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Sandy Bottom


The sun beating down feels wonderful as the warmth soaks into my skin. As I stretch out on my towel in the sand, I can feel the heat in every pore. After about fifteen minutes of this, however, I feel the need to cool down a bit. Sitting up, my gaze scans the white sand of the beach. Not a soul is around. Having only visited this beach once before, I am still fairly certain that the water is safe for a solitary swim. Walking across the warm sand, I use my hand to shield my eyes from the sun. The waves are relatively small, just large enough to crash into gentle white foam as they reach the beach.

Testing the water with my toes, I am pleased to find it slightly cooler than the air, without being shockingly cold. I carefully pick my way around the occasional rock in the sandy bottom, diving under the water as soon as the depth allows it. I've always loved the ocean, and the refreshing water cools and invigorates me as I swim further out.

Having a healthy respect for the power of the ocean, I soon decide to turn back toward shore. As my feet find the soft bottom, I stand and catch my breath. Slowly walking back to my towel, I smile as I spot a school of tiny silver fish darting along in front of my meandering steps. As I stop to watch them disappear back into the deeper water, out of the corner of my eye I catch movement a bit further down the beach. Looking up, I see your familiar figure walking toward me.

We both pause, feet planted in the sand. The water washing over my toes is cool, but my temperature has just risen as my gaze travels up your body. You don't bother to hide the fact that your eyes are taking in my bikini clad form, as well. As our eyes meet, neither of us looks away.

My eyes are locked on yours, and are drawing you near. I'm willing you to come closer and press your wet body to mine. As you close the distance between us, a silent consent for what is about to happen is shared.

As one strong arm slides around my waist, the space left between us disappears. I feel your breath in my ear, then your lips moving to caress my neck. Leaning my head back in pleasure, I allow you better access as your lips work their way down between my breasts. My fingers are buried in your hair, as I enjoy every soft touch of your lips – every smooth stroke of your tongue.

You quickly untie the top of my swim suit and begin to suck gently on one of my nipples, teasing the other with your thumb till it puckers and aches for more serious attention. Taking my hard nipple between your thumb and forefinger, you gently pinch as I squirm and moan. You continue pinching one nipple and then the other, harder and harder, as you raise your mouth to mine. Cutting off my moans with your wonderful lips, your delicious tongue wraps around mine. Soon, I'm sucking the breath right out of you, wanting as much of you as I can possibly get.

My hands begin to slowly explore your bare chest. As they slide over your stomach and around to your back, I pull you closer once again. My lips find your neck as my aching, hard nipples rub against your sweat covered chest.

I can feel what you want from me as your hard cock, a prisoner of your swim trunks, brushes against my thigh. Bending my knee, I purposely rub my leg against your hardness. My wandering hands find the curves of your ass, and I slowly slide off your swim trunks so I can circle your bare cheeks with my fingers. As you step out of your trunks, my hand sneaks around to grip your rock hard cock. I hear you groan, and you are throbbing in my hand as I stroke you slowly, my fingers gliding up and down. Lightly running my thumb over the head of your cock, I tease the tip where drops of your juice have appeared. I love the feel of you - so strong and hard.

I find that I've got to taste you. Dropping to my knees, I begin by slowly licking up the underside of your cock, and then taking the swollen head into my mouth like a lollipop. Swirling my tongue round the head, my lips seal around the rim. Sucking ever so gently, I take you fully into my eager mouth. Inch by inch, your rock hard cock disappears between my lips. The warmth and wetness of my mouth closes over you as I suck. I can feel you pulsing in my mouth. Pulling back a bit, I look into your eyes. With my eyes locked on yours, I take your rod back into my waiting mouth - deeper this time. I can feel you slip past the entrance to my throat, as I relax to prevent myself from gagging. Your fingers tangle in my hair as you groan and shift your stance. Over and over I fuck you with my mouth, until the look in your eyes and the tension in your body lets me know that you are about to cum.

I reluctantly let you loose from my mouth, and slide my bikini bottoms over my hips. Running one finger through my wetness, I let you see how much I'm enjoying our encounter. You kneel down to join me in the sand, gripping my ass to pull me close. As you rub your cock along my pussy lips, I know that they are glistening wet for you, dripping all over your cock. You gently lay me down on the soft sand, and slowly enter me. First, you just allow me to feel the head of your cock resting inside of my aching pussy. After watching me squirm and whimper in protest, you slowly fill me up. The grin on your face and twinkle in your eye tells me how much you enjoy driving me crazy. You know just how desperate I am to have you fuck me. I try to raise my hips to meet you, but you gently hold me still. You are enjoying taking your time - pulling back, and then slowly sliding your hardness back into my aching pussy. I'm moaning loudly by now, begging you with my eyes and with my hands gripping and pulling at your ass. You know what I want – I want you to fuck me... to ram your cock deep and hard inside me... to stretch me... to rip me wide open. As you look deep into my eyes, you softly trace my lips with your finger - and ram your rock hard cock deep inside my hot, waiting pussy.

I scream from the surprise and the intense pleasure as you fill me up and you fuck me hard. You ram your cock into me, hard and deep... deeper and deeper. My hips rise to meet you on each stroke as I grind my pussy against your cock. I eagerly take you into my wet, hot hole - welcoming every pummeling stroke. I'm moaning and groaning and squirming beneath you, going crazy from the sheer ecstasy. Suddenly, I am taken over by waves of pleasure as they wash over me like the crashing waves on the beach. Throwing my head back, I let loose deep groans and squeals from within as I cum. My juices are flowing over you as you watch my orgasm take control of me. Somehow, through the intensity of my pleasure, I hear you start to groan also. You ram yourself into my dripping hole once again, and as you slam your cock deep inside my still-convulsing pussy, I can tell that you are cumming with me. I can feel your hot juices flowing into my depths. Our juices mingle and run over onto the sand.

Groaning and shaking, we clutch at each other tightly – my nails digging into your back. When our shaking and shuddering has finally subsided, we collapse onto the sand to lie in each other's arms. Curled up against one another, we simply enjoy the feel of our warm bodies next to each other... under the sun, listening to the crashing waves.

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