tagNovels and NovellasSandy's Passions Ch. 01

Sandy's Passions Ch. 01


The road was long, open and hot. One other car could just about be seen on the horizon, but it was still several miles away. Besides that single vehicle, all that could be seen were a few dry trees and a large billboard further down the road. The hot weather led to Sandy wearing a pair of denim mini shorts and a low cut tank top that showed off her belly button. Her beach blonde hair was tied back in one long pony tail.

Speed was a passion of Sandy's. She'd faced numerous speeding fines in the last few years and was just 1 penalty point away from having her licence taken from her. She'd been driving much more cautiously lately, waiting for the points to expire. But here, in this grand stretch of emptiness, Sandy saw nothing to stop her from driving as fast as she wanted, so she pressed her foot down on the accelerator and sped on forward.

Sandy's joy ride was cut short as she passed the billboard. As she drove past, she noticed a police car parked behind, presumably waiting for people just like her. The car pulled out behind her, turned on it's lights and sirens and quickly sped up.

"Fuck!" Sandy shouted to herself in frustration.

She contemplated speeding up and trying to get away, but she quickly realised that was a stupid idea. She'd easily be caught with nowhere to hide and then she'd be in a lot more trouble. So she pulled over just off the road and waited.

A male cop of about 30 stood outside her door. Sandy lowered the window. He stared at her for a second.

"Do you know why I've pulled over?"

Sandy had been through all this crap too many times already. "No, officer."

"You were driving pretty fast back there. Too fast if you ask me."

"Do you have any proof?" After the second ticket, Sandy had decided to look up exactly what she could do to get herself out of the situation, and she knew that a single officer's testimony is not enough for a conviction.

He lifted up a hand-held speed detector. "There's also a camera constantly recording in the front of my car. Is that enough proof for you?"

This was trouble. Sandy couldn't afford any another ticket. Then she noticed the officer's wandering eyes briefly glancing at her chest every now and then. Perhaps I can charm my way out of this, she thought.

She leaned forward towards the window, giving him a better view down her top. Thanks to the heat, she wasn't wearing a bra, and she hoped the sight would daze him a little.

She put on her best cute face and innocent voice. "Please, officer. My sister's having a birthday party and she'd be really disappointed if I were late."

He was silent for a few seconds. "Please step out of the vehicle." She went to question why, but then thought she could maybe use it to her advantage.

The officer stepped back and she opened the door as she "accidentally" dropped her keys onto the ground. She made sure to get completely out of the car before turning to pick up them up. She reached down, keeping her legs straight and pushing her behind high into the air. Her ass brushed against the officer's leg slightly. He took another step back without a word. She didn't turn to look, but just hoped that his eyes were fixed on her. She spent an unnecessary amount of time bent down, giving him a long look. She turned as she stood back up and took a quick look at the front of his trousers. Sure enough, she saw the bulge she was hoping for.

"I'm really sorry officer. I won't do it again."

"Sorry isn't quite good enough I'm afraid." So the charming hadn't worked, but she wasn't going to give up that easily.

"What if I... show you how sorry I am?" She looked at his crotch just long enough for him to notice and subtly licked her lips after she spoke.

Sandy was no stranger to sex and was more than aware of her own allure. She didn't mind using her body to get out of trouble. If anything, it actually excited her.

"Well... if you're that sorry, I think it's only fair that you get the chance to apologise."

She smiled. She knew he'd never be able to resist a hot 19-year old like her.

She didn't wait for another invitation. Grabbing the man by the hand, she led him round to the other side of the car. As unlikely as it was, if they were seen, it could mean even more trouble. She pushed him gently against the side of the car and took off his hat, placing it on the bonnet.

Before he could say anything he found his mouth full with her tongue. She held herself slightly to his side so she that her body wasn't in the way of his crotch. She gave his mouth a good workout as she unbuckled his belt with her one hand. She reached into his pants and fondled his balls for a minute before she moved on. A good tease would make his climax all the more pleasurable, and the happier he was, the more likely she could get out of this without any more trouble. She released his mouth and withdrew her hand so she could lick her fingers just a little.

