Sandy & I Ch. 1


When she got close, she said, "Hi, I'm Sandy Straus. I hope you don't mind if we start over again. I really didn't know why they asked me to dress the way I did until after we were here."

I said, " I would like that"

"Do you mind if I sit down with you?"

"Be my guest, by the way, my name is Ed"

"Would you mind sharing the poi with me? You have all of it there is."

What a let down. She didn't come over to talk to me. She just wanted the poi. That was good really, it gave use one more thing in common. Now there were two haoles in the world who would eat poi. My mind wasn't working right. I knew I wasn't drunk; I just couldn't get it together. I looked at her and was caught by her eyes. I couldn't look away anymore than a bird can look away from the snake which is about to eat it. I would not have felt as captured if I had been bound and gagged. She had a very amused look on her face, which turned into a big friendly smile. She was beautiful beyond my imagination.

She said, "Is it me or the fact I want some of the poi that has you so rattled?"

"I thought it was all mine." What a stupid thing to say. I can see it on my evaluation, "Doesn't share well with others." I really liked this girl, even though I couldn't get over her sexuality. I liked her beyond the obvious and could only decide I was being hypnotized by the sound of her voice. Maybe I was drunk and passed out and this whole thing was a delusional dream promoted by alcohol poisoning.

She turned her back to the wall and slid down beside me. She said, "Well?" She was looking me straight in the eyes and I could see what it was alike to be alive. She lived through her eyes. Then she said, "I'll share mine if you share yours." I stopped breathing and wasn't so sure I could start again. She chuckled and I could see pure mischief in those eyes. She was really a tease. I had to get control of myself if I wanted to get to know her. She would get tired of my idiot act sooner or later, assuming I was acting.

I said, "OK! I'll get it together in a minute. Just be patient. I'm really smarter than a rock; it is just hard to tell at the moment. You are more than welcome to the poi, I have eaten more than my share anyway." That seemed to help me settle down somewhat. I might not have hart failure after all.

She took a good helping of the poi then looked me in the eye and said, "Well it looks like you're going to live after all. Did I scare you that bad? Are you sorry I'm not a little girl?" She took a taste of the poi with obvious satisfaction. "You really did have a bad flush to your face there for a few minutes. I know they embarrassed you, but I was an innocent participant. I hope you wont hold it against me."

I slowly returned to my normal, subhuman, state from the bug world I had been visiting. I decided to just be straightforward with her and tell her the truth. (I had always been told that was a bad plan with women.) I told her, "No, its not that. I was just very taken back by you. You're very beautiful. You have the most outstanding eyes I have ever seen. You are obviously very bright, and you handle yourself very well. The total effect just overwhelmed me. I admit this is the first time this has ever happened to me."

Now that my mind was working again I could take time out to look her over at close range. She still had her hair piled up on top of her head. She either had long blonde hair or it was very thick, maybe a combination of both. I decided that she really didn't have clothes pins in her hair, that they were some type of long clips. I also noticed that her t-shirt, though not tight in the least, was well filled. For her size she had really large breast. They weren't large like Sue's, but in proportion to her overall size they were really large. If she had 36DD like Sue she would have fallen over on her face. Instead they were still large without making her seem unbalanced. Still, the most amazing thing about her was her eyes. They just radiated life. You could see her emotions just as clearly as though she was telling you how she felt. Most of what I saw was amusement. I could take anger from those eyes, but even after just knowing her for what seemed like a few minutes I knew I didn't want to see those eyes sad. I was really pleased not to find any fear in her eyes, rather a secure sense of confidence.

She looked at me with a big smile on her face and said, "Well, are you through with the inspection? Does everything meet your approval? I would like to be five feet ten inches if you are intending to make changes."

We both laughed and I assured her that everything was perfect and no changes were needed, contemplated or desired. We chatted for a while trying to figure what our common grounds were. It seemed like everything about us was common ground. She was very active and loved the out doors. She was into scuba diving and had her own rig. She liked to climb mountains and especially liked the island of Molokai. She loved sailing and swimming and would like to have a sailboat some time in the future. We talked about long distant sailing and plans to go around the world on a boat about forty feet in length. We even talked about making the trip together. We laughed and joked with each other and made smart remarks about what we were really doing with our lives as compared to the dreams of what we would like to do in life.

