Sandra's Submission


"You can't believe how shocked I was when I found the dirty websites my own mother was looking at," he stated in a condescending voice, shaking his head sadly. "I mean, what kind of person reads stories about mothers having sex with their own children? And how many depraved people watch hour after hour of videos where grown women get dominated by others?" he added, staring directly into my eyes.

Beyond humiliated, I hung my head until Brad barked, "Look at me, Mother, I asked you a question!"

My head jerked up uncontrollable as I gazed towards my sexy son. "I don't know," was all I could stammer, feeling disgraced.

With a confident smile, Brad looked at me and said, "I'm going to ask you a few questions, and I expect you to tell me the truth." I could not muster words, when he added, "Do you understand?" When I nodded, Brad said, "When I ask you a question, I expect you to answer it, Mother."

"Yes," I whimpered.

"That's better," he responded confidently, clearly enjoying my predicament. "So, did you enjoy fucking yourself on my bed?" he asked baldly.

In all my life I'd never been asked a question which cut straight through me like that one did. My mouth felt like it was suddenly full of cotton and I struggled with words.

"I asked you a question, did you enjoy fucking yourself in my bed?" he barked.

"Yes," I hissed, suddenly regaining my voice and unable to concoct a lie.

After a long pause, Brad replied somewhat condescendingly, "I know you did, I know you did." He added, "For some reason, I kept smelling your perfume on my sheets, so I set my webcam to record. I'm so glad that I did."

I felt so small, even more so than I ever recalled feeling as a child. Somehow my son seemed to know just how to push my buttons. I sat wondering what he thought of me. Could he make out my heaving chest and rock-hard nipples? Sitting where we was, could he see up my skirt at my soaking wet panties?

Brad had not even touched me in a sexual way, yet I had never been so ripe for the taking. He was showing amazing restraint, but he had to know he could have me in any way he wanted. The display of patience unnerved me, but also made me appreciate his power even more than I had. Clearly he was in control, and I had no choice but to wait for what was to come. I made the decision right there and then that I was his, totally and completely. Whatever he had in store for me, at that moment I was his willing sub.

After a long silence, Bradley asked, "So, did you like fucking yourself for April too?"

As embarrassed as I had felt before, I was even more so then. My son knew I was having erotic thoughts about another woman, his girlfriend for heaven sakes! Could things get any worse? I had no choice but to answer truthfully, "Yes."

He didn't say a word; his wide grin told me he liked my answer. Without giving me much time to ponder the situation, Brad asked, "Since you've been dreaming about me and April, and reading incest stories, have you been thinking about Julie too?"

I wanted to lie, really I did, yet for some reason I just could not. Once again, I felt like Brad could see right through me. As sick as I felt by my admission, I answered softly in the affirmative, "Yes."

"Fuck Mom, you really are a slut, aren't you?" he asked, and I felt a shiver run down my spine. In my head I had referred to myself as a slut many times of late, but never before had anyone else actually used the word to describe me.

Once again, only one word escaped my lips, "Yes."

Silence filled the room as Brad stared at me, my heart racing wondering what was next. After a long pause, he asked, "I have one more question for you, and want an honest answer." I had never been so scared at what might come, yet so needed to hear his words. "When you watched the videos, did you ever imagine submitting to me?"

There was no point telling a lie as I think we both knew the truth. I purged myself with the truth with a simple, "Yes, baby."

"I thought so," Brad replied confidently, and rose from the bed before me. Standing directly in front of me, his bulging crotch no more than two feet from my face, he spoke in a commanding voice, "Now that I know what a slut you are, Mother, there are going to be new rules around here. You will obey each and every one of them without question, do you understand?"

I was fearful of what they might be, yet at that moment was willing to comply with every one of them and answered yes.

"First, you will address me as either Sir or Master at all times, unless we have company," he stated, and I agreed wholeheartedly.

"Second, we will sleep in the same bed every night from now on, unless, once again, we have company," he demanded, and I accepted without question.

"Third, I wake up with a hard-on almost every morning. I expect you to give me a blow job each and every morning. I don't care if we have company or not; you can sneak into my room if you have to," he said firmly.

