"God, I wish I was beautiful," Sandy thought to herself, stepping out of the shower and reaching for a towel.

Sandy was not beautiful, and she knew it. But neither was she unpleasant to look at. More or less average, by most standards, 5'-5" tall, with chestnut hair that fell in gentle waves over her shoulders, and a soft round face. Her lips were full and pouting, and her azure eyes sparkled nearly all of the time. From behind, her hourglass figure, and long legs, betrayed the fact that she was about twenty pounds overweight. But most of that was her huge bust.

Sandy would never stand out in a crowd, because she never wanted to. At thirty-two years of age, single, terribly shy, and desperately lonely, she craved what some of the other girls at the office had; a loving husband. Or at least she thought she did.

Sandy stepped in front of the long mirror her daddy had fastened on the bathroom door when she had moved into her little house, just down the street from where she grew up. He had helped her to buy the house and was her salvation whenever something needed repairing. She loved him and wished she could meet a guy just like him.

The reflection in the mirror smiled back at her when she thought about her daddy. She toweled her long hair, then wrapped the towel around her head and tucked her hair up in it, out of the way. She reached for another towel and continued to dry her body, remaining in front of the mirror as she caressed herself with the fluffy terry cloth towel. The reflection stared back at her as she lifted her foot and rested it on the bench in front of her dressing table and dried her leg.

She started at her toes and gently swept the soft towel up her leg. Pulling it high up between her legs, she ran it over the dark pelt at the origin of her legs. She repeated the process on her other leg, lingering slightly longer, this time, with her hand pulled up between her legs. The familiar stirrings were starting inside her again and she knew she would soon be sitting on the bench with her fingers teasing her clit. It seemed like she needed to masturbate much more frequently, these days.

Sandy sat on the bench and faced the mirror. Dropping the towel on the floor between her feet, she watched the reflection in the mirror spread her long legs wide apart. Soft pink petals appeared through the thick dark patch of hair that covered her pussy. The girl in the mirror moved her hand over her leg and slowly extended a finger down to gracefully slide across the feathery lips that adorned the entrance to her womanhood. Her other hand followed her first and the fingers converged at the center, parting the pink flesh as they slowly drew away from each other.

The fingers revealed her glistening inner folds and the hard pale protrusion, extending from its protective sheath, at the very top of her petals. She eased two fingers between the parted lips and pushed them deeper inside of her very stimulated love hole. The soft flesh of her hand rubbed across her distended clit, sending a shock wave of sensation to her brain.

Sandy jammed her fingers deep inside and grabbed at her burning clit with her other hand. Her thumb raked across the super-sensitized button again and again until she crashed, head long, into a thunderous orgasm.

When she opened her eyes, the girl in the mirror stared back through glazed eyes, her hands were drenched with her own juices and she was breathing like a marathon runner. The towel had fallen off her head, leaving her damp tresses hanging loosely around her shoulders.

"Thanks, I needed that," Sandy told the girl in the mirror, bending to pick up the towels. "If you don't get your ass in gear, you'll be late for work."

Sandy quickly swept the blow drier over her soft hair until it behaved suitably. She pulled open the top drawer of her dressing table and pulled out a fresh pair of panty hose. As she did, she noticed a pair of black nylons, with wide lacy tops and a black seam up the back, lying in her drawer. She laid the package of panty hose aside, and carefully lifted the filmy black stockings in her hand. Feeling suddenly very wicked, she opened the next drawer and reached to the rear of the drawer and pulled a black lace garter belt from the pile. Standing, Sandy fastened the garter belt around her waist and adjusted it so the straps hung just in the proper positions. Carefully rolling the hose into her fingers, from top to bottom, she fitted her toe snugly into the foot of the stocking and rolled it smoothly up her long shapely leg. She fastened first one strap to the lacy top and then the other. She inspected the seam, by looking over her hip and down her leg. She repeated the ritual on her other leg and stood looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Pleased with herself, she opened another drawer and extracted a sheer black, demy-bra, and fastened it under her pendulous breasts. She slid her arms through first one strap, then the other, lifting her soft tits into the nearly transparent cups. Again she admired her reflection in the mirror. Her nipples had grown super hard as she was tucking herself into the bra.

