Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 08


I was in a dream state as I felt myself being to cum. The room was no longer in focus. All the edges of my sight were soft and rounded. I was beyond out of control. I was floating on a cloud and looking down on my earthly body. I felt the dildo push even deeper into me as Nicole somehow managed to push herself up out of the chair. I don't know where she found the strength, but with her arm still wrapped around my waist and my pussy stretched around her fake dick, I found myself marched over to the bed and bent over. I'd been having mini-cums around her cock since she grabbed me as my massive release was delayed but couldn't be totally denied. As soon as I was in position with my hands on the bed and my legs locked straight, Nicole began to fuck me from behind. This wasn't making love, this was primal sex.

My long denied massive explosion of lust broke free on her first savage thrust. I howled in delight as she brought me to the kind of climax I had learned only she could do. My complete dedication to being her slave was reinforced once again as my mind once more bent to her will. I can not adequately describe how hard I came as she continued to pound into me. My thighs were plastered with my juices as girl cum literally ran down my leg. I was panting and struggling to breath but she didn't relent.

"Who does this pussy belong to slut?" she repeated over and over as I tried to catch enough breath to answer her.

"You mistress. It belongs to you," I finally was able to utter.

With that she popped the dildo out. I slumped to the floor, my back against the bed with my right arm spread across the top for support. I was still shaking and experiencing cum aftershocks. I looked out the window and saw an older man with a much younger woman watching us. But in my post orgasmic glow I felt no shame. I had received what my body craved and it didn't matter that I had been seen.

Mistress Nicole waved to the pair and then moved in front of me blocking their view. They could not see the details, but I know they could tell when Mistress Nicole pushed her manhood back in my mouth to be cleaned. I lovingly tried to take the whole phallus into my mouth and then my throat which caused me to gag and choke. Nicole just laughed and told me we'll have to work on that as she pulled a few inches back to give me some relief. I licked the dildo all over savoring my flavor on it. Satisfied I'd done a good job, Nicole pulled back and walked over to the window. Waving again to our audience she shut the curtain giving us our privacy. I was still on the floor. I was too worn out to move. I wondered what else she had planned for us. We still had about three hours to go on the room.

***Rose's POV ***

Safely back in Jeannie's car I felt protected for the first time in about an hour. I snuggled up to her arm. I'm sure that made it difficult to steer, but I didn't care. I had to touch her. I had to feel close to her. I needed her security. My nerves her finally calming down as we drove into the darkness. I couldn't see where we were going. From my angle the street lights were just a blur. We didn't drive far, though, as I felt her turn and then the car bottom scrap against the pavement as we went up a slight incline. I sensed the car stop. Jeannie rocked her arm indicating I should sit upright. Looking around I noticed we were at a motel. I watched as Jeannie pulled her wallet out of her purse. She handed me two twenty dollar bills.

"Go get us a room for 2 hours. They are familiar with girls who dress like you so they will not give you any trouble," she instructed. I then heard the car lock open.

I was trembling as I got out of the car, my hand clutching the two old wrinkled bills. Jeannie had parked at the far end of the lot facing the street. I looked at the distance to the office. There was plenty of parking spaces right by the office she could have chosen. I heard Jeannie's door open. I was standing behind the car looking at the route to the office stood next to me. Perhaps she was going to relieve me the degradation of going into the office dressed like this. Instead she opened the trunk. There were two suitcases which she started to pull out. She then gave me a playful swat on the tush.

"Get going. The sooner you get the room the sooner we can play."

I could tell I wasn't getting out of this assignment. My eyes were focused on the office door. I saw nothing on either side of me. My peripheral vision was gone. I saw only a tunnel guiding me straight to the office. I gingerly walked on the high heels I was wearing. I'm sure Jeannie was enjoying the show of my butt swishing back and forth as I covered the 150 feet or so. I didn't look back to check. I had to get the room and get it fast. I cover the distance swiftly and soon found myself face to face with the woman running the front desk. To me she looked too good to be working at a dump like this. I tried to sound calm as I push the money across the counter and asked for a room. The woman didn't even bat an eye. She just handed me a key.

"Two hours, not a minute more. Leave the sheets on the floor. Don't steal any towels."

