Sandra's New Client Ch. 01


1) When we are alone I was to always address him as Master.

2) I was to obey all commands without hesitation.

3) I was to never wear panties unless directed.

4) I was to make sure my pussy was always wet and ready for him.

5) To accomplish that task I was to masturbate as often as necessary.

6) I was to only cum when given permission.

7) He would share me with whomever he chose.

8) When he shared me I was expected to service his friends as faithfully as I served him.

9) Whenever he came to my house I was to meet him at the door on my knees.

10) When he entered my head was to be bowed.

11) My first task before saying hello was to suck his cock.

12) He would choose whether to cum in my mouth, on my face, my breasts or to fuck me.

13) There would be other rules to learn as we went along.

I sat in stunned silence reading the list. When it finished another video began. This one had the woman meant to be me bound to a bed and being fucked by the younger woman wearing a strap-on. It shouldn't have turned me on like it did but I have to admit I would do anything to trade places with her right then.

This cycle continued. After about 20 minutes of hard core dominance and submission porn the thirteen rules would scroll by. I was being driven crazy by the egg and by watching the ice slowly melt. I could tell it would be a couple of hours until the key was free and I wondered if the batteries in the egg would die before I could free myself.

As you can imagine I was soon desperate for an orgasm even though rule six expressly forbid me from climaxing. I was moaning and shaking in need. I'd forgotten he could hear me through the speaker phone and see me on the webcam. If he was watching I'm sure he was enjoying himself. Finally I reached the breaking point and had to find relief. The ice was maybe half melted at this point.

My first attempt to climax involved rubbing my pussy against the edge of the table. I hoped I was far enough to the side that the webcam wouldn't pick up what I was doing as I tried to grind my clit against the corner of the top. But unfortunately the height wasn't quite right to get the stimulation I needed.

I looked around the room for something else to rub against. Unfortunately the next best option was the hard wood back of my chair. It took some maneuvering to straddle the top of the chair and I knew this time I was on full display to the webcam lens. The contact was better and more satisfying, but regrettably too unstable. I kept worrying I'd fall over and possibly hit my head on the desk. How embarrassing would that be to break my neck and be found dressed sexy in handcuffs with a dead egg in my pussy? I quickly gave up on this plan.

Finally I sat backwards on my desk and worked to grab the rabbit. Once I had it turning it on was easy. But with my hands cuffed behind my back holding it on my clit was not possible. I did manage to work the tip into my pussy from behind by pushing the elastic band of my panties to the side but I needed it on my clit. I made the decision to leave my home office.

I decided my best bet was to put the vibe vertically between the couch cushions. I was surprised how easily I accomplished this task. Standing back up and looking at the buzzing cylinder standing straight up I could feel both my mouth and pussy drooling. I wanted to mount the toy but I knew there was not enough support on the base to hold it. The only thing I could do was kneel carefully behind it and try to thrill my clit without pushing it over. I think this was more frustrating than just watching the movie with the egg teasing my pussy. The rabbit tantalized my clit but it was a struggle to keep it in on target without knocking it over.

Eventually, thankfully, I found just the right position and quickly had a thunderous orgasm. As soon as I was engulfed with my climax I fell over on the couch losing contact with the vibe. But by that point it didn't matter and I lay on the couch quivering and moaning for several minutes.

When I recovered enough to have my wits about me I rolled off the couch and managed to retrieve the rabbit. It was slick with the juices which has seeped through my panties. I walked back to my office on wobbly legs. The video was still playing. I dropped the vibe back on the table and sat down. The ice was almost melted to the key. Soon I would be free.

The next set of instructions was different from the first thirteen but in truth my mind was so scrambled at that point I wasn't paying attention. I was laser focused on the key and even though I had just cum, I was ready to give myself a proper screwing with the rabbit.

At last the key was free and I was able to sit backwards on my desk again and grab the piece of wood holding the string and my salvation. Unlocking the cuffs proved to be more difficult as I'd never done that before. In fact I dropped the key once onto the floor and had to struggle to retrieve it. By the time I had one wrist free I heard the phone clicking off mute and the screen was once again showing Mr. Hendrick in his office.

