tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSandy, Lee, & Me Ch. 05

Sandy, Lee, & Me Ch. 05


The water in the bath had long since turned cold, so Lee and I drained it and got under the shower together. We couldn't keep our hands off each others wet, soapy bodies. I knew where this was leading, but as much as my hormones and my reviving cock tried to convince me otherwise, I knew I had to get out of there. I held Lee away from me and rinsed off.

"I've gotta go now. Sandy can be back any moment," I told her, and let my lips graze over her neck and shoulder one more time before I drew the shower-curtains aside and stepped out. I looked back at her as I grabbed a towel from the rail. She put on a big pout, then turned away, bending at the waist to show me her round ass, and picked up a razor. With a sigh, I tugged the shower-curtains shut and dried off. I walked down the hall, my cock half-hard and flopping in front of me. In the bedroom I wedged it into some underwear and shorts, and was pulling a T-shirt over my head when I heard the car pull up in the drive.

When I got downstairs and out the front door, Sandy had the trunk of the Saab open. She looked up and flashed me a smile. "Give me a hand here, fella?"

"Sure," I answered. "Whatcha got there?"

"Dan, listen. I loved this place the minute I saw it. It's beautiful. But those boxwoods your father has planted around the foundations are a disaster. They can't take this climate at all."

I looked over at the shrubbery in the flower-beds along the front of the house on either side of the porch, and saw what she meant. The bushes were more brown than green, more dead than alive..

I turned back to Sandy. "Yeah, you're right. And?"

"And I went down to the garden store and had a long talk with the man there. He showed me a lot of things, and we decided on shrub-roses. They're from Canada and can handle the winters here."

I had an idea where this was all going, but I wanted to make sure. "So you want to...?"

"I want to tear out all those dying boxwoods and plant shrub-roses. Oh, Dan, your father was so good to let us use this place. I'd like to do something for him."

I knew my father would give me the place if I asked; Sandy and I lived in Boston and he was in Florida with his new girl-friend. I doubted they'd be spending much time here. But I also knew Sandy.

"Sounds great. So let's get started."

Sandy gave me a serious look and said, "Two things, Dan. First, the shrub-roses have to be planted in the fall."

"Hey, that's no problem. We'll come back in september. You'll love it. All the tourists will be gone. You can almost imagine what it was like here a hundred years ago."

"And second, this is my project. I want to do it alone." She registered my look and said, "OK, I don't mean all alone; I want to have you here with me. But I'm doing all the work."

"Your wish is my command. So for now let's get some lunch and hit the beach."

Sandy grinned. "Lunch sounds great, but my wish now is that you help me unload the car."

I walked over and saw that the trunk was full of big white plastic bags. "That's mulch and fertilizer," Sandy told me. "I figure I can get the boxwood pulled out now and prepare the flower-beds for when we come back in september. Your command is to get all that stuff out of the car and put it where I can get to it."

Twenty minutes later I had the sacks piled on the lawn where Sandy had directed me, and we walked into the house. Lee was out of the shower and was making lunch: bruschetta with fresh vineyard tomatoes and basil, drizzled with olive oil.

After we'd eaten and chatted, Sandy said she wanted to get to work on the flower-beds. Lee and I both offered to help, but Sandy reiterated that this was her project. Lee said she'd hang out back on the deck and be available if Sandy should need any help, and I decided to go for a run.

It was brutally hot out, and I was covered with sweat when I walked up the drive fifty minutes later. Sandy was bent over the flower-bed, absorbed in her work, and didn't hear me coming. I leaned over and kissed her between her shoulder-blades, which were exposed by her light-blue tube top. She sprang back and looked up at me.

"Eew, you're dripping all over me."

"Yeah, and you're sweating all over my lips." I straightened up. "How's it going here?"

She spread her arm wide and pointed out boxwoods lying across the lawn like dead soldiers. "I'm getting there. I think I'll have this side of the porch done by evening. Then tomorrow I can do the other side. How was it out there?"

"Hot. I need something to drink, then I'll come out and give you a hand."

"Dan, I told you. This is all mine. You go in and get some water. Maybe see how Lee's doing. This could be getting boring for her. I'm fine here. Go on."

