Sandra's Submission


Brad had licked and fingered me throughout my entire orgasm, and finally eased back as I slowly calmed down. My arms flopped to my sides and my legs relaxed once more, leaving me wide open. He slowly climbed up my body until we were face to face. He leaned in and gave me a soft, almost fatherly, kiss on the forehead, before he said, "Put me in."

I felt his cock brushing against my thigh, and knew he was rock hard again. My right hand snaked between us until I grasped his big prick in my hand. I guided it to my slit and felt its heat against my slippery folds.

Brad looked down upon me with a toothy grin and asked, "Do you want this, slut?"

"Oh, God, yes, Master! Please!" I begged, and meant every word.

No other word was said as he slowly pressed his hips forward, sinking his hard cock balls-deep inside me. And much as I loved "'Lil Brad," he was nothing compared to Big Brad. My son's hot cock was so much better than a cold plastic facsimile. The fact that it was a touch larger made it even better, and he stretched me like no man ever had before.

I couldn't help myself and a long, "Yesssssssss," escaped my lips as Brad began to fuck me. Each thrust seemed better than the last as his bulbous head moved back and forth, plunging my depths. I locked my legs around his bottom, trying to pull him into me harder and harder.

Even though I had come only minutes before, I knew another was not far off. My pussy was simply on fire, loving the attention my son's cock was showering upon us. He pounded me with smooth, steady stokes as I grew accustomed to his length and girth. He felt so perfect inside me I was convinced we were made for one another.

Even in an air conditioned house, I could see the sweat forming on my son's brow as he fucked me. I could feel my clammy back against the sheets and knew I was a sweaty, oversexed mess as well.

Brad pushed his hands under my thighs and pulled my legs from around his body. He pushed my knees back until he placed them securely over his shoulders. With that, I was spread wide as he began pounding my pussy unmercifully.

I simply loved the feeling of his thick cock penetrating me. I had never been so filled, but I was not yet satisfied. I knew I wouldn't have to wait long as my body went into overdrive humping rapidly against my son. Pinned back the way I was I could not move much, but I met his thrusts as best as I could. I was gritting my teeth as he drove his hardness in and out of me like a madman. I had never felt anything like it, but I gave into the feeling completely.

Brad looked down upon me and asked, "You love this, don't you slut?"

I was so close to cumming I could barely form words. "Oh yes, Master," I whimpered through moans.

The bed was creaking as he pounded me harder and faster. Brad was making grunting noises and he fucked me ruthlessly. I was amazed at his staying power, having never been pounded so perfectly. I had a strong orgasm, but he just kept going until I felt yet another one coming on. He began fucking me faster and faster, so I knew he must finally be close too.

I wanted to turn him on so much, I offered him encouragement. "Cum in me Master, please cum in me," I begged, and he whimpered loudly. My own body went over the top as I felt him stiffen, knowing he was cumming deep in my cunt.

Brad took my legs off his shoulders and collapsed on the bed beside me. We were both gasping for air like two fish that suddenly found themselves out of the water. I rolled onto my side so I could rest my head on my son's chest, and I pressed myself tightly against him. I never before felt so thoroughly sated.

We lay in silence for a while, when Brad got up out of the bed. I assumed he was maybe going to the bathroom to clean up, but was surprised when he grabbed his digital camera off his desk. He brought it to his face and said, "Smile, Mom, I want pictures of you looking freshly fucked."

I was nervous as hell, praying that they were for his eyes only, as he began snapping picture after picture. He had me pose in all sorts of positions, capturing all my intimate places. He loaded them onto his laptop and pulled me onto his lap as we looked them over. I was totally embarrassed as he scrolled through the shots. There were close-ups of my wet pussy, my hard nipples and my well-spanked ass. He made comments about each one, telling me why he thought they were sexy, which made me feel sexy, too.

Over the next few weeks, we settled into a fairly regular routine, but Brad would always surprise me with something new. I would arise each morning next to my son, and wake him with a loving blowjob. It felt deliciously deviant taking my son's seed before I made myself ready for work each morning. Some days, the good ones, Brad would join me in the shower, and fuck me standing up as we bathed.

