Sandy & I Ch. 1


Part of me wanted to argue that we should find out if the shoe fit before we bought the pair, but I agreed that being with her was very special. If it meant waiting, then I could do that. I didn't want too, but I could if that's what it took to have her as my friend.

We sat in that booth and talked all night. I discovered that she had been married at a very early age. Her parents had wanted her to marry a professional and she did. It appears that her husband had wanted her for her appearance and sexuality rather than love. He abused her sexually and physically, and it had left some very deep scars. She was divorced almost four years ago and moved to Hawaii without letting anyone know. She still feared that her ex-husband would hunt her down and force her to return to the former situation. She had been told that he planned to sell her into slavery in a foreign country. While she was telling the story it was obvious that she was afraid and really believed she was in danger. After coming to Hawaii she met Sue, and eventually Eric, through the University. They had offered her comfort and support while she got herself together. They both knew the whole story. About a year ago they had tried to convince her that we should meet. Eric and Sue told her that I was miserable with Sue Lin and only stayed because I felt committed. Finally she agreed to meet me if she could check me out first. That's what led to the silly dress at the New Years party. From there we would have to make our own history. I assured her that between Eric and myself we would be able to take care of any threat against her. She agreed to keep close contact with us both until she felt safe. I was the first man she had dated or gone out with since the divorce. She would only get around other men in a crowd or group she felt safe with.

She lived in the house in Kahala on a temporary basis. Her uncle had owned the house for many years, and he was traveling in Europe. He had asked her to watch it for him while he was gone. He was expected to return to the islands in late February or early March. When he came back she would move back to her own studio apartment in the Ilikai Hotel. Part of the Ilikai is condominium and the rest is hotel. She had an apartment on the eighteenth floor overlooking the Ala Wai Yacht basin and the beachfront from Ala Moana park to the Hilton Lagoon. It just doesn't get any better than that. The apartment was very small, but it was what she could afford to own, seemed secure, and offered good protection from surprises.

We talked, and talked and talked. We discussed everything we thought about during the period we were together. I told her about Sue Lin and how we had ended up living together. Her whole attitude was that history is nothing more than that, and all we could do was learn from it. The only comment she had about the situation was to ask if Sue Lin was good in bed. She suggested that with the legs on her she should have been. I didn't respond to that.

I told her that I wanted to get my own place to live. I was afraid that living with Eric and Sue too long would wear the relationship thin. She made a suggestion that would change my outlook of life forever. She said, "Why don't you get a boat and live on it?" Now, it just so happens that when I joined Hawaii Yacht Club in 1968 I had put my name on the list for a slip in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. The availability of slips in Hawaii is very limited by the small number of suitable harbors. It will often take two to five years to get a slip assignment. I decided to give that thought some consideration and resolved to check with the harbormaster about where my name was on the list.

About noon, Sandy decided she needed a nap. My mind considered how great it would be to snuggle up to her and . . . She suggested the we get a couple of beach mats and go to Ala Moana Park and take a nap under a tree. She had mats in her apartment at the Ilikai and we were only a couple of minutes walk from there. We had to walk by there anyway because we had parked the MG in the lot at the yacht harbor right behind the Ilikai. I suggested that we just take a nap at her apartment. That didn't go over too well. Her final comment on that was, "Between us, I'm a virgin and its going to stay that way until time is right or I can't stand it any more. I know about men, and I know I can have you whenever I want." Ok, if that's the way she wants it, she would find out what stubborn was. She just thought she was in control I could out last her and I was definitely the most stubborn human God had ever created.

The war was on. We were going to have a supreme test of will and all teasing was fair. I didn't tell her the rules, but she knew. It was a serious matter of who had the strongest will power and just how long it would take for both of us to go crazy.

We went to the apartment, and she wouldn't let me in. Not surprised by that. She changed to shorts and a t-shirt and grabbed two mats. Afterward we took a leisurely stroll to the park. It was a beautiful day. The trades were blowing about fifteen knots and the sky was crystal clear, with the exception of the mountains. They were wearing crowns of puffy white glamour. At the beach we spread the mats very close to each other. We both laid down and immediately went to sleep.