She was blunt and to the point. I turned to get back to Jeannie. I was surprised to find her standing outside the office door with both suitcases. I wasn't sure, but I think I saw her wink at the clerk. I walked through the door. She took the key out of my hand and looked at the tag to find the room number.

"You can carry the bags," she told me as she started to walk toward the stairs. I grabbed the suitcases and scurried after her. We walked up the grated metal stairs next to the office. I had to be very cautious not to catch a heel lest I tumble back down the stairs. I was relieved to make it to the second floor without incident. The motel was L shaped. I followed Jeannie as she walked past four or five rooms and then turned right. The long side of the motel had about 12 rooms, I guess. We were in the 11th, two from the opposite side near where our car was parked. I didn't understand why Jeannie carried the bags to the office instead of leaving them at the car. I guess it was worth her carrying them a little way to force me to carry them back. Jeannie unlocked the door and ushered me inside. As soon as I put down the bags, she pulled me into her arms in a passionate embrace.

We kissed like high school kids at the prom. She was very passionate and I found myself melting into her arms. As soon as she felt me acquiescing to her control, I felt her hands begin to roam over my body. I'd like to tell you that she was about to strip me while we continued to make out, but of course that wasn't possible given what I was wearing. Eventually we had to stop sucking face long enough for her to help me struggle out of the rubber hooker outfit. I felt relieved to finally be free of the constricting garments even though I was now naked before her and she was still fully dressed. I moved my hand to begin undressing her but she pushed me away.

"Lose the wig and wash all that make-up off your face while I see what fun toys I have for you," she exclaimed as she lugged the suitcases over to the dresser.

She opened them up and I saw one was clothes and one was toys. I guess I will not be wearing the hooker outfit home. I was thankful for that. The other side was pretty much what I expected having seen her parents playroom last weekend. Ropes, cuffs, a crop, a blindfold, a couple of dildos and vibrators completed the collection.

"Strip that nasty blanket off the bed and lay down spread eagle," Jeannie commanded me.

I'm glad she wanted me to take off the blanket. Just looking at it I could tell it was filthy. The sheet was off-white. When I realized it probably didn't start off its life that way I felt dirty without even touching it. Still it was cleaner than the mattress pad so I lay down. I reached my arms and legs toward the corners of the bed. I felt horribly exposed and very turned on. The room was as dingy on the inside as the exterior of the motel looked from the parking lot. But somehow it seemed just right for what Jeannie was about to do to me. I trembled again, this time in anticipation.

The bed proved to be a bit of a challenge to secure me as the headboard was bolted to the wall and the frame was not designed to accept chains. Jeannie sorted it out by running rope under the frame and tying my wrist cuffs to each end. I probably had more play in my arms than I would have in her parent's dungeon, but I wasn't about to complain about that. My legs were similarly trussed. Jeannie put a leather cuff on each one of my ankles and then ran a rope from one cuff under the bed and then attached it to the other. I was now her happy prisoner ready to do her bidding. She then went back to the suitcase and returned with the blindfold. Apparently she didn't want me knowing her plans.

*** Sandra's POV ***

Nicole shut the curtain and then helped me onto the bed. She rolled me onto my side and spooned me from behind. I felt warm, happy and safe. She was letting me rest without thinking about her own needs. I'm sure she had turned herself on while fucking me, but she seemed content to let me recuperate. I heard people in the room next to us through the paper thin walls and wondered if it was the man and woman who had just watched us. If it was, I wondered how long it would be until we could hear them in their dance of passion. Did we inspire them with our own performance? Would they be extra loud as payback for watching us? I should have been concentrating on my mistress, but my thoughts were with the couple. More specifically my thoughts were with the hooker. I wondered if she ever had the kind of orgasm I'd just had. It was doubtful as the John was just a job for her. Get him in, get him off and move on. I didn't know much about the hooker lifestyle but I knew it was a volume business. Nicole didn't comment as we started to hear the sounds of passion.

