tagErotic CouplingsSands of the Beach

Sands of the Beach


The blue tropical water glistened invitingly, the ripples washing on the shore of the island lapping at the beach, like a tongue teasingly kissing a lover's lips. The warm air was stirred by a breeze, wafting gently through the palm trees creating a soft hissing sound. The beach was deserted except for the two lovers who were just now coming out of the surf.

They laughed as they held hands, running from the water's edge to a blanket stretched out on the sand beneath several trees. The fronds of the trees swayed gently back and forth dappling the blanket with sunlight. Next to the blanket, a small cooler containing wine and ice waited for the couple. A small bottle of coconut oil was also nearby. The couple was dressed for the occasion. She was a buxom blonde with sparkling blue eyes, wearing a two-piece thong bikini and he had dark, curly hair, dressed in a pair of surfer shorts. Their outer clothing lay bunched up on the blanket.

They arrived at the blanket, out of breath from swimming and the run up the beach from the surf. They collapsed on the blanket still holding hands. They were very much in love and in lust with each other. They had picked this spot away from the tourists and the others at the hotel, a mile away and over the dunes. They had this corner of the world to themselves. They sat down and the man poured wine into the glasses, handing her one. They sat in silence, drinking their wine, looking into each other's eyes. How beautiful she is, the man thought to himself. What could she possibly see in me?. He leaned toward her and they gently kissed. He could taste the wine and the saltiness of the sea on her lips. She responded to him and parted her lips inviting him to explore her mouth. He didn't need a second invitation and his tongue went past her lips and began caressing the inside of her mouth. She placed her hands on the side of his face and returned the kiss, gently biting his lower lip.

"Oh wow, you sure are good at that," she said.

"You're not so bad yourself," he replied. "Would you like me to put some oil on your back?"

"That would be nice."

The woman reached up and untied her top allowing her ample bosom to come free of the material. The man reached out and gently touched her breasts. "They are very nice," he said.

"Glad you like them. They are the only ones I have," she replied with a laugh.

The man laughed as well and she laid down on the blanket slowly rolling over on to her back. He poured a little oil on her skin and began gently massaging it into her. She gathered their clothes under her head and used them as a pillow. Her blonde hair spread out from her head like butterfly wings. He worked his hands down her back and on to her tight buttocks. She wriggled as he tickled her skin with his feather touch., gently applying the oil all over her.

"I like your ass. It is so smooth to the touch," he said with a catch in his voice.

"I think it is my best feature," she replied.

The man chuckled as he continued to work the oil into her skin. She moaned with the pleasure of his touch, slowly gyrating her buttocks. The man began working down her legs, gently kneading her thighs and calves, softly and tenderly applying the oil to her skin. He worked his way back up her legs and as he rubbed the inner part of her thighs she parted her legs for him, allowing him to touch every part of her legs.

His eyes gazed at her exposed womanhood and he began to stiffen in his shorts. With hesitation he allowed his fingers to gently touch her and felt an involuntary shudder coursing through her flesh. He reached up with both hands and gently tugged at the waist band of her bikini bottom. The woman elevated her hips, allowing him to pull them completely off of her. He put them aside and moistening his hands with oil, began to delicately massage between her legs. He could feel her dewy moisture and saw it form on her blonde pubic hair. His manhood continued to grow, becoming harder to contain in the confines of his tight shorts.

He bent over the woman, and with the lightest of touches put his tongue on the top of the cleft of her buttocks, gently moving it back and forth. The woman moaned softly, gently rocking her body from side to side in response to his pleasured touch. His tongue moved down and as it did she raised her hips, pulling her legs under her ever so slightly.

"God, that feels good," she moaned. "Please don't stop."

The man continued to lick her, flicking his tongue in and out and back and forth. He was on his knees behind her and leaning forward into her, licking and teasing her with his tongue. His hands caressed her cheeks, spreading them before him. His tongue worked deeper into the cleft and finding her puckered hole he jabbed it with his probing tongue. She gasped at the sensation, moaning in delight. His mouth worked its way down to her dampness, gently biting and sucking on her. Her lips stiffened with blood, the heat of her pleasing the man. He stopped and sat up, no longer able to stand the confines of the fabric of his shorts against his stiff rod.

