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Sandy Relents


We had been married twenty years when all this happened. Sandy is a good looking five foot six inch tall brunette. At forty two years old she has a nice sized bust and a great pair of legs. She works out at a gym five mornings a week to keep her toned and always buys fashionable clothes; she works hard to look good. I am a few a few years older than Sandy, we met through mutual friends when she was nineteen and was still a virgin. She had played around a lot but had never gone all the way. We hit it off right away mainly because of our similar senses of humour and were both always on the look out for a good time. A few weeks later she let me relieve her of her virginity, it wasn't planned but it just happened one night when we she let me go further than we had before. Since then the sex just got better and better, even after many years of marriage we still get it on at least two or three times a week. We spice things up a bit with a few toys and adult movies; lately we have been using the net for stories and pictures etc.

Sex will always be a big part of our lives and we have discussed most topics over the years. Before we met, I had many different partners, not that I was a stud or anything, I have always been outgoing and cheeky and one of my hobbies is music which tends to interest the opposite sex. I just took the opportunities as they appeared. Sandy had only had sex with me and I was sometimes concerned that she had missed out on something by not sleeping with other men before we met. We discussed it on numerous occasions and she always comes back with the same answer, you don't miss what you've never had. So long as I keep her happy she doesn't see it as a problem. When I hire adult movies I intentionally get those that I know she will like, usually ones with seduction, threesomes or with well hung males.

In the last two or three years I have fantasized about watching Sandy make love with another male. While she is most of the time quite happy to indulge in the fantasy with me, it has been a firm no to actually doing it. Within our fantasies we have even planned out what she would like it to happen, but that is as far as she is prepared to go. She said it is too dangerous and could put a good marriage at risk, I have tried to change her mind but up until recently it was to no avail.

About a month ago we started buying the odd bit of fitness equipment so that we could both work out in the large basement area under the house. We managed to get most of the equipment second hand either privately or through second hand shops. It worked out well as we both get horny after exercise and if we didn't want to fuck in the basement our bedroom was only at the top of the stairs. Sandy suggested that we get a stereo for the basement so that we could play CD's or listen to the radio while we work out. I thought it was a good idea and we had a look around the shops but soon decided to look for second hand to get more value for money. We answered a couple of adverts in the local paper but they weren't what we wanted. Around two pm on a Saturday we were just about to give up for the day but had one last advert to check out. We rang and we were told it was convenient to have a quick look at the stereo so long as it was soon as he was going out. We told him we would be there within thirty minutes. The address was a nice set of apartments on the edge of the business area of town. The apartment was on the second floor and a good looking guy around thirty five answered the door. He introduced himself as Steve and invited us in. The apartment was just as up market on the inside as the outside with plush furniture and fittings. At the time I never gave it any thought, Steve was olive skinned and good looking. He was close to six foot tall, slim and fit looking; his jet black hair was stylishly cut and he was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt.

Steve was real friendly and explained that the stereo we were looking at was being replaced by an upmarket home theatre system. His partner was an air hostess and had brought one back from Japan on one of her trips. She was away for a few days and would be bringing back even more goodies. There was no room for the old stereo so it had to go. Steve pointed to a large rack system with a projection screen just to prove his story. Steve turned the old stereo on and demonstrated that the CD and tuner worked, the speakers seemed okay too. We left a few minutes later with Steve's cell phone number in case we wanted to buy it. Sandy and I discussed it and decided that we wanted it. I later rang Steve on his cell phone who sounded like he was in a restaurant or a bar. We haggled for a minute or so and agreed on a price, he suggested that he would be back home at 8pm and we could pick it up then.

