tagLoving WivesSandy's Naughty Book

Sandy's Naughty Book


A sexy, adult version of a kid's "Put me in the story" book

All characters having sex are over eighteen.


It was Christmas week, Rich said to his daughter, "Mommy told me she mailed your letter to Santa Claus."

"Yes," the little girl responded excitedly.

"Good. Now it's time for you to go to sleep."

"Please Daddy, read me my book again," Maggie asked.

Rich smiled. He turned to the beginning of the personalized storybook that he and his wife had ordered for their five-year-old. Their daughter's name appeared on every page and all the pages showed a little girl who looked like her doing activities and having fun. The title of this book was "Maggie has a Fun Day".

Rich sat beside his daughter and read her the book while she looked at the pictures.

Page 1: "Maggie was excited. She starts off her fun day with a good breakfast." The illustrations showed a red-headed, five-year-old sitting at the breakfast table with juice and cereal.

Page 2: "Maggie likes to listen to music." The page showed a choir of children singing to her.

Page 3: "Maggie has fun in art class." The page showed Maggie wearing a painter's smock and a jaunty French beret. She had a paint brush in her hand and she was standing in front of an easel.

Page 4: "Maggie plays with her kitty." A red-headed girl dangled a string in front of her cat.

Page 5: "Maggie has lunch with a friend." Maggie and a girlfriend were having a picnic lunch on the lawn on a sunny day.

Page 6: "Maggie, goes to the beach." A cute redhead was lying on the sand under a big umbrella near a beautiful, blue ocean.

Page 7: "Maggie is in the woods. She chooses the path less taken." The picture showed Maggie walking in the forest. She chose the small trail on the right.

Page 8: "Maggie has had a fun day. Her daddy puts her to bed." Maggie was smiling, snug in her bed. Her dad was pulling the covers up to her chin.

Rich closed the book.

"Read it to me again, Daddy," little Maggie begged.

Rich smiled and said, "No, three times is enough. Go to sleep, pumpkin."

Rich kissed his daughter on the head, pulled the covers up and turned off the light. He walked into the family room and said to his wife, Sandy, "She really loves that custom book we got her."

Sandy patted the sofa, indicating he should sit. She said, "Why not? Who wouldn't want to have a book about them? Maggie is the star of the story. What a great idea those personalized story books are. I'd like one!"

Sandy laughed and then asked, "How many times did you have to read it?"

Rich sat on the sofa. Sandy snuggled up to him.

"I was able to get away after three readings," he answered with a chuckle. He put his arm around her and pulled her in tight. Then his hand slid down so he could cup her breasts. It was after bra:thirty so he knew he'd find only soft flesh under her cotton top.

"Mmm. That feels good," she said as he caressed her boobs and thumbed her nipples. Instantly, they responded to his touch. She had world class pokies.

"Good thing we're alone," she said. "The school principal can't be seen with such slutty, obscene nipples."

Rich released her breasts. He brought his hand to her knee. He gently rubbed all sides. Then he caressed the back of her knee.

"Mmmm," she moaned.

He and his wife were surprised to learn that one of her sexual hot spots was the skin behind her knee. When he gently massaged it, it excited her. She found it extremely pleasurable. They had discovered it by accident. It was now a go to spot when he wanted to get her into the mood for sex.

He next visited another erogenous zone. Her neck was very sensitive. Kisses there caused chills to run up and down her spine. It also made her pussy wet. He grazed her neck with his lips and peppered it with kisses.

"Oh! No fair, you know me too well."

They did know each other well. They'd meet ten years ago after both had graduated from different universities. An engineering job brought him to her town. They dated for two years and then got married. Maggie came along three years later and here they were in their thirties, with good jobs, a nice house, and a beautiful red-headed, five-year-old daughter.

"Ohhh," Sandy moaned. Then she rolled into him and kissed him long and hard. Rich liked the kiss. His dick grew long and hard.

Sandy pulled back and said breathily, "You bastard. You know my trigger points and you're using that knowledge to get into my pants."

He kissed her and groped her breasts. When he came up for air, he said, "So? Is that a bad thing?"

She kissed him and then said, "No."

She slid to the floor, knelt and undid his belt. Soon his pants and underwear were thrown across the room. She swallowed his cock and then did all the maneuvers she knew. She pulled out the stops and pleasured her man.

"Oh! Enough," he cried when he almost came. He pushed her away and took a deep breath to steady himself.