I kissed her again, on the lips this time, and wandered into the house. Standing at the sink, drawing a tall glass of water, I looked out at Lee sunning on the deck. She had on a tiny electric-blue bikini I hadn't seen before. As I stood there, taking in all her alluring curves and seeming acres of bare, golden skin, she lifted her sun-glasses to rest on her head and let her eyes, bluer and far more electric than her bikini, settle on mine. My glass was over-flowing, and I turned off the tap and sank onto a chair, closing my eyes and gulping down the water.

I heard the door slide open and Lee's bare feet pad around the counter. I opened my eyes in time to see her lift one hip and half sit on the table facing me. Her dangling left foot brushed my calf.

"Careful, I'm all wet," I told her.

"Me too." She lifted her foot to rest it on my slippery thigh, and her legs spread open. "Want to feel?"

The bikini bottom was minuscule and tight against her flesh. Her outer lips bulged around the sides, and I could see her pubes thrusting out against the thin blue cloth. I tore my eyes from the sight.

"Jesus, Lee. Sandy's right outside."

"I know. Want to feel?" Her fingers plucked at the thin string tied at her left hip, and the knot fell open. Mesmerized, I watched as the slip of material between her legs loosened and half slipped away, exposing most of her bare mound.

"I shaved again in the shower after you left." Her hand drifted down and stroked over her skin, at the same time pushing her bikini bottom completely to the side. "It's so smooth. Come on, feel it."

I couldn't resist her. My hand snaked up over her thigh and rested on her hip, and my thumb, almost unbidden, stretched out to lightly graze her shaved skin. It was so soft, like a baby's, and as I caressed her, Lee's head lolled back on her shoulders and she leaned back onto her elbows on the table. The tip of my thumb grazed her wetness, and suddenly I was all over her, leaning forward in my chair to slurp at her swollen cunt. I lapped at her like a dog at his bowl, and her legs closed around my ears and her hand clasped into my hair, pulling me closer. She smelled and tasted slightly of sweat and entirely of woman.

When we'd both come to our senses a little, I sat back in my chair and Lee lay on the table. She looked out at me through slit eye-lids and between the heaving mounds of her breasts, barely covered by her bikini top. After a moment, she sat up and reached behind her neck and fiddled at the knot there. The strings slipped free and the tiny triangles which had been straining to hold her breasts fell away. She leaned forward and rested her hands on my shoulders.

"Do my back?"

"Lee, we can't," I said at the same time I bent to her and reached around her to loosen the tie on her back. Her top fell away and her round, glorious breasts swayed before my eyes. I sucked in a nipple, and she stood up to give me full access to her body. The half-tied bikini bottom slid down her leg and lay on the floor. My hands had found their way around her and clenched her ass cheeks, pulling her to me as I nuzzled my way down her stomach.

Lee laid her hands gently on my shoulders and pushed me away.

"Oh, thank you, God. At least someone's come to their senses here," what was left of my conscious mind thought, even as I strained to lap once more at her pussy. I sat back in the chair and looked at her. Sweat gleamed over all her curves, sparkling on her shoulders and running in little rivulets over her breasts and down to the V of her thighs. I looked up into her blue eyes. I knew we'd pushed our luck to the limit, and figured she knew it, too. I was about to stretch forward and plant one last kiss on her delectable, round belly before telling her so, when she reached out and laid a forefinger against my lips.

"We're not done here yet," she whispered to me. She dropped to her knees and ran her hands up over my sweat-slick thighs. They slid easily under the loose light nylon of my running-shorts and encased my hard-on through the mesh lining. Oh, jesus. Hot as it had been outside, it was nothing compared to her hands around me. My hips bucked, and Lee slipped her hands out of my shorts and hooked them in my waist-band.

"Goddamit, Lee, we can't do this," I gasped as I lifted my butt.

"Yeah, you're right," she agreed, and she peeled my shorts down and stripped them over my feet and threw them aside. My cock stood up between my legs, red and rigid. I could feel the pulse of it throbbing in my brain. Lee cupped my balls in her palms, and I had to fight back an orgasm.

"I guess we can't do this, either." She dipped her head down and slurped the head of my cock between her lips. She looked up and held my eyes, and then she backed off. My ass rose off the chair, chasing her.

Lee was smiling at me, almost laughing. She leaned into me. Her hot breath caressed the tip of my bobbing cock.

"I know Sandy's outside." My cock throbbed against her pouted lips. "I know you don't want her to see us like this." A big gob of pre-cum squeezed out of me and painted her lower lip. Lee's eyes opened wider. "Or maybe you do?"

I shook myself awake. "Oh god. No."