She almost left the panties in her drawer, but at the last second before she pushed it shut, she reached for the frilly crotch-less black ones she had always wanted to wear but had never drummed up the courage to. She pulled them up, and positioned her dark pubic patch carefully in the center of the opening. She looked at herself in the mirror again and stuck her fingers in her mouth to suck her secretions.

"What are you doing?" Sandy asked the girl in the black lingerie, who stared back at her from the mirror.

"I'm getting ready for work," her reflection replied.

"Well, you had better finish what you're doing or you'll be late," Sandy said.

She turned to face her dressing table mirror and switched the light on. She carefully applied eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, just a hint of color on her cheeks and dark crimson lip-gloss to match the fingernail polish she had painstakingly applied the night before. Next she hung the long sparkling earrings her daddy had given her for Christmas along with the black velvet chocker with the sparkly jewel under her chin.

The short black skirt was really too tight, but it seemed to fit better today. Then the sheer blue blouse that plunged down to here in the front, and her black waistcoat over it would keep them guessing. The blue spiked pumps matched the blouse and purse. With a splash of her favorite perfume, Allure, she whirled again and fixed her gaze on the woman in the mirror.

"You can be beautiful, if you want to be, Bitch," she sneered at her reflection, and grabbing the keys to her seven-year-old Camaro, she stalked out the door.

The drive to the office took her twelve minutes. The walk from the parking lot took seven more. The ride up in the elevator took about three. She could feel the wetness on her inner thighs by the time she stepped through the door into her office and crossed over to her desk.

"God, I'm so fucking hot," she thought, as she was startled out of her thoughts by the intercom on her desk.

"Good morning, Sandra," came the soft smooth drawl of her boss over the speaker. "Bring your pad and join us."

Sandra hated being called by her given name but she shook it off and picked up her pad and entered Mr. Cleese's fabulous office.

"Good morning boss," she greeted him, as she crossed to the chair in front of his desk, where she normally would sit when taking dictation.

"This is Celeste Blair," he said, standing to introduce the stunning female who sat in her chair.

Celeste stood, taking Sandy's hand in both of hers and sent a bolt of electricity through the younger woman, as she shook it.

"Robert, you didn't tell me how ravishing your secretary was," Celeste oozed.

Mr. Cleese stuttered as he undressed Sandy with his eyes. "Um, I mean, sorry."

Sandy blushed as she took a seat in the other chair. Her skirt rode high on her hips as she sat, revealing the wide lace band at the top of her stocking. She made a slight adjustment and sat nervously as her boss and his guest gazed at her. Sexual tension choked the room. Celeste sat, facing as much toward Sandy as she could in her chair without turning it. Mr. Cleese sat down behind his desk and appeared to have to adjust his pants for comfort. Sandy was sure she had seen a bulge forming in his pants as he sat down.

For the next two hours, Sandy took notes furiously as her boss and Celeste worked out an agreement on a business deal they had been negotiating for several weeks. Sandy was then dispatched to prepare contracts for them to sign, while the business people went forth to have lunch.

Sandy efficiently prepared the necessary documents and had just finished printing them as Celeste and Mr. Cleese returned from their short lunch. Celeste came to stand next to Sandy's desk and they watched as Mr. Cleese entered his office, leaving the door open. Sandy stood, holding the contracts in her hand and faced Celeste.

"He's been putting the big hustle on me all through lunch," Celeste confided in Sandy. "Frankly, when I cheat on my husband, I like to get down and dirty. Do you know what I mean?"

"Well, I've never been married, so I'm not quite sure," Sandy answered the older woman.

Celeste leaned a little closer and spoke in a bit softer tone. "I just think that if you go looking for sex outside of your marital bed, it should be spectacular. Is you boss spectacular in the sack?"

"I don't know. I think today is the first time I've ever given him a woody," Sandy whispered. "But I think part of that was your fault. You're so much sexier than I am."

