tagErotic CouplingsSandy’s Computer Ch. 07

Sandy’s Computer Ch. 07


Finally Friday was here! The week had gone by so slowly. Out in chill of brisk autumn air, surrounded by rustling leaves on ground, afternoon sun was low in early evening sky casting long shadows. Sandy drew her coat close around her as she hurried to her car. Damn, why did it have to be so cold and rainy this weekend??

This was to be their time. It was weekend of their 6 year marriage anniversary. She hated to admit it, but things had been in such a rut lately. Her marriage lovemaking definitely lacked fiery passion she had once desired, known, and enjoyed.

Sandy had become Ian's Mistress hopefully this arrangement would put back some of spark that had been missing in her life.

Sandy was planning on meeting Ian for this weekend. All would be set after picking one more thing on her way to a lakeside weekend cottage, where she was to meet Ian.

She stepped out of her car and went inside her custom clothing shop. This was part of her surprise for Ian. She seldom wore sexy lingerie, even though she knew how much he loved it. She was just so damn self conscious in this type of clothing.

Since this was to be their special weekend, she wanted everything to be just perfect, with all of his favorite things. She walked up to shop counter asking for items she had put on special order two weeks before.

Sandy thought about what she had chosen while store clerk walked into backroom storage area to retrieve them. She had picked out two white ivory satin lace short teddies, a white ivory see through negligee, white see through body suit, and white ivory lacey high hip briefs.

Sandy knew Ian would be warmly excited when he saw these on her. She knew him so well. Sandy paid balance on her package then quickly hurried out the door. She tried not to giggle out loud thinking of wearing these sexy things on her voluptuous body.

Sandy had always considered herself entirely too mature to wear lingerie, but she had to admit thinking of wearing them for Ian really excited her. She thought of their weekend together and all her plans made while driving heading toward her lakeside cottage called Eagle Nest Cottage. Ian picked it out, and had given her an advance to secure the cottage for their weekend.

Sandy arrived at cottage early, set up housekeeping, flowers, candles, hearth fire, chilled champagne (helps take off an edge), light dinner prepared, and last minute fix ups.

Ian drove up listening to gravel crunch beneath car tires. Ian parked his car. An Eagle shaped sign in front marked lakeside cottage address. As he stepped out of his car, cottage seemed eerily quiet and dark. Ian inserted his key, opening latch, walked through door into cottage. He slowly looked around an unfamiliar living area that now seemed oddly erotic.

Hearth had a few glowing red ember logs crackling behind fire screen. Only other light was that of several vanilla lavender scented candles placed around room.

Candle flames danced reflections on walls while a soft breeze was made by a ceiling paddle fan turning slowly in room center. Ian thought Sandy had really gone all out. He stopped to bend down to smell a candle that was burning on table beside a large soft leather reclining chair. This candle scent smelled like her. A seductive scent of her perfume rose to meet him. Beside the candle was a note from Sandy. He recognized her handwriting immediately. Slowly he unfolded her note reading it slowly.

(Sandy's note) "Honey, I have a surprise for you, one that I'm sure you will find very much to your liking. I've been thinking of you all day, I can't wait to feel you inside me. I have a nice hot shower waiting for you. When you finish come back in here, I have many other surprises in store for you tonight." Love Sandy

Ian reached down and ran his hand across his aroused Penis. Sandy's note was filled with promises of erotic surprises. He loved Sandy's erotic sensual enthusiasms, but it had been much too long since they had last played. There never seemed to even be enough time together for them, much less any time for fantasy and the sensuality they both enjoyed together so much.

He slowly walked into a rich marbled steamy bathroom, where true to her note there was a hot shower waiting for him. He peeled off his clothes neatly stacking them on a marble bench, then opened shower door, stepping into warm shower. Warm hot water ran over his hair, down his head, back, and chest. The shower felt good, comforting, and sensual.

He let his mind drift to visual thoughts of Sandy and her body. They fit perfectly skin to skin. He loved the way she felt to his touch. She felt so soft and smooth. Her large heavy breasts bounced when she rode on him. He loved cupping her breasts when his penis was inside her vagina. He imagined his hands on her ass. She was so soft everywhere. Ian loved her softness. He especially loved to lick her soft tummy that she always complained was 'too big'. Her tummy was perfect for him.

Her body was delicious. He loved her taste during extended foreplay as sucked vaginal lips, moving his tongue up and down her vaginal slit, slow then fast, back slow, again. Ian loved licking, tasting, and sucking over and over then again and again, and once more. He loved drinking from between her legs, then swallowing all of her, not wasting a drop.