To my surprise, it was a woman's voice echoing exclamations of pleasure. I figured I would hear the guy grunting and the woman faking it. I didn't hear the squeak of the mattress or any sounds of fucking so I deduced that the girl was being pleased by a talented tongue. How strange was that? Certainly it was not hygienic. The guy must not have been worried about catching a sexually transmitted disease. The voice stylings of the woman continued to build until they reached a fever pitch and were joined by a knocking on the wall. I tried to guess what position they were in which would result in such a noise. She certainly didn't sound like she was faking an orgasm. I could feel myself getting excited again as the audio show led my body back into a state of arousal. I tried to turn in my lover's strong arms to address her face to face. I got only about a quarter of the way around.

"My I eat your pussy mistress?" I asked.

*** Jeannie's POV ***

Nicole was a master planner. I knew she and Sandra were in the room next door. I had watched two people peeping in their window as I waited for Rose in the office. I was still skeptical of Nicole's concept of how tonight would end, but I trusted her. At this particular moment I was taking my own pleasure from Rose's tongue. I had her strapped to the bed and made her an offer she couldn't refuse. I was sitting on her face feeding her my pussy. I'd made sure to blindfold her per Nicole's orders. Rose's pussy eating skills had definitely improved in the last week a fact I was benefiting from immensely. Soon she had me right on the edge of a delicious climax. As Nicole had instructed me, I made sure to be loud. I really didn't need to be told to act that way as I didn't have much of a choice given the job Rose was doing on me. I did knock on the wall on purpose. That I would not have done. I balled up may hand into a fist and I hid the wall several times. Then I came.

I grabbed Rose's head and pulled it as deep into my pussy as I could. She probably couldn't breathe but I didn't care right then. I ground my crotch on her mouth and then up onto her nose. When she came up for air she was going to get a strong whiff of my musk. She responded like a trooper never complaining and happy to serve me. I rolled off her and went to retrieve the strap-on. It was time for her to have some fun too.

*** Nicole's POV ***

After hearing Jeannie's knock on the wall I knew our plan was working. It was now time for part two. I released Sandra from my bear hug and left her on the bed. I loved the look of longing in her eyes as I moved just six feet away from her and back to the suitcases. I retrieved the cuffs and the rope. How many girls had I tied to this very bed? Jillian, the motel's owner Sandra got the key from, and I had met a couple of years ago. While she catered to the working girl trade, she kept this room for herself and her special clients. The sheets were always clean and except for on special occasions, she was able to keep the room next door vacant. Of course this was one of the special occasions.

Our plan was pretty simple. Mom and daughter were both bound to their bed. Because of the layout of the room, their headboards were opposite each other on the same wall. I knew Sandra would soon be screaming again in pleasure and unless I missed my guess, Jeannie would have Rose doing the same. I had used the "picking up a hooker" ruse to throw Sandra off from my true plans for tonight. Having the girl watch us earlier was an unplanned stroke of good luck as I'm sure Sandra would assume they were in the room next door. I knew Jeannie had planned to humiliate Rose on the way to the motel, but we should have coordinated that better. As soon as I recognized Rose on the street corner I knew I had to get Sandra out of there. I don't think she recognized her daughter because she didn't say anything.

By the time I finished tying her to the bed Sandra's pussy was a swampy mess with need. I had no trouble sliding my strap-on back into her. This was now the fourth position I'd taken her in less than an hour. According to our plan, Jeannie would soon be doing the same to Rose. I bet that little tramp's pussy was as wet as her mother's.

*** Rose's POV ***

I loved eating Jeannie's pussy and loved hearing how much she was enjoying it. I hoped that it would soon be my turn after she had cum on my face. Bound to the bed I couldn't wipe off my lips so her moisture just sat there and finally dripped slowly down my cheek. Jeannie returned from the suitcase with two toys and a bottle. My eyes got wide when I saw the butt plug. At least she brought a generous supply of lube. She also had a large vibrator. Bound as I was I could not stop her from spreading the lubricant around my asshole. She started by pushing in her index finger so she could spread the lube more thoroughly. She had a bit of a problem because I was on my back getting to my dirty hole, but she managed. Then she pushed the plug into me. I grimaced in pain as she forced the ring past my sphincter with little time to let me adjust to the invader.

