tagSci-Fi & FantasySanta Takes Back What is His

Santa Takes Back What is His


Eyes that normally twinkled with merriment stared at the woman who had just told her brother that Santa wasn't real. A smile, usually showing warmth, laughter, cheerfulness, now held a frown; rosy cheeks, burned a brighter red from anger. Kris Kringle watched young Tommy walk away from his older sister, his heart broken and his dreams shattered. He would make sure, come morning the young boy knew that Santa was indeed real, and his sister, Rebecca -- she too would know the truth about Ol' Saint Nicholas. Kris turned from the window, pressed his finger to the side of his nose, and felt the wind rush under his feet. He reached the roof top, made a mental note of the time and quickly adjusted the mental map that he'd followed over the centuries. Once he was satisfied he would have time to properly instruct young Rebecca in fact versus fiction, Kris climbed back into his sleigh, called out the names of his reindeer and headed back into the night.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

The sound of hooves landing on the house went unheard as they had all night and early morning. Kris felt the air around him, and knew the occupants still slept. He picked up his bag of toys, as well as a smaller bag that he only used on special nights, nights that were only presented when young spirits were crushed on Christmas Eve. Rebecca had done just that, already Kris could feel the loss of a child's spirit, and a part of him died with it.

He nodded to the lead deer, communicating with him telepathically, before making his way to the chimney. Within seconds the robust man was standing in a very well decorated room. Candles, fed by electricity, flickered as if the wind really dared to kiss their flame; a tree full of various glittering ornaments proclaimed to all, that most of the residents enjoyed flaunting their wealth. Kris ignored all the fancy trappings, these things mattered little to him. He was there for the child and for Rebecca. He had written off the young girl when she was sixteen. Her Christmas spirit had been extinguished that year, but now she was eighteen and come morning she would know how to appreciate the joy of fantasy.

Kris deposited the gifts around the tree, filled the stockings that had been hung, and ate two of the cookies that the young boy had left out. He finished the milk, burped softly, wiped his mouth with a napkin and picked up the smaller of the two bags he'd brought from the sleigh. A soft press to the side of his nose stirred the air around him. This time though, instead of rising up through the chimney, he made his way up the winding staircase, through the long hallway and over to Rebecca's room. A quick flick of his wrist had the woman's bedroom door open. He moved in; his feet touched the ground when he reached the bed.

It had been a long time since he had pulled the tools of obedience from his bag. He quietly laid each one on a nearby table, before leaning over and blowing a puff of air against Rebecca's cheek. Immediately she stirred, rolled over and opened her mouth to scream. Kris moved with lightning speed, forcing the gag between her lips, and catching her wrists in one tight fist. He grinned as her gaze grew wider, traveling across him to take in his red suit, hat and thick white beard. He recognized first disbelief, then humor as he read her thoughts. "No little one, I am not 'kidding' you." She blinked rapidly, lifted her legs to kick at him, but he only chuckled, as he straddled her blanketed body. Instantly she stilled.

With a flick of his wrist, silk ties floated to him. He grabbed them mid flight, tied the woman's wrist to the headboard, and grinned wickedly. Kris lifted himself off the trembling girl, taking the blanket with him. Within seconds Rebecca's ankles were tied down, legs spread and wrists anchored together. "My dear Rebecca, I come here today to make you understand that there are things that exist beyond your reasoning, that deep inside you is a place where fantasies live, and for you to crush someone's dream is unfair, and very unwise. You chose to toy with the spirits that keep Christmas alive, young spirits like Tommy's. So a lesson will be taught to you, a lesson in acceptance that some things are beyond your control."

Kris saw the confusion and fear in Rebecca's eyes. "Do you know who I am?" He saw that she did not. He chuckled softly, his belly jiggled with laughter. "I am Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas, and other names you would not be familiar with." Her eyes rolled. "I see you do not believe me. Let me show you." Kris flicked his wrist again, this time a shimmering ball appeared. It floated about the room, eventually landing on Rebecca's trembling body. Slowly the ball slid across the woman's sheer nightgown; the material disappeared, leaving only a fine sheen of sparkling powder before it too was no more. Kris's belly again moved as his laughter erupted from his throat. "I see you are beginning to believe. I can feel it."