Sandy and I decided to eat out at a little Italian restaurant that we like and then we could pick up the stereo after that. I will always remember what Sandy was wearing that night, a bright red top over a black skirt that fell just above her knees. She had black pantyhose on with black high heel shoes which showed of her great legs. At around eight fifteen we arrived at his apartment and Steve invited us in. This time he was dressed in a black open neck shirt and black jeans and he looked like he'd just got in himself. What got our attention was a U2 live concert that was projected up onto the wall of the room, the clarity was amazing and Sandy and I walked into the middle of the lounge to get a better look. It was almost like being there as the picture took up the whole wall. The sound had been turned down to a respectable level. Steve was happy to have the opportunity to show off his new toy, he invited us to sit down and stay a while and watch the concert which we accepted. We sat down on a comfortable three seater while Steve dimmed the lights and turned up the sound a little. He sat down on a single seater near us. Hearing that we liked wine he opened a bottle of red and white. I showed restraint as I was driving but Sandy downed a few glasses and was feeling very comfortable.

"That was amazing." Sandy said when the concert finished.

"That's nothing, watch these," Steve said. For the next few minutes he played some special effects from different movies.

By now Sandy was well on the way. "I suppose porn is good too?" she joked taking a sip of her wine.

Steve laughed, "Yeah, porn is good too."

"Well, you better show us one of those while we are here." she said to Steve.

"I can if you want; I've got a couple in the other room." Steve replied.

Sandy looked over at me, "I'd like to, what about you?"

I nodded, "I'm good for it."

"You're sure?" Steve asked.

Sandy and I nodded and Steve got up and went into his bedroom and reappeared with four Adult DVD's and handed them to us.

"Take your pick I've seen them all."

Sandy and I quickly agreed on Buttman who we'd both seen before and liked. Sandy likes the good looking Italian who is hung like a horse. A minute later there he was on the far wall trying to entice an attractive blonde up into his apartment, ten minutes later he was mounting her after she nearly fainted at the sight of his huge cock. The look on the blondes face told the story. She obviously had never encountered anything like that before. We watched a few more scenes while making comments on the action taking place in front of us.

"Anyone like a coffee?" Steve asked. Both Sandy and I said yes and Steve got up and disappeared into the kitchen, we could hear the jug heating up and the clinking of cups as Steve worked in the other room. I leaned over to Sandy and kissed her on the lips; she turned around and put her arms around my neck as our tongues met. We continued kissing for a while before I slipped my hand up under her dress and caressed her thighs. Sandy's breathing became heavier and I moved my hand up to her pussy and caressed it through her panties and panty hose. She opened her thighs slightly to make it easier but dropped a hand and pulled her dress down over my hand as I worked her pussy.

"Take me home and fuck me." she said breaking the kiss.

"After coffee." I promised.

I still had my hand up Sandy's dress when Steve came in with the coffee; he smiled as he saw me quickly remove it and Sandy pull her dress down.

"Don't mind me, I like to watch." he said while placing the coffees on a small glass topped table and pulled it over to where we were sitting. He then walked back to the kitchen and returned with milk and sugar. Sandy and I were grinning at being caught. Steve sat down on the other side of Sandy and poured milk and sugar to our liking. We then sat back to watch the action on the wall. Two well hung males were now servicing another blonde; she was on her hands and knees sucking one big cock while the other was pounding her from the rear. We watched in silence until the camera focused on the blondes face and she winked for the camera and we all laughed.

"How do reckon you'd like that?" Steve asked Sandy.

Sandy thought about it for a few seconds. "Two men or the big cocks?" she asked.

"Both." Steve replied.

"Dunno, he's the only lover I've ever had." she said smiling at me. "Never had a big cock or two men at once."

Steve laughed while he put his cup on the table. "Shit, I've never met a woman who has only had one lover. That's a waste of pussy."

We all laughed.

"He's all I've ever needed." she said patting my thigh.

We continued watching the scene while the two studs took their turns with the blonde; it was having an effect on Sandy as her breathing was getting heavier. She snuggled up to me and kissed me on the cheek and I turned so that I could kiss her on the lips. Her tongue immediately entered my mouth and probed for my tongue as her arms pulled me tighter. We kissed for a few seconds before we broke.

"This isn't fair on Steve." I said quietly.

She turned to Steve. "You don't mind do you?"