He stripped his shorts off and bent down to his task of pleasing the woman. His tongue began slipping in to her, licking the delicate opening. He found her clit and gently sucked it into his mouth, his tongue tapping against it, moving from top to bottom and side to side. The woman's moans grew as the wave of pleasure created by him washed over her.

Again he sat up and reaching into the cooler, he pulled out a piece of ice. He rubbed her with it, and she cried out.

"Oh, God! Oh, please don't stop," she whimpered.

"Not even if you beg me," he replied.

He took more ice and placed it in his mouth. He went back to kissing her and licking her, the cold contrasting with the heat of his mouth. He ran his tongue up the cleft of her ass and stopping at her anus pushing the ice in to her hole with his tongue. The woman gasped at the new sensation, stifling a scream of surprise. His mouth went back down to her golden pubic hair and he continued his ministrations there. His fingers worked up and down her cleft touching her here and there as his tongue darted around her pulsating pussy. The woman's moans and groans quickened as he brought her closer and closer to an orgasm. He sensed how close she was and he backed off, not wanting her to come yet.

"Oh, please don't stop," she pleaded. "I am so close."

The man ignored her request and reached into the cooler once again. He retrieved some more ice and began rubbing her with it. The melting ice dripped from her and he began catching it on his tongue as he continued licking her. He chilled her and heated her up at the same time. Holding a piece of ice in his mouth, he sucked on her clit and she gave out a yelp at the sensation. He took another piece and again rubbed it on her anus feeling it pucker at the touch. He pushed it into her and she groaned even louder.

"I want to fuck you," she cried out.

"When I am ready, you will," he replied.

The man laid down under her on his back, his face directly below her dripping pussy. Using his hands, he repositioned her so he could reach her with his mouth. He continued to eat her, licking and sucking at her. He clamped his mouth over her entire pussy and began sucking it in and out of his mouth, his tongue touching every part of her. His hands grabbed her ass to push her even closer. His fingers found her puckered hole and he slipped one in wiggling it and moving it in and out. She cried out in ecstasy as he maintained his work on her aching pussy.

Suddenly, she stiffened as every muscle in her body contracted and she cried out, "Oh, God please! I am so close! Please take me over the top! I want to come," the urgency building to a crescendo.

The man worked her harder and faster sucking more and more of her into his mouth. With a loud wail and groan, the woman shook with the waves of orgasmic pleasure that flooded her. She tried to dislodge herself, but he wouldn't stop. He continued to eat her pussy and again she came. The third wave was too much, and with a great effort she pulled away from the man rolling off of him. They were both panting from the exertion, neither able to move for a time.

"Damn, that was fun," the man finally said after catching his breath.

The woman began to giggle. "Fun? That was exquisite! No one has ever done anything like that to me before. Where did you learn to do that? Given the opportunity, I'd bitch slap every man I have ever been with," she said with a laugh.

The man chuckled. "I have had some good tutors. And I learned my lessons well."

"I'll say. Any more wine?"

"Sure." The man and woman sat up and he retrieved the wine from the cooler. He filled both glasses and as he handed it to her, he kissed her. She responded and his tongue slipped past her lips and briefly explored her mouth. They parted slowly, smiling at one another and sipped their wine in silence. The woman set her glass down and reached her hand to the man's chest. She then playfully pushed flat on the blanket.

"Roll over, lover. Let me do your back now," she said.

The man complied and turned on to his stomach using the clothing as a pillow just as his companion did. The woman picked up the bottle of oil and dribbled a thin stream down the man's back. She then moved over on top of him and began rubbing the oil into him., Her fingertips dug into his flesh, kneading his neck and the tops of his shoulders. She worked her way down, tracing his spine with a feathery touch and the man chuckled at the sensation. She moved further down and was soon working his tight buttocks, kneading them with her knuckles. The man winced slightly at the extreme pressure and she relented a bit.