My pussy was gushing because what I had dreamed about was clearly going to become reality. I was going to be controlled by a strong man and get to suck his beautiful cock. I responded with a soft, "Yes, Master."

He continued on, "Fourth, at home you will do whatever I want. You'll cook what I want you to cook, dress how I tell you to dress, and fuck whoever I tell you to fuck. At work, you can still be the boss, but outside of work, I am totally and completely in control. Understood?"

The words ripped through me as if out of a story I had read, yet it was my story. "Yes, Sir," I mouthed, my mind in overdrive with the possibilities. Just who else was I going to have to fuck besides my son?

Brad peered at me with an intensity I'd never seen from him before. With a perverse grin, he said, "From now on, I own you, Mother. If you fail to deliver anything we've agreed upon, you'll be punished. Understand?"

There was nothing else I could say but, "Yes, Sir."

Brad rose from the bed, and stood before me, his bulging crotch so close I could touch it if I were not still cuffed. He slowly walked a circle around me two times, drinking in my heaving body, unable to get away even if I wanted to.

He moved behind me another time and I once again jumped as his hands touched my shoulders. His brought his lips close to my ear and whispered, "Mine, all mine."

God, I wanted to explode! My son had laid claim to my body, and he was about to take what was his!

He massaged my neck for a while, and then ran his hands down my chest until he cupped my large breasts. There were no words spoken as he began softly rubbing my distended nipples though my blouse. With every passing moment, he applied more and more pressure to my nubbins and it was all I could do to remain silent.

Brad finally whispered in my ear once more, "Do you like this, slut?"

A jolt ran straight from my nipples to my pussy and I almost wailed, "Oh, yes, Master!"

"Then you'll love what's to come, Mother," he replied, and I was totally onboard with whatever he wanted.

Brad removed his hands from my breasts and began to unbutton my blouse. He pulled the tails out from my skirt, opening it completely. He then reached between my heaving breasts and unclipped my bra, my large breasts spilling forth before his eyes almost immediately. He pulled both my shirt and bra as far down my arms as possible, sitting the way I was.

With him behind me as he was, I could not tell what he was doing, but I could feel the weight of his gaze on my big breasts. For the first time as an adult, Brad had an unencumbered view of my pretty titties and long, hard nipples.

I felt his hands on my shoulders again as they slowly drifted downwards. His fingers found my nipples and he began rolling them firmly. He began kissing and nibbling my neck as he manipulated my breasts. I moaned loudly, basking in the sensations he was giving me, the ones I had dreamed about for months. But the reality was so much better than any dream could ever be.

Every now and then he squeezed them hard, eliciting an audible groan from my lips. I found myself loving the intense stimulation, my head swimming with passion.

Brad reached down and pulled my skirt up between my legs, exposing my underwear to his eyes. My pussy was flowing and I could see my white panties were so wet with my juices they were almost transparent. He whispered in my ear, "Spread your legs," and I was only too willing to comply.

He then ran one hand under my breasts and began rubbing my tummy in large circles. He then eased his hand lower and started softly stroking me just above my pussy. Brad then hissed two words, "Ask me."

I knew what he expected me to say, so I said it, "Please touch me."

"Touch me, what, slut?" he responded loudly.

"Please touch me, Sir," I replied breathlessly.

"Where?" he followed, clearly enjoying his power over me.

"My pussy, Master. Please touch my pussy," I begged.

"That's my good little slut," Brad responded, and ran his large hand between my parted legs. I could not believe my son was actually touching my pussy; what was even more unbelievable was that I absolutely loved it. I was close to another orgasm and wanted to cum for my new Master.

I was disappointed when Brad suddenly pulled away. I felt his hands at my wrists and one by one my arms were freed from the shackles. He moved my hands in front of me, and then pulled me up out of the chair. He rolled the seat back and plopped himself down upon it, staring at me intently. With a smile, he said, "Strip for me."

My legs almost gave out below me, thinking I was going to be forced to put on a show for my only son. My blouse and bra were still wide open, so I began to quickly pull them off when he said, "Slowly, Mother, slowly. Make this sexy for me."

