Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 07


"Since you are so interested in that woman, you may stand here and hold the door for her. Then meet me at the bar. You know how I want you to sit."

I felt like a fool standing at the door of the bar waiting for the woman who had just rode up. She took several moments to stow her helmet on her bike, but eventually she walked toward the entrance. She looked amused that I held the door for her. She didn't strike me as the kind of woman who would let a man hold a door for her, but I guess it was different because I was an innocent young girl. She dismissed with a simple "thanks" and walked into the bar. I followed her. Her butt looked great in her leather pants. I wondered if Jeannie knew her.

The woman stopped at the near end of the bar and ordered a beer. I found Jeannie sitting at the far end of the bar. The stools were all full except for one next to her. As I walked over I tried to think of how she wanted me to sit. She said it like she had told me before, but I was struggling to remember. Fortunately just before I sat down I flashed back to her telling me that I was never to sit on my skirt. Jeannie was smiling as she patted the vinyl covered bar stool. I looked around to see if anybody was watching me. Convinced nobody really cared that I was there, I turned my back to Jeannie and lifted my skirt. It was a humbling experience as I scooted my ass up onto the stool. I was thankful the club was dark because I knew anybody who cared to look would be able to tell how I was sitting. Jeannie then leaned over and told me a lady would be sitting with her legs crossed.

She was right, of course, but crossing my legs also meant exposing a great deal of thigh. This was obviously her plan. I wasn't happy about it, but I did it. Without having the benefit of sitting on the back of my skirt, the slit now opened far wider than I had anticipated. From the right angle (or the wrong angle from my perspective) someone at the bar would be able to tell I was wearing a flimsy thong instead of panties as the top of my hip was now exposed. I hoped she wouldn't keep me displayed like this for long. I looked at Jeannie.

"Can I have another glass of wine?" I asked her.

"You may, but don't get too wasted. I don't want you out of control," she told me.

I spun around on the barstool to get the attention of the bartender. I kept my legs crossed. This meant my exposed leg was now on display to anyone walking past instead of just the woman sitting next to me. The bartender walked over. She was an older woman. It found out later she was also the owner of the bar. She was an older woman but was still very attractive. In many ways she reminded me of my mom. She examined me intently apparently trying to size me up.

"What will you have sweetie?" she asked.

"White wine," I answered.

"Of course. Where did you find this one, Jeannie?"

"We were neighbors growing up," Jeannie replied. "She just now is learning who she is."

The bartender seemed happy with that response and soon a large glass of white wine was presented to me. Jeannie asked the woman to start a tab and then told me to turn back around and face outward. As I sipped my wine Jeannie pointed out people she knew. I don't know why I didn't realize all the patrons were women sooner, but my awareness of my situation was tainted by my concern for the length of my skirt and how I was sitting. Suddenly I recognized that I was in my first gay bar. That helped me relax a bit. At least if Jeannie was going to show me off I'd only be in front of other women.

Jeannie seems to be taking pride in the fact that my posture on the stool was giving the other women in the bar the impression that I was available and looking for action. Several of them approached me and tried to pick me up just like a guy would. With Jeannie's silent prompting I turned each of them away until an older woman approached me. She looked like she could be the bartender's sister and also was about my mother's age. When she asked me to dance, Jeannie tapped me on my thigh and nodded her head in the direction of the dance floor. I took the woman's outstretched hand in mine and hopped off the stool.

I love to dance. It is something Jeannie and I did together frequently. Tonight was different, though, and not just because of where we were. Jeannie was watching me dance not participating. The woman I was dancing with had a hunger in her eyes I was not prepared to see. It was as if she expected me to do something. Sure I'd seen that look with guys dancing with me before when they had put in an evening trying to pick me up, but this woman had the look from the moment I took her hand. I began to wonder if she knew Jeannie and this wasn't some kind of random encounter. Either that or she recognized that I required Jeannie's permission to dance with her. If she had and thereby recognized me as a sub on loan, she would be right to assume I would do more than dance.

When the song ended I turned to head back to the bar. A slow song began and I once again felt the woman take my hand. I was pulled back onto the floor and spun around so I faced her. She was much taller than me and as she pulled me close my head nestled against the tops of her breasts. Her arms were wrapped around me very possessively. It felt wonderful and I melted against her.

