tagLoving WivesSandy's Fantasies

Sandy's Fantasies


It was Fall, and the leaves in Southern Indiana were turning into a bursting color display. Sandy and I were driving through the knobs just to enjoy Autumn's wonders. We often just went for a drive when we needed to talk. We'd drive around for half a day sometimes, just waiting for the other to open up and speak their piece. Sandy had asked that we go for a drive today.

"Gary, I guess you already know I need to talk, right?"

"Sure, Sandy, I figured there was something we needed to talk about, but I had no idea what it was. I was just going to enjoy the Fall colors until you were ready...Are you ready now?"

Sandy paused with a strange look on her face. She obviously had something on her mind, and I was going to give her the time she needed to spit it out. We had done this over the twelve years we'd been married and it had worked wonders to solve many problems, both big and small. Neither of us would push the other to say anything, we'd just wait until they were ready. Today was nothing different from dozens of times we'd driven around like this. However, this seemed to be something very heavy on Sandy's mind.

"Gary, how do you think our sex life has been lately?"

I was surprised at that question, because I never really gave it a thought because I saw nothing different, and certainly nothing wrong. I had always loved our time making love, and we still, after twelve years are having our 'sessions' two to four times a week. But I knew she wanted an answer to her question so I said, "It's been great as always!"

"That's what I was thinking too...A lot like it always has been. Do you ever want more?"

"Gosh, I hadn't thought about more, but if you need it more often, I'll do my best!" I could tell by the look in her eyes that wasn't what she meant. So, I said, "Sandy, I can tell by that look you meant something else, but I don't have a clue, so can you be more specific?"

"Okay, Gary, I guess I have to spell it out for you. I think we need to spice things up a bit. Maybe try some toys, or watch some videos for ideas. It's just that we always go through the same routine, and, yes I love that routine, and I love your touch, but I feel like we need something more."

"Do you mean that YOU need something more? Because, I am extremely happy with everything in our lives. If you are in need of something more, I am certainly open to hearing your ideas." I hoped that would suffice for an answer because I had no ideas and felt no need for 'more' of anything.

"Well, would you be open to watching some videos on the computer to explore some ideas?"

"Of course sweetheart, whatever you like, I really only want to make you happy. I thought we were both satisfied with our love life, but obviously, I was wrong. Something is eating at you and we need to get it out in the open and discuss it."

"Oh, I am so glad you're agreeable, you always do everything I ask. Gary, I just love you so much for always thinking of me first in every situation. We can go home now, I want us to get to the computer so I can show you some ideas."

It was clear that she had been looking already and had some specific things in mind. I was more that anxious to see just what she had in mind, so I turned at the next intersection and headed home."

We had no sooner arrived at home than Sandy was in the Den, booting up the computer. She called out to me, "Gary, fix us a drink and come on in here."

I went to the kitchen and pulled out our bottle of Canadian Whisky, pouring us each a good stiff drink with a little club soda on top. I thought I was going to need the stiff drink, because I was a little nervous as to what Sandy had in mind.

"Sit over here next to me," Sandy said, pulling a chair next to hers.

I was puzzled at her apparent rush to get on the web. She first went to a website showing women and their men using vibrators and dildos. I couldn't imagine Sandy with one of those, and I especially couldn't think I would ever be able to use one on her. But, I watched as she commented how the woman's spasms seemed so much more animated and intense than her orgasms ever were. I had to agree, but I was quick to point out that these were actors, playing out a scene.

Sandy shocked me next by taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. She pushed me down on the bed and before I could blink an eye, had her clothes off. She reached in the drawer of her nightstand and to my amazement, pulled out a vibrator that looked like one used in the scene on the computer.

"Watch me, then you take over and use it on me!" She exclaimed. "And get those clothes off right NOW!" She demanded.

I did my best to strip quickly, but was not at all aroused by this new turn of events. I tried to watch to see how she was using it, and in a few minutes, when she handed it to me, she was moaning loudly as I tickled her clit with it.

"Fuck me with it!" She was bouncing around on the bed.

I slid the ribbed shaft into her soaking wet pussy. It actually was beginning to turn me on to see her reactions to it.