She started kissing his neck with feigned passion as she moved back in front of him and used both hands to pull down his clothes, revealing his full, erect length.

"Mmmmm," she whispered into his ear. "I love a big cock." It wasn't really that remarkable, but flattery was a powerful tool and men are so prideful when it comes to their manhood.

She turned to the side again, gently curling the fingers of her one hand around his hard phallus. Her other arm wrapped around the back of his waist and her tongue ran sensually along his neck as she slowly and softly massaged his hard mass.

She wanted to encourage him a little more -- the more he enjoyed himself, the better. She moved from his rod-like flesh and took hold of his hand, cupping it around her left breast. Her hand returned to it's slow pumping action, only this time taking a tighter grip. She felt him take hold and begin groping her chest with some vigour. She knew she had him now -- he wouldn't be changing his mind after going so far.

"I've been a bad girl, officer," she said in the sexiest tone she could manage. "I just want to make things right."

She smiled to herself as she felt his hand roaming underneath her top. He stared for a moment at her bare chest as he pulled it up and over her head. It was time to get to work.

Sandy sank to her knees. She held his dick lightly with her one hand and moved in to kiss his scrotum. Then, still holding him lightly, she ran her tongue along the length of the underside of his penis. She looked up to see his eyes closed and his head tilted back. She took a firm hold again and started pumping with her one hand.

"How does that feel? Good?"

His reply came as little more than a groan of pleasure.

She kissed the head of his member lightly before enveloping it completely within her mouth.

She felt him shiver as her tongue swirled around the neck, stimulating his most sensitive parts. She pushed him deeper into her. She worked him hard with her mouth as her hands cupped his balls. She moved in further to deepthroat him. Sandy eased her mouth back and forth until her lips touched the base of his erect flesh, and then moved back and forth some more, ensuring his mind was completely overtaken by the fantastic sensations she produced were her expert movements. She saw him tense and knew he would come soon.

"Are you going to come for me, big boy?" she asked whilst still jerking him hard with her one hand.

His answer was another incomprehensible series of groans again.

"Where do you want to come? On my tits? In my mouth?"

She thought she heard the word tits somewhere in his mumbled moans, so she aimed his cock at her chest.

She felt him tense within her hands, and a few seconds later she found his hot, white semen moving slowly down her upper body. She cleaned up the mess on the both of them with her tongue and then tucked him back away within his pants.

"See how sorry I am officer? I promise I won't do it again."

"Yes, well... be sure you don't." She watched him walk away back to his police car, his cheeks beet red, picking up his hat on the way.

She fell into the back of her own car after he drove away and, lying down, quickly pulled her shorts off and exposed her glistening cunt. The blowjob had made her very wet and hot, but she was not foolish enough (or horny enough) to risk giving her entire body to a total stranger in the middle of nowhere. She let out a mixed sigh or relief and pleasure as she penetrated her pussy lips with her fingers. She was soon thinking back to her recent encounter, imagining him thrusting into the quivering pleasure house that fit snugly between her legs. Her fingers matched the rhythm of her fantasy fucking as she remembered the sweet smell and bitter taste of his hardened member. She quickly reached orgasm and found herself lose control as her hips bucked against her hand, her feet pushing against the back seat and her pelvis raised into the air.

She dropped back down after her explosive finish and lay there, exposed to the world. Her top was still on the dusty ground outside and her shorts were down to her ankles. After a short rest, she pulled her shorts back up but had to open her suitcase to find something to cover her upper body. It seemed even hotter than before, so instead of finding another tank top she just put on a bikini top. After covering up her body (some of it anyway) she stepped back into the driver's seat, turned off the engine and sped off again, only this time ensuring she slowed down at each billboard she passed.

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