We were swaying gently in time with the music. I had completely forgotten about Jeannie. My world had become this stranger and her pillow-like breasts I was resting my head against. Slowly she guided me across the dance floor until before I realized it we were in a dark corner of the club. Her embrace changed to a cradling of my head and an adoring kiss. I didn't stop to think. I just reacted returning her passion. Soon one of her hands left my head and began an exploration of my body. She stopped briefly at my breasts for a quick squeeze and check of my nipples for excitement. Apparently satisfied that I was reacting positively, her hand continued down and around to squeeze my butt and to pull me closer against her. I let her hand roam. I was lost in the fog of the moment. She now stepped back slightly giving her hand room to go up under my skirt. Here she could not mistake my body's overwhelming reaction to her touch.

She was still kissing me passionately when I felt her finger push aside my thong and slide inside of me. I passively allowed her to finger fuck me on the edge of the dance floor. Her middle finger curled inside of me tapping the soft spongy tissue of my g-spot while her thumb danced on my clit. I never stopped returning her kisses. I was putty in her hands. She was obviously experienced in bring a girl to orgasm. I never stood a chance.

I know she knew exactly what she was doing as I began to shake against her. Jeannie's command to only cum with permission was the furthest thing from my mind as my orgasm ripped through me. There was no way I could have prevented it anyway. I shuddered on the woman's hand and flooded my thong and thighs. When I finally opened my eyes and could focus on her again, she had a look of pride in having reduced me to a quivering mess. I could feel the heat on my face as I blushed at my sordid behavior. All of a sudden I remembered we were on the edge of the dance floor. Looking around the woman's shoulder I could see that our encounter had not gone unnoticed by some of the other patrons. I was overwhelmed with humiliation and I broke away from the woman and sprinted back to Jeannie. In retrospect that wasn't very nice of me after the woman had made me cum, but as seemed to be happening more and more frequently, I wasn't thinking straight. Fortunately there was a fresh glass of wine waiting for me on the bar. I needed it.

*** Sandra's POV ***

Wednesday night was boring. There was no other way to describe it. After Nicole's visit to the office I had incorrectly assumed she would show up at my house, call me to come and meet her somewhere or at least send me some cyber instructions. But she did none of those. I tried to contact Mistress D but she wasn't online either. I was incredibly frustrated. I almost came during my dinner masturbation session. By the time I went to bed, I had convinced myself it was Nicole's fault I could not control myself and I allowed myself to cum. Truth be told, I didn't take much convincing. Drinking cum in the office today was so wicked and I felt so dirty spending the afternoon with cum breath that it was a foregone conclusion I'd have to cum soon. Now the only question was whether I could keep my indiscretion a secret.

*** Rose's POV ***

As I approached Jeannie at the bar she was not smiling. I guessed she didn't mind that another woman had just fingered me to orgasm on the dance floor but she was upset with how I treated her after I came. She patted the stool. I hitched up my skirt and sat back down. I then grabbed the glass of wine and drained it. Setting the glass back on the bar the bartender was Johnny-on-the-spot and quickly refilled it. I looked straight in Jeannie's eyes.

"How could you do that?" I asked her.

"Do what?" she replied innocently.

"Let her to that to me?"

"I didn't let her do anything to you. You chose to let her do that. From what I could see you like it too."

"I thought that is what you wanted?" I told her in a whiny voice.

I watched as instead of responding Jeannie slid her hand under my skirt. She pushed my thighs apart giving her full access to my wetness.

"Well I can tell it was definitely what you wanted," she said emphatically. "This thong is doing no good. Slip it off."

I stood up and started to walk toward the bathroom. Jeannie grabbed my arm as I passed her.

"Do it here and leave it on the bar," she commanded me.

I looked at her in horror. Not only had strangers watched when I was brought off on the dance floor but now they would see the results of my actions. They would also see me taking orders from Jeannie. My embarrassment factor skyrocketed.

"Don't make me wait slave," Jeannie announced louder than necessary. "You've already earned punishment for cumming on that woman's hand. You don't want to earn a second do you?"

