tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSandy, Lee, & Me

Sandy, Lee, & Me


I stumbled down the stairs in my T-shirt and boxers and found Sandy and Lee in the kitchen having their first cup of coffee. Grabbing a mug and filling it from the coffee-maker, I turned and looked at the women. Sandy was wearing a short silk robe which fell away from her gorgeous tanned legs, and Lee was in a man's sleeveless T and track shorts. As she leaned over to talk to Sandy I could see the curve of her left breast through the arm-hole. Nice way to wake up.

I'd met Sandy through work and we'd been together for about eight months. Though Sandy's not tall, maybe 5'4'', with short dark hair, dark skin and lively brown eyes, she's perfectly proportioned and dresses to show it off. I get a kick out of seeing men's heads swivel whenever we're out together, and so does Sandy. She's naturally sexy, and she knows it and revels in it.

Lee was her best friend from college, and we'd talked briefly on the phone a number of times, but I'd never met her before she flew out to join us at our beach place on the Vineyard. Physically, Lee was as close to Sandy's opposite as you could imagine: blonde and blue-eyed, she must be 5'10". Long legs, fairly large breasts, and strong hips. She'd just gotten here yesterday and I hadn't really had time to get to know her yet.

I discretely ogled them as they discussed their plans for the day. They were going to hang in the sun, and I'd arranged for Tom, the guy who looks after the place when we're away, to come and help me figure where the leak was that was causing a stain on the bathroom ceiling.

We threw some English muffins in the toaster-oven and chowed down. Lee stood up and said she'd get ready for the beach, and Sandy and I sat and discussed plans for the rest of the week.

When Lee came back down, she did a little "ta-da" move, lifting her shoulder-length dirty-blonde hair with her left arm and cocking her hip.

"What do you think?" she asked. She was wearing a minuscule, nearly transparent white one-piece suit, and her ample breasts were threatening to break through the scant material. Her nipples were clearly visible and the high-cut bottom accentuated her long legs and generous hips.

"You look gorgeous, Lee," said Sandy. "Don't you think so, Dan?" I shifted in my chair, trying to hide my growing erection. My eyes slid from her breasts to the little Y between her legs. There were blonde hairs peeking out on either side of the material that barely covered her pussy.

I cleared my throat and stammered, "Yeah, you look fabulous. Maybe you need to shave if you're going to wear that suit, though."

A blush rose from Lee's neck to her face. Her eyes narrowed as she turned to Sandy and said, "Guys. How typical is that? They never grow up, then they want to turn us all into pre-pubescent teeny-boppers." She looked at me and I could see she really was pissed off.

"Well," said Sandy, "I'm not sure that's what Dan meant, but guys do love a bare pussy. I keep mine shaved because I know Dan likes it. But I think it looks good, too."

"Yeah, right," replied Lee.

She kept glaring at me. But she was right about one thing. I loved Sandy's shaved pussy, and the fact that she looked like a 13-year-old schoolgirl when she spread her thighs for me was a huge turn-on.

"How about you, fella?" Lee spat at me. "You all neat and trimmed down there? Or doesn't that fit into your fantasy?" I'm really into fitness and personal hygiene, but shaving my pubes was something I'd never considered.

"Well, I , um..." I started to say.

"That's what I thought. Tell you what. You do it, I'll do it."

Jesus, how did I get here, I thought. I looked to Sandy for help but she was just staring back and forth between us with bright eyes. Then she snapped out of it and asked cheerily, "So who's first?"

I stared at her, stunned. "I'll just go get my stuff," she said, running to the stairs, "Be right back."

I looked over at Lee, figuring she must have also realized that this was getting totally out of hand. She was staring me down, her cheeks still red, and I kept my mouth shut. I sensed that anything I said would only make things worse.

Sandy came back down, carrying a stack of fluffy towels, a washcloth, scissors, razor and my shaving gel and brush, and said, "Come on in the living room."

Lee followed her, and, as agitated as I was, I couldn't stop my eyes from drifting to her butt. The bottom of her bathing-suit was maybe two inches wide at her hips and narrowed to a mere ribbon as it passed between her cheeks. Her ass was full and didn't bounce as she walked, but pulsed with her steps. In spite of my nervousness, I felt my cock twitching again.

When we got to the other room, Lee turned, glaring at me like Frazier at Ali. Without blinking she pulled the straps of her suit off her shoulders, and wriggling, slid it over her hips. Her breasts stood out proudly from her chest, capped by pink nipples jutting from their areolae. Her hips flared from her slender waist, and strong thighs led to shapely calves and slim ankles. She was spectacular, and seeing her like this was certainly having an effect on me. I crossed my hands in front of the growing tent in my shorts.

To tell the truth, Lee didn't have all that much pubic hair. It had stuck out from that tiny bathing suit, but now I could see her bare it was just sparse blonde curls that did nothing to hide her full outer lips and her pink labia.