Suddenly, Sue appeared, "Hey you two. Did you notice that there are other people here? You going to just sit here or are you going to celebrate New Years with us? Its two minutes to go you know?" What a surprise, we had been talking for hours and it just seemed like minutes to both of us. We got up and went over to the liquor table. I filled two glasses with ice and pored the glasses full of scotch. I was not in the least amazed that she was a scotch drinker. Then came the count down, "Five, four, three, two, one, Happy New Years." Sandy gave me a very quick kiss on the cheek and then put her arm in mine and held on with considerable strength. All of the others were hugging and kissing with both men and women copping a feel. Sue came over and gave me a substantial kiss on the lips. I noticed that Sandy didn't seem to like that at all. Eric came over and tried to kiss Sandy on the lips, but she turned her cheek instead. She then looked at me and grinned as if to say, "that's how you do it."

Eric's house has three bedrooms. The bedroom I liked was in the back on the corner. It was definitely different. In the first place, there is no actual door to the room. There is a crawl way about four feet off the floor which leads to the inside of the room. This crawl way is four feet high, so I have to be very careful not to hit my head on the doorframe getting in and out. This is due to the fact that immediately below the room is the parking stall for the house. Too have it high enough to park a car the room had been elevated four feet. The house had originally been built without the parking stall and someone had figured out how to use the slope of the lot and raising the room to get the height needed. The interesting thing was that the roof had not been raised so the room had a low ceiling. The rest of the house had ten-foot ceilings and the bedroom I liked had only six-foot ceilings. The room itself measured ten feet by ten feet, the same as the other small bedroom. Eric and Sue had decided to put Japanese style mats on the floor, with padding under the mats to give them support and make then more comfortable. I had been living in this bedroom for the past several days. My clothes were kept in a duffel bag, and when I needed more I just went to my apartment and exchanged them for more.

After our short New Years celebration Sandy and I took our scotch back over to where we had been sitting and amused ourselves with nonsense and stupid stories, (all mine) for about an hour or so. We didn't notice, but all of the people had left other than Eric and Sue, Zig and Sally, and Don and Pat and of course us. Sandy and I had been so absorbed with each other that we had not socialized with any of the other guest. Sue pulled us into the remaining group whether we wanted to or not. Don said, "The bet is on. There's twenty dollars in the pool to the person who guesses closest to the time it is going to take the two of you to jump in bed and screw your brains out." Sandy and I turned beet red. I had never had that reaction before. It was no secret that I had my share of female companionship. In fact it had only been a couple of years ago that Sue Lin and I had used the little bedroom for just that purpose. Don looked at us and asked, "What's with you two. You look like two virgins in a whorehouse. Hell, most men are begging her to sit on their face, and you get all embarrassed at the mention of sex. I don't know what is happening here, but it sure looks good." Neither of us said anything. Sandy snuggled up close to me and tucked in her face so they couldn't see how red she was.

Thankfully, Sue changed the subject. There wasn't any wine left, much to my surprise. There was one full bottle of scotch left and two cases of beer. That means someone or more than one went home very drunk. None of us remaining could safely drive a car, so we all decided to spend the night there and just have fun. Don, Sandy and I refilled our glasses with scotch and ice while the others got beer.

