tagErotic CouplingsSandy Ch. 03

Sandy Ch. 03

byRonnie 1946©

Prologue: If you have read chapters 1 & 2 you may, by now, have realised this is a true story. The names have been changed along with some of the minor details but the basis of the story is true. This all took place in 2001 and I fell "head over heels" in love with Sandy.


Story Continues.

Sandy and I came to an arrangement. She needed money to live and I could afford it, so I gave her $500 a week. I wanted to give her more but she wouldn't hear of it.

"Rob, you have changed my life. Ever since I married Wayne at eighteen, I thought this was my lot. Looking after kids, alone a lot of the time, working to help keep the house together with never anything or anytime for myself. Fifteen years later you have changed all that and made me realise I do have a life. You have given me belief in myself. Given me self worth. I couldn't take any more money from you. Hell, I feel guilty even taking this each week."

My problem was I was in love with her, hopelessly!

So there it was. I spent as much time, as my business would allow me, with her, probably more than I should, to the detriment of my business. I was besotted with her and she kept me more sexually satisfied than I have ever been in my life.

She was insatiable!

She was continually trying to seduce me (she didn't have to try too hard with her looks, gorgeous body, long legs and blonde hair I was a "gonner") and we'd always end up fucking somewhere. Anywhere. She didn't care, as long as we were "doing it" often, she was happy.

I rang her early one morning.

"Honey, I'm going to Gosford and Woy Woy (strange names for you overseas readers I know but they are beautiful places, on the Central coast of New South Wales, about 1½ hours drive, north of Sydney) are you able and if so, would you like to come?"

"I always like to cum, especially with you," she purred, "but seriously, yes I'd love to. How long have I got to get ready?"

"About an hour. I'd like to pick you up about eight, if that's OK."

So on a beautiful spring day we were driving up the freeway, in the Range Rover, to Gosford.

She looked stunning, as usual. She had pulled her hair back in a pony tail, which sort of gave her a "little girl look". She was wearing a light cotton summer skirt which stopped just above her knees and one of those low cut peasant blouses which just showed enough cleavage to be tantalising.

"You look good enough to eat," I smiled, glancing at her as I drove.

"Good. Then eat me," she replied and started to wriggle around in her seat.

I wondered what she was doing, as she put her hand up under her skirt, and the next second she was hanging her red G string on the rear view mirror.

"There" she said "don't know why I wore it in the first place, I hate wearing knickers. It would only have to come off sooner or later. It may as well be sooner."

Then she pulled the skirt up around her waist.

"Look, I shaved for you this morning."

I glanced down at her pussy. It was as bare as a new born baby.

"Will you put that bloody skirt down, for christs sake? I've already got raging hard-on and you're not making it any easier. I won't be able to steer the car in a minute. It'll get caught in the bloody steering wheel."

"Poor baby" she said nonchalantly, then reached across and tugged at my zipper.

"Sandy! Cut it out. I'm driving on a freeway, in case you hadn't noticed."

"Well, you just keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. I'll look after everything else," she smirked.

Next second she had my cock out of my pants and started stroking it, lightly and gently.

"See, look how hard he is, and I've hardly touched him."

"You don't have to bloody well touch it. I get hard just thinking about you, let alone looking at you, and your bare pussy!"

"Oh, poor baby," she smiled and lowered her mouth to my aching cock.

"Sandy! Stop it! I'll bloody well crash!"

But she didn't stop it. She just kept bobbing her mouth up and down my cock, one hand massaging my balls and the other following her mouth up and down my shaft. I could feel my knob pressing into her throat as I felt my orgasm approach rapidly and I blew my load within what seemed a few seconds. Sandy kept sucking and swallowing 'til there wasn't a drop of cum left.

'There. Now isn't that better," she smiled. "Now you'll be able to fuck me long and hard when we stop. That'll be soon, won't it?"

And it was!

At Sandy's insistence I stopped at the first stopping area I could pull over on the freeway.

"Honey, people will see us," I said.

"Darling, they're going past at over 100kmh. by the time anyone realizes what we are doing, they'll be a couple of kilometres up the road," as she pulled me into the back seat.

I couldn't believe it. I was rock hard again. I don't know if it was rhe sight of her, naked from the waist down, her gorgeous shaved pussy lips glistening with her juices, or the excitement of what we were doing, on the side of the road, with cars whizzing past just metres from where we were about to fuck.