I gathered my last ounce of reserve and pushed her away from me. I was breathing hard, and Lee's breasts were heaving on her chest. God, she was beautiful. All my hormones were telling me, "Go for it," and what was left of my atrophied brain cells were shouting, "Dude, Sandy's right outside"

Lee stood up and gave me her killer stare. Her lips seemed full of blood as she looked at me. She walked toward the stairs and said, "You know where to find me if you want me."

I watched her smooth, lightly tanned legs brush against each other as she walked away. Her hips swayed, and when she got to the stairs, she looked back at me over her shoulder. The look of pure lust in her eyes must have mirrored mine.

I didn't have to think; I just followed my dick. When I caught up to her, she was on the second step and she'd lifted her right foot onto the third. My hands closed around her left thigh, just above her knee. Lee stood still where she was, and I slid my hands up along her soft, warm skin until the knuckles of my right index finger brushed the moistness of her gaping lips. Without a word, Lee bent forward and put her hands on a higher stair. I stepped up onto the first stair and slipped balls-deep into her from behind.

A deep, racking moan escaped Lee's lips. I held onto her waist, just above the flare of her ass, and plunged in and out of her. She was burning hot and soaking wet. My cock, slicing easily through her slickness, felt like it had been carved out of ironwood. All my senses were on over-load. I could feel the warm island air on me as I pulled out of her, and the searing, all-encompassing heat of her as I pushed forward. The sound of my hips slapping at her butt and the sodden squish each time I plowed into her became deafening. Someone was crooning, almost whining, with each thrust, and I couldn't tell if it was Lee or me.

Lee was working as hard as I was. Every forward thrust was met by a backward push of her ass, trying impossibly to work me even deeper into her. I felt tremors under my sweating hands where they gripped her waist, and I knew she was going to come. I was there, too. I clasped her tighter to me, plunging onward to the release we were both dying for.

"Oh my god. What are you doing?" Sandy's shout pricked through the fog of my brain at the same time Lee pulled herself off me and scrambled up the stairs. For a split-second I was petrified, then I turned to see Sandy standing with her hands on her hips and glaring up at me, her face twisted in shock and hurt. Somewhere in the back of my mind I was preparing an explanation, but then everything closed down and I was coming. I watched in awe as ropes of sperm spouted out of my reddened cock, spattering at first on the floor and then, as my hips jutted, onto Sandy's toes in her sandals. I was trying to cover my dick with my hands, having no luck, not even close, still spurting cum over my fingers, when Sandy stepped forward and slapped me across the face.

"You bastard!" She spun and stormed out the front door. I was dangling somewhere between the elation of my orgasm and total depression as the seriousness of the situation began to sink in. I tried to call out to her, but only a thin croak came from my lips. I heard the car start up outside and I walked into the living-room and fell onto the couch. Gravel crunched and the sound of the Saab faded away.

I was leaned over, holding my head in my hands, when I heard Lee creep down the stairs. I felt the couch shiver as she sat down next to me. I leaned back and looked at her. She tried to put on a smile, but I could see she was as shook up as I was.

"She's gone?"

I nodded.

"Oh, shit, Dan. I'm so sorry. What are we going to do now?"

Lee was close to tears, and I was shell-shocked, but when I looked over at her naked body, slumped in dejection on the couch next to me, I could feel blood coursing through my veins.

"Did you come?" I asked her.


"Did you come? There on the stairs. Before…"

Lee looked at me in amazement. "Dan, jesus, how can you ask me that now?"

I locked in on her blue eyes. "Did you?"

Those beautiful blue eyes narrowed. I saw blood rise to her cheeks. She turned away and took in the thick spatters at the bottom of the stairs before looking at me again. She was almost smiling. "I guess you did."

"Did you?," I asked one more time.

Lee leaned back on the couch and I could see her muscles relax. She looked at me beneath lowered lashes. "No. I was right there, but no, I didn't come, if you must know."

I dropped off the couch and positioned myself between her knees, pushing them apart. Her sweet, shaved pussy was staring at me and opening under my look.

I raised my eyes and met hers. They were almost closed, but I could see the smile they barely hid.

"So. Wanna?"

"Wanna what?" But she knew what I talking about.

My head was being pulled forward as if by a magnet. "Wanna come?" I managed to mumble through a mouth-full of flesh as Lee's thighs closed around my ears.

"I thought you'd never ask," I almost heard her say.

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