"You'll thank me later when I fuck your ass," she hissed at me. All of a sudden the lovable girl was gone and Mistress Jeannie had taken her place. "I want you to be louder than I was," she commanded as she turned on the vibrator and shoved it into my pussy. The inside of my pussy tingled as she pushed the happiness wand into me. All of a sudden my clit was shocked with lightning. I looked down over my chest and saw there was a rabbit nub on the top of the vibrator. It had just hit my clit. Just as fast the wonderful sensation was gone as Jeannie pulled the vibrator back out.

"Let me hear you," she repeated as she pushed the vibrator back home. This time I did as she asked, not that I needed any real coaching. I moaned, I howled and I begged. I'm sure everyone in the entire motel heard me. All of a sudden, in between my own cries of pleasure, I heard another woman in the throes of passion. Jeannie continued to fuck me with the vibrator while I began to hear a knocking on the wall. Only this wasn't a fist like Jeannie had done. This was clearly the sound of the bed frame knocking into the wall. Somebody was getting fucked next door and fucked hard. Soon the sounds of enthusiasm could be heard from the next room as they mixed with my own sounds of zeal. The room was a regular adult movie orgy of sexy sounds as me and the other woman came forcefully. It was turning out to be one heck of a night.

*** Sandra's POV ***

Mistress Nicole didn't let me eat out her delicious pussy. Instead she mounted me again with her strap-on. Not that I was about to complain. She loved to fuck me and I loved to be fucked by her. I knew when the time came she would present her pussy for my oral ministration. For now, I was going to enjoy her being inside me again. Nicole was as aggressive as she had ever been with me. I could feel the bed shaking beneath me as she slammed the dildo into my pussy over and over again. Her hips were grinding against me with every stroke. The bed was moving on its casters and hitting the wall too. I wished my arms and legs were free so I could have wrapped myself around her and held on.

I could hear the couple next door to us. The woman was obviously enjoying herself. I remembered back to when my husband would have been above me instead of another woman. I remembered the weird looks on his face and how his cum felt as it shot out of his cock. I began to wonder if the guy next door would shoot inside the girl or pull out. I felt strange thinking of other people as my mistress hovered above me and sawed her fake dick in and out of me. My own pleasure and accompanying moans seemed to echo what the girl next door was experiencing. When I heard her cum, it triggered my own orgasm. It wasn't the best one I'd ever had, but it was nice. I make sure to scream out "I'm cumming," so my neighbor would know she wasn't the only one having fun. I felt naughty after that and even giggled a bit as Nicole looked down at me and smiled.

Nicole got up and removed the strap-on. She then dangled it in front of my face until I stuck my tongue out. She let me give it a quick cleaning and then returned it to the suitcase. Before I could wonder if she was done with it for the evening, I heard a knock on the door. "Great," I thought to myself. "Somebody complained we made too much noise.

Nicole looked at me and then threw the blanket on top of me. She covered me from head to toe while the knock became more insistent. "Just a minute," I heard her call out. She told me not to move or make a sound. I tried to breath shallow. The blanket was musty smelling and I was afraid I would sneeze. I heard her moving around the room again. I figured she was grabbing a robe from the suitcase. Then I heard the door creak open until the security chain snapped tight. I tried to listen but Nicole and person at the door were whispering. I could not make out what they were saying. The door shut and the blanket was pulled back from my outstretched body.

"That was our neighbor next door. They think we sound fun. Would you like to fuck them?" Nicole asked as if she had not already decided the answer.

I knew tied to the bed as I was and pledged to serve Mistress Nicole in any way she commanded, my response was largely ceremonial. Still, it was nice to be asked. "Of course mistress," I replied. "If that is your will."

Nicole smiled at my subservient answer. Truth be told, I was horny enough to fuck anybody with a stiff cock or dildo. I watched as Nicole went back to the bag and got her strap-on again. Boy was the girl next door going to be surprised. Nicole also grabbed a blindfold. She told me she didn't want me to get jealous watching her fuck the hooker. This struck me as strange. Wouldn't she get jealous watching somebody else fuck me? I had to shake the question from my mind. Whatever Nicole desired was what was going to happen. Once she slid the blindfold into place and plunged me into darkness I was again transported to the ethereal plane of slut slave. I didn't care who would be fucking me only that I was going to be fucked again.

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