"Yessssssss! I'm cummmmmming! She shouted as she writhed in pleasure on the bed. Then she begged me to eat her pussy which I always love doing.

As I started licking around her clit, she erupted in something I'd never witnessed from her. She was actually squirting her juices in my face. Some of them landed in my mouth, and I loved the taste. This made me dive in deeper and harder as she peaked her orgasm.

"Now, fuck me! I want your cock inside me please!" Her language was much more gruff than I'd ever experienced. She wildly thrashed on the bed pulling me to her and reaching down aiming my cock at her begging pussy.

This 'new' Sandy was drawing me in, and I was growing harder and harder as my 6" cock grew to almost 7". She flipped me on my back, never letting me out of her pussy as she began pouncing up and down drawing my member deep inside her. She began another wild orgasm, and as she hit her peak, my load shot into her womb.

I had to admit, this was different that our normal love making. In fact, as we talked about it, I learned that Sandy didn't want to give up our normal love making sessions, she just wanted some sexy times in addition to them.

She explained, "Gary, what we did today was not make love, we just had raw sex! It was wonderful, but could never replace our special love sessions. What do you think? Can we do some more explorations from time to time?"

"Sandy, that was really great, and I'm all for what we did today, but I agree, it cannot replace our love making times. If this is what you meant by adding some spice, it was terrific."

For the next two weeks, we used the vibrator a couple times a week, and still had our normal loving sessions several times. One Friday night, when I got home from work, there was a smell from the kitchen that drew me in. When I went to the kitchen, there was the slow-cooker with a pot roast and veggies stewing on the counter. Sandy wasn't in the kitchen. I walked around the house looking for her and found her in the den, on the computer, watching some porn with her vibrator working over her pussy.

"Oh, hi Gary, come look at this!" She said.

On the screen was a movie with two women using toys on each other. I was a little repulsed, but could tell she wanted me to watch so I pulled up my chair, leaned over and kissed her and sat down. As the clip went on, a man came in the room, and the two women pulled him onto the bed with them.

"Isn't that hot?" She wanted my response.

"I guess so, if you're into that kind of thing."

"Wouldn't you like to be that man with two women climbing all over you?"

Without thinking, I responded honestly, "No, Sandy, I don't want anyone but you. I love only you."

"But this isn't love, it is just sex, do you mean you couldn't enjoy that?"

"No, I wouldn't enjoy that at all. I only want to be with you for love or for sex."

"Oh, I see." She was obviously feeling let down, but I had to be honest with her. She continued, " I guess I'd better make a phone call to Susan before she leaves to come over."

I snapped, "What does Susan have to do with this?"

"Gary, I thought you'd like this idea. Susan and I talk every day, and we both thought this would be a great present for you...Like an early Christmas present, but I guess I made a mistake." She looked downcast and disturbed. "I just wanted to do something for you, you know, to make you happy."

"Sandy, I don't need anything but you to make me happy. Truthfully, I can't imagine you wanting me to be touched by another woman and are you telling me that you and Sandy were going to play with each other?" I paused for only a second then realized that maybe something had already gone on between the two of them. So, I asked, "Are you telling me that you and Susan have already tried each other out?"

"Absolutely not! We have talked in detail about it and talked about our fantasies, but never when we were together, only on the phone." She seemed stressed out as she continued, "If you don't want to participate, what if it was just Susan and me, and you could even watch if you wanted?"

Stunned is the best way to describe my reaction. I tried to speak, but words weren't there. I just looked at her with what she later described as 'sad eyes'.

"I can tell you don't like that idea. I must say that I am a little disappointed, but I will definitely abide by your wishes. Gary, I love you and just wanted to add more spice to our lives and thought this might be an interesting way for both of us. I will drop the subject, and it won't be mentioned again."

Now I regained my voice and said, "Sandy, I don't want to stifle your imagination, so please don't be afraid to talk about anything, I will listen, and if I don't agree, then we will just agree to disagree. Is that fair?"

"Does that mean I can still have Sandy over even if you disagree that it would be good?" She continues, "So, are you willing to give me the chance to have the experience with Susan, one time, and if you are still against it, I won't ever do it again?"

