Sandy's Fantasies


I watched the storyline as the couple were watching TV and there was a knock at the door. It was their neighbor wanting to borrow a cup of sugar (How trite). In minutes, he was seducing the wife while the husband went to the kitchen to retrieve the sugar. In seconds they were naked and fucking when the husband came back in and joined in. I was really disgusted. But kept my promise to keep quiet until she had her say.

"What did you think? Wasn't it exciting?"

"For who? The woman maybe, but the poor husband was humiliated!"

Sandy knew that was coming so she put on her pout look and said, "Gary, don't you think it would be sexy to see me fucked by another man who knows he only gets me once and you get to have me all the time?" She continued without pausing, "You know how you love it when I get looks when we are out together. You always smile when you notice I am getting extra attention."

"Is it time for me to talk now?"

"Yes, Gary, go ahead."

"Well, I put up with your desires to have Susan over and even to the point I watched and kissed you a little the first time, but what on earth would make you think I would even think about you having another man's cock in your pussy or anyplace else for that matter. I can tell you right now, that if you persist in this one, we are finished."

"Finished? You mean you'd leave me over that? What about our letting each other make our own decisions?" She cried.

"Oh, I am not stopping you from making your own decisions, and you won't stop me from making mine if you carry out that fantasy."

"That's not fair, you aren't even willing to discuss it?"

"What is there to discuss? Where did you get this idea? What on earth made you think I'd go along with it? Is this Susan's doing again?"

After a long silence, she said, "I guess Susan did say something, and told me about the site...Her idea was to get me with another man, then you with her. We both thought that would be really HOT!"

"Well, I can't pick your friends, and I won't tell you what you can and cannot do, but I will tell you my reactions. If you even talk about this idea again, I will pack and leave immediately. I will not be some wimp husband who watches his wife get fucked by other guys. Don't our wedding vows mean anything to you?"

I continued, "Don't answer that, because it is already pretty obvious they don't. Your own sexual pleasure has become more important than your marriage." Then I left the house, slamming the door.

Sandy ran out after me begging me to come back. I told her I would be back later after I had time to think.

I went to Jerry's house. He and Carrie were good friends to me, and Jerry and I went way back to high school days. Carrie was home, and had me come in saying, "Jerry will be home in fifteen minutes, come let me fix you a drink...From the look on your face, you could use one."

Just after I gulped down a whiskey and soda, Carrie handed me another and Jerry walked in the door. I spilled my guts about everything, and they both told me it sounded like Sandy was just asking, and they were sure she hadn't done anything. I told them they were no doubt correct, and that after a while I would go back home and try to talk rationally to Sandy.

It was almost one o'clock in the morning when I got home. My cell phone was on the coffee table since I had walked out and left it. Sandy was sitting on the couch red faced and tears still pouring out. When I walked in, she ran up to me and threw her arms around my neck begging me to forgive her for even mentioning 'such a thing'. She said she was sorry and should have known that such an idea would upset me. She went on saying, "Gary, I love only you, and don't need anything else to make me happy, please forgive me and I promise to never bring it up again. I also promise that Susan and I are through as friends. I realize how she influenced me and I can't let her ruin our marriage. Will you forgive me?"

I held her tightly in my arms and said, "Sweetheart, I was probably a little too harsh on you earlier, but I think you now understand. Yes, you are forgiven! I love only you also." We went off to bed and just lay there looking in each other's eyes until we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was Saturday, so we slept in until after ten o'clock. I had chores to do and Sandy wanted to get most of the laundry done for the week. We went busily about our duties and had a good day, stopping a couple times to hug and kiss.

The next Monday morning, my boss told me that the company wanted me to go to a trade show in Las Vegas the following week. I would only be gone for six days, so it was no real problem with Sandy either. She took me to the airport saying, "See you next Sunday, and you'd better call me every day!"