January 1, was a beautiful morning, or at least I assumed it was morning. I could barely open one eye, and was certain that if I opened both at the same time something drastic would cause my head to fall off and terminate my sorry existence. I was going to have to open my eyes. Something strange was happening. I was against the wall on my left side, but I was also against the wall on my right side. I was trapped. They had shrunk the room while I was drunk. Maybe I was in the wrong house. Then, of all things, I felt the wall on my right side move. Still drunk so I may as well go back to sleep. The second time I tried to wake up it was more successful. I was up against the wall on the left, but a very warm body was against me on the right. My first thought was who could it be? I looked to my right and saw a lot of blonde hair over my shoulder and the face of the person. It was a very small person and considering the hair it must be a female. I was glad of that as she moved to snuggle up to my shoulder with her head resting on me. Oh my God, it was Sandy. I was appalled at being in bed with her. I had to get my mind working. I checked and found that I had all of my clothes on except my socks. She had all of her clothes on except her socks, then I remembered that she hadn't had any socks on at all. I knew we hadn't made love. I always remember, even when it is in a state of severe alcohol poisoning. I gently brushed her hair back from her face and what did I see? A very bright green eye staring at me, and a beautifully shaped mouth formed into a definite smirk. It is best described as an "I got you" look.

"Hi Sandy, how you doing this morning?"

"Good afternoon Ed. Don't worry; I never get laid by accident. We only slept together, we didn't make love."

I brushed her hair back and took a better look at her. She was beautiful. I could see that she had removed her bra to sleep and laying half on her side she presented a very pleasing curve of hip and round bottom. She laughed and got up on her knees, leaning on her hands with her arms straight. This gave me a wonderful view of her breast against the same t-shirt she was wearing last night. She put her finger in the middle of my forehead and said, "Stay right where you are. I have no intention of being your first meal of the day." I didn't know quite how to take that. My brain had not kicked into gear yet. But the erection that I was developing was getting hard to hide. I turned on my side and propped up on my hand, hoping I looked nonchalant and the awaking between my legs wasn't apparent. I was perfectly content to just watch her to see what she would do next. Much to my surprise she kissed me full on the lips and quickly scrambled out of the opening. Waking up with her snuggled next to me had been very satisfying indeed.

I got up after letting things relax and went into the kitchen. Obviously the girls had been up early and cleaned the house. There wasn't a trace of yesterday's party. I sat at the table with Sandy on my right. Eric came up close and said in a normal voice, "At least you can say you slept with her. I don't know anyone else who can make that claim." I looked at Sandy and she looked at me. We both turned beet red. This was the second time in twenty-four hours that I had blushed. I couldn't remember blushing in the last ten years.

Sally and Sue cooked breakfast for us all. Shortly Zig and Sally said they would have to be on their way. We had a very laid back day. About mid afternoon we decided to pile into Eric's 1948 Plymouth sedan and go for a swim at Ala Moana Park. Sandy didn't have a suit so Sue lent her one which I didn't think could possibly cover up any part of her. I found out that the material was very stretchy.

The Girls changed to bathing suits and came out to model them for us. Sandy had on a one-piece suit that was very high cut on the sides. I had seen Sue and Pat in bikinis before and knew that they had great bodies. Sue always picked suits which showed off those big boobs, and it really looked sexy. Sandy was quite another matter. She was the best built woman I had ever seen. She came out of the bedroom looking straight at me. She walked up close, made a full turn and asked me if I approved. Boy did I approve. This was my dream girl. I couldn't believe that I had slept with her and not touched her. I had to give up drinking. I was seriously loosing control of any sense I may have had.

We had a good time swimming. Every one in the group was a good swimmer. Sandy was my equal, which put her above the others. She played and teased in a friendly way and we all got along great. We took a nap on our beach mats before we left the park. Sandy put her mat next to mine and rolled over on her stomach. She took a look down her back and then check to make sure I was appreciating the view. She said, "You like that, huh?" She raised up on her elbows to make sure I got a good look at the front as well. Then, she took a nap. I couldn't help thinking about how great it would be to make love to her. I had to roll over on my stomach and it was starting to get very uncomfortable.

We left the beach and went to the Suzy Q for the best teriyaki steak sandwiches in the world. I paid for Sandy's and she made quite a fuss about being independent. She said, "If you want to be my friend, you will let me pay my own way. I have more than enough money to get by." Shortly after getting back to the house Sandy asked Eric for a ride home, Don decided he had better go along to keep Eric out of trouble. Just before they left, Sandy put a small piece of paper in my hand.