She pushed my pants down to my knees and spread her legs as wide as she could, in the confines of the back seat.

Her cunt was now literally dripping with her juices.

My cock slid up into her easily. I ploughed into her furiously, her hips thrusting upwards, meeting my every stroke. Our pace was fast and frenetic.

"I want to get on top!" she screamed.

Without a moments thought, I withdrew from her as she scrambled to an upright position. I lay back down on the seat, my cock standing upright and she slammed her cunt down hard me. She ripped her blouse off as she rode hard on my cock. She unsnapped her red bra and let her magnificent tits hang free.

"Squeeze my tits hard," she yelled at me "pinch my nipples. Squeeze them hard!"

I did as I was told, squeezing her beautiful tits, rolling and pinching her nipples viciously between my fingers.

Sandy orgasmed!

"That's it! Harder! Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Give me your sperm! Blow in me, you bastard!"

So there we were!

Sandy, stark naked, bouncing up and down on my cock, screaming obscenities as she orgasmed, with cars whizzing past us at just metres away!

That was it! I lost it and blew! My cock feeling like it would never stop spewing out spunk.

Sandy orgasmed again, her body shuddering, her tits red and blotchy from where I'd squeezed them so viciously. She stopped moving and just settled on me, her hands planted on my chest, my cock still buried in her to the hilt.

Cum started to ooze out of her and down my balls and onto the car seat.

"Lucky it's leather upholstery," she smiled dreamily. "God Rob, that was so good. I can't believe how good sex is with you."

"Honey, I think you'd better put some clothes on before we get arrested. You're still naked and someone just might stop."

So we continued on to Gosford, her red G string, now accompanied by a red bra, hanging from the rear view mirror.

We certainly got horn tooting from the truckies!

Sandy made me stop again on the way home, for a repeat performance, only this time I managed to pull off into the bush before we got onto the freeway.

Our lives went on fairly normally for a few months, if you could call anything with Sandy normal.

"It would be really nice if we could just spend some time alone together," she mused sleepily in bed one night. "You know what I mean, just you and me. No kids for me to worry about."

"Sweetheart, you organize the kids and I'll organize us a break."

"Rob, I don't want anything expensive, maybe just a motel somewhere that you and I can be alone together."

So there we were, sipping champagne in first class on Ansett, a once excellent Australian airline now defunct, on our way to Cairns then by rental car to Mission Beach on the Great Barrier Reef.

"I didn't expect anything like this Rob. You do spoil me."

Sandy gave me that little girl look that just melts me (and makes my cock harden). She was wearing a simple sundress that buttoned all the way from top to bottom. It was cut low at the front so there was a fair bit of cleavage showing, plus she had left quite a few of the bottom buttons undone so her gorgeous legs, plus a fare bit of thigh, was showing as well. The good looking young male steward was very attentive.

She didn't even notice.

Sandy had that knack of making me feel I was the only person in the world and she was there just for me.

I answered, "I don't spoil you near enough, sweetheart. If you'd let me I could really spoil you."

Putting her glass of champagne down on her tray, she took my hand and drew it to her lap and let me rest my hand high on her bare thigh. She shifted slightly in her seat so my hand was now very high on her thigh. I moved my fingers upwards and found her moist pussy. No panties!

"I told you I hate wearing knickers," she whispered "I'm going to spoil you, as soon as we land."

She was true to her word!

We landed in Cairns about 9.30pm. We had no sooner put the bags in and gotten into the rental car and Sandy was at me, kissing me hungrily, tugging at my zipper.

"Sandy, for christs sake, we're in the bloody car park. Someone will see us."

"They're not interested," she muffled, her mouth sliding down my now exposed cock.

She sucked and stroked me expertly, as usual, and within what seemed only a few seconds I was erupting my cum down her throat. She kept sucking until she was sure she had the last drop and my cock began to soften.

Sandy looked up at me like the cat that had swallowed the cream, and I guess she had in a way.

"See. Told you I would spoil you. Fuck, that made me horny, I'm dribbling everywhere. Here feel."

And she drew my hand up to her pussy. She was right. She was sopping wet, the back of her dress was soaked.