I was mortified, having never done anything like that before, but from the pit of my soul I wanted to make him happy. Looking into his eyes, I pulled the blouse off one shoulder, then the other, and eased it down my arms. I tossed it onto the bed, and then did the same with my bra. Even though I felt exposed and weak, my nipples were hard as rocks and my pussy was on fire.

I reached behind me and unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt, and pulled it down just an inch or two. Trying to look as sexy as possible, I began rocking my hips side to side as I lowered it a bit by bit. Part of me wanted to tease him the way he had toyed with me, but I wanted to get naked for him even more. I figured the sooner I was naked the sooner we could move things to the next stage.

My skirt dropped to the floor and I kicked it away, leaving me clad only in my panties and heels. My hands went to my hips and dug under the seams of my undies before I began to lower them as well. I felt a thrill as cool are ran past my hot pussy, knowing my son could then see my sex. I looked down and saw a huge bulge in his pants and knew he liked what he saw. I lowered the shorts down my legs and stepped out of them. I'm not sure why I did it, but I tossed Brad the soaking wet panties and he snatched them out of the air with a grin.

His eyes wandered my body in silence for almost a minute as I nervously awaited his next instruction. "You're gorgeous, Mother," he said, and I prayed he meant it. He then stood from the chair and instructed, "Now undress me."

If I thought my blood was flowing before, I had another think coming. I moved closer to him and grasped his tee shirt at the base and pulled it over his head. I bent over and began fumbling with his belt when he said, "On your knees, slut."

I knew what usually happened when a woman dropped to her knees before a man, and hoped I would be so lucky. My trembling hands finally freed the belt, and then I went to work on the button and zipper. It was difficult to focus on my task, knowing Brad's hard young cock was so close to my fingers. I eased the zipper down over his bulge, and then pulled his jeans open. Grabbing them at the hips, I yanked them down.

Brad helped me extricate them from his feet, and then I looked back towards his crotch. His penis was lewdly spiking up through his boxers, looking so ominous behind the fabric. I felt something soft touch the top of my head and looked up. Brad had placed a hand on my hair and was lightly caressing me. He had a big smile on his face, like he was proud of me, which filled my heart with joy. I wanted to please him more than anything, and if his cock was any indication, I was doing a good job so far.

I couldn't wait another second, so I ran my fingers back up his legs and grabbed his boxers. Careful not to hurt his prick, I pulled them forward and then downward, freeing it from its confines. Once again he lifted his feet so I could remove the shorts, then I looked up with anticipation. My son's perfect penis has fully erect and standing proudly, inches from my face.

From the pit of my soul I wanted to suck his cock and prayed he would let me. Not wanting to let a moment pass, I begged him, "Please, Sir, please may I suck you?"

"Not until you've had your punishment, slut," he replied, which disappointed me greatly, to say the least. He moved to the bed and sat down, then looked at intensely. He patted his thighs and said, "Over my knees." I was stunned for a moment, immobilized by therealization that I was actually going to be spanked my own son - that is, until he barked out, "Now!"

I jumped to my feet and climbed onto his lap, my crotch centered between his legs. I had never been spanked as an adult, but had dreamed about it many times. I couldn't believe it was actually about to happen.

I felt his hands caressing my ass gently when he said, "This is for entering my room without permission." A moment later I felt the sting of the first slap. It was not very hard yet my body rocked from the blow, more from the suddenness and thrill than from the pain.

"This is for reading porn stories," he stated and spanked me again.

"This is for watching porn movies online," he moaned, which was followed by another slap.

"This is for dreaming of fucking your own son," he stated, before I felt the next sting.

"This is for dreaming of playing with your own daughter," he hissed, slapping me a bit harder.

"This is for wanting to play with my girlfriend," he barked, and hit me again.

"These are for being a slut, Mother," he yelled as he began peppering my bottom with blows. None were intolerable, yet pulse after pulse ripped through my body. The pain was exquisite, giving me a pleasure I would have never dreamed of. I knew my pussy must have been dribbling all over his thighs, and I wondered if I could actually achieve an orgasm from being spanked alone.

After another twenty or so spankings, Brad stopped his assault and let me up. He stood and he took me in his arms, and then gave me a long, wet kiss. Our tongues danced with one another as he held me close. When I moved to put my arms around him he stopped me, and broke away. I looked upon him in wonder for a moment, until he said simply, "On your knees."