"You disappointed me Sandra," he said.

I looked at the clock. We'd been playing this game for three and a half hours. What more did he expect of me.

"I should tell you since you already used the rabbit your punishment is no more orgasms this weekend. But I'm feeling generous so I'm just going to spank you for your transgressions on Monday morning." I didn't know how to react.

"Thank you, master," was all that came to mind.

He told me to pull off my panties and take out the egg. It was still weakly buzzing but its ability to please had long since expired. I pulled it out. It glistened in the light and I placed it on my desk. I then looked back at the screen for my next instruction.

"Take the rabbit," he said. "Goody," I thought.

"Prop your feet up on the desk and fuck yourself. Let me hear you. Put on a good show."

I keyed on the word show. Somebody else had to be watching. I imagined his wife kneeling between his legs blowing him while I fucked myself for his pleasure. I pistoned the rabbit in and out of my pussy. I didn't need a command to be vocal. I was loud and there was no way I could have been quiet. I watched the screen and he was intently watching me. Giving a performance to a virtual audience was very exciting and soon I was cumming again. Later I would play back the morning in my mind and feel humiliated and used. But in that moment the only thing that mattered was my climax and pleasing him.

His final comment was I had climaxed twice without permission and would be punished. He told me to be in his office at 9am Monday and to dress "professionally. With that the phone line disconnected and the video link went dark. What had I gotten myself into?

I spent the rest of the weekend alternatively thinking I was going to walk into Mr. Hendrick's office and tell him off and masturbating thinking about how excited he made me. Sunday I must have cum five times thinking about him. I figured I was already going to be punished for orgasming without permission so I should get in as many as I could. I was starting to feel out of control. Monday morning I was back at his office right on-time. I wore a business suite with a proper white blouse, a bra and conservative heeled shoes. I also had panties on but while sitting in the parking lot I threw caution to the wind and took them off. Mr. Hendrick's admin had me wait again in the outer office. This time as I studied her I saw her in a new light. I assumed she didn't have any panties on and was flashing her boss. I also knew there was a vibrator in her desk drawer. I wondered how often she had to put on a show for him like I had done on Saturday. A few minutes after 9, I was ushered into the office. The admin left us and shut the door. I guess I wasn't going to see if she had panties on. Mr. Hendrick was all smiles.

"I'm glad you decided to come back, Sandra. You made the right choice."

"Let's get one thing absolutely straight, Mr. Hendrick. I'm here to pick up your offer to my client and then we will negotiate just like you are any other defendant. What happened Friday and Saturday was a mistake that will not be repeated," I told him directly. I tried to sound convincing. Actually I was trying to convince myself. But my panty-less pussy was already starting to moisten.

"Here is what I have in mind," he said handing me two envelopes. The first was addressed to my client. Inside was a check for $25,000. I considered that amount to be an insult. Also in the envelope was a letter detailing a non-disclosure agreement which would prevent my client from speaking about the settlement or the facts surrounding the case. While this is fairly typical, I usually demand a premium for having a client accept those terms. Certainly I would expect the settlement to increase by a factor of four before I could recommend she take the deal. I put the paper and the check back in the envelope and tossed it back on his desk. As my eyes followed it as it slid across the desk I had a flashback to my ass sitting on that same spot.

"No. That isn't even close," I replied.

"You might be surprised what your client is willing to accept. Especially if you sell it as a good settlement."

"But it's not a good settlement. You know it and I know it. The non-disclosure is worth that much."

He chuckled and agreed with me. "Open your envelope."

My hands were shaking. I figured this one was full of pictures of me that he would use to blackmail me. Surprisingly there was another $25,000 check. This one was made out to my firm.

"I took the liberty of calling the managing partner of your firm this morning. We were in the same fraternity in college. I told him I was very impressed by the way you were handling this case, even though we are not on the same side. That check is a retainer for your services. I told him I want you assigned personally to our account. I also told him I expected you to bill at least twice that amount in the coming year. He is very proud of you and wants to see you in his office after lunch. I think our arrangement can be very good for your career."