"I think I came when you did," she smiled. "Now let's get to wherever we're going, so I can get you into bed and fuck your brains out!"

And so we went to the resort at Mission Beach.

The first of the phone calls came about 7am the next morning. We were still both sound asleep when Sandy's mobile rang.

It was Wayne, her estranged husband.

She took the phone out onto the patio.

"Where was she? Why was she up there? Who was she with? Who had the children?" It went on and on. I could hear her trying to explain to him, that the children were with her girlfriend and that where she was and who she was with was none of his business. They were separated, remember.

Apparently that's when the whining and pleading started.

"I love you. I've always loved you. The children miss me. I miss you and the kids. Please let me come back to me. I'll change. Come home straight away." Etc. etc. etc.

It was at least half an hour before she came back inside. I had made coffee for us both and hers was nearly cold.

"I'll make you a fresh one," I said.

She looked upset. She was visibly shaken.

"He's using that fucking emotional blackmail again. Fucking bastard!"

It was the first time I had heard her swear, except in sexual arousal. I just looked at her. She was so angry; I thought it better to let her sound of. And she did!

"He's done this to me every time we've fought. Dragging the kids into it. As if I'm not aware they miss their father. They don't miss the bloody fighting and screaming though."

And on she went, venting her spleen, as they say.

I let her rage on. When I saw she was starting to settle I went to her and put my arms around her.

"Come on honey. Get dressed and we'll go and find somewhere to have breakfast."

She melted into my arms and said "No. Let's go back to bed and make love."

And we did.

The calls kept coming, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night. She had to leave the phone on in case the kids needed her.

I had a brilliant thought!

"Turn your phone off," I said.

"You know I can't. The kids..."

I cut her off.

"We'll ring and give the kids my mobile number, say yours is broken or something, and then we can turn yours off."

She looked at me and her face widened into a big smile. "Darling, you are a bloody genius. Let's do it."

That stopped the phone calls!

We had been trying all the different restaurants in Mission Beach each night but this night we decided we'd try the one in the resort.

We were getting ready. I'd finished shaving and was putting on a pair of slacks and a shirt when Sandy came out of the bathroom in nothing else but a pair of high heels. She'd obviously done her hair and make-up and was heading to the bedroom.

I watched her beautiful bum wiggle as she walked past me.

"If that's all you're wearing, I'm sure we'll get perfect service from the waiter," I smirked.

She poked her tongue out at me.

"You'll see what I'm wearing in a minute, smarty," and disappeared into the bedroom.

Sandy reappeared a minute or two later and I was gobsmacked!

She was wearing, or should I say nearly wearing, a clinging black mini dress. It was one of those stretchy numbers. Spandex or Lycra or something, with some sort of glistening thread through it. Anyway, it didn't have any straps, it sort of just started below her shoulders, just above her breasts and moulded over them, and clung to her body all the way down, over her beautiful bum and stopped about mid thigh.

It clung too, and accentuated, every curve of her body.

It was also very obvious she had not a skerrick of underwear on!

"Like?" she grinned.

"Like?" I choked, "I've got a bloody hard on already."

And it was true, my cock was rising rapidly.

She looked pure, drop dead, sex.

She pirouetted in front of me. You could feel the heat of her sexuality emanating from her body.

"Let's go lover, I'm starving. Besides I need to feed you 'cause you're in for a torrid night," she smiled and sauntered off in front of me.

We walked into the restaurant and immediately caught the waiter's eye. Plus the eyes of every other male in the place!

"Could we have a table over by the windows please?" Sandy smiled sweetly.

"Of course madam," he said, trying desperately not to ogle, and led us to a table, with a reserved sign on it, looking down the moonlight path to the beach, just 20-30 metres away.

"This is perfect," she smiled at him again, "thank you."

"My pleasure madam," he replied almost dribbling, discreetly removing the reserved sign, "may I get you something to drink?"

I thought it was about time I got involved, so I helped Sandy with her chair as he ogled her breasts. I ordered a gin squash for her and a Jack Daniels and coke for myself.

He was back with the drinks in a flash!

We toasted each other and I took a sip. Holy cow it was strong! Just the way I make them myself.

"Honey, have a sip of this."

She did. "Whoa, that's strong," she exclaimed. "Do you think he's trying to get you pissed?"

