tagErotic CouplingsSandy’s Computer Ch. 01

Sandy’s Computer Ch. 01


For months now she had pondered an idea of getting back to join internet community people. She had come to know its advantages and disadvantages. She knew of how it brought people together from every state. Her new computer was going to her latest toy to compensate for her husband being mentally away when home then off to work on the night shift which began at 9 PM. Some nights after he left for his job she didn't get to sleep till 1 or 2 AM. A computer would certainly break those lonely hours spent in her evenings.

In her middle years, Sandy was not merely a housewife; she had personal goals and was enhancing her medical transcription career at local college extension with course work two evenings a week. Her Children were gown and now in their 20s. This was Sandy's second marriage, having been single for five years before meeting her current husband. Sandy often thought maybe it would not be her last husband. She told herself that she loved her husband, but her marriage loneliness just would not go away.

Her husband monopolized their one household computer, using it in chat rooms, and looking at online porn. Photos of naked bodies did nothing for Sandy. She was a touching person who needed the emotional connection to feel secure before her system responded physically. Now Sandy would have her own private computer and safeguard her private space.

Geek Squad Technician, much younger than Sandy had thought. He sat her down in front of her new computer screen and then standing over her he explained how her new system worked. Sandy learned on – off, system boot up, program start up, adding software, and how to manage internet connections. For a moment his charm and friendliness distracted her. If only her husband would spend this much attention to her.

Lately, their sex life of once a week was being neglected due to in his daily life working schedules. She was a perfect example a modern lonely married middle aged housewife. Sandy faced unquenched periods of being horny. Sandy's vivid wild imagination drove her to distraction.

Recently she became interested in finding her 'G' Spot to discover personal pleasures of orgasm. Her Husband was not experienced in knowing what or how to do sexually in satisfying her. So she went on an offensive coaching him. Sandy dreamed of incessant and continuous 'G' spot orgasms, now she wanted to achieve them. Sandy thought Internet access would help her explore and find information.

Sandy woke out of a brief daze while her Technician was speaking: "So now you know how to use it?" Her technician asked.

She looked up at him smiling. He added; "Any questions before I leave it all to you?"

Sandy said; "Want to show me again?"

She enjoyed his closeness, his aftershave aroma and his attractive youthful sex appeal. What harm was a little flirting going to do? She thought. Technician pandered to her wishes and went through computer system basics once more.

That evening, Husband sat down to dinner with Sandy. As usual they ate in silence, his mind concentrating on more important issues of his work.

Sandy looked her best whenever he was around. She wore sexy clothing, short skirts, a favorite perfume that he once liked her to wear, but none of this made any impact in arousing his interest in her.

She would sit in her bathtub soaking while he shaved offering hints of lovemaking supported by the fact that she was naked and fresh, ready for passion. Her husband would simply dismiss it all in order to catch up on something that he had forgotten about. He always had excuses.

Sandy would wait until Husband fell into a deep sleep or was at work, before she went to her private space switching on her computer on. At start of her internet exploration she net surfed finding some interesting sites and some which were very adventuresome. There were only one or two sites that seemed more than interesting.

Sandy was amazed by the amount of mature adult material that could be glanced upon, which included pornography, erotica and exhibitionism. Online she found adult toys, BDSM toys, sensation play and bondage gear, catalogs of sex toys, impact toys, vibrators, dildos, strap-on's, silicone toys, anal toys, butt plugs, dongs, nipple pumps, breast pumps, adult videos, adult DVD's, condoms, lubes, penis pumps, and nipple clamps.

Just seeing these online made her wonder about these things. She had never been exposed to these or seen, felt, or experienced them. She also wondered about personal safety in using adult toys, especially with a partner.

She made note of URL addresses with plans to visit these sites again when she had time.

Sandy was typically shy with had limited chat room experience. Chat rooms offered her a chance to meet others, which seemed like a good idea.

Her first moves into electronic community network were in 50s chat rooms. At first, she found other guests dominated various rooms and like any stranger in a room full of people, she had to make herself known. Breaking ice was difficult. She realized that chat rooms demanded a certain skill in written communication. At times it became frustrating, that was until Ian replied:

A person introduced himself as Ian. He typed words on a chat box saying;"Sandy hello, I like your profile and your photo, you are very attractive."

Sandy typed back;"Hello Ian my name is Sandy. How are you?"