She giggled knowing she almost had him. He crawled off the sofa. He gently forced her onto her back. Then, he kissed like he meant it before moved on to her breasts. He played with one while sucking the nipple of the other. She had nice breasts, not huge ones, but were soft and fun. They both enjoyed it when he spent time there.

"Mmmm," she moaned. He was making her wet. She was ready. She nudged him.

After ten years, he knew what that tapped meant. She was ready, but he wasn't. For him, sex wasn't sex if he didn't get to eat her pussy. He lowered his face to her trimmed, bearded clam. She had tried shaving it completely bare like some of her friends, but she had problems with itching, rashes, and infections. She didn't like it full and bushy because that was how her grandma wore it. She settled on trimming it.

"Mmmmm," he groaned tasting her tangy essences.

"Ohhh. Fuck!" she exclaimed loving his attention to detail.

He stayed and enjoyed the juice of her loins until she begged him to screw her.

"Oh, Rich. I need you to fill me up. I need a cock in me!"

He chuckled at the note of desperation in her voice. The third time she asked, he wiped his face with the back of his hand and climbed on top of her. She guided his dick home. It easily slid into her.

"Oh! Thank god!" she cried.

"Good God!" he responded. "You're a furnace tonight."

He thrust in and out of her several times. Then he drove his dick in deep and held it there. Sandy moved her hips in a circle and ground her clit into him.

"Oh! Oh," she called out.

This was her favorite move when they had sex in the missionary position. His job was to keep as much of his penis in contact with her outer lips as possible and she would grind like a gristmill. She kept going until she climaxed.

"Oh. Yeah. Oh. Ohhh. OH!"

Now it was Rich's turn to orgasm. He pounded away. He fought his way through her quivering and clamping pussy and found his release.

"Ohhh. God!" he exclaimed as he fired off deep inside his beloved wife.


The next day, Sam, a friend from work, asked, "Rich, what are you getting Sandy for Christmas?"

"Well, I can tell you it won't be a home appliance. I learned my lesson early in our marriage."

"Dude, what were you thinking?"

"For the record, I got her other gifts and I was thinking I like getting tools and equipment to do repairs and to work on the house. I thought she would like things that made her life easier. I was wrong. She's been dropping hints about some jewelry."

He paused and thought about it and added, "And there's a book she wants."

"That sounds good. If you pay attention, women will tell you exactly what to get them and then you'll be the hero."


"What are you working on, honey?" Sandy asked. She stuck her head into the office where Rich had been for an hour after dinner.

He quickly closed a tab on the computer. He was worried that she might come in. He said, "Ah. You know. Work stuff."

"Okay. Maggie's in bed. God! I've got to get out of this bra."

She reached behind her back and undid her bra. "Phew. That's a relief. I'm changing into my PJ's. Will you be joining me soon?"

"Yes. Almost done."

When she left, he opened the tab. Up popped a copy of the e-book version of the personalized book they had gotten for their daughter, "Maggie has a Fun Day". He had had the bright idea of turning it into a Christmas present for his wife. He was keeping all the captions and background scenes. He could pull out the custom drawings the publisher had put in representing Maggie.

He was replacing those with photos, risqué photos of his wife. He was sure she'd get a kick out of it. He'd be able to use the home printer to produce for her an adult custom book. He planned on giving it to her on Christmas night after Maggie was asleep in bed.

He dropped in the last photos and then he reviewed the work. He found it satisfactory and saved the file. He'd print it for her later. Rich then went into the family room and watched television with his wife.


Christmas day came and it was a great celebration. Sandy and Maggie loved their gifts. They visited with family and friends and had a great time.

That night, after Sandy had climbed into bed, Rich approached her. He said, "I have one more gift for you. A special gift."

"Oh, goody! I love presents. What is it?"

"Open it and see."

He handed her the box and got in bed beside her. Sandy shook it. She raised an eyebrow and wondered what was in it. It was very light and made no noise when she shook it. She opened the box and found a booklet. She read the cover out loud.

"Sandy has a Fun Day. What's this?"

"This is a personalized book for you. Maggie loves her book. I thought you would enjoy your own story book."

"Oh. That's so sweet."

"I hope you like it. Although sweet is probably the wrong adjective to use to describe it."

Sandy gave him a questioning look. Rich didn't explain. He simply said, "Read it."

