tagSci-Fi & FantasySandra's Sensual Sleep

Sandra's Sensual Sleep


The warm afternoon sun almost lulled Sandra into a dreamy daze. After working hard all morning on the latest chapter of her book, she had decided that enough was enough. A refreshing shower and a light lunch had made the day almost perfect.

A walk was in order. Sandra was having a confident day and felt good about herself. In her bedroom she slipped into a figure hugging summer dress, that ended just above the knee. She slid into a pair of soft Italian leather high heeled summer sandals, and stood to admire herself in the mirror.

Normally very conscious of herself, today was different. Stroking her dress down over her thighs, she twirled sideways, enjoying the thrill of the dress swirling to display her shapely legs.

'Yes, I do still turn heads' she whispered softly to herself.

Indeed it was so. Sandra walked slowly with her head held high. The tree lined Avenue, quite busy for the time of day, had presented a number of opportunities. Men of various age groups had made admiring looks, and Sandra had received a good number of smiles. 'This is better than prozac' she thought with a wry smile.

To an observer, Sandra would have looked wonderful. Slightly haughty , and with a confident firm stride that sent out the message, 'I am all woman'. Sandra had particularly enjoyed a moment when an admirer had been so taken with the sight of her shapely legs, and the clacking of her heels, that he had momentarily stumbled over a crack in the pavement. He smiled, red faced and hurried by, but Sandra had turned in time to see him glancing back at her womanly figure.

She reached the end of the street, and turned into the park. It was a safe place, and Sandra often went there, either to relax, or to seek inspiration. She chose a quiet spot some distance from the path. The ground was clean, and a large leafy oak offered some protection from the suns rays. Settling herself down of the firm grass, Sandra felt content and a little sleepy. She placed her slender little hands on her tummy, and closed her eyes...

A slightly scratchy sensation around her bare ankle woke Sandra with a giggle. She glanced down and noticed some strands of Ivy that seemed to be moving in the slight breeze. 'I didn't notice those' she mused quietly to herself. She glanced around to find that a whole host of flowers and plants seemed to cover the area that only a few moments before had been grass. Sandra went to sit upright, and as she moved noticed that the Ivy began to wrap itself around her ankle. Normally this would have been frightening, but for some reason Sandra did not feel fear, in fact it did not disturb her at all. It was as if the plants had come alive and wanted to play. Sandra smiled and sensed a aura of mischief.. Strands of Ivy were now gently pulling at both her ankles, and to her surprise she found her wrists also being pulled sideways. within seconds Sandra found herself stretched out taught on the ground. She could wriggle slightly but her arms and legs were firmly held. Something else was strange. Sandra lifted her head, and noticed that she was only in her underwear and shoes.

Momentarily embarrassed, she realised that this must be a dream. As she puzzled over this, her thoughts were brought back down to earth by a tickling sensation which raked over the arch of her right foot. Sandra gave a little shriek, and noticed that the green strands were busy removing both of her shoes. When this was complete, she felt the tickly tendrils slowly making their way up and over legs. The sensation tickled and yet was pleasurable at the same time. Faintly embarrassed at her arousal Sandra tried to overcome the sensation by biting on her lower lip, but her face was already beginning to flush. A gentle soft voice, seemingly coming from nowhere, suddenly spoke to her;

'Well, my lovely wood nymph, are you having fun?' Sandra kept her eyes closed but managed to murmer a soft 'yes' through her lips.

'That's good because we're going to have some fun too' replied the voice,

'Tell me Sandra are you ticklish?' Sandra's eyes flashed open, it was one of her secret fears, unbearable and yet exciting at the same time.

'No please, not that I can't...'

Sandra got no further, her voice trailed into an hysterical shriek as she felt the tendrils gently, slowly and methodically raking at her sides.

'Please, please, I can't stand it' she shrieked through gasps of breath, but it was no use. What seemed like an army of soft and sometimes firm warm fingers just continued to trace lazy lines across her exposed tummy, and then right up to her exposed and helpless armpits.

Sandra shrieked hysterically, she bucked and writhed but there was no escape. The tickling was relentless, unbearable, yet simultaneously arousing. It seemed like the ultimate in pleasure and pain.

After what seemed like an eternity, Sandra felt she would lose her mind. It must stop it had to, yet at the same time her excited body craved satisfaction that only this cruel yet erotic touch could bring. Suddenly it seemed as though a pinprick of white light, somewhere inside of her pretty head, just grew and exploded. Her body racked with pleasure as she twisted and writhed as if one possessed.

Sandra, allowed her breathing to return to normal before opening her eyes. The warm suns rays dappled through the leaves of the tree. She sat upright and looked around her. The grass was clear and green, and Sandra's cotton summer dress looked as fresh and clean as when she had put it on. She realised that she must have kicked of her shoes at some point, as they now lay discarded close to her tiny and well manicured feet.

She glanced at her watch and realised that she had been asleep for the best part of twenty minutes. The dream seemed so vivid, and for a moment Sandra was gripped with embarrassment, what if she had laughed and shrieked so loudly in her dream? She looked around but no one seemed to have noticed. She replaced her left shoe on her foot, but as she picked up the right shoe, a tiny ivy leaf fluttered to the ground. Sandra gently picked it up, holding it gently between her finger and thumb she glanced around. There was no ivy to be seen-anywhere.

Sandra stood up and readjusted her dress, as she turned to begin her leisurely walk home, she became aware of a slight breeze rustling the leaves on the tree. She wasn't sure, but was convinced that in amongst the rustle was a soft gentle voice, 'please come and play again' it seemed to say in an almost inaudible whisper.

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