Sandy spread a towel on the couch, and said, "Come on. Let's get this thing going."

Lee went and sat on the towel, and Sandy pulled up the coffee table and sat opposite her. She ran a finger over the hair on Lee's mound and said, "We'll have this taken care of in no time." Sandy picked up her scissors and started snipping away. When she had trimmed Lee down to a short stubble, she said, "OK, honey. Slide forward a little and put your heels up next to your butt." Lee did as directed and Sandy put and hand on each of Lee's knees and spread her legs wide.

I could see all of Lee now. Her labia were prominent and, in the position she was in, slightly parted. I couldn't tear my eyes away from her gorgeous cunt, and I could feel my breathing getting a little ragged. The anger seemed to have gone out of Lee's eyes, and her glance lowered briefly to where my dick was now fully erect behind my boxers.

Sandy had squirted some shaving gel onto Lee's mound and was working it to a lather with my wet shaving-brush. She spread it all over and around Lee's pussy, keeping it up a little longer than seemed entirely necessary. Lee was relaxing now, and she let her head fall back against the couch cushions, all the while looking at me from under her lowered lashes.

"OK, here goes," said Sandy, and her voice sounded a little husky. She picked up the razor and slowly and carefully began shaving. Each swipe of the razor left a patch of smooth white skin where the lather had been. When she had done with Lee's mound and began working on the folds between Lee's thighs and her pussy, she needed both hands, one to pull the skin tight and the other to shave. As more of the lather was scraped away I could see the fingers of Sandy's left hand resting on Lee's labia as she used her thumb to pull the skin taut. Lee's breathing was audible, and her nipples were standing up on her breasts. Sandy's voice, as she nattered on about this and that, had picked up a distinct quaver.

At last Sandy put down the razor, picked up the washcloth, and wiped the last bits of lather away. Leaning back, cheeks flushed, she admired her handiwork. Lee's pussy was as smooth and bare as the day she was born. Her labia had swollen and spread, and glistened in the sunlight streaming through the windows.

"Well, that's one," said Sandy. "Oh, wait, you're gonna need some baby oil or something on that tender skin. Let me go see what we have." Legs flashing under her short robe, she dashed to the stairs.

Lee, who'd been watching me throughout the whole procedure, turned her head down and looked herself over. She ran a finger lightly over her bare mound and lifting her head to look at me again, let it drift over and briefly between her engorged lips.

"Well?" she asked. "Better?" She pulled her hand back and lay it on her stomach and lowered her feet to the floor, keeping her legs wide-spread.

My eyes ran over her whole body, from her bold blue eyes looking directly into mine, to her slightly open mouth, to her firm breasts and rock-hard nipples, across her stomach to her bare pussy, down her long legs to her red-painted toe-nails, and back up again until I was looking her in the eye.

"Jesus, you're fantastic," I replied.

She let her eyes drop again to the throbbing pole in my shorts, then looked back down at her own body before returning her eyes to mine.

"I think you're right," she said.

We were still looking each other in the eye when Sandy came back in. "We're not so well-equipped here," she told Lee. "No baby oil, but maybe this will do."

I looked on in surprise as she handed Lee a little bottle of water-based lube we sometimes used when we were fooling around.

Lee stood and took the bottle, read the label, and looked up at me. "Yeah, this should be all right."

Sandy turned to me and said, "Your turn, Dan. Fair's fair," and she started to pull my T-shirt over my head. I'm not sure how aware she had been of my reaction to what had been going on, as I was standing a little behind her and off to the side while she'd shaved Lee. But once she had me out of my T-shirt and I was standing in front of her in just my boxers, my arousal was unmistakable.

"Well, it seems like we're all enjoying ourselves here," she said with a grin. "Get out of those shorts while I put out a clean towel."

As she spread the towel on the couch I looked at Lee and stripped off my boxers. I'm not huge, maybe a little over seven inches and pretty thick, but I'd never been harder in my life. My cock was standing almost vertical and jerking with my pulse. The head was a deep, angry purple, and pre-cum was welling out of the slit.

"Oh, my God," Sandy said when she turned from the couch. She stepped closer and ran a finger lightly up the underside of my cock, from my balls to the tip. "We'd better get to work before something happens."

I almost lost it then, but I took a deep breath and went and sat on the couch. Sandy took up her place on the coffee table, and Lee stood pretty much where I had been while Sandy shaved her. Sandy leaned in close and lifted my balls, saying, "This is a new one for me. I think we'd better start here, but I'm not sure I wouldn't cut you with the razor. Maybe an electric would work better. Hey, Lee, could you...? No, I know where it is. I'll get it." And she was gone up the stairs.

