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Sandra's Panties



I was working at a resort in the Mojave Desert -- the middle of nowhere. The nearest town was an hour away. It was a popular destination resort, especially for Europeans and Asians. I was a bartender and made good money -- that's why I was there. It was the kind of place where you were happy to be working at night because there was nothing else to do anyway. There was a golf course that the employees could play for free, so at least I had something to do during the day.

The 'season' ran from October to May. It was just too hot in the summer to remain open for business. If you've never worked at a resort, you'd be amazed at the kinds of employees they attracted. There was a small group of hard-working, faithful people who loved the outdoors, and returned year-after-year. Then there were the rest of us.

Meth heads, alcoholics and loners. I was part of the last group. Sure, I'd drink on my nights off, but never too extreme. I was trying to save money and it was too expensive to drink in the bars.

I'd broken up with my girlfriend and read about this place in the newspaper. I had nothing to lose so I applied online, and was pleasantly surprised when I was offered a job. I drove 1,500 miles to get here.

I hadn't been laid in months, but it didn't bother me: I considered myself something of a 'non-sexual'. I wasn't attracted to guys, and it was too much work to hustle women considering what you got out of it. So I took care of my sexual needs myself.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not an asshole, if anything I'm a pretty shy guy -- an introvert. I've been told that I'm cute, but at 5'8", 140 pounds, I'm not in big demand with the ladies. I always seem to lose out to the taller guys. It's just easier to not even try, and it's better for my ego.

I play golf every day with a couple guys, and we've become pretty close, about as close as you can get with people at these places. I just prefer to be alone most of the time.

Quite a few gay guys work at these places. I don't mind. When they drink at my bar they're generous tippers. One of them tried to pick me up one night, but I told him I didn't swing that way. He didn't seem convinced, but he's left me alone.

Some of us live in a two-story building that has motel-like rooms. Two beds to a room. Everyone has a roommate. My roommate is one of the guys I play golf with. He's a good looking guy and has a nice personality. We get along; we make each other laugh. We have fun. His name is Jeff. He's an ideal roommate.

By the way, my name is John.

Anyway, I was doing laundry one day, and I was waiting to use the dryer. Sandra had her clothes in there and they were done. She's a pretty girl with a great body, but had a questionable reputation. Jeff called her the 'community cum slut'. When she finally showed up to get her clothes she ignored me. She was a stuck-up bitch! She didn't even apologize for keeping me waiting. She scooped up her clothes and left. I threw my clothes in the dryer and went back to my room.

Thirty minutes later I went to retrieve my clothes. One of the gay guys, Don, was there waiting to use the dryer. I apologized for his wait and put the clothes in my laundry basket and went to my room.

I was putting away my clothes when I noticed a pair of sexy, frilly pink panties. They obviously belonged to Sandra. I was going to return them to her, but something stopped me. To hell with it, I thought. She'd made me wait so long for the dryer. I decided to throw them away.

Later in the day there was a knock on my door. It was Sandra. She asked if I found her underwear in the dryer, I said 'no'. She seemed confused, but left me alone.

A few days later it all started. Sandra sat at my bar after she finished work. She was smiling and flirting with me. I thought it was strange but I enjoyed the attention. We talked and laughed and finally she invited me to her room after I got off work. I told her I'd be there.

When I knocked on her door and she opened it she was wearing a flimsy negligee and red bra and panties. My penis instantly became hard. She offered me a glass of wine and we sat on her bed and talked. I put my arm around her. We kissed deep, passionate kisses. She was becoming aroused.

I don't know for sure, but I think she spiked my wine with some sort of drug. I was becoming disoriented; dizzy. I gently pulled her panties down her smooth legs. She removed her negligee and bra. I stripped off my clothes. I stood at the end of the bed staring at her luscious pussy. She inched down the bed and threw her legs over my shoulders and begged me to eat her pussy.

I was driving her wild with desire. My lips kissing her pussy while my tongue teased her clit.