Steve smiled and shook his head. Sandy then turned and put an arm around Steve's head and pulled him close to her. She began to kiss him on the lips before she slipped her tongue into his mouth. My heart was thumping with excitement as I watched their embrace become more arousing. Sandy then broke the kiss and turned back to me and kissed me. I slid my hand up her skirt towards her pussy and she parted her legs to make it easier. I could feel her excited dampness through the two layers of fabric. Sandy broke the kiss and turned back to Steve who had his hand on her leg, he waited for a few seconds before he ran his hand up under skirt to her pussy, again she parted her legs. She must know it's not me, I was thinking. I lifted her top and slipped one breast and then the other out of her bra. She leaned flat back against the rear of the couch as Steve and I played with a breast each. I slid my hand back down to her thighs and started to play with her pussy, she began to move against my hand.

I whispered into her ear, "Lets take your pantyhose off."

She looked around at me and looked at me with her big eyes, not a word was said but she was asking if this is what we wanted. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips and pulled away again. She nodded. I knelt on the floor and undid the small straps around her ankles and slipped her shoes off. I then reached up under her skirt and took either side of her pantyhose and pulled them down as she lifted herself off the couch to help. She pulled her dark blue panties back up and pulled her skirt down to cover them as her hose were rolled off her feet. Not getting cold feet I thought, as I joined her and Steve back on the couch. Steve and I started kissing and caressing her again and she was soon back in the mood. We took turns in slipping our fingers under her panties and into her soaking wet pussy as we kissed her and suckled on her breasts. She didn't object when I removed her panties to give us unrestricted access to her pussy. After a while I slid her hand over to my trousers, she rubbed my cock through the material while I undid my belt and zip and exposed it to her waiting hand. Sandy stroked my cock for a few seconds before turning her attention to Steve. She leaned over and undid his belt and zip, Steve pushed his jeans down and exposed his cock. It looked a little thicker and longer than mine but with an upward bend. He was uncircumcised and Sandy seemed fascinated as she took hold of it and stroked the excess skin up and down over the shiny knob. She then froze and sat back on the couch.

"Guys, this is getting out of hand." she said looking at us in turn. "I'm not on the pill and I have no protection against pregnancy or anything else."

I hadn't thought about that, I had a vasectomy years ago.

"I have condoms in the bedroom." Steve said as he sat and slowly stroked his cock.

"Okay," Sandy said, "That's one thing sorted. Steve, you get them but leave us for a minute while we discuss this."

Steve got up and walked out of the room.

Sandy turned to me. "Do you want to do this?"

I nodded.

"Things will never be the same. Remember how proud you've always been that you are the only one who has fucked me. You'll never be able to say that again. You okay with that?"

I nodded.

"This will be a oncer, I'll never do it again. And you have to promise that you'll never hold it against me."

I kept nodding.

"I want to do it too but I'm scared." she said.

I leaned over and kissed her.

Sandy stood up and removed her top and bra leaving her naked; she called Steve back into the room with his erection now at half mast.

"Let's see the condoms."

Steve handed them over and Sandy looked at the packet while he looked at the dark trimmed pubic hair at the top of her thighs.

"Okay, I'll do this but it has to stay between the three of us, no bragging to anyone." she said to Steve.

"No problem."

"Okay, sit down."

When he did Sandy knelt between his legs and took his cock into her hand. She stroked it a few times and then lowered her mouth to it and placed her tongue on the head of his cock like a kid tasting a sweet for the first time. She then lowered her mouth onto his cock and began to suck it while stroking it with her hand. Steve's eyes closed in ecstasy as Sandy demonstrated her fantastic sucking technique which is normally reserved for my cock only. My heart was thumping with excitement as I stroked myself slowly. After a minute or so Sandy moved to me and gave me the same treatment. Her eyes caught mine as she ran her tongue up the shaft; she gave me a wink just like the blonde did in the movie. She then moved back to Steve and opened the box of condoms dropping one into her hand. She opened the packet and rolled the condom over his cock and stroked it.

"How do you want to do this?" she asked me. "Knee trembler like our fantasy?"

I nodded.

Sandy stood up and signalled for Steve to stand up. She then sat down in his place and spread her thighs while she pushed herself forward. Steve caught on quick and knelt down between her thighs, he rubbed his condomed cock up and down her glistening slit and was aiming it at her entrance when Sandy put her hand down and took hold of his cock and then looked up at me.