I was often working late, but usually shortly after arriving home I was naked and willingly doing my son's bidding. I gave him head often, and if he thought I did well, I was rewarded with a good pussy licking, and usually a hard fuck too. He took more and more pictures as well, capturing me in more degrading positions. He had shots of my face covered in his cum, and licking his seed off my nipples. Strange as it sounds, I loved looking at them, knowing how much it pleased him to see me that way.

I was surprised when April joined us on our Thursday movie night. Since we had been sleeping together, he seemed to have lots of excuses not to see her, but there she was. Brad let me wear my silk pajamas, not the usual skimpy nightgown I had become used to wearing for him. I counted down the minutes until the movie was over, assuming Brad would send her home. Yet he took her to his bed and sent me to my own for the first time in weeks.

As I lay alone, I missed my son's touch deeply. I'd grown so accustomed to him taking me it had become completely ingrained in my very being. I wondered what they were doing, was she sucking him and was he licking her? Did he prefer her young tight pussy to my own?

I awoke the next morning feeling none too refreshed. After my son wearing me out so much, I felt shockingly empty and alone. I remembered one of Brad's rules, the one where I had to give him a blow job first thing in the morning before I left for work. I assumed having April in the house would change things, yet I had to find out. I sat in bed pondering my next move, yet knew if I was going to make it to work on time, I had to do something.

I padded down to Brad's room and knocked on the door softly. I heard a soft, "Come in," so I entered.

Brad and April were snuggled together, each of them looking at me intently.

"Yes?" Brad asked me, barely able to repress a grin

"Umm, can I talk with you a moment, honey?" I asked, not exactly sure what to say.

"Of course, come on in," he replied, I'm sure knowing that was not what I wanted.

"No, I mean, ummm," I could barely get the words out of my mouth.

"You can say whatever you want to in front of April, Mom," he cut me off, obviously wanting to make me uncomfortable.

"I umm, it's just," I stammered, feeling so self-conscious. Brad would never have told April about our relationship, I was sure of that. Incest was illegal, so the fewer who knew, the better, I assumed.

"What is it, Mother?" he teased, making me feel small.

"We, umm, need to talk in my room," was all I could answer, hoping he understood my message.

He patted the bed next to April's hip and said, "No, there's plenty of room here."

I hesitated a moment, then made my way to take a seat on the bed beside them. Both Brad and April looked at me carefully, and then she asked, "So, what is it you wanted to talk about?"

I was ashamed, but I said, "Well, I need to get ready for work soon." I thought that sounded like a code that my son would understand and hopefully would puzzle April, yet she just smiled.

I was stunned when she said, "So, are you here to suck your son's cock or not?"

I was dumbfounded! Clearly, my assumption about our relationship being private was way off. Apparently, knowing his mom wanted to play with his girlfriend was too much to keep secret.

There were no other words spoken before April pushed the sheets down Brad's body, slowly exposing his naked groin. They were clearly both naked and I stole a quick glance at her body as well. She wrapped a hand around his cock, then looked over at me, asking, "Is this what you want, Mrs. C?"

I was mortified, but was once again compelled to tell the truth. "Yes," I muttered, as April looked upon me with a smug smile.

"Well, get down here and suck it, slut," she stated as she waved Brad's cock back and forth in her hand.

I was beyond embarrassed. A pretty young girl knew what I wanted, and knew it was my own son's cock. I had always had the impression that April was on the submissive side, but clearly she seemed to enjoy her role in pushing me. In spite of my better judgment, I complied and sank my head between Brad's legs. In an instant, I had the tip of his cock within my mouth, and everything suddenly felt so right. I was worshiping my son's cock, just as I was meant to, regardless of any audience.

April was running her small hand over my head as she kissed my son. "Is she sucking you good, baby?" she asked him, and I heard him groan in the affirmative. I then heard her ask, "When she's done with you, can I have a crack?"

I was not exactly sure what that meant, but assumed I was about to taste my first pussy when Brad answered, "You sure can baby. My mom's gonna lick you raw."

The two lovers were kissing passionately as I sucked his cock with a growing sense of urgency. Out of the corner of my eyes I watched as Brad ran a hand between April's legs and began toying with her pussy. I heard him say, "Let's make it nice and juicy for her." My nipples tingled and my clit twitched knowing I was soon going to taste another woman.