Suddenly I felt someone behind me. A pair of strong hands grabbed hold of my hips. I was bent over with my face in her pussy; I was in a very vulnerable position. Then I felt something poking at my bottomhole. I knew it was a hard cock. I tried to stand but Sandra clamped her thighs around my neck and held me in place. The hard cock popped through the opening of my hole and entered me. It slid further and further inside me. I tried to scream but I was mute. The drugged drink had stolen my voice. Sandra rolled out from beneath me. She threw on a robe and walked out the door leaving me with my rapist.

The pain was unbearable. In-and-out he fucked my ass. My own hard penis went soft. He fucked me for a long time. Finally, he came inside me. Jets of his hot cum burned my hole. He seemed to cum forever. When he was finished with me he pushed me onto the bed and wiped his greasy, soiled penis with my hair. I was vanquished. He left the room. It took all my strength to get dressed and go to my room. I fell asleep immediately.

When I awoke the next day I wanted to cry. My bottomhole ached from the brutal ass-raping I received. I didn't know what to do. I didn't even know who it was that raped me. I had a headache from the drug I was given.

I decided to stay at the resort. No one claimed responsibility and I never found out who it was. I avoided Sandra. I went to work; did a good job; still played golf with Jeff and Don; but never associated with anyone else on my free time.

I left the resort in May once the season ended. I was able to save a handsome amount of money with my forced isolation. I would never, ever go back there.


I was interested in John the moment we met. He's really cute, and at that time he seemed funny, and, well, normal. That changed rather quickly though.

The more I tried to get closer to him the more distant he became. He started making crude comments about me and my sex life. He didn't know anything about me or my sex life. In a short period of time, he became nastier and nastier. I thought he was mentally ill. He went so far as to tell people I was the 'community cum slut'—that did it. I told him to stop spreading lies about me and never speak to me again.

Then one day I was doing laundry and John was there, too. He was waiting to put his clothes in the washer. I didn't speak to him. He was his usual sarcastic and crude self. I noticed my favorite panties were missing. I decided not to ask him about it.

A few days later I had dinner with Don and Jeff. We had spoken several times about how odd John was. I felt sorry for Jeff -- he had to room with John. I mentioned my missing panties. Jeff spoke up right away.

He said he'd come home early from work one day and had caught John masturbating. John was stroking himself with what appeared to be pink panties. EEUUUGGHHH—how awful!

Then they both said what an asshole he was. Jeff couldn't prove it, but he was positive John had ripped-off money from him. Jeff hated him. There was nowhere else to live so he had to put up with John.

Don said he thought John was a closet queen. Don is gay and I always found him to be highly intuitive. Don was mad at John because he always made fun of Don being gay; always making crude comments and asking Don if he was a bottom or top. Don said all John needed was a good assfucking. We all laughed and laughed.

Then both Jeff and Don said that John cheated at golf. We laughed again.

We were quiet for some time then Don asked us if we wanted to get even with John.

We said, "God, yes!!" And then Don came up with an idea.

A few nights later we were all in my room waiting for John to get home from work. Jeff said we might have a long wait: every night after work, when everyone else was gone, John would drink the company's booze until he was sloppy drunk then stagger home.

Sure enough, we finally heard the hallway door open. It was John and he was bouncing off the walls. He had a hard time fitting his room key in the lock. When he was inside I knocked on his door.

He flung the door open: he was disheveled; his hair a mess and he stunk of whiskey. I asked him if I could come inside. He let me in.

I was all over him. We kissed; I caressed him; undressed him. I was still fully clothed but I fondled him, trying to get his penis hard. It made my skin crawl! Believe me: I took a long, hot shower when I got back to my room.

Anyway, I did what I could to excite him, but he couldn't get hard. In the meantime, Jeff opened the door and he and Don slipped unnoticed into the bathroom. Don undressed. I told John to close his eyes -- he did. Don and I changed places. When I quietly opened the door and left the room Don and John were kissing.

Everything worked out for the best. The rest of the season was good for all of us, including Johnny. Hahahahahahahahahaha....


I didn't like John the moment I met him. He was obnoxious, crude and a braggart, and from what I could tell, there was absolutely nothing about himself he could brag about. He was a thief, a liar and he cheated at golf. The less I say about him the better I'll feel.