I awoke just before sunset. The sky was on fire as only the tropics can be. It was perfect, the cloud tops were radiant pink over the mountains and variegated to brilliant gold at the horizon. Between the pink and gold was every color and shade of orange and red. Magnificent. I softly touched Sandy on the neck and she looked up. When her eyes were open all she could say was "beautiful, really beautiful." I lightly touched her on the neck and under her chin. She didn't object. She rolled up on one elbow, looked at me with mischief in those brilliant green eyes, kissed me on the lips and jumped up.

We went to dinner at Hawaii Yacht Club and watched the boats go in and out. Most of the discussion was about moving onto a boat. It really was sounding like a good idea to me. We decided to take a walk around the harbor and see what the boats looked like and what was for sale. The only boat to catch my eye was an all white boat much smaller then we were looking for. It was moored at the fueling dock and I made a mental note to check back and find out what it was.

About midnight I took Sandy home to Kahala. We had agreed to meet about 10 AM Sunday and go to the beach. We agreed that it had to be an early evening because exams started Monday. I had yet to crack a book.

Early Sunday morning I got up and headed to the fuel dock at the Ala Wai. When I got there, they were just opening and the owner was there. I noticed the boat we had seen the night before was really light blue instead of white. For some reason this appealed to me. I asked if it were for sale, and the owner of the station said he would sell it at a loss just to get rid of it. It seems someone had ordered the boat and put a substantial deposit down. It took about a year to get the boat built and delivered to Hawaii, and during that time, the purchaser had disappeared. The boat had been sitting where it was for the last six months. He would sell it for what was owed and take his chances on the original buyer showing up sometime in the future. If he did, a new boat would be ordered or the deposit returned.

The boat was an Ericson 29. It had an inboard atomic four engine, and full compliment of sails, including a spinnaker. It had an electric ice box, and shower with hot and cold pressure water. I looked below and decided it would be big enough for a first boat. It slept two forward and two in the main cabin. Under the cockpit was a double berth which could sleep two if they were friends. I actually had cash for the price asked. I was excited. All I needed was a slip to put her in.

I was already late to pick up Sandy so I headed to her house as fast as the traffic would let me. When I got there she was ready. She came out to the car wearing a wrap around device which looked a lot like a giant beach towel, fastened above her breast. All that blond hair was put up on top of her head with about six inches of the ends sticking out in all directions like a flower.

The first thing she said was, "Well, did you buy the boat? Is it what you want? Will you be able to live on it? Is it big enough to go someplace? Can a friend sleep over? Can two couples stay aboard?" This was said with a great deal of excitement. I told her everything I knew and explained that the only thing that would keep me from buying it was finding a place to keep it.

We headed out to Sandy Beach. The swells were really big on the east side of the island so we stopped at the blowhole to watch the action for a few minutes. It was as big as I had ever seen it. The waves were causing spray high enough to go into the parking lot. Everything was so much bigger, brighter and better this Sunday than it had been Sunday just one week ago. It was great to be alive.

We drove the short distance to Sandy Beach and parked. Much to my surprise there was hardly anyone there. Sandy asked, "Should I leave my sarong here or wear it down on the beach?" I thought that was really an odd question. Her eyes were flashing and she had a big grin on her face. I knew I was about to be had. I didn't know what to expect, I already had on my swim trunks so I said, "Leave it here."

"You just stay where you are," was Sandy's reply. She then reached up, unfastened the clip at the top and very slowly unwrapped the sarong and let it fall open. Underneath she had on a string bikini that barely covered the essential parts of the girl. My physical response was immediate and involuntary. Yep, I would stay right where I was, sitting in the diver's seat of the MG. She was really fantastically built. I had never seen a woman that well proportioned, in pictures or real life. Waikiki had some great looking women in very small bikinis, but nothing compared to this. She came over to the side of the car and looked directly at my trunks. She laughed and said, "That's the result I was hoping for."