I began taking him in deeper and harder, wanting to make my son cum so badly. Shortly thereafter, I heard Brad say, "Hold her head while I fuck it. I want to cum in her mouth."

April wrapped her hands around my head and held it tight as my son began pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I had never felt so used, yet at the same time felt so amazingly turned on. "That's it baby, fuck her mouth," she barked, as she pushed my head forward. Just seconds later, Brad painted my tonsils with his hot spunk, and I drank it all down greedily.

After Brad came down from his orgasm, my head was released and I was able to sit up. I sheepishly looked back and forth between the two of them, when April lay back against the pillows. With a big grin on her face, she said, "Hope your mouth's not too tired. It's my turn."

I couldn't help but look down between her legs at her pretty shaved pussy. It was the first one I'd seen up close in real life, other than when changing Julie's diaper, of course. Her folds were much smaller than my own, and her mound less prominent.

"God, I can't wait to see this," Brad said, and scooted lower for a better view. It was strangely thrilling knowing that my son was about to watch me eat my first woman. April drew her feet up to her bottom and spread her knees wide.

I kissed my way down her thighs, drawing closer and closer to her honey pot. I could smell her musky scent and could feel myself salivating as I licked her upper thigh. I was so ready to taste April's pussy, and hoped it would be as sweet as I had dreamed.

When my face was directly in front of her succulent slit, I stuck my tongue out as far as possible and ran it slowly up her labia. My taste buds tingled and my blood pounded as I drank her in for the first time. It was different than my own tang but exponentially better than I could have hoped, and I savored every juicy bit. I began running my tongue up and down her groove, wanting to make her feel as good as my son had only moments before.

Brad jumped off the bed and returned a moment later with his trusty digital camera. "We have to capture this for posterity, mother. Your first taste of pussy will be forever on film," he said, as the flash went off. Even with as many shots of me in compromising positions as he had taken, I still felt embarrassed at what he was catching me doing. "Stick your tongue out and look towards me," he directed, and I did what I was told. I was certain the picture would prove nasty, which I'm sure is what he wanted.

He snapped off a few more from various angles as I lapped his girlfriend's sweet nectar. I used my fingers to spread her lips so I could lick deep within her. Knowing how I liked to be pampered, I avoided her clit for a long time and instead focused everywhere else. April said to my son, "God baby, your mom is licking me so good."

"Make her cum, mom," Brad encouraged me, so I used my fingertips to hold her hood back so I could lick her tiny clit. I drove two fingers of my other hand in and out of her tight pussy, wanting to make her cum as my son requested.

"That's it, yes," April moaned as I mouthed her clit. She began panting and rolling her hips, and I tried to keep pace with her motion. I couldn't believe I was actually about to make another woman cum, but the idea made me amazingly hot.

Brad moved closer and began toying with April's nipples as I went down on her. "Oh, God, baby, so close!" she screamed as mother and son worked her over in concert.

My own nipples were hard as bullets and wished he were playing with them, but realized this was about his and her pleasure, not my own selfish gratification. It turned me on to give of myself completely for their enjoyment.

April started huffing in and out as her climax drew near. I pistoned my fingers more rapidly and sucked on her clit as best as I could with her moving so much. She kept repeating, "Oh, oh, oh," as we drove her arousal higher and higher. Finally she wailed aloud as she came on my face. I relished the fact that I was able to get her off so well, the first and only pussy I had ever licked. I savored the taste on my lips, wondering just when I'd have access to suck a sweet slit again.

April stared at me and said, "Look at that honey, her face is covered with my pussy cream. You need a picture of that." It was humiliating, but I posed for a number of shots with the sticky froth across my cheeks. I assumed the other pictures he took were private, but after what he shared with April I was unsure.

My body was on fire and I really needed to cum. Brad must have sensed my urgency, because he asked April, "I think my slut did well, do you? Think we should let her cum?"

April answered, "She licked me almost as good as you baby. I think we should."

Brad looked at me and stated, "Go get your dildo mom, April and I want a show."