Ian enjoyed Sandy's responsiveness as it affirmed him, giving him deep confidence that she was in midst of satisfaction. He would build her up to orgasm, hold the edge, sometimes pushing her over the top, and sometimes letting her subside, she was not able to anticipate his moves, which left her in throes of arousal for hours, as he orally stimulated her succulent warm moist vaginal.

She was everything he had wanted. He had been able to feel Sandy's passion for him burning in her eyes from the time they first spoke on line then confirmed when they first met in person. Sandy allowed her to release with total and complete abandonment. She showed him her enjoyment when they made love. Thinking back to times when their passion so intense it nearly consumed them, he reached down and brushed his hand over his aroused Penis, feeling want for Sandy. Thoughts of their lovemaking made him hungry for her.

Knowing she was hungry, wanting and waiting for him made him quicken his pace to finish showering. He turned water off, stepped out of his shower, reached for a large black fluffy bath towel. He quickly dried himself. Looking in mirror Ian took some Ralph Lauren Cologne splash then slipped into a fresh black satin thong. Ian's full balls filled out his form fitting thong.

Ian looked into the mirror; "Not too bad", he thought.

His body was hard and tanned from working outside; the black satin thong clung to his damp form. He ran a hand casually through his hair dry brushing it with a towel. Turning from the mirror, turning off the light, he walked back into living area.

Next to his chair was a glass of red merlot from California's Napa Valley. Picking it up, he raised his glass, then whispered "here's to Sandy the Beautiful'.

Ian slowly sipped as he lowered himself into soft leather reclining chair. Ian's eyes scanned a dimly lit room, wondering what was next. His eyes found her in darkness, standing silently, statuesque, in white, like a virgin bride on her wedding night waiting for him.

He sat up on edge of his seat as Sandy stepped into dim light. His heart skipped a beat. God, she was gorgeous! She stood before him in a white lace see through negligee which was just below her crotch, nothing else was underneath.

Ian's eyes slowly drifted down her beautiful body. She was bathed in dappled soft reflections of dancing candlelight. Light streaks undulated through her negligee across Sandy's skin in dancing shadows. Her creamy, white breasts spilled out a deep V plunging to her gown waistline.

Looking intently at him, she turned herself around in a complete circle. He took a long deep look as his mind captured thin time slices of his vision to her. He had a good long look as she slowly turned for him.

Ian could feel her passion burning inside him. Sandy walked slowly over to him, with a finger touch to his neck, began to slowly kiss him with her passion. He pulled her onto his lap. Reaching under her see through, he ran his hand over her thigh, then up into her crotch, then withdrawing down around her legs massaging them softly as he touched her ankles.

She whispered his name softly as he felt her moist silky skin against his hand. His lips kissed her neck lightly. Ian slowly let his lips glide down her V of her gown placing light kisses on her exposed nippled wanting breasts. Sandy wanted to be latched, suckled, and nursed.

She arched her back as he kissed his way down to her waist. He slowly slipped his hand inside her gown touching her taut nipples. Ian brushed against her nippled hardness lightly causing Sandy to gasp with deep long desired hungered pleasure.

Her soft lips found his again. Teasing them, she traced outline of his lips with her tongue. Sandy was feeling him, tasting him, and loving him with her mouth. Her hands explored his shoulders, his back, and his chest. Lightly she raked her nails over his skin.

Sandy could feel his penis hard beneath her. She could feel pounding of his heart as she slid her hand across his chest.

His mouth left hers seeking out her swollen breasts, tenderly he took her nipple into his mouth latched starting to suck slowly. His hand slid under her gown up inside of her thigh. Sandy spread her legs apart for him offering him complete access to her wet vagina.

She was completely turned on as Ian slid his finger up and down her vaginal lips; lightly touching her clit, teasing her unmercifully, with tight circles round and round, then gently teasing her clit, and back down her vaginal lips, and back to her clit.

In cycled rhythm, Ian massaged Sandy, feeling her wetness ooze forth, he occasionally took his fingers dipped them between her lips, bringing her taste to his mouth, then back to her lips for more of her sweet nectar taste. Sandy had hungered for his fingers, now she was there, in midst of her dreams in an all consuming fantasy.

Silent whispers of warm pleasure escaped her lips. He kissed her with soft focused gentle passion. Ian felt he would explode as he held the edge of arousal. He needed to be inside her so much, needed to feel her vaginal lips suck his erection inside her, holding him, her wetness washing over him, with her naked body next to his, skin to skin.

Out of the chair Sandy gently got up taking him in her hand, leading him slowly to their bedroom.

Sandy reached out to him and slowly slid his black thong over his hips. She stared at his glorious body. His Penis was hard and proud. His face was so full of desire. He stepped out of it never letting his eyes leave hers.