"Don't kid yourself, Honey. You could stop traffic looking like you do today," Celeste replied.

Celeste unbuttoned her business jacket and pulled it off. She was amply endowed and the pale beige silk blouse she wore only enhanced the swell of her high chest. Sandy took the hint and pulled her own jacket off, displaying her wares for Celeste to appreciate.

"I've got a deal for you, Sweetie. Let's go in there and get the business out of the way. Then I want taste your sweet pussy," Celeste said.

"Sounds to me like we have a deal," Sandy answered and kissed the older woman square on the lips.

Sandy trotted into Mr. Cleese's office and leaned over his shoulder and explained the contracts to him. She laid her soft tits full against his arm and peered at the tent forming in his pants as she talked. Celeste stood on the other side of him and smiled at the show she was getting from Sandy and her boss.

After the contracts had been signed, Sandy and Celeste made their way out of his office and stood just outside his door and giggled like schoolgirls.

Celeste pulled Sandy by the hand through the outer door.

"I'm absolutely dripping. Where's the washroom?" Celeste asked.

"Follow me, Sugar," Sandy said, pointing up the hall.

Sandy entered the washroom and turned to face the older woman as she followed her in. They came together in a grinding kiss. Celeste had her hands on Sandy's big soft melons and Sandy reached between Celeste's legs and pushed her hand against her cunt. Celeste pushed Sandy back against the counter and helped her to slide her butt up on it. She spread Sandy's legs wide and dropped to her knees in front of the gasping girl.

"Oh, I love your panties, Honey," Celeste breathed and buried her face in Sandy's drooling bush.

Celeste was a pussy connoisseur, and enjoyed sucking a sweet cunt more than anything else in life. She delved into Sandy's fragrant slit, slashing at her with her darting tongue. Sandy had been with women before, but never with one who relished the act of muff diving like Celeste. Within seconds, Sandy's female juices were flowing into the older woman's mouth. Moments later, Sandy erupted into an earthmoving climax that sent tremors traveling throughout her entire body. But Celeste continued her relentless attack until Sandy was lying limply against the wall of the washroom, totally spent from her shattering orgasms.

Celeste frantically lashed at her own cunt with her fingers and gave herself a crushing orgasm only seconds after Sandy had collapsed against the wall. She wanted more of the younger woman's sweet pussy, but that would have to wait for another day. She dampened a paper towel with cool water and helped Sandy to revive. Sandy came into Celeste's arms and whimpered like a baby. She had never experienced such intense pleasure in her life.

"My God, Celeste, I'm absolutely exhausted," Sandy breathed.

"Honey, I want to see you again," Celeste replied.

"We have a date next, time you're in town," Sandy promised.

Sandy quickly rearranged her disheveled clothing and returned to her office. Mr. Cleese had left his door open, which is a signal that her wants to speak with her. She walked to the door and nearly ran into him as he rushed out of the office.

"Looks like I'm going to get lucky," he said. "Celeste Blair has just invited me to join her at her hotel for a drink. Why don't you take the rest of the day off for yourself?"

Sandy watched as he hurried out the door and wondered just how lucky he might really get. She reached for her purse and walked to her car. She could still feel the wetness on her stocking tops caused by the wonderful orgasms she had experienced at the bidding of Celeste Blair. She had no recollection of ever having come so hard, or frequently, with any man or woman she had ever been with.

As she drove the short distance to her house, her heightened state of arousal continued as she recalled the happenings earlier in the day. She decided that she really needed a man soon.

She pulled up in her driveway and noticed her daddy's Vespa parked in front of the garage. He enjoyed motoring around the neighborhood on his little scooter. But, why would her be at her house in the middle of the afternoon?

She opened the door and dropped her keys in her purse and sat it on the table by the door. Glancing in the living room, she didn't see her dad so she walked down the hall to her bedroom door. The soft carpeting on the floors betrayed her presence in the house. As she approached the door, she heard a soft groan from within the room. She stopped and looked around the doorframe and saw her father sitting on her bed facing away from her.

