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Santa Monica


A curious sensation woke Dan up early that Tuesday morning. At first he wasn't sure where the sensation was coming from or what was causing this unexpected feeling. As his grogginess quickly evaporated, Dan realized that the sensations were coming from his penis - and testicles. His beautiful girlfriend, Monica, had been squeezing and teasing him in his sleep.

Though he was clearly surprised, Dan asked with a hearty laugh, "What are you doing to me, Babycakes?"

"I'm just teasing you a little bit," Monica replied seductively.

Teasing indeed, Dan thought. He could feel the weight of of his hormones in his balls, he allowed Monica to continue teasing his cock for a moment before rolling over onto his girlfriend's tiny body. Burying his face into her neck, Dan began kissing her tender areas as his hard cock conveniently bumped and prodded against her clitoris.

After some mutual teasing, retaliatory teasing, and counter-retaliatory teasing, Dan and Monica were off to the shower together to officially begin their day. While Dan was not aware of it yet, this would be one of the most interesting days of their relationship. The surprise Monica had given him as a replacement alarm clock would seem like an everyday norm in comparison to her next revelation.


After their shower, Monica slipped on one of Dan's light blue collared shirts and a matching pair of panties underneath. As her hair dampened the shoulders of the shirt, she made her way out to start frying bacon and eggs for breakfast. Dan emerged from the bedroom a few moments later. He was still struggling to soften his hard penis after Monica's playful cock-teasing in the bed. Not to mention her follow up in the shower.

Coming into the kitchen, Dan was presented with the sexy image of a half-naked Monica, standing with one leg bent over the other, busy with a spatula. Scanning the image before him, Dan slowly examined her smooth legs, and the way her perky breasts looked in his shirt. It was a beautiful sight. There was more to Monica than any other woman he had ever met. Monica's radiant hair bounced and waved, filling Dan with love and affection. His mind was full of love when her loving, tease-filled smile hit him right in the cock.

The sight of her made it nearly impossible for Dan to soften his penis. Monica giggled as she noticed him struggling in a losing battle not to be turned on. Leaning toward him, Monica placed two fingers and a thumb onto the head of his penis through his boxers. Gently rubbing her thumb around, pressing downward onto him, Monica watched with delight as Dan squirmed beneath her control.

"What's the matter, honey? Having trouble going soft?" Monica asked playfully.

"I think I'm going to be hard until I cum," Dan replied.

"Well that's going to make for an interesting day... because I'm not going to let you cum until tonight. After you've made me cum ten times," Monica blushed at her own game.


After breakfast, Monica brought Dan to the living room with something serious to discuss with him.

"Okay, so I've been hiding this for quite some time," Monica began in a deadly serious tone.

"You need to know something about me that I've been keeping a secret." She quickly added "Not just from you! From everyone..."

Dan was concerned about what Monica might say to him, but he needed to know what this secret was all about. "Okay, what is it, Babycakes?" he asked her nervously.

"My family.... isn't my real family," she said.

"What?" What do you mean they're not your real family?" Dan was confused.

"They're actually my second-cousins. My real family lives in California."

Dan didn't really understand what Monica was saying to him. He remained silent while he tried to process this new information.

"I wanted to come here to meet new people and study at a small university without anybody really knowing who I am, so I came here to live with my mom's second cousins. I've just been telling people they're my parents while I'm here," Monica continued.

"Why would you do that?" Dan clearly felt betrayed by her deceptions.

Monica was rattled by his reactions. Though, she knew this wouldn't be interested. It seemed as though this could really throw a wrench into their relationship. "My family has alot of money and I just wanted to know what it's like to live without all of that," she said defensively.

She continued "I just didn't want to be some spoiled rich girl... I'm sorry if you feel like I've been lying to you but I'm telling you this now because we've really connected and I want to introduce you to my real family. My dad's plane is here... it's ready to take us to California..."

Dan was shocked and overwhelmed by everything that he was hearing. He wasn't sure what was going on. After all of this time, he really thought that he knew Monica, but it turned out that she's someone completely different than who he thought she was. Sensing his discomfort, Monica moved herself onto his lap, looked him straight in the eyes and told him everything that he wanted to hear. She knew it was a done deal when she felt his sexually frustrated cock poking her body. Clearly, his thoughts on her hadn't changed, too much.