Sandy opened the book and read the first page, "Sandy was excited. She starts off her fun day with a good breakfast."

Sandy gave him a playful smile and said, "Those are the same words that are in Maggie's book, but that's not the same picture."

Instead of a cute, innocent, little girl sitting at the kitchen table with juice and cereal, she saw a hot, raunchy photo of herself sucking her husband's cook. Both were nude lying on rumpled sheets and they had severe cases of bedhead. She was treating him to a "Good Morning" blowjob.

Sandy asked, curious, "Who took this photo?"

"Your sister," Rich said. "Remember our wild weekend in Cancun?"

"Right," she said drawing out the word. She laughed and said, "As I recall, I did have a big breakfast that morning. You came in copious amounts that morning. I couldn't swallow it all. I believe my sister had to help me."

"Yes," Rich smiled recalling his sister-in-law's lips on his dick. "I think you're right."

"Are all the pages like this?"

"Check for yourself," Rich said then smiled like the Cheshire cat.

Sandy turned the page and read the caption. "Sandy likes to listen to music."

She saw a photo of herself at an afternoon concert at the municipal stadium with an old boyfriend. It was the summer after she'd graduated from high school. She was on his shoulders and she was flashing her tits to the crowd. Her nipples were hard. Her eighteen-year-old boobs were a stark white color.

She smiled wryly and said, "Hey! How did you get that picture?"

"Your classmate, Arty, gave it to me at my bachelor party. Since we were getting married, he felt duty bound to relinquish it to me. Beating off to a hot girl he pined for in school was one thing, but he said it would be weird to look at it now that you're a respectable woman, a wife and probably someday a mother.

"He told me he was at the music festival, enjoying the music. Then he heard a roar and turned and saw a beautiful girl with long, dirty blonde hair holding her top up and flashing her divine tits to the crowd. It was you. He had a camera and snapped this photo."

She blushed and said, "I can't believe I did that. Barry talked me into it. My judgment was impaired. We had smoked a blunt before we arrived. What else do you have in this book?"

When he didn't answer, she turned the page and read the words. "Sandy has fun in art class."

She looked at the photo and laughed. Then she said, "God! Do you have pictures of all my indiscretions!"

When she was in college, she had posed nude for a college art class. In the picture, she stood tall. Her legs were spread wide exposing her neatly trimmed bush. Her breasts were thrust forward. Her rose colored nipples were hard and prominent contrasting with her pale, milky white breasts. Her arms were raised and her hands clasped together behind her neck. Her head was turned to the side and her eyes looked to the ground.

"I love that picture," Rich said. "You're dynamic."

"You love it because I'm nude and you can see my tits. Thanks, a lot for reminding me of my career as an art school model. I thought I was making a statement for feminism. This was my personal free the nipple campaign. How did you get this one?"

"One of the guys drawing you took the photo on the down low. Rumor has it, it was posted in a member's only section of a frat house. Someone recognized you and felt bad that all the members were ogling you. The guy passed it on to your sister.

"When I asked Jennifer for the Cancun photo, she remembered this one and passed it along too."

"Boy! Is my sister going to get it!"

Sandy turned the page and read it. "Sandy plays with her kitty."

This photo was one Rich had taken. In it, she was nude and masturbating. She was upset and said, "You promised you always keep this photo secret."

"Honey, I have. This book is for you and me. No one else will see it."

She flipped the page. The caption read, "Sandy has lunch with a friend."

In this photography, the two of them are performing "69". They had used a timer to take the picture. It was a side view. She was on top. You could clearly see her tits hanging down and his cock in her mouth.

She said sincerely, "I've always like that photo from our honeymoon."

He reached over and rubbed her pussy and said, "I'm always thrilled to lick your pussy."

"Oh, you sweet talking boy," she said. Then she leaned over and kissed him. She was enjoying her book. She was eager to see what picture was next. She turned the page. The text read, "Sandy at the beach."

There were two photos here. One was the money shot. She was nude on the beach. In the background were other nude bathers. She was propped up on her elbows. Her oil covered tits glistened in the sun. Her legs were spread. Her pussy was completely shaved. Everyone at the beach that day got a great view of her cunt.

The other photo had been taken on the sly. She was on her hands and knees spreading out the beach blanket. The photo was taken from behind her and it perfectly framed her round ass.

She pretended to frown and said, "My butt looks huge in that photo."

"Darling, your bottom looked fabulous then and is still fabulous. No comment about the other photo?"