After he'd stolen Sandra's panties I caught him beating-off with them, and I know for a fact that he even wore them to work under his slacks. I wanted John out of that room so bad that I went along with Don's plan. It worked beautifully! I took photos of John and Don together. I used those photos against John and he moved out of my room and the rest of the season went perfectly. The End -- that is all I want to say about that little prick.


My boyfriend and I went to work at the resort together, but it wasn't long before he received a call from home: his mother was sick and he had to go home to take care of her. I became lonely -- and horny.

Jeff and I waited tables together. He found out I liked to play golf and invited me to play with him and his roommate, John. He didn't have any nice things to say about John -- he basically wanted me to play so he'd have someone there to play with besides John.

I'd seen John around the resort. I thought he was hot! A cute little guy with light brown hair and a beautiful smile. I even fantasized about bending him over and ramming it home.

I couldn't believe what an asshole he turned out to be. Constantly demeaning everything and everybody. When he found out I was gay, there was a non-stop barrage of stupid questions and jokes. I continued playing golf with him so Jeff wouldn't have to be alone with him. Besides, that fantasy of mine grew stronger and stronger.

I was sure John was overcompensating for something. No one could be like him naturally. The longer I was around him, the more convinced I became that he was queer, and ashamed of it. I even spoke about him with my boyfriend on one our phone calls. He agreed with me: John was gay and embarrassed by his true nature. My boyfriend went so far as to suggest I try to make John my 'bitch'. It would be okay with him. What a guy -- no wonder I love him!

When John stole Sandra's panties, it gave me the perfect opportunity. I devised a plan and Jeff and Sandra agreed to go along.

That night in his room -- our first night together, worked like a dream.

When I switched places with Sandra I took John in my arms and kissed him hard. I was not at all surprised when he responded and kissed me back. He knew damn well he wasn't kissing Sandra anymore. I took his hand and guided it to my hard cock: he was hesitant, at first, but as I showed him how I liked to be touched, he did it all himself.

When I led him to the bed he layed down where I wanted. When I straddled his chest with my cock inches from his face, I told him to kiss it, and he did. When I told him to suck it he took as much of my cock into his mouth as he could. His sucking wasn't very good, but he sure was eager to try. When I came in his mouth and told him to swallow it he greedily gulped it down his throat.

My cock stayed hard. I knew what I wanted to do next.

I led him to the edge of the bed and made him bend over. I pushed his legs wide apart. I told him to reach back and spread-open his bottomcheeks. He obeyed me -- I was thrilled!

I decided not to lubricate his hole. He had caused many people great pain and our first fuck together would stay with him the rest of his life. I told him to take hold of my cock and put it in -- he obeyed me.

My cockhead broke his maiden as he pushed back against me. Finally I was inside him to the hilt. I flexed my cock and he groaned. I began to slowly fuck him in the ass. He thrust his hips back at me. We had a perfect rhythm. I gradually increased the speed. I reached around and found his cock. It was hard as a rock. I chuckled to myself. I stroked his cock and began fucking him harder-and-harder. He was moaning into his pillow. I fucked him hard and deep. He could feel every inch of my cock.

I was ramming it home now and stroking his cock faster-and-faster. His throat made gurgling noises; he wiggled his pretty ass to and fro. Suddenly I shouted out and filled his asshole with my hot cum. His own cock spurted shot-after-shot of cum on his bed.

He collapsed on the bed and fell fast asleep. God I loved his tight asshole!

I wiped myself and dressed. When I looked at Jeff he told me he took plenty of photos. I assured Jeff that his 'John' problem would be gone forever. When I was leaving the room I looked back at Jeff: he was staring intently at the naked form on the bed and he had a glazed look on his face. To this day, I am not 100% sure that he didn't fuck John himself that night.

The next day Jeff and I confronted John with the photographs. His face turned ashen grey. I spelled it out for him: he either move in with me and become my bitch, or everyone would see the photos. For good measure I told him we had copies and I knew his parents address. We didn't have copies and I had no clue where his parents lived, but to a queer in such deep denial as John was, this would give him the justification he needed to accept becoming my bitch.

I helped John move his things into my room. Jeff couldn't thank me enough. He was finally a free man.

I knew Johnny's asshole would be sore for a couple of days so I concentrated our efforts on making him a top notch cocksucker. Yes, I also told him from now on that his name was 'Johnny'.