Ian moved in close barely touching her skin, as small electric shocks rippled through their bodies. Slowly he slid his fingers under her gown straps pushing them off her shoulders. Her negligee slid off like a cloud whisking across morning sky, then dropped quickly into a heap on the floor at her feet. He slid his arms around her body pulling her closer.

Feeling her naked body warmth, he tenderly laid her back on the bed, gazing at her body with focus. She could see Ian's hard, naked body lying next to her own on soft down filled king sized bed.

A hazy soft glow of a new moon came through their bedroom window, his form so beautiful laying there erotically beside her in darkness. Oh, how she wanted this man, to consume him, feeling him deep inside her. She reached over and began to softly stroke his face, her fingers tracing of his firm jaw outline, eyes, and slowly moving down to his soft, moist lips.

Hungrily he took her fingers into his mouth to suck ever so gently, teasing them with his tongue. Waves of desire rocked through her while she arched closer to him, her body aching to feel his warm flesh next to her.

A low whisper escaped her lips as his hand slid across her soft, silky breast. Her nipples instantly hardened with his touch, almost seeming to strain upward to reach his hand. Her lust for him was too great for her to contain much longer. Sandy was human; her lustful desire had overcome her with abandon.

Sandy quickly turned to him and began softly kissing his neck. Her tongue traced its way over his chest. She rubbed his nipples with her thumbs as she kissed lower over his belly.

Seductively she moved slowly over his body with her mouth. Her nails raked over his body as her mouth found his inner thigh. She feverishly licked and kissed him as she moved in closer to his large full balls and erect penis.

Taking his erect Penis into her hand, she started to lightly run her tongue along his shaft beginning at his balls, then upward along bottom part of his penis upward to heart shape just under ridge separating head from shaft.

At this pleasure point she licked him, lapping slowly, then sucked and kissed, she felt Ian's tension build in his penis muscle. Penis skin smoothness caused her body to tingle. Her breathing was shallow, with rapid pulse her face felt flushed. She lustfully looked at this beautiful organ she held his penis in her hand worshipping it. Holding his penis close to her face, she kissed, licked, sucked with adoration, while making love to his Penis. Rubbing it against her cheek she caressed it tenderly.

Sandy looked into his eyes as she seductively moistened her lips. Sandy firmly planted a kiss squarely on his Penis head. A tiny pearl drop of Precum had collected at slit in his penis, which gave Sandy taste of Sweet French Vanilla. Ian twitched with delight as she took his swollen head into her warm, moist mouth for a taste. Her tongue swirling in a circular motion then up and down caused his Penis to jump with delight. Ian's penis seemed to have a life of its own.

Her lips slid down to the base, up tightly against his balls, she could feel him deep inside her throat. She started pumping, sliding her tight lips over smooth skin of his throbbing Penis. Up and down, up and down, she pumped his Penis with burning passion. His fingers were entangled in her hair, just resting lightly on the back of her head as she moved up and down on him. She could feel his Penis begin to throb inside her mouth, he was getting close and she knew it.

She let his Penis slide out of her mouth and into her hand, still stroking him at same pace she had set to rhythm of their bodies. Her eyes lifted to meet his gaze as she opened her vagina sliding his cock into her. She was waiting to catch his seaman inside her vagina. Oh how she loved his taste. She felt his body become rigid as waves of ecstasy cascaded then overtook him. He was on the edge. With his transition from her mouth to her vagina, she began to slowly move her pelvis as she took his penis within her, deeper and deeper. She could feel his cock head against her cervix as his soft head massaged her vagina. She moved fast then slower, sucking his penis inside her, holding it briefly, contracting her vaginal walls onto him, then releasing him, only to pull him back inside her.

She felt herself move to orgasm wanting them to cum together, she whispered; "Ian I am cumming."

When they were together making love, they practiced cumming together. GO word was a signal from Sandy signaling when she felt she was cumming, and then Ian began to go over the edge. They both knew feeling of the other as they entered rigid state of complete orgasm.

For a brief moment they both left this place, and with what was almost an 'out of body' experience, together they entered a place far away in union as one. A pinnacle of pleasure with sudden release which often repeated in waves of focused pleasure, they then slowly drifted back.

Sandy released, clenching him tightly in one large contraction of her vagina, his cum shot into her. She felt his semen warmth flood her inside. Then her contraction subsided, but quickly her body responded with another and another as she took him back into her vagina sucking last bit of cum from him, causing their bodies to become partially paralyzed during these waves of intimate passion. Both rigid bodies slowly began to relax as their orgasms subsided.

She knew Ian was satisfied. She slid back up to his waiting lips for a deep, moist loving sensual passionate kiss. He cradled her body in his arms. Both drifted off to into peaceful sleep, waiting to wake together to begin their next glorious moment of passion consuming them.

End for Now - -

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