tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSandy TS: The Afternoon

Sandy TS: The Afternoon


After our wonderful morning, making love we both dived into the shower. We both tried to hog the soap, so that we could wash each other. I think if the truth were told, we both loved touching each other a great deal. I had the soap and lathered your back and arse. Slowly rubbing the soap and my hands over your smooth and subtle cheeks. I made sure that I got into your crack and inserted a finger into your hole.

"Stop that." You jokingly said, as you tried to swap me with the flannel, while having a smile on your face.

I grinned and continued to wash all parts of your body.

"Why don't we go shopping today?" You said.

"Okay." I replied, "As long as we both can be naughty." I had noticed that you had a vibrating egg, in one of your bedside draws and this is what I was thinking of.

"You're on." You answered, as you dried yourself.

As I dried off, I told you, "Don't put your knickers on yet."

You looked at me and wondered what I had in mind.

I led you back to the bed and asked you to get on all fours. You did this thinking that we would have sex again, but I had something else on my mind. I grabbed the tube of lube and applied some to my fingers. These I ran up and down your crack. You pushed back into them, as you enjoyed the experience. I applied some more and inserted my finger into your hole. The soap had done a good job, but I had wanted you more lathered up.

I reached across you and pulled open the draw, with the egg.

"Oh." Was all that you could say, as I took it out.

I slowly rubbed this over your crack and positioned it over your anus. I turned it on, to make sure the batteries worked and to give you a nice sensation, as I inserted into your love hole.

As I inserted it you moaned with pleasure and arched your back. I could see goose bumps appear on your bum, as I inserted the egg further into you. The hum was loud and then it quieted down, as it disappeared further into you.

"You have to keep this in you all day." I said, "And it has to be kept on."

"Hmmm." Was all that you could say, as the pleasure traveled through your body.

I made sure that the egg was A-okay and then leant down to kiss your bum. I was very turned on by this, but I had to make sure that I restrained my self; otherwise we would never leave the bedroom.

I got up to get dressed and you slowly moved off the bed, a huge smile across your face. You walked over to me, awkwardly, with the egg up your arse and kissed me full on the lips.

"Yes master." You said as you pulled away.

As you dressed, you were in two minds as to what to wear. You needed something that would look good, as well as something that would conceal the egg and be able to put the control for the egg in. You settled on a pair of jeans, which had a hole in the pocket.

"Perfect." I said, as I studied you and checked on the egg. Giving the dial a twist each way to test that it still worked and to stir your loins.

"Come on." I said, as I grabbed your hand and led you towards the door.

In the car I noticed that you had taken the control out of your pocket and that you would twiddle the knob. I could tell that you enjoyed playing with it, because you would squirm in your seat and wriggle your bum, into it.

I was turned on, just by watching you do this.

"Lunch?" I asked.

"Yes, please." You replied, "As long as it is a secluded booth and a short one."

We reached a café I knew and we walked the short distance from the car to its front door. As we walked I saw that every now and then your steps would change. This was dew to the fact that the egg was teasing your insides and sending a glorious wave of vibrations throughout your body.

As luck would have it, we were able to get a quiet booth in a corner. As we sat down, I made sure that I could reach your pocket and pull out the control.

I turned the knob, up to high, so that I could tease you. It must have worked because your nipples were showing through the blouse fabric.

We ordered the meal and as we waited you rested your hand in my lap. Slowly rubbing my cock through my pants. I could feel myself growing, at your touch. Even the thought of the egg inside you, would have been enough to make me hard.

I gently massaged your upper thigh and penis through your jeans.

"You can take the control out and put your hand in there, if you like." You told me.

I grinned and proceeded to do that. My hand was a tight fit, so you moved in your seat, to give me more access. At last my hand was in your jeans and my fingers could rub your cock, as you were rubbing mine.

We were both deep into this, as our waiter came back. Judging by his smile as he deposited the plates, he could tell what we were up to. All we could do was smile sheepishly at him.

"Thanks." We both said.

We both looked at the plates and looked back at each other. If you were like me, we didn't want to eat there and then, unless it was each other.

"I have to go somewhere." I said, as I withdrew my hand from your jeans and smiled.

"Me too." Came your reply.

We both stood and made our way to the toilets out the back.

"Looks like there is only one." I said, with a smile on my face.

"Suits me." You answered back.

I opened the door to let you pass and then closed the door behind me. It was cramped, but we could be able to work it out.

You grabbed my head with both hands and forced your lips onto mine. Thrusting your tongue between my lips and exploring my mouth. I did the same, to you.

Your hands moved down to my trousers and undid my belt. As you unzipped them, you pulled both them and my jocks down, freeing my erection.

You latched onto this with your mouth, as you sucked it in. I could feel the blood flow there, as I grew harder.

"Not yet." You said, as your mouth withdrew.

You turned me around and had me sit on the toilet. I did this readily.

Your hands moved to your jeans as you also undid them. Pulling them to the floor.

You turned away from me and leant against the door jam.

"Pull it out." You said, as you referred to the egg.

I did this and it made a kind of slurping sound. I leant forward and licked your hole, so that it would be a bit moister.

"Now!" You stated, as you went to sit on my lap.

I managed to guide my cock to the opening of your anus as you lent back further onto my lap. As my cock slipped into you, you sat back and took all of me into you. Bouncing up and down on my lap allowed the sensation to grow.

I kissed your neck and ears as you rode me. I also moved my hands around so that I could massage your breasts, feeling the nipples beneath the blouse. Rock hard and unyielding.

I moved my hands down to your cock and found that it was erect, as well. I licked my hand and then placed it back on your cock. I gripped it and started to jack you off. We seemed to forget about time as we pleasured each other.

"I'm coming." I panted as I felt some pre-cum from you as well.

"So am I." You managed to say.

Suddenly I pulled you further into my lap as my cock exploded and spurted cum into you, filling you with my seaman.

You were not far behind me, as you erupted, shooting cum over my hands and down your legs.

We both pulsed with lust as we exchanged fluids. I continued to rub your erection as it slowly subsided, just as you continued to ride mine.

Slowly we came to a stop, both drenched with the others cum.

"Hmm, this is going to be hard to clean up." You said.

"We'll manage." I told you, as you stood.

I placed my hands on your hips and turned you around. With deliberate movements I pulled your hips towards me and started to lick your cock clear of liquids. I used my hands to steady you love stick, as I sucked and licked you clean. After a while I pulled back and kissed the head, with tenderness.

At that you ran your hand through my hair and smiled at me.

"You're turn." You said, as you leant down and wiped me clean with some hand paper that was there, in the cubicle.

As you finished wiping me you too kissed the head of my cock.

"Later, little fellow." You said as you talked to it.

As you straightened up you said, "We better get back to the food."

I smiled at you and stood.

"Don't forget the egg." I told Sandy, as I held it up.

She turned around and lent against the door jam again. I put the egg up to her anus, which was leaking with cum. I reinserted the egg and turned it on. I could tell that you would be moist and horny for all the afternoon.

We both rearranged our clothing and made sure that we looked presentable.

As we walked back to the table, we were given a few curious glances and some knowing looks, as we passed peoples tables. I hoped that the toilet was sound proofed.

As we sat back down, we went to eat our food and discovered that it was cold. I glanced at my watch and was surprised to see that we had been in there 45 minutes. All I could do was laugh, as I told Sandy. She laughed as well.

"Shall we go?" I asked.

She nodded and stood up.

"Was the food okay?" The waiter asked as we went to pay the bill.

"Yes, the food was nice, but the dessert was even better." I said, as I glanced at Sandy and we shared that glorious moment.

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