tagErotic HorrorSanguine Sodomy

Sanguine Sodomy


It was already getting dark as I arrived at the large painted wooden doors of the old creepy house. The creepiness didn't bother me at all, it was the only place I'd saw for miles after I had to ditch my car, all the while ignoring that nagging voice of hindsight that kept telling me I should've checked the spare tyre. If anything I felt more relieved than anxious as I pushed the doorbell. Soon I could call a tow truck and go home to my nice cosy couch with a cup of tea and hopefully soon I'd be laughing about the whole affair. A muffled ringing sound emanated from deep within the crumbling walls as I pressed the button, and the whole house seemed to creak and shudder under the vibrations. Oh wait, no... that was just the door opening. Behind it was a wrinkly old, somewhat gormless looking butler who inquired as to my wandering about so late in the middle of nowhere. After I explained my predicament, he invited me in and told me to wait in the hallway while he went to inform the master of the house what was going on.

I sat myself down on one of the plush seats in the main hallway and squinted through the dim candle light at the probably once magnificent, but now slightly run down looking hallway. Hung up around the walls were the obligatory portraits of relatives long deceased that are so common in houses of its kind. My eye was drawn to an ornate wooden staircase which had previously remained unnoticed to me in the dim light. Curiously I took a wander over to have a closer inspection when a voice from the darkness startled me. It was the butler! "If you'd just like to follow me sir, Master will see you now" he croaked as he led the way upstairs.

I chuckled to myself en route as I tried to picture the owner of such a house. Images of tweed jackets, cups of tea and elbow patches fluttered comically through my mind as the butler led the way through the winding dusty corridors, until finally we reached the end. The butler opened the door and quickly ushered me in before closing it quickly behind me.

Inside I was greeted, not what you could call warmly, but not unkindly either, by a fairly young man, possibly in his mid to late 20's. He was a far cry from the podgy polo enthusiast I'd imagined him to be; stick thin and no tweed in sight, rather one of them old style ruffle shirts, pale white skin that looked smooth to the touch framed by a full head of long dark hair which flowed so freely down past his shoulders. In his spindly fingers he clutched a glass of what I assumed was port or perhaps maybe red wine. He motioned me to sit down in one of two chairs facing the relaxing glow of the fireplace as he poured me a drink aswell.

As we both sipped our drinks, I explained to him what happened with the car and asked to use the phone. He told of a nearby village with a garage, though they wouldn't be open until the following morning, I was more than welcome to stay the night and sort it out in the morning. What choice was there?

It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be though, we actually got on really well, amusing each other with anecdotes for a while. As the night drew on, drowsiness beginning to sneak up on me, I was starting to find myself not paying attention to what my host was saying, more just nodding and agreeing with what he was saying while lost in the soothing darkness of his eyes. I hate to admit it, but I could actually feel a slight tingling between my legs. I ignored it as best as I could and shifted position in the seat a few times in a bid to stifle that which wasn't really welcome in male company, all the while hoping he didn't notice.

"One more before bedtime?" Enquired my host nursing his empty wine glass longingly. Putting drinking before thinking I got up and wandered over to pour a drink for me and my new chum. Suddenly from behind I felt a gentle hand reach round and brush over my bulge, causing it to grow ever more excited. Bugger!! He noticed!! "And what may I ask is this?" he asked, with a hint of mock accusation and slight mischief in his voice. I was mortified! I quickly turned round!! I'd never had another man touch me before, let alone actually enjoy being touched by one. There were so many conflicting feelings. He turned me round again so his crotch was digging into my bum and started fondling me with one hand, while his other hand gently ran its fingers through my hair causing sickly sweet shivers to cascade down my spine. I could feel that he was enjoying himself too by the way he started slowly grinding his ever increasing hard on against my tight, virgin ass. I stood there lost in the moment as he began to gently kiss and nibble at the back of my neck, gradually biting slightly harder each time until suddenly he backed off.

"Why do you stop?" I asked, already missing his advances. "There's something I have to show you..." He replied mysteriously.

I turned round to be confronted by the biggest teeth I've ever saw on a human before, almost canine like fangs. I didn't have long to study them though as he pulled me towards him, jerked my head back violently by pulling my hair and dug into my neck. Waves of painful pleasure coursed through my body as he tore through my flesh, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm with every sweet little bite.