"That was a fun day. I enjoyed showing myself off. I spread my legs for every person that walked by. I saw so many dicks that day! God! I was horny. I remember, we fucked as soon as we returned to our room!"

"And then in the shower and after dinner," Rich added.

"We need to go there again," Sandy said. She reached over and stroked his hard cock. She wanted it in her right then. Her pussy was soaked, but she was curious about her book. She released him and turned the page.

"Oh. You didn't!" she protested. She read the words on the page. "Sandy is in the woods. She chooses the path less taken." She added her own commentary, "Har. Har."

She did the fake laugh in response to his bad pun. In the photo, Rich and Sandy were naked and having anal sex. They fucked all the time, but only did anal sex occasionally. Hence it was the path, the hole, less taken.

It was a hot, graphic picture of anal sex. She was in the reverse cowgirl position. Rich was sitting on the edge of the sofa. His legs splayed. She had her back to him. Her legs were on the floor and spread even wider than his. Her butt was in his lap and her ass was skewered by his big dick.

There was one page left. Sandy turned to it. The text read, "Sandy has had a fun day. Her daddy puts her to bed."

Sandy smiled and said, "I remember this. It was our last night in Cancun. You tied me spread-eagle to the bed. I'm naked. I had a ball gag and nipple clips on. I'm exposed and vulnerable. My sister ate my pussy and you and my brother-in-law took turns fucking me. I was unable to stop you three from doing anything you wanted. God! That was a fun night!"

She put her paperback book on the nightstand and rolled over to her husband. She kissed him and said, "I love my custom book."

Her hand snaked its way under the covers and grabbed his hard cock. "Good! You are as turned on by my book as I am."

She pushed the bed covers aside and mounted him.

"Ohhh!" she cried as she slid down his pole. "Look how easily you go in me. Seeing those naughty pictures and remembering those fun times got me creaming. Now let's fuck!"

She moved her hips in a circle. He sat up and kissed her. Really kissed her. It was unhurried. Deep. A kiss that said, "I love you". She got the message. Then his mouth found her boobs. He sucked hard. Her rosy nipples had tight peaks.

She liked it. She liked it a lot, but she had other needs. Tonight wasn't a "Let's make love" night. Tonight was a "Take me" night.

She pushed him on his back and rode him hard. It was animalistic, primal. Soon they were grunting and panting. Rich made a V with two fingers and he placed it at the junction of their union. His fingertips straddled his dick and his knuckles were on either side of her clitoris.

This added immensely to her pleasure. The fingers stimulated her clit and her labia.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned low and long.

Soon she was riding him like a cowboy on a bucking bronco. They moaned. They groaned and they fucked to glorious orgasms.


The day after Christmas, Rich was up first and got the coffee brewing. Sandy walked into the kitchen holding her precious book.

"Morning lover," she greeted her husband with a smile and a kiss. She waved her book around and said, ""I need a safe place for my book. It doesn't fit in my locking jewelry box."

Rich took it from her and went over to the liquor cabinet. "How about this? It's too high for children and it has a lock."

He unlocked the cabinet and stashed it inside and locked it up.

"Thanks. I feel better knowing it's under lock and key."


It was 9:00 p.m. on December 31st, Sandy and Rich were dressed and ready to go to a New Year's Eve party. They were waiting for her parents, their babysitters, to arrive. The doorbell rang. Sandy answered it.

"Hey! Don't you look nice!" Sandy's dad, Nick, said.

"You're gorgeous," her mother, Terry, said.

"Thanks," Sandy kissed them both. "Thanks for doing this for us. Maggie was tired so she's already in bed."

Rich walked in. Her parents liked him. Terry gave him a kiss and said, "You look handsome."

"Thanks. We appreciate you babysitting."

Nick waved his hand and said, "Go. Have fun. Stay out late. We'll be fine."

Sandy and Rich left. The in-laws settled down and watched television. A half hour later, Nick asked, "Do you want some bourbon?"


He went to the liquor cabinet and found that it was locked. Undeterred, he got the key from its secret hiding place. He had seen his daughter retrieve it from the knife drawer many times. He unlocked and opened the door.

"What's this?" he said picking up some papers.

His first thought was it contained drink recipes. He flipped it open and saw the picture of Sandy masturbating. He whistled and said, "Terry, you know how people are always saying Sandy looks a lot like you did when you were her age?"

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