I was with Sue and Pat who were both very excited about my getting along with Sandy. They said she wouldn't have anything to do with men for the last four years they had known her. She had had a very bad relationship in the past and it had left her turned off to male relationships. They thought it best for her to tell me about it if she wanted me to know. They both suggested that I take it easy about her past.

I opened the little piece of paper and read what she had had written.

Give me a call at 591-6642. I would like see you again."

Chapter 3

Sue Lin, my former girlfriend was a beautiful girl who had the appearance of being very hot. To look at her you would think she would take on men just to satisfy that sensual body of hers. She had fabulously long smooth legs. Any man in his right mind would love the thought of getting between them and riding her like a wild bronco. That just wasn't the case. At least it wasn't with me. She had always told me that my penis was just too big and she didn't think it was fun. She claimed that she only had sex to satisfy the man she was with. During our relationship she had never allowed oral sex in either direction and would only allow penetration while on her back. Women like her could drive a man to be gay if he didn't have tendencies like that to start with.

The following week was back to work. It was good to get back to my office and put my mind back to work. This was the week of final exams for the semester, but I was ready. I always kept up with my studies during the class term. All I had to do was review the material I had learned. I hated to cram for a test. It seemed that the information didn't stay with me at all if I crammed, but if I learned it the first time it stayed with me for the long run.

I started running and swimming in the mornings, and working out at the dojo with Eric in the evening. The whole world was back on track better than it had been for the past couple of years. I was happy with myself.

I kept Sandy's note in my pocket all of the time. I was going to call her every day, but with exams and work and fear, I just chickened out. I had never enjoyed the company of another human as much as the New Years we had spent together. If I called her and she put me off it would leave me with a feeling of defeat. As it was now, I had great memories of a great time.

On Friday I went to Eaton Square and opened a post office box in my name. That made sense to me. I spent most of my free time at the club if I wasn't with Sue and Eric. They both had their own activities and Sue had just gotten a position teaching at the University. That took almost all of her time for the moment. She had to get in the groove.

When I saw Sue on Friday evening she said, "Call Sandy." I asked if she had seen Sandy or heard from her and she said no. She told me to call her and shut up. I did exactly that.

I never knew a telephone could weigh so much or be so hard to dial. Fear had taken over. Wasn't I a grown man? Didn't I know how to take care of myself? Was I afraid of one little girl? The answer to these questions was a resounding "Yes!" Some how I forced myself to dial the phone. When I heard the soft "hello" on the other end I knew I should have called before. I felt all warm and comfortable inside. It took me a minute to get it together enough to say a simple hello. Sandy chuckled and asked if I was frightened that much. I lied and said no. She chuckled again. I asked if she had time to talk and she said yes, but she didn't like talking on the phone. I could pick her up in half an hour. Then she gave me her address in a beautiful section of Kahala, the high rent district. That intimidated me a little. I assured her that I would be over in half an hour.

When I got there she was waiting for me. Sandy was radiant. She was beaming with those emerald eyes flashing and a big smile of welcome. She was dressed in black slacks that fit loosely, and a big loose blouse with puffy sleeves and a pleated front. The thought of a bullfighter came to mind. She watched me watching her and laughed out loud. "Damn, its good to see you. What took you so long?" she asked.

I asked her if she had anyplace in particular in mind. She said, "Lets go where we can talk." I opened the door to my MG and went to the drivers side to get in. She asked me to put the top down and I did. She had worn her hair down with a scarf tied under the back and over her head. She really did have a lot of long blonde hair. Even tied as it was it fell to her shoulder blades. Her hair fell in a nice soft loose curl and bounced and swished with every movement she made. Even after the New Years party, I still couldn't get my breath when I looked her over. I knew this was special, even as mentally preoccupied as I was.

We went to a local coffee shop rather than for drinks. We both felt more comfortable with that than the lets get drunk scene. Right off the top she said, "I know you feel compelled to jump my bones, and I really want you to. The thing is that this is the first time I've felt that way since my divorce and I have a very strong feeling that there is a lot more between us than just the physical. The chemistry is great and we can laugh at each other while we laugh together. The good part, of it is, will have to wait until things get sorted out."

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