"No mistress," I meekly replied as I reached under my skirt and slid the soiled thong down my thighs and then off my legs.

I handed the thong to Jeannie. I didn't dare look around the bar but I was sure we had an audience. My horror continued as I watched Jeannie take my thong and rub the crotch around my wine glass. The glass became streaked with my juices as she ran the soiled underwear around the base and then all-around the rim. She then dropped the thong around the stem. She then patted the stool again. I gave her a look of disgust and then I sat down properly. She told me to pick up the glass. I did. She spun me around and told me to toast my fans. There were several women who had obviously watched me remove my thong and knew what was going on. I raised my glass for their approval. A couple of them clapped. My blush deepened. I took a sip of wine. It didn't taste as good now that it was mixed with my thong juice. But that didn't stop me from draining another glass. I could already tell I could only survive the night if I was wasted.

After killing two glasses of wine within minutes and having a very nice orgasm I was starting to feel the effects. I'd forgotten about the wine I drank at home or the first glass I had at the bar. I should have felt drunk but my body was surging with adrenaline. I spun back around and put the glass back down inside the strap of my thong. I then motioned to the bartender for another pour. Jeannie kind of laughed and told me I was finally relaxing and getting into the spirit. I reached over to her and pulled her head to me and kissed her hard. I'm sure my audience liked that too.

The rest of the night became a blur. I remember other women asking me to dance. Sometimes Jeannie would approve. Sometimes she would not. I was felt up and fingered every time I was on the dance floor, although not to the point of orgasm. At least not until Jeannie pulled me onto the floor during a slow song. She didn't worry about leading me to the dark corner like the first woman. She made me cum in the middle of the floor surrounded by other dancers. I had to wrap my arms around her neck to prevent myself from collapsing on the floor. After she was done I needed to sit down. Back on the stool she flipped the front of my skirt up completely exposing me. She also continued to stroke my inflamed clit. I continued to drink wine so I couldn't be held responsible for my actions. I was at total peace with the situation. I felt nothing but bliss.

I was wondering who Jeannie would choose to share me with next. I was actually looking forward to the next time she sent me to dance and then it happened. The door to the club opened and another older woman entered. That was not a problem in itself. But right behind her was the woman I'd seen with my mom last Friday. Thankfully she didn't know me but in my alcohol and orgasm fueled haze I couldn't distinguish if this was planned or was a random occurrence. I had no clue how many lesbian bars there were in our town. I can't imagine there were many. But all of a sudden I was struck with the thought that somebody I know or somebody who knows my family might discover me here. I began to panic as I thought about the woman asking me to dance. She looked about the age of the ones Jeannie approved of. Even if she didn't know who I was, how weird would it be to hook up with the same person my mom was seeing? My mind struggled to comprehend all the possibilities. My solution was to drain another glass of wine.

*** Jeannie's POV ***

The night had been perfect so far. Rose was systematically having her defenses broken down and I was loving every minute of it. I wasn't too surprised when Erin and Liz walked in. There were not many good lesbian bars in this town and certainly this was the wild one. I knew Rose would recognize Erin. She would not know Liz. I was sure both women knew I was bringing Rose here tonight. I hoped they would have a good sense not to interfere. At least not tonight.

*** Rose's POV ***

Soon I reached the point of alcohol consumption where the blur of the evening became a spinning room with seemingly non-stop feelings of euphoria and laughter. The next thing I knew I woke up in my bed. I was naked. The blinds were open, the sunlight was streaming in and I had a pounding headache. There was a garden gnome in my skull and he was using a jackhammer to try to get out. Why did I drink so much? Oh, that's right. Jeannie took me to a bar where I felt compelled to drink like a fish so I could act like a complete idiot. Well I can be an idiot without drinking but acting like an out of control slut required alcohol.

I crawled out of bed and into the bathroom where I threw up. At least I made it to the toilet. I felt a little relieved. I checked the time. It was 10am. I had totally slept through my alarm. I called my boss and told him I was sick and wouldn't be in today. That obviously was the truth. Thankfully he didn't press me on why I was under the weather. What could I tell him?

I made a pot of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table. There was a note waiting for me. It must have been from Jeannie.