** Walking off the small private jet in California brought a wave of warm air. Dan felt as though the seasons had been turned upside down. The cold February air of Eastern Canada was dry, stale, and uncomfortable. The air he was feeling now was warm, breezy, and inviting. Stepping onto the tarmac, Dan turned back to Monica. She seemed confident, happy, and of course, stunningly beautiful - as always.

Dan was excited to drive on the huge California highway out to Monica's true home. A rented convertible Mustang made for an exciting drive to an otherwise nerve-wracking event. It's not every day that your girlfriend takes you half-way across the globe to introduce you to her secret family.

The scenic drive between desert-like mountains was exhilarating. Monica had never looked so beautiful as she did that day in the warm California sun. While he still felt a bit betrayed by her secrets, Dan knew that he loved her. And he couldn't resist the excitement that her secrets had promised him. This was going to be the most interesting introduction of his life. For once, Dan felt calm, content, and carefree. His normal feelings of anxiety had been squarely abandoned in that Eastern Canadian deep freeze they had left behind.

Monica's hometown was a warm little place with dark reddish-brown soil exposed all around. The three hour drive from the airport was nearing an end. Monica directed Dan to her home as the anticipation really began to build. It was a mixture of both excitement and sexual frustrations that they had inflicted upon each other earlier that day. The emotion between them was powerful as they pulled into the curved, stone driveway of Monica's parents' home.

The home was enormous. Two-story tall windows defined the home which had giant white pillars and three garage doors along the front. Coming to a stop, Dan looked over beside the driveway to see opened industrial-type openings beside the stone driveway. He peered into what was obviously a part of the residence beneath them. It didn't make much sense to him that the basement level could have more square footage than the main level, though.

Seeing his confusion, Monica answered his unspoken questions "They're moon-roof windows for the underground sections of the house," she said with a smile.

Dan realized that the visible portions of the house sat atop what was evidently a huge underground level. This was going to be the most interesting home he had ever set foot inside.

Entering the home, Dan and Monica found about 20 of her relatives were waiting for them in a large living room. Monica went about hugging long-absent relatives. Meanwhile uncles, aunts, and cousins introduced themselves to Dan. After Monica had reconnected with her family, everyone took seats around the room to continue their conversations.

A short time later, one of Monica's uncles tapped Dan on the arm and invited him to grab a beer from the kitchen. Accepting, Dan was off to the fridge, as directed by Monica's uncle. When he opened the fridge, Dan discovered that the beer bottles were all branded with the logo of Monica's father's company, EnCalicana. He smirked as he popped off the cap of what was surely a private reserve beverage.

His snooping around the kitchen had spurned his curiosity. Once Dan had begun wandering around the home, he couldn't help but keep looking around at the immaculate mansion. Walking from room to room, Dan quickly realized that he had been gone for too long and needed to get back to the living room. He laughed to himself when he realized that he had somehow gotten lost in the enormous home.

When he finally found his way back, beer in hand, Dan asked what he had missed. Monica smiled deviously and told him that her uncle had gotten him out of the room to ask her - in front of everybody - if she wanted him to make a hotel reservation for Dan or if there would be room for him in her high-school bed. Apparently, awkward humor was his speciality. Though they all managed to laugh it off.

Everything seemed to be going really well. Monica was happy to see her family for the first time in over a year. And they all seemed really welcoming of Dan.

** After dinner and a few drinks, Dan and Monica were exhausted from their long trip across the continent. The two were soon off to Monica's old bedroom for the night. As they entered the room, Monica immediately began stripping off clothing as she made her way to her bed. Dan walked around examining the enormous bedroom. The room included a long hallway-type section that connected the main bedroom area, where the bed was located, and the private bathroom. There was an older looking green couch, a love-seat, and a big chair all pointed toward a 90s style television.