"It doesn't meant that I agree to anything except that I disagree with your idea, but you are a free person, and have to make your own decisions." Just as she finished, the doorbell rang. It was Susan.

Sandy took Susan in the living room and asked her if she wanted a drink. I fixed her a rum and coke and left the two of them to talk. Sandy knew my wishes, but I also knew that once she has something set in her mind, it was difficult to change. After about ten minutes, Sandy came back in the den where I was playing poker online at the computer.

"Gary, just so things are really clear between us, I need to hear you tell me how you feel again. Will you be really upset if Susan and I have a sex session with each other? And, will you want to watch? You said earlier you wouldn't join in, but you are certainly more than welcome to watch. What do you say?"

"Sandy, I have no desire to watch, it would probably make me sick to my stomach...In fact, I probably won't be able to eat that great smelling meal in the kitchen for fear I would throw it up at the thought of you two together. However, we have always been very open with each other and I don't remember you ever telling me I couldn't do something I wanted to do. I don't suppose this will hurt our marriage, but I really don't relish the thought of you and Susan feeling and touching and even kissing each other. Do what you want and just follow your desires."

"Thank you Greg, you are really more kind than I dreamed. It will just be this once, and if you decide later to come watch, don't knock, just come on in the guest bedroom and pull up a chair. Then if you tell me you are still upset, I will never do it again."

"Thank you Sandy, for being up front with me an not trying to hide it from me. If, after a few minutes, my stomach settles, I may try to come in and watch because it is apparently important to you that I do."

"Oh, I would LOVE to have you watch us. I hope you'll like it so much you decide to join us."

Sandy went back to the living room and took Susan into the guest room down the other hall from the den. Then in only about two minutes, both of them reappeared in the den, still fully clothed. Sandy said, "Susan wants to talk to you for just a minute."

"Okay! Shoot Susan."

"Gary, you know Sandy and I have been close friends for years. I have always wanted to take our friendship to a more intimate level, but Sandy has always told me to just keep it to myself. Tonight was my idea, and I was the one that got her to look at that site, so please don't blame her. I just want you to know that I have never been with a woman before either, so we'll probably be pretty clumsy at it, and I really would love to have you there watching to make sure nothing happens to really upset you. The last thing on earth that I want to see happen is to cause a problem between the two of you. So, Gary, won't you come on in with us and at least watch?"

"Give me a while to think about it. I'm going to get some of that pot roast before I do anything else. Then after I eat, well, we'll see."

"How about if we all sit in the kitchen and have some of that roast, it sure does smell terrific. Sandy is such a great cook."

We all sat round the kitchen table. Sandy sat close to me and kept touching my shoulder and my arm, and looking at me. "I love you soooooo much, Gary!"

"I love you too Sandy, and mainly because this is so important to you, I will come in the room and watch. I warn you, if it bothers me too much, I may have to leave."

It might be good to describe these two women now. Both are in their mid-thirties, and both look to be in their mid-twenties. Sandy is taller at 5'8" and 120 pounds; Susan is about 5'4" and probably weighs right at 100 pounds. They are both thin gals. Sandy has a tiny waist and luscious hips and ass. Her tits are 30b cup but lovely and perky with rosy nipples that are sweet to suck. Susan has a little larger tits, but still not huge, and everything else about her is tiny. Susan has blond shoulder-length wavy hair and Sandy has reddish dark-blond hair cut above the shoulder and straight. They are both foxy ladies. Susan was married until two years ago when her husband was killed riding a motorcycle. Susan and Sandy had known each other about six years since they had worked together for a temp agency on a few jobs.

This was going to be a pleasant sight just to see the two of them naked. I always love seeing Sandy naked, and I have to admit, at times I had imagined Susan at least topless when I'd seen her at the pool in her bikini.

As we finished eating, we all put our dishes in the sink, then the girls each took one of my hands and I stopped them saying, "Sandy, let's go to our bedroom. The bed is king size and there is a chair that will be comfortable for me."

"Are you sure?" Sandy asked.

"Definitely!" I replied.