His pants and boxers were pushed down to his ankles and in the dresser mirror she could see his reflection. His eyes were closed and he had a strained look on his rugged face. Looking farther down, Sandy cold see in the mirror that her dad had a pair of her bright red silk panties wrapped around the end of his erect cock. His big hand was clenched firmly around the panties and moved up and down his long thick shaft. She was aroused to a fever pitch as she witnessed her daddy stroking his hard cock while he held he soiled panties twisted around it.

Sandy leaned against the doorframe as she continued to watch him masturbate. She slipped a hand inside her blouse, tweaking her nipple until it grew hard as stone. She rubbed her pussy against the doorway. She could feel the wetness on her legs.

Her daddy's hand was moving rapidly on his cock now and she could see beads of sweat on his forehead. Suddenly he growled deep in his throat and fell back on the bed. His hand slid all the way down to the bottom and seemed to draw his ejaculation out from deep within. He pimped himself again and Sandy could see a dark spot form on her panties, where he was cumming inside of them. The spot grew larger each time he shot another stream of thick semen into them.

Then he lay very still, his breathing quick and raspy from his sexual release. Sandy had been holding her breath and as he lay there, she exhaled and took a huge lungful of air. Her own climax had come just as he had discharged his thick flow into her panties.

She watched as his head turned and their eyes made contact in the mirror. A look of sheer horror crossed his face as he realized that he had been caught jacking off into his daughter's dirty panties. Sandy stood motionless as he sat up on the bed and turned to look at her. He had been discovered doing a shamefully perverted thing in his daughter's home. He opened his mouth to speak, but he had no words.

Sandy crossed the room and stood before him. He sat with his hand covered in a pair of cum-saturated red panties, wrapped around his flaccid cock. Sandy kneeled in front of him and lifted the panties from his grasp and laid them on the floor next to his feet. She took his hand away from his prick and sucked his fingers into her mouth, one at a time, until she had licked all of his juices away. She then took his limp cock in her hand and lowered her head to it and took the slimy head into her mouth, carefully tonguing it until it too was free of his ejaculate.

She pulled his pants and boxers off over his feet and pushed him back on the bed. Cupping his balls in one hand, she wrapped her dainty fingers around his shaft and again took him into her mouth. This time, her intention was to make him hard again. Gently, at first, and then with more determination, she massaged his balls and drew him deep into her mouth until he began to respond.

"No, Sandy," he whispered. "This is so wrong."

She sucked him even deeper when he said that and she felt him begin to grow in her mouth. It took her a while to get him hard again; after all he was almost sixty years old. But he grew thick and hard in her mouth. Her tongue moved over his length and down to his balls. She sucked first one of his orbs into her mouth and then the other. She found his puckered anus with her tongue and rimmed him repeatedly many times.

He sat up and pushed her back, holding her at arms length and looking deep into her eyes.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked her.

"I'm sure, daddy," she whispered.

He pulled her to her feet and started to undress her. When she stood naked before him, he laid her back on the bed and started at her toes. Kissing, nibbling and sucking his way, he covered every inch of her body with his mouth. His mouth covered her furry pubic mound and his tongue invaded her sweet center. He made gentle love to her engorged clit sending her sprawling through many sweet climaxes.

Then, he wanted her. He positioned himself at her entrance. Her hands went to his hips and she pulled him deep into her scalding depths. He rested when their bodies were joined tightly together. She clutched at him with her hot inner lips. He pulsed inside her hot sheath. And then he began the motion she so desperately desired. He moved out then in, with ever increasing speed and distance until they were pounding each other. Over and over again until he exploded deep within her, pouring his seed of love into the very core of her being. As she felt the heat of his passion, she too responded by twisting her ankles together behind his back and pushing her convulsing cunt as far onto him as was possible.

He stayed hard within her for a long time. But slowly, the passion subsided.

"I love you, Daddy," Sandy said, softly.

"I love you too, Baby," he said. "But your mother must never find out what we have done."

"I know, Daddy," she whispered.

He kissed her softly and got up to leave. Sandy and her daddy had a secret now.

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