tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSandra's Vacation Ch. 02

Sandra's Vacation Ch. 02


The night party that was to suppose to be held at Lucy's apartment shifted from that night to the next day evening. So it gave Lucy lots of time to further prepare this slut, Sandra for the party. She walked into the living room, casually brushing her teeth and saw the most comical scene she had ever seen till now.

The rough and tough teacher, who once brought Lucy into tears, forcing her to quit college and even to leave New York immediately, was sleeping all naked on the living room floor, on her ass, her face pointing at the ceiling of the room, her legs were even spread letting anyone in the room to appreciate her naked beauty.

Lucy finished brushing off her teeth, and then she walked next to sleeping Sandra. She smirked and spat on her face. Sandra's face wiggled a bit, she frowned and looking at that Lucy decided to give her a nice good morning greeting, one that will make her remember instantly where she was and what was going to happen to her from now on. Lucy placed her bare left foot on Sandra's face and started to rub the saliva all over it, grinning from ear to ear.

Sandra woke up having a foot rub her face, noticing that, Lucy giggled, "Good morning my dear, Madam Slut." Sandra opened her mouth wide, but before she could say anything, Lucy pushed three of her toes inside her mouth and smirked, "Yes, tell me bitch, what you are about to, oh wait, you can't talk like this." She chuckled before adding, "But you can listen, right? Then lick my toes pretty good, make them wet honey, just as wet as your cunt was tomorrow night."

Sandra turned red faced on hearing the comment, but she started to suck on Lucy's toes all three of them, one by one, because she realized this to be the best process to avoid any massive trouble during her time in London. But what point she missed was, on the heart of London, these little girl and her friend, couldn't have done much to her if she refused to submit to them, after all this city was tight with security.

After having her toes licked for more than 5 minutes, Lucy pulled them out of Sandra's mouth and started to rub her wet foot all over Sandra's face again, slowly sliding them down to her large juicy tits. Lucy started to clamp Sandra's nipples one by one in between her toes and pulling them up roughly to the point where Sandra started to scream from pain. "How does it feel like, you American bitch, do you regret treating me like what you have done to me before?"

Sandra yelped, "Yes Lucy, I mean Mistress. I am sorry for what I have done to you and I promise I won't be that rough on any of any students from this point on. Please Mistress Lucy, let me go." Sandra sat on the floor, locking her eyes to Lucy's, her body panting from this wake-up treatment she received from her student, Lucy.

Lucy smiled to see how Sandra was breathing deeply, causing her tits to rise and fall slowly yet in some way that turned on Lucy beyond her guess. But she managed to suppress her sexual lust and asked Sandra with a mocking tone, "I didn't tell you to call me, Mistress. Where did you learn this word, is it from Charles honey?"

Sandra looked at the floor, her face painted in crimson shades, "Yes Mistress, Master Charles told me."

"Oh, my Charles, he is sure one of the classiest friends I have ever met. But well, my little bitch, Sandra, I believe what you just told me was from your heart and you honestly meant all of that." Lucy saw, how eagerly Sandra was nodding her head, on hearing Lucy's statement, so she waited for a while before adding, "BUT it is too late for you to apologize to me now. As I told you, 'you will pay' and you know revenge always comes with an interest. So your punishment will be way harsher than what you did to me."

Lucy's feet roamed all over Sandra's body, before it started to play with her cunt. Lucy saw the wetness of Sandra between her legs and thought to herself, "She must love being treated like this." She kissed her cunt lightly and barked another order at her, "Go take a quick shower. We are going outside after that and you will do whatever I say. Now hurry!" Lucy headed off to her own room, getting ready for the new journey with her ex-teacher, present slave.

When Sandra came out of the bathroom, all wet and scrubbing her pussy with the towel, Lucy smiled and handed few clothes to her. "I want you to wear these, my pet." The clothes included a micro-mini skirt so short that after wearing it, it barely covers the butt cleavage of Sandra because of her height. A white top which reads at the front, 'SQUEEZE AND HAVE FUN' and only one piece of underwear for her, a panty that too smelled horribly, when Sandra looked up into Lucy's eyes to question about it, Lucy grinned, "YEAH! I KNOW. I peed on it intentionally so that you can wear this smelly panty today. Just slip it on."

Sandra wanted to protest she knew she must but something deep inside her mind, wanted her, to submit to Lucy completely and slowly that part took over her entire will. When Sandra finished dressing for Lucy she was undoubtedly looking exceptionally slutty in the small skirt and smelly panty and a white top with explicit comment and no bra underneath it. Lucy squeezed tits of blushing deep red, Sandra like the comment read and giggled, "You are tight and pretty round. Ok, let's get our asses out of here we are going on a walk."