"Last chance." she stated. "Yes or no?"

"Yes." I said loudly.

Sandy then guided Steve's cock into her waiting pussy, two strokes and he was in all the way. I got up and knelt beside Steve as I watched Steve's cock slide effortlessly in and out of Sandy's pussy. She lifted her feet from the floor and raised her knees to her chest as Steve's cock noisily pounded her. She took hold of her breasts to keep them still as her body moved in time with his strokes. Sandy's eyes were closed in ectasy and I slid up and kissed her on her lips which opened immediately.

I broke the kiss and asked, "How is it?"

"Nice, it's a bit different." she murmured. She looked up at Steve. "How about we go to the bedroom where it's more comfortable?"

"Okay." was his reply as he pulled out and got to his feet and offered Sandy a hand. She took it and he pulled her from the couch and followed him into the bedroom. I was in hot pursuit and sat on the end of the bed. Steve took off his shirt and then pulled back the bed. He lay down on his back with his cock standing at attention. Sandy climbed onto the bed and lifted a leg over him and then guided him into her with her hand. She leaned back as she took his length, the look on her face clearly indicating that she was having a good time. She then leaned down and dropped her breasts onto Steve's face and swung them from side to side as she moved up and down on his cock. He tried to catch her breasts his mouth and she stopped and systematically dropped each nipple into his mouth which he sucked in turn. She then leaned back and turned to me, "Come over here." I walked over to the edge of the bed stood beside her. Without using her hands she took my rigid cock into her mouth and sucked up and down.

This carried on for a short time before Sandy lifted herself off of Steve's cock. She got me to lie down on my back and she knelt between my legs. She told Steve to get behind her and then took me in her mouth as Steve moved around her. Sandy stopped sucking and moaned as Steve entered her from behind; she then resumed sucking in time with his thrusts. I happily watched her breasts swinging behind her bobbing mouth. She stopped and started with her sucking, she was unable to concentrate on both at the same time. In the end she rested her chin on my thigh and closed her eyes and just stroked my cock while Steve serviced her from behind.

"My turn to fuck." I said to Sandy.

She nodded and sat up and we changed places. Sandy took one look at her juices on the condom and rolled it off Steve's cock dropping it onto the carpet. She pushed back as I slid easily into her and moved back and forth.

"That's nice without the condom." she told me before lowering her mouth onto Steve. We stayed like that for a while before we broke for rest. Sandy lay on her back between us with her legs slightly parted. We were all bathed in sweat.

"What next?" she asked.

"How about a bit of missionary?" Steve asked.

I was ordered to get a condom from the lounge; I returned a few seconds later with one and tossed it to Sandy. She sucked Steve's semi hard cock back to life before taking the condom from its sealed wrapper and expertly rolling it down to the base of his cock.

Sandy lay back down and spread her legs while Steve manoeuvred himself over her, I watched as she reached down and guided his cock back into her. She wrapped her legs around his back and moved with him as his he got into his rhythm. The first pangs of jealousy hit me as they began kissing passionately; my cock was rock hard as I sat back and watched. They were hard at it for a good five minutes before Steve rolled off.

"Always have trouble coming with a condom." Steve said as he wiped the sweat from his brow.

Sandy got up onto her knees and rolled the condom off him. She then leaned over and began to suck his cock while stroking him with her hand. He only lasted a short time before he was ready to finish. Sandy timed it with precision lifting her mouth from his cock and aiming it at her breasts. She kept her hand pumping as he came all over her breasts. Sandy smiled at the strained look on Steve's face as he slowly relaxed. I went into the adjoining bathroom and took a towel from the rail and gave it to Sandy, she cleaned her chest and then looked over at me.

"Your turn, come over here and fill me up."

I wasted no time as I climbed on top of her and slid into her still sopping pussy. She locked her legs around me and matched me until I quickly finished inside her. When I eventually had the strength to climb off I sat back and looked at my come oozing out of her worn out red pussy. Exhausted we lay back and closed our eyes, Steve turned off the lights and we all fell asleep.

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