The show was boring, and I had seen everything I'd come to see by Thursday. When I called my boss, I was told, "It sounds like you made all the necessary contacts, just come on home to spend the weekend with your wife." I went straight to the airport and jumped on the 'Red Eye' back arriving at about six o'clock in the morning at home.

I didn't want to wake Sandy that early, so I took a cab from the airport. When I arrived home, I noticed Susan's car was parked on the street in front of our house. I was wondering why it was there at all, but especially why it was there before seven o'clock in the morning.

I decided to go around the house and go quietly in the back door. Everything in the house was quiet as I crept in the back door. I went into the living room and noticed signs of a party -- empty and half full glasses on the coffee table and end tables, a half empty bowl of chips, crumbs on the floor, and a general mess. I slipped up to our bedroom, passing the guest room. I heard movement in the guest room and a muffled man's voice saying he had to pee. I listened at the door and heard the guest bathroom toilet flush and footsteps then the bed creaking as someone was getting back into it.

Now I was concerned. Who was in the guest room? Maybe that was Susan with some man she'd picked up -- or could it be that was Sandy with someone? I quietly slipped down the hall to our bedroom door. It was slightly ajar, and I could see the bed. Sandy was there on the bed, naked, with three guys draped all over her. They were all sleeping soundly. I crept back downstairs to think. As I looked around, there were signs of two women with lipstick on the glasses, and it looked like several other people. I decided to call Jerry from my cell phone, so I went back out the back door. Jerry was there in ten minutes. He got me into his car and I told him what I found. He suggested we sit down the street and watch when people started to leave. By eight o'clock, there were still no signs of life so I decided to call home on my cell phone and tell Sandy I was at the airport and on the way home.

When the phone rang seven or eight times before it was answered, I knew there must have been a lot of alcohol for whatever went on. Finally, Sandy answered sleepily, "Hello."

"Hello yourself!" I answered, "Guess what? I'm home early. I took the redeye and just got in. My baggage is here and I'm about to jump in a taxi. See you in fifteen minutes! Love you! Bye." I hung up before she had time to get her head on straight or reply.

We watched for the next few minutes as people started flying out of my house. First it was Susan and some man running out and jumping in her car. Then the garage door went up and four more men drove out in a late model Cadillac. They had parked in my spot, but where was my car? I didn't have to wait long as Sandy ran out and around the corner. She had parked my car there. She drove it back into the garage and the door went down.

So, five men and two women. Obviously it was over. There was no need for me to go home. Just as Jerry and I were about to drive off, the Cadillac came squealing back around the corner pulling into the driveway. One of the men ran out and up to the front door. Letting himself in. He came back out in about sixty seconds with something in his hands. We were able this time to get the license number of the Cadillac as it drove away. Jerry called his nephew who was a state trouper and had him run the plate. It belonged to a Bradley Miles. That name was familiar. Oh yes, he had been one of Sandy's boyfriends from College who had called a few times over the years just to say hello. But who were the other men? I decided to confront Sandy and see what she had to say. Jerry dropped me off and left so Sandy wouldn't see it was him bringing me home. As I went in the door, Sandy was picking up the junk in the living room.

I said, "Hi there you!" and she ran up throwing her arms around my neck kissing me.

"I missed you terribly." She chirped.

"It looks like it! This place is a mess, what's going on here?" I questioned her.

"Oh, I just had some girlfriends over last night and figured I'd have plenty time to clean it up this morning. I didn't expect you until Sunday!"

"Your girlfriends smoke cigars? I said as I noticed a thick cigar butt in an ashtray on the floor.

Sandy turned red, and knew she had to say something quick. "Oh, Judy wanted to try one and it stunk the place up so, we had her put it out."

I didn't let up. I hit her with my best ammunition, "Well, so it wasn't Brad smoking the cigars then?"

"WWWWhhhattt?" Sandy stammered. "Brad Who?"

"Brad Miles, you old boyfriend from school and his know, the ones you fucked last night?"

