"I hear you like getting fucked up the ass. Is that true little girl?"

My cries and screams had been replaced with moans the moment she penetrated me.

"Oh yes," I hissed.

"We'll next time you are at my hotel I will have to take my turn with you. It wasn't fair that Liz got to fuck you and I had to wait. You did look cute walking down the hallway though."

Erin continued to finger my ass but now she began to rub my clit with her other hand. Needless to say I was very happy about the change in her demeanor.

"That girl you have with you at breakfast. Who was she? She's cute. I wouldn't mind drilling her butt too."

I took me a moment to realize she was talking about my daughter.

"Um, that was Rose, but she's not like that. She likes boys," I said trying to shield my daughter from Erin, Liz and Nicole's perverted lifestyle. The lifestyle I was so happily embracing.

"All women secretly want to be taken Sandra. That's why you were such easy pickings," Nicole chimed in.

"Invite her around next Friday night," Erin offered. "Liz will get her drunk and then we'll have our way with her."

I stammered something about knowing she would not being interested. My problem was I was building back up to another climax. I knew both women could tell. I also knew Nicole understood that by denying me that climax she could get me to agree to anything. She wouldn't make me sacrifice my daughter to them would she? Fortunately Nicole stepped in with an alternate agenda.

"I've got plans for Sandra next Friday already. Maybe another time," she said.

I breathed a sigh of relief. But Erin wasn't easily dissuaded. She started rubbing my clit harder and finger fucking my ass more insistently.

"Well if not Friday then another night. Sandra here will do anything to cum. Isn't that right slave?"

I moaned again but didn't answer the question. Erin responded by pulling the finger out of my ass and smacking the left cheek very hard. She didn't stop rubbing my clit though. I felt the first pang of pain as pleasure as both nerve impulses began to mix. A stinging blow to my right cheek soon followed.

"Look slut. If you want me to spank you until you cum, all you have to do is agree to setup a meeting. If not this Friday then maybe Saturday. Are you doing anything with this tramp on Saturday?" she asked directing the question to Nicole.

"No, no real plans that I can think of. She'll need to recover from Friday night, but she can do that during the day."

The spanks continued to rain down on my poor buttocks. Then the pleasurable finger on my clit stopped. I responded on instinct snaking my own hand between my legs. That brought a quick rebuke from Mistress Nicole.

"Get your hand away from my pussy. You agreed it belongs to me now. Just give us her name and phone number and we'll do the rest. Just two easy things and you'll be cumming in no time."

Another sharp blow to my butt had me crying out. Without the finger action on my clit the pain wasn't nearly so pleasurable. "Sally I cried out. Her name is Sally. Her number is in my phone."

Six rapid fire spanks followed alternating between my two cheeks. I was in agony.

"Why are you lying to us slave?" Nicole asked with disappointment in her voice. "You already said her name was Rose."

I was busted. I'd tried to protect my daughter and probably cost myself another whopper of a climax not to mention earning another punishment.

Nicole took one of my arms and Liz took the other. I expected them to push me to the floor or somehow bind me but instead they turned me around and lifted me up onto the pool table. The cool vinyl cover felt good against my hot ass. As if on cue, both women took one of my hard nipples into their mouths and started sucking. My mews of pleasure were a welcome relief to the spanking I had just endured.

"I'm sure Rose's number is in your cell phone. I doubt you know more than one girl named Rose. Even if you do we'll just seduce them both." Erin said triumphantly.

I was undone. Erin and Nicole resumed sucking on my nipples. I felt two fingers penetrate my pussy. I felt another two fingers rubbing my clit. There was no way I could last like this for long.

My legs were spread obscenely wide as they worked me over. I knew Nicole was going to force me to cum without permission again. It was a game she apparently loved to play. She now had Rose's name and would soon have her number. I had earned more punishment and had been warned that Nicole intended to show up at my office to deliver it. What had I become. I came hard on her hand. I think both of them were a bit surprised at the vivacity of my climax. I collapsed back onto the junk stored on the pool table. I needed to sleep for a while.

***Rose's POV ***

It wasn't quite as easy to hop into the swing as Jeannie made it look. I guess she had practiced before. It took me three tries before my ass settled into position. Jeannie made short work of affixing my ankles in the stirrups. She then retrieved two buckles from the shelf which effectively secured my legs in place. My legs were now spread as obscenely as hers had been. The only difference was I wasn't going to close them on my own. Jeannie was now in charge. My pussy creamed a little when I made that realization. Jeannie went back to the shelf and grabbed two more buckles. She had not secured her wrists into the back of the swing when she used it so it was a surprise to me when I discovered my arms could be spread much like my legs were. Jeannie then adjusted one of the straps and a pulley moved dropping me into a horizontal position. It wasn't too bad. It was almost like lying in a hammock. The only problem was my head wasn't supported. I could tell my neck would be sore very quickly. Fortunately Jeannie had an answer to that issue too. She brought over a padded strap which went around my head. The straps clicked in above me to the harness. It supported my head and neck quite comfortably. Too comfortably I realized as it meant I could be held in this position for a long time. Still if Jeannie was here was that such a bad thing?

The next thing she did was blindfold me. She explained my other senses would be heightened and she also didn't want me to see what was happening. I wasn't in a position, either physically or emotionally, to protest. I could hear her moving around my body. I was tense. She warned me not to move. I quickly realized that was good advice.

