Sandy Ch. 04


I worked my way down Sandy's body, stopping at her hard nipples for a time and then on down to her belly, kissing and licking all the way. I pushed her shorts off, panties too, and slid a finger into her puffed up pussy lips. She was moist and twitching under my fingers. Soon I moved between her opened legs. Her pussy gleamed in the light of the rising moon and I dipped; first sampling, and then swiping my tongue the length of her slit. The shudder said I was doing it right.

Glancing up, I saw Karen had moved to her breasts, caressing with fingers and tongue. I returned my attention to the sweet well under my lips. Wide open to my attentions now, her clitoris standing proud and peeking from its hood; I painted everywhere I could reach with tongue swipes, but when I hit her clit she bucked up, moaning loudly. I focused there for a while until she clamped her thighs hard against my head, and with heels digging into my back, arched up, held for a moment, and then collapsed.

Sucking softly, I stayed with her until I heard her say; "Mister, you can do that to me anytime."

Looking up, I saw Karen holding Sandy's head on her lap while softly caressing breasts and crooning to her.

Finally Karen looked down at me. "That," she said, "was amazing. I want to come that hard too."

"Any time sweetheart, just open those beautiful legs and I'll be here."


By the time the moon had risen they had me stripped, and Karen was demonstrating cock sucking to Sandy.

Have you ever been in that place where you're sexually excited, but don't need to come? I was there; riding a euphoric high, watching the stars and seeing the occasional meteorite, all while they explored my cock with their lips. I was there, but not there; wondering if this was the dream again, but not wanting to know.


Eventually we picked up the blanket and our clothes and returned to the cabin. Katie Dog wanted out, so I took her for a short stroll in the moonlit trees. Returning to my bed, I found the two wrapped around each other and fast asleep; virtually lip to lip. What a sight. I stood, admiring, thanking the fates that made this happen. Finally I slipped into bed, cuddling behind Karen; my left hand draped over her hip.


"Dad, is Mom and Sandy lebbians?" I was doing breakfast while the ladies slept in.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Grant Lesky says girls that sleep with girls are lebbians. And Mom and Sandy are sleeping together."

"I think the term you mean is lesbians, and no, they're not lesbians. Not by any stretch of the imagination."

"Then why are they sleeping together?"

"Katie, I could give you all kinds of answers, but the honest one is they have discovered they love each other, and Sandy slept with us last night."

"Oh ... Then, do you love Sandy too, 'cause you slept with her?"

"Girl, your logic is irrefutable. But awfully early. Yeah, I love Sandy too."

"That's good. Me and MJ love her too."

"Speaking of Katies, that one needs to go outside. Will you leash her up and take her into the trees away from the trail? Thanks."


Soon the other child came wandering out, rubbing sleep from his eyes. "Dad?"

"Yes MJ?"

"Did we have thunder last night?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"'Cause Sandy is sleeping in your bed with Mom."

"She just wanted to sleep with us last night, you know, like you used to do sometimes."

"Oh, okay. What's for breakfast? I'm hungry."


Eventually the sleepy heads appeared; tousle haired, bleary eyed and seeking coffee. Each gave me a light kiss, and then disappeared into the bathroom. Twenty minutes later (well it may have been forty) they reappeared, fresh faced, hair brushed and smiling. The kisses I received this time were deeper and longer, and well worth the wait. Now I felt scroungy; I hadn't shaved or showered yet. The kids just giggled at the show of affection, but MJ did blush a little when Sandy and Karen kissed them too.


Our days (and nights) settled into a pleasant routine: everyone enjoyed being at the lake, swimming, canoeing or hiking. Clothes were totally forgotten by everyone everywhere but in the woods, although MJ had come up with a loin cloth on a belt that he wore just about everywhere. Katie Dog had adapted to us and after a few days if someone forgot and dropped the leash, she stayed with them. Sure she played with the kids, but also hung out with us; getting her ears scratched.