Lucy grinned when she stepped out of the apartment and saw Sandra following her quietly. The streets of London were pretty busy at that time of the day and although Lucy said they were going out on a walk, it seemed she was heading towards somewhere specific. But on her Sandra attracted lots of eyes towards herself, when she walked her hem of the skirt was rising a little allowing her panty to take a quick peak outside. Her 34D boobs were pointing outwards and without any shame, her nipples started to get hard trying to pierce out of her top. Sandra asked Lucy, "Umn, where are you going?"

Lucy replied nonchalantly, "To the saloon my dear. You have pretty ugly bush and we have to do something about it. Now don't you dare talk or try to pull any tricks on me do exactly what I want you to do or you will regret this decision as well in near future."

Lucy hasted inside a high-end saloon and told Sandra to sit on the table, while she has a talk with the barber. The barber was only 20 years old and pretty handsome in his black hair and slight muscular figure accompanied with his shiny green eyes. He was a friend of Lucy's and after Lucy described the incident to him, he wore an evil grin on his face, and kissed Lucy on the cheek, "You are my best friend."

Around 4 to 5 men were already waiting on the table and everyone was pretty surprised to see two hot ladies to walk inside a men's saloon, but they were blown away by the comment they heard from Jack, the barber, "You gentlemen have to wait for a little bit sir. This girl pretty urgently needs to shave her pubes. Ok, and you miss, squat on the chair spreading your legs for good access."

Sandra bit her lips tightly; ignoring the command flatly, as if she didn't heard Jack at all. But her attitude took a 180 turn when she heard Lucy adding spice to the situation, "Obey my girl or you know what will happen. Don't you?" Sandra nodded and sighed squatting down on the shaving chair, she reluctantly pulled her panties down to her ankle and thanks to the mirrors everyone at the shop was able to see her cunt and her blushing face.

Jack smiled and started to spray water aiming for her cunt directly, causing her to throw her head backward and moan out for the pleasure of the present customers. Lucy sat beside the other customers to enjoy the short show being put by her once upon a time tormentor. Jack started to apply shaving cream all over her pussy lips and crotch till they became sufficiently foamy. Jack teasingly asked, "Can I shave your cunt, our little street bitch?"

"Yes Master Barber, please do so." Was the only response that Sandra could think of, and she knew her Mistress was happy with her response, Sandra could just tell from the way Lucy laughed along with the other men. Jack grinned to receive such slutty permission and started to shave off her pubes, the last bit of modesty that was contained within her before completely submitting to her ex student, Lucy. While Lucy watched it at the mirror, she was enjoying her biggest victory, to humiliate Sandra just as she wanted.

After Jack made sure, she was smooth in between her legs, he ordered her to turn around, "Rest your chin on the head-rest of the chair and present your ass for me, bitch. I wanna made sure that you are shaved everywhere except head." He couldn't help but squeeze her tits through her top before she got the chance to turn around, but Sandra couldn't deny that his touch on her juicy tits felt quite good for her as well she answered affirmatively by nodding.

Sandra turned, she kneeled on the edge of the chair and then leaned forward placing her chin on the head-rest of the chair, thrusting her ass outwards she watched by her own tear filled eyes the grin and amusement on everybody's eyes while they watched her getting humiliated. The other customers were enjoying this as much as Lucy herself, still they weren't sure, why was she being abused, but they were relishing on the scene at their utmost capability.

Jack spread her butt cheeks with his hands to make sure, she didn't have even a single hair in there, hiding somewhere near her crotch. When he was satisfied with the inspection, he smiled and thrust his middle finger inside her un-lubed ass in one swift motion and cackled at the way she yelped at this sudden fingering, "You are okay, now get off the chair. I have other customers to deal with." He slapped her ass cheek pretty strong, to make the point clear to her.

Sandra pulled up her underwear and jumped down from the chair, unable to look at anyone in the eye, nervously walking towards Lucy. Lucy smiled and whispered to her, "I am so proud of you, my slave." And then focused her eyes at Jack, "What will you charge for this one, Jack?"

Jack thought about it for a while and answered with a grin on his face, "Well this is not listed in my chart, and this is some unusual type of shaving, which honestly I never had done to anyone before. So well, how about an unusual price? I want her ass for 10 minutes, right here and well right now. Or otherwise, shaving pubes in public saloon is illegal I can have this slut, whom I shaved behind the bars in no time."

Sandra didn't even need to tell; she trolled her way towards Jack and fell on all her fours, lifting her ass up in the air for him. Her face was rubbing against the saloon floor; exactly the same position Charles fucked her last night. The other men were having a hard time, with their hard-on, till one of them asked Lucy nervously, "Can we do anything to her? It seems she doesn't have much opinion on this matter, she is doing anything she is being told to do."

Lucy leered at Sandra, the poor teacher, waiting to get her ass filled up, and her face on the ground, allowing anyone to degrade her, but it was turning Sandra on so much, that she unconsciously placed one of her hand on her pussy and started to toy with herself, rubbing her lips slowly. Lucy didn't miss it, and she answered with a beam on her face, "Well, I can't allow you guys to have direct contact with her, but all of you are allowed to jerk off on her face, which will be her facial for the rest of the day."

