tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSanta in the Sorority House

Santa in the Sorority House


Disclaimer: This story contains non-consensual sex. If this offends you, please take a pass. If it gets your rocks off, as it does mine, then I hope you like it.


"Ho, ho, ho!" Santa burst through the door of the Tri Delt House with an enthusiastic wave. He was dressed in the traditional red suit, with tall black boots and a leather belt cinched around his waist. Salt-and-pepper hair peeked out from beneath his cap. Santa didn't have a full, fluffy beard. Instead he had rough three-day stubble that made him look more like a lumberjack than a jolly old elf, and his belly was firm and tight beneath broad shoulders. Damn -- Santa was hot! He tossed a fat black bag beneath the tree and looked around. "Where would you like me?" he asked the open-mouthed sorority girls with a grin.

Jennifer, the head of the House, took charge. "Welcome!" she exclaimed, delighted beyond measure at the Santa they had received from the agency. "Would you like something to drink?" Without waiting for an answer, she handed him a cup of the stiff punch the girls had been sipping all morning, preparing for their noontime celebration. "You can sit right there."

She gestured towards a plush recliner positioned near the tree. It was the largest in the House, with plenty of room for each girl to perch on Santa's lap and get a quick shot for the Christmas album. "We're still waiting for one girl." She rolled her eyes. "Nina. She's always late. I guess we could start without her."

"All right with me." Santa strode to the chair and sat down heavily, swallowing a mouthful of his drink before placing it on the floor beside him. "There's nothing I love more than celebrating with a roomful of little girls." He smiled as he looked around the room. Fourteen sorority sisters stared at him, decked in their gayest apparel. They wore brightly colored leggings, short skirts, and tight holiday sweaters. Ribbons shone in their bouncing curls and ponytails, and graced the tips of tightly woven braids. "Who wants to go first?" he asked.

Maya, a leggy, dark-skinned brunette in a micro-skirt, started to step forward, but Jennifer stopped her with an irritated snap. "Nina!" Jennifer cried. "What the fuck are you doing showing up this late, and in your pajamas! You were supposed to dress up for the album. God, you are hopeless!"

Nina stood at the top of the stairs, rubbing her eyes. Eighteen and the youngest Tri Delt in the House, she stood just 4'11" and couldn't have weighed more than a hundred pounds. She easily passed for fifteen or sixteen all made up, and her messy, slept-in pigtails made her look even younger. She wore a white cotton camisole with a floral pattern, one strap slipping from her soft shoulder, and matching sleep shorts that were barely long enough to cover her drawers. "Sorry," she mumbled. "I guess my alarm didn't go off. I didn't know Santa was already here."

Santa looked across at her cheerfully. "Well, I guess you're on the naughty list!" he said. "Maybe you should be the first to sit on Santa's lap. That'll get us started on the right foot." His smile didn't waver, but a hint of menace slipped across his face as he patted his thigh. Nina looked a little nervous.

"I don't know, I just woke up," she said. "I haven't even gotten to try the punch."

"Maya, go ahead," Jennifer started to say, but Santa would have none of it. He patted his thigh again.

"Come on over, Nina. Tell Santa what you want for Christmas, and we'll see if you've been a good enough girl to get it."

Nina huffed and shuffled over, half asleep. She paused beside the chair, bending to pick up Santa's drink, the smooth cheeks of her ass peeking out from beneath her shorts. She swallowed it in one gulp, then flopped onto the chair with Santa. "Hair of the dog," she said.

Little Nina nearly disappeared into Santa's lap. Stretching one arm around his neck, she brushed her full, dimpled lips against his ear. "This is what I would like for Christmas," she whispered, just loud enough for the room to hear. She slid her hand between his legs and gave a hard squeeze.

Jennifer gasped. "Nina! Are you still drunk from last night? Jesus Christ!" The other girls were speechless. Nina could be saucy, but this was beyond belief. "Santa, I'm so sorry," Jennifer said. "I totally understand if you feel like you need to leave." She glared at Nina, but Santa only laughed.