I heard the snip of the scissors even before she clipped the first strands of my pussy hair. I tried to remain motionless. I also tried to picture the look on her face as she began to trim my most private of areas. I was surprised that she was clipping the hair so close to the skin. I always kept myself well groomed and didn't think I needed a trim. When I felt the shaving cream I realized the folly of my assumption. I'd only shaved myself bare one time at the request of a boyfriend. But it was too much work to keep it smooth so I started to let it grow back almost immediately. We broke up soon after because he said the stubble was painful to him. I was glad to let him go. If that was the most important thing to him I didn't need him around. I remember telling Jeannie about him and why we broke up. I began to wonder if she was just as shallow as he was or if she had some motivation I didn't know about. It hardly mattered. Soon I was smooth and bare. As she rubbed a towel over my mons I couldn't help but try to push against her hands. I was involuntarily showing how much I wanted her made her happy. I could sense Jeannie moving away. I was gently swaying back and forth in the swing. My newly bare pussy made me feel doubly naked.

"No doubt you are wondering why I shaved you," Jeannie said from behind me. "I remember you telling me it was a pain to keep yourself smooth. Well that will be a little test for you to prove your loyalty to me. You'll never know when I'll show up at your apartment, office, that bar you hang out at or will summon you to where I'm at. I expect your pussy to be as clean shaven as it is right now at all times and I will be checking on you. If you are as committed to me as you claim, I expect to always find you have been taking care of your pussy. Or should I say my pussy. From now on nothing happens to it without my consent. Nothing goes in and nothing comes out. When we are together you need permission to so much as pee. Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress," I replied.

I could tell Jeannie walked away from the swing. I heard a click and then the sound of a motor. This time the entire swing lowered. It must have been supported on a hoist. I think I was lowered about 6-8 inches. Jeannie then released the neck strap. I held my head still for a moment, but then had to let it tilt down. It was very stressful to have it bent backward like that. I then felt hands on my shoulders pulling me backwards slightly and then felt Jeannie's wet pussy slide across my forehead and nose before settling once again over my mouth.

"You will learn to love my flavor, slave," Jeannie spoke, only this time her tone sounded more like a command. "Your pleasure is secondary to mine. If you keep me happy, I will make sure you are pleasured. If not, you will be punished. I know your neck is very strained by this position. The sooner you finish me the sooner you will be receive relief."

Jeannie continued to force her pussy into my mouth. I did the best I could to lick and nibble her but she seemed intent on just smothering me. I could tell her pleasure was being derived by the position she held over me not by my oral talents. This concept was further illustrated when she reached down at took both my nipples in a vise-like grip while she pushed down even harder on my mouth. I was struggling to breathe. What air I was getting was tainted by the smell of her ass. My nose was between her cheeks and while not as forcefully pinned against her as my mouth, my nose wasn't going anywhere either. Even though I had licked her asshole earlier, this seemed fouler to me. I began to gag and cough. I heard Jeannie laugh, but then she did back off giving me fresh air.

"You're going to have to learn to do better than that Rose. I'm a softy. Some women would have kept you in that position until you vomited."

I couldn't think of anything to say. Finally I thanked her although I'm not sure for what.

"I'll make a deal with you," Jeannie said. The blood was still rushing to my head from being slightly inverted. Jeannie noticed my distress and cradled my neck so my head was higher giving me temporary relief.

"I have two things for you on the shelf. The first is a rabbit vibrator with new batteries. The second is a leather riding crop. Here's my deal. I'm going to lower you again. This time I will not force myself on you. Instead I will hover over you. You will show your gratification with your tongue. You will have to work your neck muscles to reach me. You have 5 minutes. If you succeed, your head gets the support strap and your pussy gets the vibrator. If you do not, you get the crop. I think you should have some incentive to do a good job, don't you?"

"Can I choose neither?" I asked.

"Slaves don't get choices. You don't have to agree with it. You already agreed when you called me mistress for the first time," was her reply.

This time Jeannie just straddled my head. She didn't force my mouth into her pussy. She just squatted slightly giving me access to her pussy and clit as I saw fit. I did my best. I really did. But I couldn't tell if I was going a good job. Jeannie was expert at hiding her feelings. Either that or I was not stimulating her in the least. She was calling out a countdown of the minutes. I was beginning to get frantic. I'd pull my head back, look at her and then take a big breath and continue trying to please her. She set down the vibrator on my stomach using me as a table but she kept hitting the shaft of the riding crop against her palm. This was very distracting. With two minutes to go I was resigned to the fact that she was going to use the crop on my pussy. Apparently my clit didn't understand what was about to happen to it as it has swelled in anticipation of any kind of contact from Jeannie. With one minute to go my mistress began rubbing the tip of the crop against my inner thighs and across my labia.

"Just think how nice it is going to feel when I snap this across your clit," she cooed.

I knew this is what I signed up for, but I wasn't going to go gently. If she was going to abuse my clit, the least I could do was return the favor. I arched my neck and finding her happiness nub I sucked it into my mouth with all my might. Apparently I had been doing better than I though and Jeannie was better at hiding her feelings than I gave her credit for because as soon as I did that, she moaned and began to lose her balance slightly. Apparently I'd found what really turns her on.

I sucked with all my might and darted my tongue back and forth along her clit while taking fewer breaks to breathe. I was waiting for her sweet nectar to once again fill my mouth. My own arousal was building to a fever pitch, but I knew my satisfaction would only come after hers. In my head I counted down the seconds. I could tell she was close. I'm pretty confident the five minute limit passed, but she did not start using the crop so I did not stop my new found technique of pleasing her. Was it mercy on her part or just the desire to cum on my face? I don't know the answer to that question. I can answer what happened to the rabbit as it gave me untold pleasure.

Jeannie had stepped away from my head and set down the crop. She then turned the rabbit on and slid it into my grateful pussy. I was so wet I was afraid it would fall out as she walked back to the shelf. It didn't take me long to cum. In fact I had an orgasm before she returned wearing a strap-on. I'd been wondering what it would be liked to be fucked by another woman since I'd first seen my mother taken that way. Now I was going to find out. Or was I? Jeannie walked back around to my head.

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