Sandy, and Karen too, spent lots of time out on the float; tanning. They had moved to a place where they were at such ease that they were both totally nude and wide open to the sun. Nipples and pussies had equal time in the sun, and I made sure they each had plenty of sun screen. Everywhere.

Of course I had lost my clothing and they took turns keeping me in sun screen too. They really paid attention to my cock; often commenting that they didn't want it burned. That also assured it was often at least half hard, if not totally. Even with eyes closed I could tell who was stroking me: Karen had a firm, familiar grip; Sandy was softer, a little tentative.

(Later my Father in law asked if I got any fishing in (?), and yeah I actually did. Several times I caught large Lake Trout, and once I nailed a Steelhead that was over eighteen inches and better than six pounds. MJ caught several sunfish and a couple very small trout. I can't picture a guy being near water and not trying for something.)

I don't know why, but there was never a sense of urgency. Our love making was just that; the women could spend hours exploring each other, and did. When I was with Sandy I felt whole. It was the same sensation I'd felt with Karen twenty years before, and still have even now. It was as if parts of me were materializing from somewhere/sometime else. Can you feel whole with the partner you have, and then add another and still feel whole? Or is it wholer, if there is such a thing?

All I knew then, all I know now, is that Sandy belonged with me just as Karen did. One afternoon while we were alone, I told Karen about my sense of wholeness; "Funny, I've felt the same way. It's strange; before we fell in love with her, I felt complete with you. And now ... I can't picture life without Sandy."


I was in bed, Sandy atop me; my cock deep within her. "Mark? Is this real? ... I mean us; you and me and Karen? ... Are we just doing this because we're up here, away from our normal lives?"

Rather than answer her immediately, I ran my hands down to her butt; pushing her down a little more. She responded with a quiet moan. Firmly, my hands roamed her ass; pressing down into the cleft and then rounding her cheeks to the sides. "It can't get any more real for me. (Sigh)It's great having you here, like this; on me and my hands, my arms, holding you. But for me; real also means having you in my life when we aren't in bed, when you're in the same room with me, or going to be with me, or you were with me."

"I'm just a guy. You and Karen have an ability to explore all your feelings to the seventeenth degree; for me it's incredibly simple: you complete me. When Karen and I fell in love I felt she completed me. Now I feel the same with you. You're a part I didn't know I was missing, but if we part ... well, it will be something I don't want to feel. I know I'm not saying this well, but you squeezing my cock like that makes it hard for me to think clearly."

Her cheek had been resting against my chest, but she lifted her head and looking in my eyes said; "Karen and I have talked about this. She said almost the same thing, and I've been thinking about this myself. I don't want us breaking apart. Karen says we can find a way to stay together when we go back. Do you think we can?"

"Do I? How fast can you move out of your apartment? Do you have a lease? If necessary, we can head back a couple days early; hell, we can head back tomorrow, and have you moved into our house right away."

"But where would I sleep?"

"There's only one place I want you to sleep; in the same bed I'm in. I'm sure Karen feels the same way. Shall we ask her? I'll call her in here right now."

"No, we'll ask her in a little while. I want to come now. I'm right on the edge ... yes, push up ... oh ... yes ... your hands ... push down, I want to feel them, harder, ... harder. Oh damn that's good. I ... I ... love you. Oh god Mark, I love you, I love Karen, I love us. Yes, I'll move in with ... with ... ah, ah, with you."

With a long shudder she came, taking me over the edge with her. I held her to me tightly; breathing deeply and then kissing her all over her face and neck.


We sat with Karen a little later, and I asked her if she wanted Sandy living us. I hardly had the question out when she responded; "Hell yes! I'd move her in tomorrow if I could. But can we get a bigger bed? It gets a little too cozy in the bed we're sleeping in now, and that's what we have at home."

"King size it is. When do you want to head back? We're supposed to stay here two more days. Do you think the kids would mind if we left early?"

"I don't think so. Both have mentioned their friends lately; I think they're ready."


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