"I have ways of dealing with naughty girls," he said. "Naughty girls like this one, I might add." He wrapped his arms around Nina's tiny frame and gripped her tightly. "I find a good Christmas spanking keeps most little girls in line."

It was Nina's turn to laugh, now. "Come on," she giggled. "I was just playing. You can't spank me, anyway. Can you say lawsuit? Sorry, Santa."

"Lawsuit? I think it was you that harassed me, and in my place of employment!" Santa swept one arm under Nina's legs and flipped her brusquely across his knee. Her camisole gaped open in the front, revealing one pink breast. Nina struggled to pull it closed, an exercise in futility. Playfully, Santa gave her a few hard smacks.

"Ow!" Nina squirmed, her face quickly turning red. This was not what she had expected. "Okay, that's enough. I get it." The other girls looked at each other hesitantly, not knowing whether to laugh or to step in and rescue their friend from embarrassment. As always, Jennifer was happy to make the decision for them.

"Go ahead, Santa," Jennifer smirked. "Give it to her good. In fact, I'll help you out." She stepped over to the chair and jerked down Nina's shorts.

"Whoa!" Nina cried. "Jennifer!" She kicked and tried to free herself from Santa's grip. The cheeks of her ass, framed by a white lace thong, were already rosy from Santa's first few blows, and he clearly wasn't finished. He lifted his hand high in the air while Jennifer pushed down on Nina's back, holding her flat against Santa's lap with her shorts dangling precariously around her ankles.

"How many days of Christmas, Nina?" Santa asked, his hand hovering above Nina's wriggling rear. Nina didn't answer, only squirmed harder, her face flushing deeply as she felt the eyes of her fourteen sorority sisters upon her. "Do you know, Jennifer?"

"I think there are twelve," Jennifer said.

"That's right! Twelve it will be, then." Santa began to spank, slowly, counting down from twelve to one. Nina's ass reddened with each smack, and tears began rolling down her face. She couldn't believe in the space of twenty minutes she had gone from waking up in her warm bed to lying face down across the lap of jolly Kris Kringle, ass burning, wondering if she would ever live this down.

Finally, Santa delivered the twelfth blow. Nina felt his hold loosen, and moved to slide from his lap and bolt, hoping to find a place to hide until her embarrassment passed. But Jennifer had something else in mind. She pushed down hard on Nina's back, preventing her escape.

"Pictures!" she sang out. "Who's taking pictures for the album? Somebody get your phone!"

Maya, resentful she'd been denied the opportunity to snuggle up to the hot Santa, was glad to oblige. She whipped an iPhone from her pocket and maneuvered into position, pointing the phone's camera right at Nina's smoldering ass. Nina began to kick again, horrified that her humiliation was about to be filmed.

"Just a second, Maya," Jennifer said, thinking. "We really need a better view for this. Don't let her up, Santa."

Santa grasped Nina's upper body while Jennifer moved her hands lower, resting them on the waistband of Nina's thong before whisking it down. Nina started crying in earnest when she felt the cold air of the room hit her shaved pussy. A few of the other girls began to snicker. "I'm just glad it isn't me!" she heard one of them whisper loudly.

"Would you look at that," Santa said. "Stop your tears, little girl, or I'll give you something to really cry about." He ran his hand down the arch of her back and across her flaming rear, resting it there softly, then giving her one more sudden blow. Nina jumped and cried harder, her crotch shockingly starting to throb as it ground into Santa's knee. "What did I tell you?" Santa said through his teeth, holding her down with his elbow as he fumbled with the buckle of his thick black belt and whipping it through the loops of his coat.

"See how you like this," he said, folding the belt and thrashing it down on her already screaming ass. Nina was bawling now. Santa began raining blows, leaving bright red whelps on her ass with every smack. Nina could feel the belt brush against her bare pussy as it came down, and something else pushing up into her belly. She realized with horror it was Santa's stiffening cock. Even worse, she could feel her pussy dampen as the belt swept insistently against it. Santa laughed, knowing Nina felt the thickening in his groin. "That's what you wanted for Christmas, right, little girl? Well, maybe you'll get it."