I dropped before him instantly, hoping I was finally getting what I so greatly desire. I looked at him with pleading in my eyes, trying to show how eager I was to please.

Brad looked down upon me with loving eyes, and with a smile said, "Suck me, slut."

As strange as it sounds, those were probably the best three words I had ever heard. I took his hardness in my hands and leaned in to kiss his cock for the first time. It was amazingly warm and hard in my hands, yet the head was as soft as velvet as I ran my tongue across it. I could make out the telltale taste of his precum in my mouth, and knew he must have enjoyed all our little games up to that point.

His cock was so large I could not get it all in my mouth, so I began stroking the base with my hands as I sucked on as much as I could. Right then I made up my mind to practice my deep-throating skills so I would someday be able to take him entirely. I wanted to please my son so badly; I hoped he was enjoying my attention to his cock. He moaned encouragement, which turned me on immensely.

"That's it slut, just like that," he said, which made me proud that I was doing he liked. I wanted to reach a hand between my legs to rub my pussy as I loved him, but found it far more important to give him pleasure.

He began rocking his hips slowly forward and back, pressing his penis in and out of my mouth. I did my best to match his thrusts, and sucked hard every time he moved deeper into me. When he pulled back, I tried to gently scrape my teeth across his skin, wanting to give him as many sensations as possible. I wondered how April sucked his cock and hoped I was at least as good as she was.

His hands then wrapped around my head, holding me firmly in place as his rhythm increased. I had to consciously remember to breathe through my nose as Brad began to fuck my face. I knew he was close and so wanted to take his load in my mouth. I had never enjoyed swallowing before, but at that moment, I wanted nothing more in the world. Every ounce of his seed seemed special to me and I didn't want to waste a single drop.

Only a moment later I felt his fingers twist in my hair as he pressed forward one last time, and with a grunt he blasted a torrent of hot cum into my mouth. I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth as each spurt splashed into my throat. He held my head for a long time, as his cock slowly shrank inside me. Thankfully I was still barely able to breathe, or I would have passed out by the time he removed it from my mouth.

Brad dropped back onto the chair with a contented sigh. "That was fucking amazing, Mom," he said, and my body felt like it was glowing for making him so happy. I leaned forward and rested my head on his thigh, looking up into his handsome face. He began running his fingers through my hair which sent a shiver down my spine.

"Did I do well, Master?" I asked, reassured that at least it wasn't bad.

"You did great, slut," he responded, and rubbed my head lovingly.

I had never been more content in my life than I was at that moment, on my knees at my son's, no, my Master's, feet. It felt so right, like I was always meant to be there.

We stayed like that for a long while until Brad told me to get up on the bed. I was unsure what he wanted, but hoped before the night was through that he was going to fuck me just like I had seen him fuck his girlfriend only weeks before.

I lay on my back and Brad climbed on beside me. He began toying with my nipples again, rolling them between his strong fingers. "I've always wanted to see these, mom," he said before he lowered his mouth to kiss them. He slowly went from one to the other, kissing, sucking and nibbling on them. Never before had someone made love to my breasts so thoroughly, and I absolutely loved every second of it.

He moved lower and began kissing my tummy, slowly dragging his tongue across my soft skin, while his fingers teased my ticklish torso. After kissing my belly button, he headed further south and I knew what was to come. It had been ages since I'd enjoyed a good licking, and I was more than ready to end that losing streak.

I spread my legs wide, allowing him access to my pussy. Brad wasted to time and began kissing and licking all over my naked sex. His warm, wet tongue began running up and down my folds, then pressed inside me to taste my juices. He lapped at me like a starving kitten and I purred in response.

Brad eased a finger deep inside of as he began to concentrate on my little bud. Much like he had done to me, I wrapped my hands around his head and pulled it into my crotch. The sensations wracking my body were amazing and I had only seconds before I would cum. My hips rocked against him as I literally rode his face to the most amazing climax of my life.

I was happy it was summer so all the windows were closed because of the air conditioning, otherwise people five blocks away would have heard my screams. As it was, I was still afraid that the police might be on the way wondering who had been murdered.

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