I was stunned. It was as if he was purchasing me, at least professionally. The $25,000 was the equivalent of about 200 billable hours. 200 hours for Mr. Hendrick to do whatever he wanted to do with me. Whatever he wanted to do to me. With another $50,000 after that to the firm in billing on the line there was no way I could speak poorly of my new best client. I realized that with 600 hours in the bank, so to speak, I'd be essentially living at Hendrick and Weinburg for the next year. Given that my boss was an old friend of his I'm sure he would side with Mr. Hendrick against me if I tried to bring any misconduct charges against him. This time instead of flashing back to my ass on his desk I flashed back to the instructions he gave me on Saturday that he would share me with his friends. Was he speaking of my boss? I felt trapped.

"Let me explain some things to you Sandra. I love my wife. Like her I have a very high sex drive. Right now my assistant helps me out during the day and my wife and I make love almost every night. But it's not enough."

"You're a sexaholic," I thought to myself.

"While you are on retainer to this firm I expect that we will have meetings several times per week. During those meetings you will be expected to perform certain tasks of a sexual nature. From what I saw on the webcam you love being told what to do so this shouldn't be a problem for you."

This situation was spiraling out of control. I didn't want to be his call girl, bought and paid for through my company.

"As I recall you came without permission twice on Saturday. I'm sure you probably did on Sunday too."

I blushed because he already knew me better than any man ever had before.

"And as I recall I promised that you would be punished for your transgressions."

I did remember that. I suppose it was decision time.

"Undress and lay across my lap," he commanded. His tone was calm, but firm. I stalled. His phone rang. Saved by the bell. He answered. It was his admin. Something about an important call. He told her to put it through and to then open the door.

His phone rang again and he picked it up. I turned my head to look at his door and it opened quickly. His admin opened the door all the way so it would stay open and then returned to her desk. When she sat down she spread her legs instead of crossing them. I could clearly see that he wasn't lying that she didn't wear panties. She also shaved her pussy bare. I looked back up at her in surprise that he had not been lying to me. She was smiling and then went back to work. I turned to look back at Mr. Hendrick and he winked at me.

The call lasted a few minutes. After it was done Mr. Hendrick hung up and then he asked me why I still had my clothes on. I stammered something about the door being open. He responded like he had not thought of that but I know he was in control of every moment of our encounter. He looked up at his admin and waved to her. "Can you come in here, Cindy, he said. I watched as she grabbed a pad of paper and walked into the office.

"Shut the door please. This is private business."

She did and I realized he intended to spank me in front of her.

"Now Sandra. Making me wait will only make things worse."

I looked at Cindy and she was giving me the same smile she did when she flashed me her pussy. I stood up and began to undress. I think Cindy was taking pleasure in not being the only woman submitting to Mr. Hendrick this day. He got up and walked over to the couch. He then signaled me to lie across his lap. I'd never been spanked as an adult, not counting last Friday in this office. But this was the first time I'd willfully placed myself on someone's lap for the task. The first contact of his palm with my flesh shocked me as pain rocketed through my butt and up my spine. That spank was soon joined by another on my other buttock. Then a third. I was kicking my legs but trying not to cry out so others in the office would hear. I forgot Cindy was even in the room as my focus was entirely on my burning ass and the heat now spreading into my pussy. Like the other encounters I had with Mr. Hendrick over the last couple of days my body was responding before my brain could understand. How could this be turning me on?

I was submissively draped across his lap while another woman watched him spank me and my pussy was getting wet. This was not right. Satisfied that he had turned my ass the proper color I felt him slide a finger into my pussy to confirm what I'm sure he already knew. He started wiggling his finger around.

"So Sandra do you want to accept me as your new client? It will involve long hours and hard work but the rewards are top notch?"

His voice sounded more like a taunt and I couldn't find my voice.

"Say yes and I'll have Cindy eat you to orgasm. She's very good."

I was humping his lap rubbing my clit on his thigh while he continued to finger my pussy. I was getting close.

"You know I'm not going to let you cum if you don't agree with my terms," he said pulling his finger from my steaming slit. I groaned in frustration.