"I was just kidding!" Nina sobbed. "Please, stop! Seriously. This isn't funny!" At the same time she couldn't stop thinking about Santa's iron rod, and wondered if Maya was capturing shots of her glistening slit. Her face burned.

The other girls crowded in a tight circle around the scene of Nina's punishment. Even Jennifer stepped back to watch, figuring Santa could manage Nina well enough with his own strong arms. Maya was enjoying her new role as a camera girl, snapping quick shots, then hitting record and capturing Nina's wriggles and screams on video. Bonnie, a quiet senior who had stayed out of the action until now, spoke up. "She should get her present, Santa," she said firmly.

Santa paused, giving Nina's blazing ass a much-needed break. "I'm not sure," he mused. "She's been a very naughty girl."

"I know," Bonnie said. "But she's taken her punishment. There's no reason why she shouldn't receive her gift."

Nina, terrified, fought to release herself from Santa's grasp. Her mouth had gotten her in trouble before, but this time she was out of her depth. Jennifer had been right. She'd have never said anything to Santa had she not been slightly drunk from the night before. The truth was, she hadn't even been with a boy before! And Santa was a grown ass man. She closed her eyes and prayed he would let her go, but her body was getting the best of her. She wondered how it would feel to have her virginity taken by this unforgiving man, and felt her pussy swell at the thought of it. But no, this was wrong! She fought unsuccessfully against her own desire.

Santa sighed. "I suppose I will." He grabbed Nina by the waist and pushed her to the floor. She landed on her knees in front of him. "That's perfect!" he laughed, taking her by the hair and unbuttoning his red fur pants. The cock that sprang free had to have been nine inches long and as thick as a Johnsonville brat. He pulled Nina's face to his lap and pushed it against her lips. Nina yelled.

"Suck that cock!" Santa ordered, pushing it into Nina's open mouth. The head scraped against her teeth and she started to bite down, but Santa was too fast for her. He yanked the fistful of hair he was already holding and lowered his face to Nina's. "It's not okay to bite," he said. "It's okay to throw up, but it's not okay to bite." He slapped her cheek hard, making her teeth knock before shoving the length of his cock down her throat, gagging her, thrusting in and out until thick strings of saliva roped around Nina's lips and down her chin. She gasped for air.

"Damn, that's good," Santa grunted, fucking her mouth. Nina couldn't answer. The other sisters' laughter seemed far away as she fought to keep from choking on Santa's cock. Tears and snot and spit smeared her cheeks as she coughed and gagged. Finally Santa withdrew his shaft, reached down, and took her slippery face in his hands.

Nina gulped the sweet air, but his grip tightened, his fingers squeezing the muscles of her jaw until they hurt. Santa lifted her chin and forced her to look up at him. "Is that what you wanted?" he asked. "Was it as good as you'd hoped it would be?" It had been, but Nina would never admit it. Santa's ruthless face-fuck had turned her on far more than the gentle hands of the college boys she had taken home.

"Please, Santa," Nina sobbed through her clenched jaws. "I'm sorry I said that to you. I didn't mean it. I take it back!"

"You can't take it back," Santa said gently. "You're still on the naughty list, and I have another present for you. Jennifer, do you mind?"

Jennifer stepped forward and helped Nina to her feet. Nina's legs were weak and Santa lifted her easily onto the chair. She felt desperate and confused by her longing. He placed her on her knees facing the back of the recliner, then stepped back and let Jennifer hold her in place while he skillfully rolled his belt in a figure eight. He looped one side around each of Nina's hands and yanked it tight, doubling one end through the buckle to keep it secure. Then, swiftly, he jerked the wooden bar on the side of the chair, swinging the headrest back and pushing Nina prone into the velvet.