I took another deep breath and looked at Lee. She was looking me in the eye again, still holding the little bottle of lube Sandy had given her. Her eyes locked on mine, Lee unscrewed the cap, and putting her right foot on the coffee table, squeezed a dollop of lube onto her fingers. She brought her hand to her mound and lightly began stroking the lube into her bare skin. Her fingers snaked lower and she cocked her hips forward. She started a slow motion over her swollen labia and jutting clit, her hips rocking. My hips were thrusting to her rhythm and I was could feel orgasm approaching when I heard Sandy's footsteps on the stairs. Lee calmly dropped her leg, and I let out a huge sigh.

"Got it. OK, where were we?" Sandy sat back down on the coffee table. She cupped my balls in her left hand, fired up the re-chargeable razor, and began to run it over my sac. The vibrations were pleasant, but the buzzing noise was a little annoying and the razor occasionally pulled painfully on my hair, and I was able to get myself back under control. The sight of Lee standing naked watching and the feel of Sandy's hand on my balls kept me as hard as ever, but I had backed off from my orgasmic plateau.

"All done," Sandy said. "Now you slide forward a little more and we'll see about the rest." I did as she asked, spreading my thighs, and my hard-on flopped against my stomach. Sandy picked up the scissors, looked back at me, and frowned. She grabbed my dick and held it straight up, trying to trim my hair with the other hand. "That's not going to work," she said. "Hey, Lee, think you can give me a hand here?"

Lee came over and knelt by the couch. "Just hold his thing out of the way while I try and trim him, OK?" Lee reached out and I could feel the tips of her fingers lift my cock by the head. "Great," said Sandy. "That's perfect."

As Sandy clipped away, I felt Lee's hand, moistened by the lube and my pre-cum, slide down until it was wrapped around my shaft. I looked at her, and she was staring into my eyes again. Her hand tightened and slid down even further until it was resting at the base of my penis. Slowly it inched upward until her thumb and forefinger were just under the head. All my calm of a minute ago was gone. My cock felt like it was going to break out of its skin, and a huge gob of pre-cum flowed over the head and onto Lee's fingers. Her hand squeezed and once again I was teetering on the edge of a massive eruption.

"I think that's got it," Sandy said and put down the scissors. Lee's grip on my cock loosened and it slapped back against my stomach as she pulled her hand away. Sandy turned back to me with the shaving gel and brush and saw my cock twitching and shining with lube and pre-cum.

"Jesus, Dan. This has got you really worked up. We may have to let Lee go to the beach alone." Her voice had risen about a half-octave, and she plucked at the belt of her robe. "Is anybody else hot in here, or is it just me?" In one motion she had shucked out of her robe and was as naked as Lee and I were. Sandy's brown nipples poked out from her small breasts. We'd been at the Vineyard for a week before Lee had come, and she had a pretty good all-over tan from lying nude on the deck, but I could see a flush spreading over her chest and neck. There was no tan-line around her shaved pussy, and sitting as she was before me on the coffee table with her legs open, I could see that the morning's events had affected her, too. Her clit was peeking out from its hood and her cunt lips were shining. I noticed Lee checking her out, too.

We all exchanged looks, and Sandy squeaked, "Back to work, boys and girls." She squirted out a blob of gel on my abdomen and began to work it into a lather with the brush. She lifted my erection , raised an eyebrow at me, and grabbed the razor. Lee knelt where she was, her gaze shifting from my eyes to Sandy's work. Before long Sandy was done and she wiped me with the wash-cloth and told me to stand up so we could all check out my new look. My cock was harder than ever, and shorn of its surrounding hair looked gigantic. Pre-cum was now sailing from the head in stringy ribbons, the head was pointing at the ceiling, nearly bursting with blood, and shock-waves were making it jump up and down. I was feeling a little dizzy, and looking at Sandy I saw she was no better off. She was staring at my cock with un-bridled lust, and little tremors were running under her skin. I turned my head to Lee, and saw her right hand sliding over her pussy as her chest heaved with her heavy breathing. We all looked at each other, wondering just where this was going, when we heard gravel crunching in the drive-way.

"Shit, it's Tom,' Sandy wailed, looking out the front window. She snatched up her robe and threw it on. "You guys get dressed, and I'll try to stall him." Sandy ran out of the room to the front hallway.

Lee turned and bent to pick up her suit. Her ass-cheeks swelled and parted, and her cunt-lips, gleaming with lube and her moisture and deep red from excitement and the friction of her rubbing, peeked out at me. A gasp escaped my lips as she straightened and walked over to me. I felt like a deer in the headlights as my eyes tried to take her all in. She kept coming forward until my cock was pressed between us, and as she looked into my eyes once again, spasms started in my toes and raced up my spine to the top of my head. The first blast of cum shot all the way up and hit her under the chin, more landed on the underside of her tits and painted her chest, and as I subsided and took a step back from her, thick gobbets drifted down over her stomach and into the folds of her pussy.

Lee turned and walked to the stairs as I frantically searched for my boxers. I grabbed them and bounded up the stairs. I heard the bathroom door close and the shower start.

From the hallway Sandy yelled, "Hey, Dan. Tom's here."

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