Sandy, Lee, & Me Ch. 03


"I wouldn't go that far. It was just hot seeing you two like that. But that's not the point." She was crowding against me, her heat penetrating our clothes. The night air in comparison seemed to have lost its warmth, and goose-bumps popped up all over me. "Here we are on a moon-lit night on Martha's Vineyard. Lee's asleep and we're both about to explode. Let's work on that."

She pulled herself away from me, stood up and stripped off her top and then dropped her skirt. Sandy's glorious body gleamed in the moon-light and a fire ignited in me, driving away my momentary chill. "I actually just took off my panties in the toilet here, so you know. But the fantasy doesn't seem to have done you any harm. Unless that lump in your pants is causing you pain."

I yankeded off my shirt, lifted my hips, and shucked off my pants and under-shorts. My cock jumped up and I sat back naked on the couch. "Not any more. Why don't you come over here and I'll try to warm you up."

Sandy sat on the couch and I dropped to my knees in front of her. I took her left foot in my hands and explored it like a blind man. Like the rest of her body, it was small and perfectly formed. I stroked it for a moment, then opened my eyes and looked her over. The moonlight made her dark brown hair glimmer and reflected off her cheek-bones. Her short hair framed her high forehead and wide-set eyes, and loose strands floated over her face. Her long, thin neck was stretched as she lay back on the couch cushions, and the rays of the moon combined with her tan to give her skin a burnished shimmer. Her stomach and thighs were taut from her work at the gym and showed muscle definition, and her hip-bones jutted up from her belly, but a little layer of woman-fat under her soft skin kept her shapes round. As my hands caressed her and moved up over her calf, her dark nipples hardened. She raised her right leg and set her foot on the couch.

The sight of her shining labia drew me irresistibly to her, and I let my lips just graze over her while I breathed out a wash of warm air. She sighed, and I felt her muscles tighten. I looked up as my tongue flicked at her, and saw her back arch and her fingers flutter over her erect nipples before she reached for me and pulled my head to her. I knew she needed me now, and I dove forward, licking into her sweet pussy with my stiffened tongue and sucking at her clit. Her hands grappled at my head and her legs lifted onto my shoulders. Her thighs clamped around my ears and her hips bounded as she neared her orgasm.

Sandy's throes gradually tailed off, and her hold on me loosened. Her eye-lids parted slightly. Her look was contemplative, sated and yet a little wondering. "I think summer on the Vineyard agrees with us, Dan. Maybe we should move out here full-time."

I raised up on my knees and kissed the damp skin between her breasts. Sandy had just had her third orgasm of the day. With our strenuous work schedules, we were lucky to get together three times a week. "Tell me about it." I didn't point out that Lee's intervention into our lives seemed to have raised the sexual heat immensely. I still didn't know what effect her presence was having on Sandy. Was the intense atmosphere something only I (and obviously Lee) felt, or was it getting to Sandy, too? She'd mentioned twice now that what had been going on had gotten to her. But was that just an observation, or might she want, on some level, to participate? That last thought raised fantasies of me and these two superb women together, and my already substantial erection bounced rabidly between her thighs.

Sandy felt it, and reached out and let both hands settle around me. "Oh, God, Dan. You feel like you're about to pop. Poor boy, you've been all worked up for hours. What are we going to do about that?" She pulled me up and forward until I was standing in front of her. She took her hands off me and my cock twanged like an overloaded spring. In the monochrome light it looked like a platinum truncheon with an obsidian knob. Like some sort of atavistic weapon laced with liquid silver.

"Come here, baby." She grabbed my ass and eased me forward. My fat cock-head beat against her lips, her chin, her nose, her cheeks, painting her face with my pre-cum before she could get her hand around me and under control. Finally she had me in her grip and pressed me to her. She slid me over her lips and slurped me in maybe half-way. Holding me with her mouth, she formed a tight diamond-shaped window with her fore-fingers around my shaft and her thumbs under my balls. She was sucking hard and her tongue was raging over me. My hands clasped her hair and I plunged in and out of her greedy mouth while she drew me even deeper with her hands. Within seconds I was oblivious, out of control and pumping wildly into her. I had one foot on the couch now and I was lost to everything but releasing the tension that the last few days had been building in me.

Slide-shows of Lee's shaved cunt thrusting at me, the feel of Sandy's ass surrounding my red-hot cock, almost blowing it on the dance-floor, Sandy's skin glowing like copper under the moon; they all washed over me as my balls contracted and I stuffed myself into Sandy's mouth. She loosened her throat, letting me sink yet deeper into he, and sucked harder as I emptied myself into her willing mouth.

Sandy trailed her fingers over my ass and thighs as I wilted. When we'd calmed, she stood and took my cheeks gently between her hands. She looked into my eyes and kissed my lips. I tasted the salty tang of my cum, not unlike the sea air of the Vineyard.

"God, I love you, Dan."

I felt loose all over, and leaned into her, needing her to hold me up. "Yeah. I know. Me, too." We stood a few moments, letting our arms close around each other, as we came to our senses.

There was nothing left to say, and she took my hand and led me into the house and up our room. We climbed into bed and Sandy pulled the sheet up over us. I snuggled into her back and within minutes we were asleep.

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