"Possibly. I think he fancies you, and he might be trying to get the old bloke drunk and sent to bed. Alone!"

"Well, we'd better make his night," she grinned.

And she did.

She led him on all evening, through entrée, the main course, dessert, coffee, the works.

She would deliberately lean forward, when he placed a plate on the table, so he could see some cleavage.

If she saw him looking, whilst serving another guest, she would shift slightly in her chair so that her legs opened a little. Not enough that he could see anything, but just enough to tantalise.

By the end of dinner I thought his cock would explode in his pants!

As we left, Sandy smiled sweetly at him again, "See you later." Giving him some sort of hope.

"Let's go down the path to the beach darling," she said, taking my hand.

So we walked, holding hands, to the beach.

When we got to the end of the path, still in full view of the restaurant, she turned to me, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply and passionately.

Sandy then kicked off her high heels and walked to the waters edge.

"Come on honey," she called.

So I kicked off my shoes and went to her. She took my hand again and started walking into the small waves.

"Sandy, I've got my trousers on. They'll get wet."

"They'll wash," she said, matter of factly.

So we waded into the warm tropical water. My slacks getting wetter and wetter, the deeper we went.

When the water almost reached the hem of her dress she just pulled it up around her waist exposing her beautiful bare pussy for anyone to see in the moonlight.

"Oh stuff this," she said, ripped the dress off over her head and threw it onto the sand.

She stood there, now totally naked, looking at me, a smirk on her face.

"Are you going to be a kill joy, or what?" she asked.

"What'dya mean?" I asked stupidly.

"Oh, take your bloody clothes off and lets skinny dip," she said, somewhat exasperated.

"What if somebody see us?"

"Most unlikely. It's after midnight and what if they do. I'm sure everyone's seen a naked body before."

Yeah, but very few as gorgeous as yours, I thought. But I did as I was asked, chucked my now wet slacks and shirt onto the sand with her dress and swam with my beautiful, naked lover.

We frolicked and played in the water and it wasn't long before my cock was rock hard and she was very wet, inside as well as outside.

We stood, locked in an embrace, my cock probing at her entry. We broke from the kiss.

"Let's go back onto the beach," she breathed into my ear.

We walked, hand in hand, onto the sand, up near our clothes.

Sandy fell to the sand, on her back, her legs spread open revealing her glistening pussy in the moonlight.

"Make love to me," she said urgently.

I looked around but the beach was deserted. There didn't even appear to be anyone in the restaurant.

"Hurry, I need you inside me," she implored me.

I didn't need any further encouragement and dropped to my knees between her open thighs. I quickly slid my cock into her waiting, wet pussy, sliding effortlessly into her depths.

Sandy immediately began bucking and thrusting urgently beneath me, our lovemaking gathering intensity very, very quickly.

She was like a wildcat! Lifting her hips

"Fuck me hard you bastard! Slam that fat cock of yours into me!" She was almost sobbing with lust. "Pound me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god! I'm cumming!" she screamed.

Her cunt spasmed around my cock as her orgasm took over, her body bucking and writhing as I slammed my cock into her depths. I kept riding her hard, pounding away at her wet and willing cunt. I knew another orgasm wasn't far away.

Either was mine, for that matter.

She was making those now familiar mewing sounds, as another orgasm approached, and they turned into incoherent obscenities. Bucking furiously beneath me again, I felt my own orgasm gather intensity, and I erupted inside her as her second orgasm took over.

"Oh fuck! This is sooo good! I never want to stop cumming!" she squealed. Her body shook and shuddered as her release spread through her.

My own orgasm felt like it was never going to stop either as I filled her cunt with my semen.

I collapsed on top of her, my cock still buried to the hilt, in her now leaking pussy.

Sandy wrapped her sand covered arms around me and held me tight.

"God! We are so good together, aren't we?" she sighed.

I looked down at her. "What we are, is covered in sand and spunk," I smiled. "Maybe we should go back into the water and wash off."

"Oh goody," she smiled back, "That's where it all started."

I feigned a groan and withdrew, my still reasonably hard cock, from her very wet pussy, helped her to her feet and hand in hand we went back into the water.

Sandy was right. It was where it all started. And it did again!

"I've never been snorkelling," she said, responding to my question whether she would like to go snorkelling on the barrier reef. So I booked us onto a reef cruise for the next day.

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