"Please, no!" Nina cried. She was bound face down at Santa's command, about to find out what it was like to be fucked by a real man. She twisted and kicked and tried to get away, but half-heartedly. She hoped the other girls couldn't see the slight arch in her back, signaling the hunger she felt in her dripping cunt. Santa stepped over the footrest of the recliner and stood purposefully between her legs.

"Hold on tight, little girl," he said. "Oh, wait. You can't." He tugged the end of the belt until her shoulders hurt. Nina felt Santa press the head of his enormous cock, slippery with her spit and tears, against the opening of her tight, virgin hole. She began to scream.

"Would you shut the fuck up?!" Santa snapped. "For God's sake, this is what you asked for!" He leaned forward and clapped a strong hand across Nina's mouth and nose. She was suffocating again and writhed away from his hand but could go nowhere. Finally he let go and she sucked in air, biting her lip to keep from crying out as the head of his cock burst through.

With brute force, Santa slammed her with the full length of his pulsing rod, triggering wails of sincere protest from Nina, helpless against the attack. He looked over at Jennifer, who was watching intently. "Goddamn, she's tight," he said in a husky voice. "You think the little slut's ever done this before?"

Jennifer's eyes lit up as she replied. "I know she hasn't," she chirped. "She told us during pledge week. She's all talk."

"Well, that makes her even naughtier," Santa said. "She's not a slut, she's a little tease." He thrust more cruelly into Nina's twat, making her bleed. Faster and faster he hammered, leaning in again to whisper in Nina's ear. "Boy have I got something for you, little girl."

Harshly Santa pulled out his cock and spit, the slick wad dripping down the crack of Nina's ass. She kicked her legs and screamed as she realized what was coming next. Santa didn't hesitate. He forced his cock savagely into Nina's ass. She felt herself tear, her insides battered mercilessly as he pounded her most private spot, spanking her ass again loudly with his open hand. Nina stopped crying after that. She was mute with pain, but her body betrayed her again. The fullness in her ass combined with the grinding of her mound against the chair was driving her wild.

"God, that feels so good!" Santa shouted. "How do you like your present, Nina? Do you love it? Do you like my big cock pounding your ass?" Nina said nothing, but she did love it, she did! Santa's breath quickened and the muscles in his own ass began to tense. "I'm going to come in your sweet virgin ass," he growled.

Nina didn't say a word. She couldn't. She bit down on the headrest of the chair, overtaken with agony and humiliation, crying again silently as Santa's cock drove faster and faster inside her. At last she felt him shudder and push more deeply than she thought was possible. Groaning madly, he jerked his cock from her ass. Hot spurts of come coated her cheeks and back and she felt his fist scraping against her as he squeezed out the final drops. Finally, Santa collapsed across her back and lay still, pressing Nina's broken body into the chair. Her relief that the ordeal was over was quickly replaced by shame when she remembered that all the girls in the house had witnessed her degradation, along with a traitorous sense of unfulfillment. Her pussy was swollen and wet beyond belief.

After a long pause, Santa slowly withdrew his cock from Nina's ass, leaving her face-down and tear-soaked on the chair, for all to see. He shoved his cock gruffly into his pants and turned around. "Now," he addressed the room. "Who would like to sit on Santa's lap?"

None of the girls answered. Santa shrugged and picked up his bag, laying a finger aside of his nose and leaving the House the same way he'd come in. Nina ducked her head and fled the room, surrounded by the silence of the other girls. Once there, she threw herself on the bed, rubbing frantically at her swollen clit, one finger shoved deep in her stinging ass so recently deflowered by Santa's cock. In a matter of seconds she screamed hoarsely as she felt wave after wave of pleasure overtake her, clear fluid soaking her hand and running down the insides of her legs as she violently came.

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Merry Christmas!

Holy crap!! She got what she asked for! Loved it....
Would love to see Mrs Claus make a visit to the fraternity!

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release part 2

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by Anonymous11/20/17

That's it

After Nina he Should've taken Jennifer and Maya then the rest of the sorority sluts. After finishing with the rest of the sorority Santa should crawl in bed with his little Nina slut. Oh and make thismore...

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