His hand moved to skate along her right leg. "Tell me Rebecca, have you ever been taught how to properly ask for something, or have you always been given what you wanted?" His nails dragged along the inside of her thigh, moving ever so slowly to the juncture that lay bare before him. "I can read your thoughts, but I would rather hear your words. If I remove the gag will you answer me, or will you scream for help?" Kris paused, took one last look into her mind, and nodded his approval. "Very good, I see you are curious, which means you have most likely been with a man or -" he paused, grinned again and chuckled, "three. Good, taking a virgin is something the missus frowns upon."

He removed the gag, and watched Rebecca's tongue dart out to wet her lips. "Who the fuck do you think you are and what the fuck are you doing?"

Kris reached out and slapped the girl's mouth; his hand cupped her chin. "Do not speak to me in that tone of voice, girl. Or I will gag you again, and then you'll have no say in what transpires between us. Be glad that I am -- for now -- giving you an opportunity to speak."

Anger and hostility greeted his usually jovial nature. "What do you want from me? You sick Christmas fuck?"

The insult rolled off Kris's back. His hand slid across her hip, along her belly and up her ribs. "I told you that you took the spirit of Christmas this night from a child and I'm here to give it back. Once you admit that not everything is yours -- yours to build up -- yours to break, then I will go and you will be free of me." His hand paused at her right breast; he cupped it, familiarizing himself with its weight. He heard her gasp, and knew from her thoughts and the rise of her nipple that feelings of pleasure, not disgust rolled through her veins. "There now, my sweet young girl, Santa will teach you, that he alone controls who believes and who does not."

Kris rose from the bed, removed his boots, pants, socks, jacket and shirt. He pulled his hat from his head, releasing thick white curls of hair. The tendrils were heavy and lay against his shoulders. He looked at the girl before him, licking his lips in anticipation. "I have seen into your mind, you know the way around a man's body. I am going to give you a chance to willingly pleasure me, or I will force it upon you. But either way, my dear sweet child, you will accept my cock and you will take all of it down your precious throat."

The bed groaned as Kris climbed onto it. He straddled Rebecca, lowered his mouth to her pussy and allowed his cock to rest against her face. Before he began to suck and nip at her sex, he told her that she would have to find away to coax him into his mouth without the use of her hands. He laughed as she muttered for him to "go fuck" himself. The scent of her aroused state filled his lungs. Kris shoved his face into her cunt and began to familiarize himself with her flesh.

He pushed her lips apart, licked at the nub that tried to hide from his ministrations. Rebecca's hips shifted back and forth, trying to keep Kris's mouth from her pussy. He felt his cock slide across her face, slap against her nose, and smack her cheek. He chuckled, ground himself against her, and moved one finger down the length of her moist lips. Thoughts of teeth gnashing down on soft testicles, sent a wave of anger through Kris; a quick flick of his wrist had a pussy clip at his side. With speed he latched the metal teeth to the woman's clit, and tugged. She gasped, held her scream and stilled as the sensation skated through her veins. Kris smirked and dipped his head back to his Christmas dinner.

Gently he stroked Rebecca's labia with the flat of his tongue; he tasted the outer flesh, dipped into the silky folds, then nipped at each one. Again the girl wiggled beneath him, but this time her hips thrust forward, as if she wanted more attention. A chuckle of delight echoed through the room, and Kris paused long enough to instruct Rebecca on what was expected of her. Within seconds, he felt his testicles blanketed by the warmth of a hot mouth. A groan of pleasure rumbled from deep within his chest, and poured across her tender nub. Kris licked her pussy, the clip pulled against its prisoner and Rebecca hissed. The vibration rocked through each one of his balls; he ground his crotch harder against her eager mouth.

Two fingers found their way into Rebecca's cunt. His nails dragged against the walls, gently scraping the fleshy muscles. Juices were coaxed out; he licked and sucked them up. Her ass lifted off the bed, Kris cupped both cheeks, spreading them as he used his tongue, and fingers to fuck the non-believer. As he ate at her, the musky scent of her arousal filled his nostrils. Kris muttered a low curse, lifted his head and growled for her to take his dick. She released his balls, and a muffled "I can't -- my hands are tied," reached out to him. Kris laughed and went back to feasting.