All I could say was, "Sandy!", but I knew she couldn't see it.

"You don't like it?" she asked.

"I like it a lot, but we agreed that we were not going to fool around and now you show me all of you and expect me to just go on like it was another day."

Her look turned very serious before she answered, "Before we get involved, I'm going to find out whether you want me, or just my body. God gave me a great body, and I do everything I can to keep it great, but I still have a heart, soul and a damn good brain."

Some how, that took the lust out of the situation and still left me with the enjoyment of the moment. I said, "You really hit hard."

"I've been hit really hard" With that she threw the sarong in the car, grabbed the mats from yesterday, turned and headed for the beach. Having my problem barely under control, I followed at a safe distance. Besides, I could see her walk much better from a distance. What a walk it was. Tease, tease, tease.

That Sunday is logged as one of the all time great days of my life. Not only did I learn to control my lust around my new best buddy, I built a very sound respect that she was smarter than me and knew exactly what she wanted and how she was going to go about getting it. We played in the surf, sunned on the beach and generally discussed the future of the world.

I asked Sandy why I didn't see any sun tan lines. She turned over and said, "I like to lay in the sun wearing nothing." We kidded a bit about that and I asked her it she would like to do that on a boat off the shore where no one could see. She thought that was a wonderful idea

About four in the afternoon, she said, "Lets go look at the boat." She didn't have to say that twice. We picked up our things and headed to the car. I was thinking boat and it never occurred to me to drool all over her as we went back. At the car she put the sarong behind the seat and off we went.

At the fuel dock we met the owner. Sandy was still wearing the bikini without the sarong. We found out the owners name was Tom and he was there because his employees had not bother to come in to work that day. We both got a kick out of the observation that he couldn't take his eyes off Sandy. She put on a show for him. When she got a chance she would lean over to show her breast or the other way to show her bottom. I told her to put on clothes so we could get him to talk about the boat. She did, and immediately Tom's wife drove up. Good timing. We decided Tom was all right. He never made comment, or any uncalled for gesture. He almost stayed on point while trying to sell the boat. Once his wife arrived he was once again the serious businessman, but his wife proved to be a real character. She was a real cut up. She suggested to Tom that she talk about the boat so he could devote his efforts to looking at Sandy. She was a great looking woman herself. She didn't have to apologize to anyone for her looks or sex appeal. On top of it all we found out she was really knowledgeable about boats, and the one we were interested in particularly.

After going through every inch of the boat, we headed to the Yacht Club. From the balcony we could look straight across to the boat. We discussed names for the boat and how we should treat her. I wanted to name her "Sandy", but she wouldn't have any of that. She was concerned that it would jinx our relationship. We finally settled on "Snuggler". I liked that because Sandy was a real snuggler and liked to snuggle up every chance she got.

That night when I got back to Eric's, I told he and Sue all about my adventures. They offered that I was fine living with them, and they could use my contribution to the rent. On the other hand they found the boat exciting and very romantic. I told them I thought I was going to buy it if I could find a place to put it.

Monday came and the exams came. The morning was a cakewalk. The afternoon was tougher, but it was also my favorite class. I finished about three and headed over to check my mail. I really was taken back when I found out that there was a letter from the harbor master saying my name had come up on the rotation list and slip #92 was available if I wanted it. It would accommodate a boat not exceeding forty feet. I went directly to the harbor office and rented the slip. From there I went directly to the fuel dock and made arraignments to buy the boat. I called Sandy from the fuel dock, but she wasn't home. Tom helped me move the boat into the newly rented slip and I became a captain of my own vessel for the first time.

I installed a new propane tank for the stove, hooked up shore power and settled in like I had lived there for years. I went to the ABC food store on the corner of Hobron Lane and Ala Moana and bought provisions for an evening meal for two, beer, and breakfast food.

When I got back to the boat Sandy was sitting in the cockpit. I immediately grabbed her up and we danced around like a couple of little children on Christmas morning. I invited her to have dinner with me and she thought that was the most exciting meal she had in her life. It was great. I spent the night aboard that night and moved in my clothes and possessions the next. Eric and Sue had dinner with us the second evening. They were almost as excited as we were. They were already considering us an "item".