"OOOOhhhhhhh, Noooooooooo!" How do you know about Brad being here?"

"Does it really matter how I know? I am sure his wife will be happy to know about it too. And your parents will love hearing about how you fucked your way out of your marriage." I was pissed.

As I fired questions at her she was so off balance she didn't know what to do except answer the questions. It also could have been her weak attempt at salvaging something because I was now being calm about everything. It had been Susan again. She had run into Brad and some other guys at a local tavern, and had just shown up at our door last night. It seems that it was four local politicians and they were celebrating a victory in the primaries. They all had a few drinks and she doesn't remember anything else until I called this morning. Maybe she had been drugged? But why had she let them in the house?

She admitted knowing she had been fucked because when I called, there were three guys in bed with her and cum was running down her legs, but she had no recollection of the events of the evening.

I told her to get dressed a little more and we were taking her to the hospital for tests to see if there were drugs in her urine or blood. She mumbled, but quickly dressed, and we jumped in my car and headed for the hospital. Fortunately it had been a quiet night and there was no waiting line in the Emergency room. My wife told them she thinks she was drugged and raped and can they test her for drugs. They put her in a wheel chair and whisked her back to the exam room. I stayed out in the waiting room. The doctor sent for me soon, and as I came into the exam room, he said they would have to keep her for more tests and observations, but it looked like several drugs were used and there were fresh needle tracks on her arm. He said they would be able to get a reading with a little more blood work, but from what she'd told him, he thought there must have been a 'date rape' drug involved.

I reported it to the police and the doctor said he'd cooperate with the investigation with our permission. Sandy and I both jumped on it and signed the necessary paperwork. The police picked Susan up at her home shortly thereafter.

To make a long story short, All four politicians were booked and are awaiting trial on various drug related charges. When Brad was arrested later that day, there were loads of different drugs in his trunk. Susan had been helping them and she will spend some hard time. Sandy admitted she had let Susan in with the guys she was with on a story about someone chasing them. They had a drink or two with most of the lights in the house off hoping they wouldn't be spotted. That is when Sandy began to lose her memory of what happened next. She had no idea how Brad and his friends got her in bed, but remembers music and dancing with him a little.

Sandy is in rehab now. They had given her some potent stuff because she was addicted from the one night. She now has a messed up mind, and keeps talking about wanting more sex every time I visit. As much as I hate doing it, I filed for divorce, knowing even though it wasn't all her fault, she had to have a part and some knowledge of the goings on that night according to the doctors.

My boss has been very supportive. She told me to take a little time off to get myself back in shape mentally. She started my recovery by having me over to dinner with her and Fred.

We all had a good evening, and a delightful meal. Veronica and I made love that first evening and I discovered she had wanted me ever since joining the company. Fred didn't seem to mind at all. Veronica is only twenty-six, so she is quite a bit younger than me. She is one of the most gorgeous creatures on the face of the earth. She stands five foot four inches and weighs 112 pounds. She has coal black hair that is smartly cut in a swept style just past her ears. Her shape is a perfect ten. She has 30c tits well rounded and perky nipples that grow as they are sucked to almost reach out an inch. Her ass is perfectly pear shaped and her skin is milky white. I can't get enough of her and she seems to feel the same way about me.

Veronica and I have seen each other for several weeks now. Oh, by the way, Fred won't ever get in our way. He shows his love for both of us at every opportunity. Fred likes me because I bring him his favorite chew toys. Fred is Veronica's pet Rottweiler.

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by 26thNC10/16/18


He's as much of an ass as she is. They deserve each other. I didn't know Indiana was so screwed up. I still love Hoosiers though.

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by DetroitRockCity05/11/18

Timriv, eat that fucking bullet, asshole.

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by timriv05/11/18

She’s drugged and raped and loving hubby divorces her because, ‘she had to have part and some knowledge of the goings on”. However, she didn’t remember anything and was addicted to one of the drugs.more...

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