We all went hand-in-hand back to our bedroom. I pulled the chair close to the side of the bed and slumped in it with a drink in my hand from our side-bar in the bedroom. Susan went up to Sandy and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Sandy responded by softly caressing Susan's face with her fingers. Sandy quickly moved her hands down to stroke Susan's covered nipples lightly. Susan reciprocated with the same soft touch of Sandy's tits.

They stepped back from each other and both unbuttoned their blouses and slipped them off their shoulders. Then both women dropped their skirts to the ground leaving them both in only panties and bra. Sandy first reached out and pulled the straps of Susan's bra off her shoulders then Susan did the same to Sandy. Both women reached behind and unfastened the clasps on their bras, dropping them to the floor. They stepped in together and pressed their tits together, then Susan stepped back and pushed Sandy on to the bed.

"Unbelievable," I thought, "This scene is almost ethereal." I was watching two gorgeous creatures touch each other with wanton desire for each other's bodies. Susan was first to take Sandy's tits in her mouth, first one, then the other, applying soft licking and sucking to both. Sandy moaned softly.

Susan was slow and persistent, driving Sandy to beg for more. Susan reached down and pulled on the waistband of Sandy's bikini panties. Sandy lifted her hips so they could be pushed down and off. Susan was licking slowly down Sandy's chest as she neared Sandy's trimmed fur patch. Sandy was flushed and moaning as she turned to look at me. "Won't you come suck on my nipples now?" She begged.

Sandy gasped as Susan reached her clitoris and began flicking it with her tongue. Again she begged, "Please Gary come suck on my tits."

I could not resist, after all, it was my wife's tits I was going to suck. Her breast heaved as I took the first nipple in my mouth. I reached over to the other nipple and rolled it between my fingers. At the same time, Susan had entered Sandy's pussy with two fingers as she kept the pressure on her clit with her tongue. Sandy's eyes rolled, seemingly into the back of her head as she screamed so loud it hurt my ears. Sandy was flailing in the bed wildly and groaning and screaming for what seemed like an eternity, but was actually only a couple minutes.

As her orgasm subsided, Sandy begged me to fuck her, but I just couldn't do it right now. Susan grabbed the dildo shaped vibrator and entered her pussy with it. Susan then used Sandy's wetness to moisten her other fingers. She pressed lightly on Sandy's anus and sunk a finger deep in her asshole. Sandy was building to another orgasm quickly. I went up to her mouth and kissed her passionately as she exploded in her next orgasm from Susan's fingers and the dildo.

Sandy laid back on the bed and sighed. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Gary, won't you now fuck Susan so I can see her cum and see you explode in her pussy?"

"Sorry honey, I just cant do that. I don't mind adding to your excitement and helping you cum, but I just can't bring myself to touch another woman, and especially not fuck her. You do what you need to do for her, and I will just sit back and watch." Which is exactly what I did.

Sandy put on quite a show pleasuring Susan four or five times with her hands, with her mouth, and with the dildo. As they both lay on the bed spent, I leaned over and kissed Sandy again then left them to get cleaned up. I went back down and had another portion of that pot roast!

As the two girls came downstairs, Susan came over and kissed me on the cheek, thanking me for allowing her and Sandy the freedom to enjoy each other's bodies. She said she hoped we could all do it again but realized it was going to be totally up to Sandy and me to decide. She waved goodbye and left.

Sandy whispered quietly, "Thank you my dearest, for a wonderful present. I will let you think about it and let me know if you will allow it again, or if it was only a one-time thing. No pressure, no rush, you just let me know after you have time to think about it for a few days. I won't bring it up again until you do."

I told her almost immediately that if she felt the need, she could have Susan back over again, but that I would not want to be in the room next time, but would want to be in the house. I told her again that I appreciated her asking my feelings and not just doing what she wanted without considering me.

That was a month ago. Two more times she has had Susan over for a session, and our loving times together have been even better than before. We always end up falling asleep in each other's arms and waking in the morning the same way.

Everything seemed to be good until the day before yesterday. Sandy wanted me to come look at another website. This one featured threesomes again, but it was two guys on one woman. Sandy was excited about the site and begged me not to say anything until I had a chance to watch for a few minutes then she could explain her idea. I agreed.

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