"For such a delicate woman, you sure do have strong hands," he said.

"For such a strong man, you sure are sensitive," she responded with a laugh.

She moved her body down, resting her buttocks on his calves as she worked his thighs. He parted his legs slightly to balance her weight. Her right hand reached between his legs and lightly tickled his balls and the man moaned in pleasure at her touch. Her fingers worked up the cleft of his buttocks and stopped at his anus. She circled the hole with her finger tip and the man shuddered involuntarily.

"Oh, you like that do you," she asked.

"Yes, I do. Most men don't but I find it extremely pleasurable."

She continued working on him and bent over and licked his back. "Umm, I love the taste of coconut. And other things too."

Her tongue worked down to the cleft of his ass, her teeth lightly biting his flesh. The man moaned again. The woman raised her weight off of his legs and instinctively he rolled over on to his back. She began rubbing oil into his chest, her fingers lightly pulling at the hair. She worked her way down the front of his body until she came to his manhood. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and felt it grow harder and harder in her hand. She moved her head to his groin and her lips gently enfolded him. Her tongue worked back and forth over the top of his penis, flicking the gland with her tongue. The man arched his back and she took him fully into her mouth.

Her mouth moved up and down the shaft and the man groaned aloud in the pleasure of the sensation. She stopped and leaning over him kissed him again on the lips. She moved her self into an upright position and with care inserted his swollen member into her eager pussy. She settled slowly onto him taking his full length into her. Slowly, she gyrated on him, moving up and down. He reached out with his hands and grabbed her ass, helping in the movements. His finger found her anus and as she moved up and down, he inserted it all the way. The woman moaned with the sensation and increased the speed of her hips.

The man removed his finger and rolled the woman on to her back, without breaking the rhythm of her movement. She drew her legs up and rested her heels on his shoulders as he continued to pump in and out of her. Her pussy clamped down on him like a vice and he sucked air into his lungs through clenched teeth. Her juices flowed out of her and ran into the crack of her ass. The man withdrew his swollen cock from her and she rolled over getting on to her hands and knees. He entered her from the rear, again sinking his hard long cock all the way. She reached under herself and began stroking her clit while he continued to fuck her.

He pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy and placed the head at her anus. With care, he put in just the end of his cock and allowed her to back into it. She took the full length of him in her ass and worked back and forth very slowly. Her fingers continued to work her clit and as she climaxed, every muscle in her body tightened. She groaned and then let out a gasp as the waves of pleasure washed over her. The man pulled his stiff rod out her ass and she rolled over on to her back once more. She reached out for him and took him in her hands. She worked her fingers up and down him until he grunted and he shot his cum all over her chest and face. Her hands worked faster and faster milking the last of his juice out of him.

The man pulled away from her hand rolling over, collapsed on the blanket next to the woman. He was breathing hard, panting for air. He had a wide smile on his face and his eyes were closed. She propped herself up on her elbow and looked down at him. He opened his eyes and looked up at her.

"God, that was good," he said smiling at her.

"Yes it was. You are one hell of a lover."

"I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Surprisingly, no. You are the very first man who has ever don that to me."

"Really? I feel privileged. Thank you."

"No, thank you. I didn't know a woman good climax from that," she replied.

"I should have asked," he said with embarrassment.

"It's okay. Really. It was wonderful."

He reached up and pulled her face to his and they began kissing once more. She pushed gently against his chest. "We need to get back. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon."

"I guess you're right. And thank you too. I had a wonderful time."

"So did I."

The man and woman got off the blanket and began packing their things. She put her bikini back on and the man stepped into his shorts. He put the wine and oil back into the cooler as she folded the blanket. They put on their outer wear and moved out from under the trees.

"By the way, what is your name," he asked her.

"Sheila. What's yours?"

"Steve. It was nice meeting you Sheila. I hope to see you on the beach again soon."

"It was my pleasure. I too, hope we meet again."

They kissed briefly once more and the man turned and began walking north as the woman went south.

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