Both them soon began to exchange information about each other. Ian seemed to be an experienced user of internet networks. He seemed similar in age with similar interests to Sandy. Yet Ian was much older. His photo looked much younger than his actual age.

Both were lonely in their lives. They lacked that certain companionship, call it a spark, or glue, or something one simply cannot define. That first time consumed hours spent on-line until they realized how late it was. 3 AM. They agreed to meet online soon again.

Sandy thought then typed; "maybe tomorrow:" or another occasion in our near future.

Ian said his schedule was demanding, and was seldom on chat and just did not have a friend to chat with, yet he felt the pull of Sandy's interest in him.

Ian typed' "Sandy I feel attracted to you, let's talk tomorrow night at same time"

Sandy agreed.

Husband was becoming more engrossed in his personal business. Deals had to be made, schedules met and targets achieved. Over weeks of passing time, Sandy became so tied up with Ian and she no longer cared about how poor her relationship was with her husband.

When he slept she would go on-line and speak to Ian. They exchanged photographs, ideas, spoke of her desire for a 'G' spot orgasm. Ian sent Sandy several paragraphs on how to find the 'G' spot, hot to massage her vagina, and what to expect.

Both felt comfortable with their sexual discussions, as these chats became an adventure into each other's lives, what worked, what was missing, and what they both wanted to experience.

Ian typed; "I looked at your picture today. You are attractive to me Sandy."

Sandy responded; "Well thank you Ian. You are really good looking handsome man yourself."

Subtly the conversation turned to sex. Both their likes and dislikes and then their past exploit and experiences. He explained his secret desires. Sandy shared hers. Sandy found him so interesting in respect of openness, honesty, and interest in just her.

Sandy felt she could have a relationship with Ian and wondered what an affair would be like. In her private moments she fantasized about meeting Ian and having sex on a regular basis with him. She gradually admitted to herself that she needed this relationship. Sandy knew Ian needed her too.

Sandy asked Ian; "Can I ask you something Ian?"

Ian responded; "Of course. What?"

Sandy inquired; "How do you satisfy yourself? How do you seek a release?"

Ian responded; "You mean...do I masturbate?"

Sandy answered; "Well, yes."

Ian went on to explain that he began to masturbate at the age of 12 very early in his youth to explore himself with pleasure, secretly satisfy releasing his sexual tension.

Out of curiosity he asked Sandy her perspective on masturbation. She explained frankly that she always took an opportunity to masturbate whenever a mood suited her, but was not always successful reaching orgasm. She had recently purchased a small vibrator practicing with but not understood how to reach a complete orgasm. Sandy explained her husband, whom she had met on line, and lived with for past six years, did not have the ability to give her an orgasm when they made love.

Sandy said; "Ian I hear that some people have cybersex."

Ian answered; "Explain that?"

In the best way possible Sandy gave her understanding and explanation of cybersex. She had never indulged in cybersex before, but on one occasion Sandy watched a couple on-line taking sharing words of acts, which made her so horny she had to do something about it. Ian understood most of what she had told him. Sandy's vivid imagination provided rest of her mind's eye vision.

Ian said; "OK, but it is not real, as it is make believe. I need to touch and feel touched. Do people have to get naked for this cybersex?"

Sandy said; "It depends on the couple, their limits, commitment, and ground rules."

Ian could hardly believe what she had written. Was this consent to try it, or simply another one of her questions? He gave her the reply she wanted by saying it was entirely up to her.

At that Sandy stood up from her chair and removed her nightshirt and panties.

Sandy said "Ok Ian, I have taken off my camisole and panties, now I am naked. So what would you do to me now?"

Armed with only a few pictures of her image and descriptions, Ian thought a minute, as it seemed so awkward, and then he snapped into action. His imagination ran wild and he began to write descriptively as if he was in same room with Sandy.

She responded likewise and together they had embarked on a steamy dialogue and recital of how they would be, alone together, what each would do, and their desires.

At first, their cyber power sessions were shared moments, confined to their imaginations.

Self-gratification only followed when they were off-line. Together they would build up their sexual feelings, then when offline release their frustrations on strengths of what they had written together. They both knew that it was nothing like the real thing, but it was close enough for them, for now they shared a rare intimacy which helped each toward a release.

Ian said; "I want to hear your voice."

Sandy replied; "No, I can't, I must remain discrete. Let us keep it this way. No phone sex. We agreed remember."

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