The room was well lived in and seemed as though it hadn't been touched since Monica was last home. There was still a pink bra hanging from the closet doorknob and a pile of panties laying on the couch. Obviously, there were enough bedrooms in the house that guests had never needed to use Monica's bedroom, while she was at school.

After taking a look around, Dan turned back to where Monica was now resting in her bed. She was covering her naked body with a duvet and laid playfully covering part of her face with her shining, brown hair. The look on her face was inviting and seductive. Dan could hardly withstand the attraction to his beautiful partner. Still reeling from the sexual tension Monica had inflicted on him earlier that day, Dan's boxers began to lift as he once again struggled to remain soft.

Hopping into the bed, Monica moved slowly toward him. Taking his hand and placing it upon her breast, she gently kissed him with her soft, lubricated lips. Dan realized just how lucky he was to have such a beautiful partner who loved him. Massaging her breast while Monica gently sucked the tip of his tongue, Dan felt impassioned by his love for her.

Their anticipation had been building all day and their bodies craved one another desperately. Their gentle kisses quickly turned to a heated interaction with pre-cum leaking through Dan's boxers and hardened nipples dancing across his face. Monica put her hands on Dan's shoulders and pushed him onto his back, rolling up above him. She raised herself to pull his boxers off and expose his cock for her enjoyment.

Leaning forward to kiss him, she grabbed his cock with her hand and vigorously jerked him. His excitement was almost too much to withstand. With one hand he scratched her back, the other tightly grasped her breast. Monica continued to aggressively work him over for several minutes until she could feel him pulsating in her hand. She knew that he couldn't handle much more before he would lose control. But she wasn't ready for that yet.

As Dan encroached upon his climax, Monica slowed her movements, then, released him. The cum that had been ready to shoot out of his cock rolled backward into his balls. Monica felt herself dripping as she watched Dan squirm beneath her.

She had him exactly where she wanted him - almost.

Monica quickly crawled up his body to place her most intimate parts right onto his face. She placed her hands on the headboard of the bed as her head rolled backward with pleasure. The hornier Dan became the more determined he was to provide her with electric satisfaction.

Dan vigorously licked her faster and faster, pausing only to gently suck on her clitoris. The pleasure overwhelmed Monica's body as her legs twitched and her vagina moved up and down over Dan's face. She could feel her wetness covering him, something she knew he found exhilarating and sexy.

As she rocked back and forth she could feel his tongue deep inside of her. It was a truly intimate feeling for Monica. In her ecstasy, she could feel her clitoris being stimulated by his nose. What might have been awkward in other circumstances only felt sexy and hot in this moment. Dan was moving quickly, passionately, and lovingly to bring her to orgasm.

She considered lifting herself off his body before cumming, but it felt too powerful to break contact even momentarily. She put her arms backward, bracing herself with one hand against his leg. With the other hand she grabbed a hold of his throbbing cock. She was enjoying herself too much to be able to do much with his cock, but she had enough cognition about her to tease him softly. She could tell it was impacting him by the way his whole body began to move.

Monica took a deep breath and allowed the orgasm that had been building for the past 18 hours to finally burst out.

When her orgasm finished, Monica turned and fell onto her back beside Dan. She felt relaxed but nowhere near finished.

After a brief pause, Monica pulled Dan onto her body and kissed him. She brought his lower lip into her mouth and tasted herself from his lips. The taste of her cum filled her with excitement once again.

Dan lifted himself above her and quickly thrust himself into her. Monica gasped as his cock entered her. She allowed him fourteen or fifteen deep thrusts before stopping him.

"Not yet," she whispered. "Make me cum again."

Being teased like this was one of Dan's favorite games. One that Monica had come to appreciate as it usually meant about ten orgasms for her before Dan would finally ejaculate an enormous amount of cum on her command.

Monica laid back and enjoyed the fun as Dan went to work once again. With his fingers this time, Dan worked to bring Monica to orgasm yet again. He worked diligently as she ejaculated hard onto his fingers. Twice.

For her fourth orgasm of the evening, Dan placed a hand beneath each of her knees, pushing them as far back as his arms could reach, exposing her sensitive areas to his tongue. Monica felt intimately connected to Dan as he pleasured her softly. With her clitoris exposed, it didn't take long before Monica ejaculated into Dan's mouth.