I had hoped that one of them would get me off, but I was glad that I was allowed to cum regardless. I ran to my room and snatched 'Lil Brad from my drawer and ran back to his room. When I entered the room I found Brad holding April close, and wondered what they wanted me to do.

Brad ordered, "Get those pajamas off," and I stripped as quickly as I could. He then pointed at the chair and told me to sit down. "Put your feet up on the seat under you," he instructed, and I pulled them up to my bottom and instinctively spread my knees wide. "Now fuck yourself," he told me, and I gladly did what I was told.

I felt like a total slut fucking myself in front of my son and his girlfriend, but that only made me hotter. My pussy was soaking wet as I drove the toy in and out of me over and over. I was not in a mood to tease, I needed to get off.

"Look at that slut fucking herself," April said to my son, as I pounded my pussy.

"I know, and check out her nipples. Have you ever seen anything like them?" he replied, watching me intently.

"Geez, they must be close to an inch long," she responded, and I suddenly felt even more self-conscious than I had before.

My body was in overdrive as I jammed the toy inside of myself. I had not only sucked my son's cock in front of his girlfriend, but I had tasted her sweet pussy too. And there I was, legs spread wide fucking myself with a fake cock in front of an audience. I could feel the skin tightening all over my body and my spine stiffen as my orgasm came thundering on.

I screamed aloud as I came, closing my eyes to bask in the incredible sensation. When I finally opened them, Brad and April were kissing passionately and groping one another as if I were not there. I didn't want to interrupt their coupling, but I was afraid I'd be late for work. The kids stopped their making out for a moment, so I asked, "Master, may I go take my shower now?"

"Of course, slut," he answered with a grin, so I stood to leave.

"Hold on a sec," April said before I'd moved two steps. "I'm all sweaty, can I shower with her?" she asked my son, and he nodded enthusiastically.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," he said as we made our way towards my bathroom.

It seemed bizarre to be getting under my shower with another naked woman. As the hot water began splashing over our bodies, April grabbed the soap and began lathering me up all over. Her hands touched me everywhere, but she clearly spent more time on my breasts, ass and pussy than anywhere else. She stood behind me and told me to put a foot on the rim of the tub. She ran her hand between my legs and began frigging my cunt. She then grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling my head back as she rubbed her hand across my snatch.

I was amazed at how such a petite little woman could manhandle me, but I loved it. She ran most of her arm up and down my slit, from her hand to almost her elbow, then back down again. I found myself standing on my toes, trying to give her more access to my sex. As she held my head back so the water blasted in my face, I came on her forearm with a scream.

My legs were weak and I was afraid I'd fall in the slick tub, but somehow managed to maintain my balance. April handed me the soap and told me to wash her, which I gladly did. As my hands danced over her perky small tits, I relished my first feel of another woman's breasts. I palmed her tiny nipples, savoring the feel against my skin. I had a sudden desire to kiss them and leaned into her and took one between my lips. I instantly knew why men seemed to admire my breasts so much as I loved the feel of her nipple on my tongue.

After a few minutes of toying with her tits, I dropped to my knees and began washing her legs, slowly moving higher and higher. I was surprised how much I enjoyed soaping her bottom, running my hand into her butt crack to get her nice and clean. I then eased my hand between her legs and lathered her pussy. Her hands were both pressed against the tile wall as I rubbed her pussy, no longer even pretending I was cleaning her. Her bottom was thrust out at me, providing me access to her womanly charms. I put my fingers together and rubbed them in a circular motion across her entire cunt.

Even over the pounding of the water, I heard her moaning loudly. I wanted her to feel my hard nipples and big tits rubbing against her back as I got her off, so I stood and pressed myself against her back as I rubbed her harder and faster. Her petite body began rocking as I pleasured her. She suddenly started shouting, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," over and over as she came all over my hand.

We stayed in the shower a while longer and cleaned each other off. April finally shut the water off and we stepped out of the tub. She grabbed a towel and rubbed it over my entire body, yet she seemed to relish rubbing my distended nipples.

She then handed me a towel and I began working it over her soft skin. She turned and gave me complete access to her body, which I drank in. She was simply a vision, and I was happy I had a chance at her. I hoped I would again.

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