Soon a tongue was felt at the base of his dick, then a chin, soon a cheek, and eventually his little slut had the head of his cock against the soft lips of her mouth. "Good girl," he whispered and snapped his fingers; a pastel butt plug was sent flying in his direction. It was pushed into her pussy; juices covered it, layer upon layer of liquid silk slipped along the ridged device. Kris pulled it out, watched the light shimmer on the moisture, and then pushed the toy into Rebecca's ass. He heard her squeal and moan, welcoming the feel of the intruder. Kris was also happy with the effects on the lithe body beneath him. More delicious nectar flowed from his willing victim; the sound of delight she had given him also allowed more room for his cock to slide deeper into her mouth. She gagged slightly, his length and girth matching the legend that a man of his stature should carry.

Eventually he coaxed Rebecca into the proper tempo that pleased him. He would lift his hips, keep his cock just barely in her mouth, and then slam it back down into her. Repeatedly he abused her face, but never once did her mind scream for freedom. When he felt her muscles clench around his fingers he knew he was about to get a large, heavy dose of her juices. He opened his mouth, settling himself against her opening while at the same time driving his dick down deep between her eager lips and waiting throat. They came together, much to Kris's delight. His cum jettisoned into her; her muscles worked to accept everything; hurriedly she swallowed, sucked harder, and drank more of his offering. He followed suit, lapping, sucking, and swallowing all the honey that shot out at him. He drank his fill and then drew his face away from her slippery mound.

When he was finished emptying himself into her, he rose from the bed, licked his lips and chuckled merrily. Cum had settled across her face, her lips sparkled with his seed. "Very good, Rebecca," he said, before removing the clip and the butt plug. She said nothing, choosing instead to thank him in her mind. He grinned, winked, and licked his lips. A quick flick and her wrists were untied. "Clean yourself up -- with your fingers." Kris watched her swipe at the milky fluid that coated her skin; she lapped at it like a kitten starved. When she was done, she looked back at the silk ties, and whimpered. "Like that did you?" Kris asked.

She nodded; once secured he again straddled her. His cock semi-erect, rested on her pussy. He took it in one hand, stroked it, and watched a pair of eyes grow heavy with arousal. When his shaft was at its full potential, Kris tucked the head into her opening. She sighed with pleasure. Kris pushed in another inch, then another. He held himself there, felt her muscles tighten around him, milking his flesh, hoping to feel all of him. Soon Kris pushed all of himself into her hot sheath. Gasps of pleasure filled the air. Slowly he began to fuck her, allowing her to beg him both mentally as well as verbally. He would give her a few inches, then all of them, then only the head. Constantly he teased her, driving her close to screaming, before backing off and allowing her to calm down.

As he pumped into her, his hands took a firm hold of her tits. He squeezed them hard, leaned down and bit one nipple then the other. He sucked on the right bead, teased the left, and then alternated their attention. His skin was hot; a layer of sweat coated them both. She bucked, wanting him to drive faster and harder into her. He gave her what she wanted; his own needs were riding high and he wanted to give as well as take from Rebecca. She would wake up in the morning and she would recall all that had transpired.

"Oh Santa, oh fuck Santa -- oh fuck don't -- oh please -- please don't stop!"

Kris giggled like a school boy, pushed hard and erupted deep inside of his little plaything. His cum mixed with hers. The heat of their joining made his body quiver. He gave all of his seed to the slick pussy, and felt her own wash down his cock. Yes, she believed in fairy tales and fantasies, because she had just had Santa fuck her senseless. He laughed joyfully, shuttered again, and kissed her deep. His tongue danced around in her mouth, pushing at her own slick muscle. She leaned into him, sucking at his invading appendage. He pulled away, winked, and licked at her throat. "Very good my sweet, very good," he whispered.

Without much thought Kris lifted his bountiful self from her more delicate and smaller one. He pinched her nipples, and chuckled at her hiss of pleasure. "Now in the morning, you will instruct Tommy that I am real, and if I feel the spirit of Christmas return to him, you will be rewarded next year -- if however, I don't -- then," he leaned in close to her, "not only will I be back, but several of my eager elves will as well -- and they are not as kind as I am. Elves are wicked creatures when it comes to fucking a human. There is no part of your body that will be safe from their explorations." He winked, freed her, gathered his belongings, dressed himself with the use of magic, and made his way to her window. "Sleep well my Rebecca and perhaps next year will be just as merry."

Kris placed a musky scented finger to his nose, breathed deep of its fragrance and waited for the air around him to do as he commanded. The window lifted, Kris slipped out and soon he was gone from Rebecca and Tommy's home, the scent of sex lingered in the air.

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