Sue took me aside and asked if I really liked Sandy. I replied that she was my best buddy. That wasn't what she had in mind. She told me a little of the history behind her friendship with Sandy and suggested that she would test me everyway she could to find out if the relationship was real. Sandy needed a lot of kindness according to Sue. I told her about the bikini and she really laughed. Then she said, "Just be patient, she can't hold out much longer. Snuggler is the best name you could have picked." Then the conversation came back to the group.

I had taken off from work during exam week. That was pretty much routine in the department. The week went very fast. I was surprisingly confident in my exam results. Sandy came to the boat every evening, and brought prepared food or cooked something on the boat. It was very comfortable being with her. She had quit the sex teasing and we were really getting to like each other for what we were.

Saturday finally came. This was the first time we were taking snuggler out. Eric and I had been sailing as crew for other skippers over the past two years, so we knew how to set up the boat. I had been sailing since the early sixties. Sandy had sailed with her family on the East coast, and Sue had been out a couple of times on other peoples boat there in Hawaii. We all had knowledge of sailing so we didn't have to go through the new sailor routine. What a great day. We found out that the boat really could sail as good as she looked. We sailed all day and got sun burned in the process. That really surprised us, considering the amount of time we spent at the beach. Sandy even wore a full sized bikini, which still wasn't enough cloth to blow your nose on. Great day indeed.

We had pre-planned to anchor off Waikiki and have dinner. The girls had put together a meal fit for kings. Eric and I were surely that, and even better, sailors. We ate shrimp and crab in every form from cocktail to stew. We had brought a couple of bottles of wine, and a bottle of scotch. Sue picked the wine instead of me. She didn't think I knew wine from dishwater. I picked the scotch, my favorite, Glenlevit. We toasted King Neptune and gave him his due in the way of a shot of scotch. We formally christened the boat "Snuggler". As the evening wore on we decided to spend the night at anchor. The trades were light, we could enjoy the music from the beach at Waikiki and there didn't seem to be any problem with getting fouled by any other vessel.

This was the first of many great weekends we spent together as couples.


January closed as the best month I had ever had. The boat was great, I had made several new discoveries at work, the new semester was only classes I liked and wanted to apply to my work, and Sandy and I were seeing each other every day. Sandy's uncle had come back and she had moved back to her apartment in the Ilikai. We lived about three minutes from each other. Her lanai overlooked by boat slip. She could stand on the lanai and tease me to her hearts content. I really enjoyed the teasing most of the time.

Sandy and I chatted for a while, and as was my routine at the time I invited her to go below and make mad passionate love until the wee hours of the morning. She laughed as usual and said, "Not Yet". I really didn't feel like cooking so I invited her to go to the Charthouse for dinner and she agreed. We sat and talked about sailing on the weekend. She wanted to make a long trip in the near future, and we discussed where to and whether to invite Eric and Sue. We decided to go to Molokai and invite Eric and Sue. We would ask them if they wanted to go over spring break. I thought, sure if I was still alive.

We sailed for the next two weekends. Eric and Sue gladly accepted the invitation to sail to Molokai. Eric and I worked out every night

During the next two weeks I buried myself in schoolwork and research I ran around with Sandy in the evenings and avoided confronting the issues at hand. On the weekends Eric, Sue, Sandy and I went sailing.

Sandy had to return to the mainland to visit her family on the evening of March 6. She was to be gone for five days, returning on the evening of March 11

Back to the grind. It was very lonely waiting for Sandy to return from the mainland. I sure hoped everything had gone well for her. I knew she was worried about going before she left. I had really grown to love that little bit of a woman. She had been absolutely right to keep sex out of the equation. We had gotten to know each other as friends and had gotten into a pattern of supporting each other without the complications of sex. I didn't always like it, but it was the right thing to do. I had even gotten used to being so horny that I got an erection just thinking about having sex with her in the future.

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