The next few days he had my cock in his mouth pretty much whenever we weren't working. I wanted his jaws to get accustomed to be open wide for long periods of time.

I taught him to lap the flat part of his tongue over my cum slit when I was shooting-off in his mouth: that way he could swallow every drop, and it also gave me the maximum amount of pleasure.

I taught him how to lick and suck my balls. When I raised my legs and ordered him to lick my asshole he hesitated: I reminded him of the photos and he dove for my asshole and became an expert at tongue fucking.

I was now in charge of his orgasms, as well. It was up to me to decide when and how I let him get off. When he was servicing me he whimpered and moaned and begged me to let him cum, but I wouldn't allow it -- not yet.

When he peed I made him sit like a girl. When I peed I made him kneel beside the bowl and hold my penis for me. And for good measure, I had him lick my pee-slit clean afterwards.

I waited a full four days before I fucked him again. His cock was constantly hard and his balls were blue and he was begging me for relief. I told him he could cum whenever he bent over for me and took my cock in his ass. It wasn't long until he was pleading with me to fuck him. Finally I agreed.

We were both naked standing at the end of the bed. I handed him a tube of lotion and told him to lubricate. He looked puzzled. I told him to put lube on his middle finger and slowly work it into his bottomhole. I told him to re-lube his finger and make sure he put it all the way inside him. I watched him squirm and wriggle his hips trying valiantly to push his entire finger up his ass. When he announced that his whole finger was in his hole, I told him to keep it there and bend over.

I laughed at him and told him what a pretty picture this would make. He whimpered and begged me to fuck him.

I pulled his finger out of his ass and rammed my cock into him. He squealed like a girl with surprise and some pain. I was relentless. I had intended this to be a long and hard assfucking. I'd had him suck me off twice before this so I would last a long time in his ass.

I fucked him with a vengeance. I knew his own cock was ready to explode. My cock slid in-and-out of his ass -- in-and-out -- in-and-out -- in-and-out. He groaned and moaned and shook his ass against me. He violently fucked back at me -- impaling himself on my cock. I shouted at him: "Who's my bitch? -- Who's my bitch?" He screamed: "I'm your bitch! -- I'm your bitch!" I fucked him harder-and-harder -- faster-and-faster. I couldn't hold back any longer -- I shot load-after-load of cum into his eager and willing ass. His cock went off like a cannon. He sprayed cum all over the bedspread. We both held our positions. We gasped for air. We stood like that a long time.

When I regained my composure, I made him lick his cum off the bedspread -- that took a long time, too.

I had him 'turned-out' in less than a week. He was now my 'girl' -- my cunt -- my bitch. I owned him completely and he loved it!

When my gay co-workers found out that I made Johnny my bitch they showered me with praise and adulation. They had all hated him, too. They wanted their satisfaction for the verbal abuse he had heaped upon them. Soon we had regular visitors to our room before, and after work. I had Johnny suck and fuck whoever wanted him. He became an expert cocksucker, and a wonderful fuck.

I soon gave Johnny the nickname 'Community Cum Slut'. He was embarrassed at first, but lived up to, and grew proud of his nickname.

Over our remaining weeks together, I also taught Johnny how to be a civilized, and decent human being. He became humble, hardworking, friendly and agreeable. He freely admitted to anyone who asked that he was gay, and proud of it.

He loved servicing, er, I mean, serving his fellow man.

When the end of the season came, I had an idea. I called my boyfriend and we talked about it. I asked Johnny if he wanted to live with us and be both of ours bitch?

He cried with happiness.

We now live in the city in a one bedroom apartment -- with one very big bed. Johnny sucks our cocks and bends over for us whenever we want.

If he's been an especially good boy we give him a treat: we let him prance around the house wearing nothing but Sandra's panties.

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I have been wearing them since I was 16, mums, sisters and Aunts .. They give me such a thrill ..
When I started going with men at 16 , I told one man about my fetish and he almost fainted when he sawmore...

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by Anonymous10/31/17

A bitch should ge dressed in undies

Great story I’ve come in my pink panties,thinking how great it would be to be someone’s bitch and get fucked regularly

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