"That's enough for now" came the cold slap of reality that was his voice bringing me out of my lustful daze. I was so close too!! I frantically rummaged around for my cock in the hope that the moment wasn't gone and I could maybe finish myself off, but this wasn't meant to be as this was met by another slap. A real slap this time though, one made from skin and bones. One that knocked any notions of masturbation right out of the window. "Not yet, We're just getting started"he said in his usual soft but slightly more authorative sounding than before voice.

He led me about a halfway down the corridor to a doorway and ordered me inside. Inside the room was empty and dark, save for a bed against one of the walls. On his instruction I made my way over to it and stripped naked while he lit a few candles to light the room up. As the flickery light from the candle crept over, illuminating my vulnerable nakedness, on the bed I noticed what looked like some cast iron shackles attached to the headboard. Before I could say anything about them I found myself forced down onto the dusty old mattress face first and felt him lock the shackles over my wrists. I was naked and chained up and totally powerless to resist, not that by that point in time was I entertaining any serious thoughts of resistance anyway, it had to be mentioned.

First he took my left leg and tied it to a piece of rope that must have been attatched to something underneath the bed, then repeated this with my right until I was trapped. Tied up face down, ass up with my legs spread wide apart, I eagerly awaited my fate.

I couldn't see what he was up to behind me, but I soon found out when I felt his familiar cold touch on my buttocks, stretching them wide apart and just gently rubbing his fingers over my hungry fuck hole. Letting out a slight moan I felt something slippery penetrate me. First one finger, then two, and so on until my ass was sufficiently loosened enough for his mahoosive member to slide in. He then quickly took off his clothes, stood firmly with his cock behind me and slipped it into me quite slowly so I could feel every inch as it tastily teased open my back door. His thrusts began to get harder and faster, as he grabbed onto my hips to try to ram it deeper into my stretched, oily, fuck hole. I tried thrusting back onto his cock too, but gave up because I struggled moving because of the ropes holding me down. This feeling of being restrained in itself though was surprisingly making me even more horny! There was absolutely nothing I could do!! No chance but to enjoy, er, I mean ENDURE the many certain horrors that awaited me at the hands of this living dead (albeit very well endowed) nightmare. He continued his thrusting most vigourously in and out for some time...

Every so often there would be a slap here, or a scratch there...or maybe some more of that neck biting which I had come to think so fondly of. This was my first time with another guy, but I was loving it! I didn't even care he was a vampire! I let him pound away at me some more, just submitting and enjoying how it felt to have something so big inside, until I felt my balls and cock begin to tighten up. Here it comes! I thought, too lost in the moment to even chuckle at the inadvertant pun. My cock suddenly exploded with the most intense orgasm that spread from inside my ass, through my balls right to the tip of my cock, almost sending me unconscious due to the earlier blood loss when he fed from me.

When the orgasm wore off and I could see clearly again, I noticed my captor was hurriedly untying me. "Dirty little slut!" he shouted as he saw the mess I made of his sheets with my love juices. "Get that licked up RIGHT now!!". As soon as I was free I began hungrily lapping up my spillage from the sheets as he spanked my already sore red behind. After I'd got the worst of my cum off the bed I reached for my clothes to get dressed again. "Aren't you forgetting something?" He asked, with a dirty grin on his face. I turned to look, he pointed down at his still rock hard penis.

I swiftly rushed over and began to run my tongue up and down his elongated shaft, loving the feel of it throbbing in my hand. I began to gently suck on the tip while simultaneously wanking him off, taking his cock deeper with every moan he lets out, almost gagging as it penetrates my throat. This just makes him force it down deeper though until the tears stream down my face forming two small puddles on the dusty wooden floor. He begins to speed up fucking my dirty mouth and grabs my hair ever tighter, thrusting his meat deep down into my throat. He shows no signs of relenting, until finally I feel his buttocks clench, which by now I'm grabbing hold of, urging them on, his prick twitches rapidly in my skull, and with one last thrust he blows his entire hot, thick, salty, creamy, delicious load down my neck, giving me no other option but to swallow it all down like the dirty, cum guzzling, slut I'm being not unwillingly turned into.

"That will be all for this evening, Good night!!" he says, as he dresses and goes,leaving me alone in the bedroom looking rather dishevelled, the salty sweet taste of his beautiful cum still fresh on my tongue. "Oh bugger" I thought as I lay there wondering what to do, with the most intensely strange craving for blood as I began my transition into the ranks of the undead;

"I think that vampire just turned me... in more ways than one!!"

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