Sandra pushed her palm against her ear trying to play deaf. She couldn't believe how much degraded she was going to be in her so called vacation. Jack grinned and pulled her panties down to her ankles. He grinned and spat on his finger, then using the finger to lube her ass. Pushing it deep inside her, Sandra started to moan and gasp a little as that. Jack scoffed, "So, you need something to keep your mouth shut, huh, bitch?" He pulled the pee soaked panty out of Sandra's legs and pushed it inside her mouth, "Now here you go."

Lucy jumped up clapping like a maniac in front of all, she bursted out laughing, "How good does the pee soaked panty taste, my dear little Sandra? Is it good?" she asked, barely keeping her excitements inside. Lucy felt a moist sensation growing inside her cunt, when she saw how Sandra nodded at her question.

Jack pushed Sandra forward so that she could reach Lucy, sitting on the table, while the other customer circled her, stroking their long cocks in front of her face. Jack was spanking her ass by his strong large palm, and Lucy pushed her crotch against Sandra's face, pulling out the soaked panty out of her mouth "Umn, by dear bitch, lick me to an orgasm. I wanna see, you good you are at cunt licking."

Sandra blushed and put her head under Lucy's skirt. Sandra could tell how much Lucy was excited to have the control over Sandra, by the smell of Lucy's sex. Sandra started to lick the crotch of her panty shamefully; this was her first time doing something related to lesbianism. After licking it for a while, Sandra pulled the skirt down to Lucy's knee and started to enjoy her naked cunt.

Jack groaned to see Lucy bending her neck backwards and humping her slave's mouth, from the intense arousal that was growing inside her for a long time. He also couldn't keep himself quiet and started to push the thick end of his cock inside Sandra's asshole. Sandra saw through the corner of her eye, how everyone was stroking their cock, moaning from the sex show put on by her. Jack leaned and started to squeeze both of her tits from behind, enjoying the soft flesh.

Sandra was surprised to see her body responding positively to this sexual atmosphere, where she was nothing but a sex toy. Her nipples hardened under her shirt once again, and shamefully for her, Jack also noticed this arousal, "Wow, my dear God, you are enjoying this humiliation aren't you, bitch? You wanna get milked by me, honey?" Jack grinned from ear to ear while humping her ass slowly, and pulling her nipples like people does when milking a cow. "Mm, you are so soft and so appealing." Jack moaned out, to feel her asshole tightly gripping his hard cock.

Sandra was rubbing her cunt, while sucking her mistress's cunt, she was flushing from this abuse, but she never felt this much sexual lust developed inside her. She moaned and moaned while slurping Lucy's wet cunt, sometimes rubbing the juice over her own face, Jack was boring her ass pretty well, making it looser than before with each thrust, he slapped her ass soundly, "You disgusted little pig, no touching yourself. You don't deserve to cum."

Sandra ignored the command and continued to touch her for a while, but soon strong implementation of few more smacks on her bare butt persuaded her to do otherwise. It didn't take much time for Lucy to cum all over Sandra's face. Lucy kept her legs clamped around Sandra's face, thinking whether she should introduce toilet play directly to her right then or not. Then she decided to keep it in the store for later.

Lucy pulled away Sandra's face, by grabbing her hair and then chuckled, "Wow, look at how my juicy cum is shining all over your face, my dear. Too bad, your facial make up is not over already. Keep your slutty mouth closed while these gentlemen provide you with a nice little finishing touch over your face, and well this is it."

Jack was humping her ass as fast as he could not at all caring for her grunting, wiggling to fight the pain. With every hump he felt he was about to cum inside her tight little butt cheek, stealing away her anal virginity. The other customers took their turns spraying their hot jism all over her face, and slowly the red color of her shame, faded away under the white thick loads of cum, being sprayed all over her face.

Jack moaned and started to fill up her ass with his cum, squirting nearly 3 to 4 times inside her ass unable to hold the urge to ejaculate any longer. He was panting loudly, from the intense sexual release. He patted her ass gently, "Well slave, thanks for the entertainment, now you have to crawl away from my cock since I am lazy enough to pull myself out of your rosebud right now and don't forget to thank my customers for the nice facial cream they gave you for free."

Sandra was crying softly, her tears were getting mixed up in hot loads of cum that were sticking to her face making it more uncomfortable for her. She looked at the guys circling her and meekly thanked all of them, "Thank you guys, for umn, decorating me with your cum", while crawling a little forward, till she heard the popping sound at Jack's cock slipped out of her sore widely gaping asshole.

Lucy patted her head to comfort her while she pushed the smelly wet panty inside Sandra's mouth once again, "I am proud of you my slave and well I have more plans for you. But right now, I can't allow you to walk outside like this, we shall wait, until the cum on your face gets diluted enough to lose the whitish color and then we shall have more fun outside. So for now, sit on the floor and wait like a good puppy girl that you are while sucking my pee soaked panty."

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