"Just say the words and you'll soon enjoy more pleasure than you ever thought was possible."

Suddenly a felt three more hard slaps on my ass.

"I'm waiting Sandra. Say the words."

He pushed two fingers into my pussy and I blurted out "Yes. Yes master I will serve you."

He pumped his fingers in and out of my pussy very rapidly. I felt a quick moving orgasm begin to build, but he stopped again. He told me to stand up, which I did. He then stood and gestured to Cindy.

"Sit back down Sandra. Cindy will pleasure you."

I'd never been with another woman but I was too far gone to care at that moment. The lovely young Cindy crawled between my legs and began to nibble at my clit. Instinctively I grabbed the back of her head. I didn't know the correct protocol but I wasn't about to let her go. Soon I was moaning in pleasure as her tongue alternated between lashing against my clit and licking the length of my slit. Mr. Hendrick meanwhile flipped up Cindy's skirt and took her from behind. Once again I was left to only dream about having his marvelous cock inside me, although her talented tongue was working a number on me. I knew I wouldn't last long. Cindy seemed to be in the same arousal state I was from the pistoning she was receiving. When I finally came she was right behind me. I assumed having two beautiful women climax simultaneously in front of him would set Mr. Hendrick off and I was correct. He pulled out of Cindy and I expected him to give us a porn star pop shot but instead he moved next to the couch and pushed his cock into my mouth.

I was instructed to clean Cindy's cum from his cock. That was the first time I'd ever tasted another woman. Her flavor was quickly replaced by volley after volley of salty man goo as Mr. Hendrick came in my mouth. After our early morning escapade my doubts about this relationship had pretty much faded from consciousness.

After a few minutes Mr. Hendrick told me to hand my house key over to Cindy and he instructed her to go have a duplicate made. Obviously he wanted access to my house to hide me from his wife. I handed her the key. She smoothed out her clothes and left the office. I was still naked and waiting for my next command. I was a bit surprised when he told me to get dressed again.

"You'll have to man Cindy's desk until she gets back."

I didn't understand why he would want me to answer his phone. I could have gone to get the key and let Cindy continue doing her job. When I sat down at her desk I remembered why it was positioned the way it was and due to my lack of panties understood why he wanted me there. I hoped this wasn't a precursor to him expecting me to do this often, but I did get a naughty thrill exposing my pussy to his gaze. Fortunately I only had to screen two calls before she got back. She seemed a little miffed that I was sitting at her desk. I wonder if she knew I had used her vibrator last week. Women can be a little touchy about things like that.

I took the bag from the hardware store from Cindy. She told me she had a copy made for herself too and hoped I didn't mind. She asked me not to tell him as he would not approve. I thought for a moment. I didn't like giving out keys to my place, but I would definitely like her mouth on my pussy again so I didn't object. After giving Mr. Hendrick his copy, he told me to deliver his settlement to my client and not to forget my meeting with the managing partner at 1pm. He then dismissed me without a thank you or any recognition that we had just had sex in his office.

As I would later learn our arrangement was not about having a relationship. It was just about sex and pleasure. Well sex and pleasure with bondage and pain thrown in, but it was definitely not about friendship.

I walked out of the office and over to Cindy's desk. She too didn't seem too chatty as she was clearly settling in to do the work she skipped to participate in our illicit rendezvous. I left her to it and went to see my client.

She wasn't thrilled with just $25,000, but I convinced her if she went to trial it would be traumatic and after the additional costs she probably would end up with less. That was a lie of course but I couldn't tell her I was having sex with the plaintiff. In the end she thanked me for getting at least that much and I headed to my office.

The drive over was uneventful but once I was sitting in my car in the parking lot my mind began to race thinking about how Mr. Hendrick made a point of telling me my boss was an old friend and how I should treat his friends as if they were him. He had not given me an order to submit to my boss but I wondered if that was what he meant. My pussy certainly was in the mood for some more attention as it began to lubricate at the thought of another tryst. I decided to just see how the meeting went. I also had to worry about leaving a wet spot on his leather chairs.

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