Dan allowed her legs to rest back down onto the bed as he raised up a bit and rested his head on her stomach. He listened as Monica caught her breath.

After experiencing four orgasms, Monica thought it was time for some more teasing with Dan. She motioned for him to come up onto her stomach. Straddling her, Monica brought his cock into her mouth.

She gently rolled her tongue over his head, occasionally offering a gentle suck. Slowly moving her mouth up and down over him, Monica felt a certain excitement in listening to his moans. Keeping him horny like this all day had made him more sensitive to her touch. He was harder than she had ever felt him before and his cock felt longer and thicker than usual. He was clearly in dire need for release. A release that only she could provide for him.

Monica took his balls into her hand and gently squeezed them as she flicked her tongue over the head of his cock. With every squeeze his entire body squirmed with desire. She knew that he was desperate to cum, but at the same time, he was so sensitive to her, so vulnerable to her, that it was an ecstasy in itself to keep him on the precipice of orgasm.

Feeling more adventurous now, Monica rolled his balls around in her fingers. She clasped them tightly, squeezing harder than she had ever squeezed them before. Dan gasped with a surprised pain. Monica kept going, tightening her grip on him, squeezing him harder and harder. As pain shot throughout his lower body, Monica felt Dan's cock surge in her mouth. While she knew she had hurt him, she had also brought him right to the edge - another fraction of a second of this and Dan would ejaculate every last drop of cum from his body into her mouth.

In keeping with her little game, Monica released his balls and pulled her mouth away from Dan's cock.

His sleek member bobbed and throbbed around in her face as Monica smiled up into his eyes. She could see the sheer desperation in his eyes - Dan needed to cum, badly, or else his frustrations would take complete control over him. Monica loved it. And she could tell that Dan did, too.

Smiling playfully she said to him "Make me cum."

Dan dutifully looked into his lovers eyes and asked "How?" He could barely speak he was so wound up. There was a sexual tightness throughout his whole body. His balls ached, his cock throbbed, his blood boiled, his chest was filled with emotion and desperation. He wanted to cum more than anything. With the only exception to his desires being his love affair with making Monica cum.

"Take your cock and rub the head against my clit until I cum," Monica said smiling.

It was a tortuous task for Dan. Feeling her vagina lips on his cock was the biggest tease he could imagine at this point. Her body moaned invitations to him. Invitations which her teasing game wouldn't allow him to act upon. The sensation of rubbing his cock over her vagina and clitoris was enough to drive him wild, but not enough to allow him a release. As Monica ejaculated again and again, Dan felt totally enslaved by her sexual prowess.

Finally, Monica looked up at him and said "Okay, you're allowed to cum now.... let me put this condom on you."

With the condom on his cock, Monica laid back smiling as Dan penetrated her. Once his cock was inside of her, Dan felt as though he could cum instantly. He leaned down and began kissing his lady love. He thrust hard, deep, and passionately into her. Lifting his head gently, panting and sweating, Dan looked straight into Monica's loving gaze as he finally ejaculated the most powerful orgasm Monica had ever given him. Her vagina was intimately aware of every pulse that came out of his cock. Dan's body seemed to lose control as he continued to ejaculate. The power of his orgasm was so enthralling, that Monica joined him in cumming once more that evening.

When he finished, Dan collapsed onto her. Whispering in her ear he asked "Can I stay inside of you while I fall asleep?"

"Of course, baby," she told him. "This was fun. But it will be more fun next time..."

"Oh?" he asked.

"Next time you'll have three days worth of teasing before I let you cum," Monica whispered. "I can't wait to see how passionately you lick me when you know you won't be getting to cum at all," she said teasingly.

"Now go to sleep, baby," I'm taking you to my family's nightclub tomorrow.

Part II ______________________________

Dan awoke to a sensation which was becoming more and more familiar. His lovely girlfriend, Monica, once again had chosen to wake him up by teasing his cock. Even though he had cum the night before, Dan was still rock hard for his girlfriend. "Good morning, lover," Monica said playfully, knowing she had made Dan feel teased once again.

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