"Good morning Rose," the note began. "I'm sure you are still pretty wasted. I tried to stop you from drinking the last several rounds, but you kept telling me you were fine. Although I was shocked by the show you put on, I was pleasantly surprised at your apparent love of exhibitionism. We'll have to explore that further. I took a video with my cell phone as a memory. I'll send it to your email. I have plans for us tomorrow night. Drink lots of water today. It will help you recover. I'll talk to you later."

I had no memory of putting on a show last night. Actually I didn't have much of a memory of anything after my mom's friend came in. What did I do? I felt like I was going to be sick again, but it passed. I took Jeannie's advice and poured a large glass of water. I also took a couple of aspirin. I had to check my email. I needed to know what happened.

I sat down at my PC and turned it on. The wait was agonizing. Finally I got online. There were three emails from Jeannie each with one video. I downloaded the attachments to a folder. I double clicked on the first one opening Windows Media Player. The sound was tinny and mostly background noise of the bar. The picture was grainy but I could see myself grinding on the knee of the woman who came in with my mom's friend. I knew in my heart that the other woman couldn't be far behind. I heard my phone ring. I didn't look at the caller ID. I assumed it was Jeannie calling to tell me to get out of bed. Instead I heard my mom's voice. I dropped the phone and scrambled to stop the video or at least turn off the speakers.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I didn't usually call Rose too often during the week. We usually chatted only on the weekend. But I knew Mistress Nicole had something special for me planned Friday which by and large meant I would be worn out on Saturday. I didn't want to risk having Rose show up at my house again early in the morning so I figured I would call her in advance and tell her I was going out of town. I wasn't expecting her to pick up the phone. I called when I did so I would get her answering machine. I was surprised to hear her voice. She apparently dropped the phone. I heard a loud pop as it hit the floor. I wasn't sure what was going on. I cheerily told her I would be gone this weekend and that I would call her next week. I tried to make the usual chit chat that we normally have, but she seemed very distracted. I really didn't want to get into what was going on since it was time for my morning "coffee" break in the bathroom so I told her goodbye and hung up.

*** Rose's POV ***

I managed to get the speakers turned off on my PC before my mom heard the sounds of me moaning as I did a nasty bump and grind on the woman's knee. I was sort of listening to my mom talk but my focus was really on watching my own perverted behavior. Apparently I was having a grand time rubbing myself on the woman's knee. She seemed perfectly happy to allow a young girl to use her leg as a masturbation post. There was a crowd around us cheering me on. I didn't look like I was blushing. In fact I seemed to be reveling in the attention. How much must I have drunk last night?

Even if I was no longer humiliated last night, I was humiliated now. The fact that my mom was talking incessantly in my ear made it worse. The video ended right after I came soaking the woman's leg after which I fell onto the dirty floor. Why didn't I remember that? Did I block it out because it was such a bad memory?

With the video stopped I was able to concentrate a little more on my mom. Thankfully she didn't want to chat too long. I was glad because I was desperate to start the next video. After I started it I was not sure I wanted to let it continue. I was sitting back on my bar stool. There were two other women I didn't remember one standing on either side of me. One had her hand inside my blouse. She was obviously manipulating my nipples. The other had her hand under my skirt. Fortunately the video didn't show exactly what they were doing, but like the video of me grinding on the woman, it was clear from my facial expression that I was enjoying myself immensely. The bartender appeared behind me a pour yet another glass of wine. I must have drunk two bottles total. No wonder I couldn't remember any details and had a splitting headache. Like the last video, this one ended with me orgasming with the help of a stranger.

I was scared to click on video three. I was also getting turned on again. Even with a splitting headache, watching myself following the direction of these powerful women was fascinating. I reasoned that another orgasm would make me feel better so I let my left hand's fingers do the walking while I double clicked the video file with my right. I think I was glad I didn't remember what I did. The video started with my mom's friend holding my hand. Jeannie must have been holding her cell phone taking the video. A chair was pulled out from one of the tables and I used it as a step until I was standing on the table. Granted I wasn't graceful getting up there. I was far too intoxicated for that. Apparently, however, I was not too intoxicated to begin dancing for the assembled crowd.

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