tagNonHumanSanta vs The Tentacle Monster!

Santa vs The Tentacle Monster!


It was late one November at the North Pole, and as the weather tends to do with the changing of the seasons around that time of year, the temperatures dropped from "freezing cold" to "you've got to be fucking kidding me!". It was the North Pole after all. The final preparations were being put into place for the big event that they worked towards every year: Christmas!

"Ho ho Honey, I'm home!" Chris Kringle walked up behind his wife, Sandra, pressing himself up against her backside and moving a few strands of her long blonde so he could kiss her cheek while she finished putting together dinner.

"I hope you're hungry, Santa," Sandra said, grinning, "because I've got quite the little dish for desert for you."

Chris grinned eagerly. In their well over a hundred years of marriage, Sandra had always been a very open-minded and adventurous girl, and certainly didn't mind bringing in one of the girls from the workshops for a threesome every once in a while. Dinner was good, of course, Sandra could work magic when she made Roast Beast, and the hot cocoa was to die for. But that wasn't going to be the highlight of the night.

As they were cleaning up from dinner, Sandra ran off to answer a knock at the door, opening it to reveal Misty, definitely one of Santa's favorite little helpers. At just a hint over four and a half feet tall, she was a pretty average height for an elf. Her tits, however, had stopped dining at the same table as average years before, and she had the wide hips to match. She sashayed into the Kringle household and took off her full-length winter coat, revealing the festive red and green miniskirt and midriff-revealing low cut blouse which tightly hugged her body like gift wrap on a present, before Sandra tugged Misty's tuque off by the fuzzy ball and tilted her head down to give the other elf a long, lingering kiss, running her fingers through Misty's short dark hair.

Misty and Sandra sauntered past Chris, cuddling up together on the couch before come-hithering him over. He pulled off his shirt as Misty and Sandra reached out for his belt. Soon his trousers were piled around his feet and the girls were cooing over his stiff erection, lightly grazing their hands up and down it and leaning in to plant teasing kisses up and down its length. He ran his fingers through Misty's hair before pulling her towards his cock, the head sliding between her soft lips and into her mouth. Misty's years of experience working in the Candy Cane Quality Assurance Department showed as she worked her mouth up and down on his cock, twisting her head this way and that, spending time concentrating on the head before plunging back down.

Of course, Sandra wasn't about to let Misty have the candy cane all to herself, and as soon as Misty came up for air, Sandra had Chris's dick sliding down her throat, all the way to the root. There she held it, her husband's hand running through her hair, her eyes beginning to water, until she finally came back up with a glurging sound.

"Oh, I see two girls have found their way onto the Naughty list! Who wants to get her present first?" In response, Misty shoved Sandra back on the couch, pushing the hem of her dress up so that she could run her fingers up and down Sandra's slit, spreading her juices around before sliding two fingers in and drawing out a sharp gasp from Mrs. Kringle.

Chris kicked off his boots and pants, and climbed on the couch behind Misty, pulling her up away from his wife long enough to peel her skin-tight blouse off of her and free her full breasts before letting her return to her work. By this point, Sandra had slipped out of the shoulder straps of her dress and pushed the top down so she could play with her own tits while Misty worked on her, and she gasped and cooed as the elf added her tongue to the mix. Chris pushed up Misty's skirt and pressed the head of his cock against her dripping cunt...

There was a loud banging at the door. Chris nearly fell off the couch in surprise and quickly pulled his pants on while the girls quickly made themselves as presentable as possible under the circumstances. After making sure they were covered up, he stormed over to the door and swung it open angrily.

"This had better be very good, or very bad, James!"

"Sorry sir!" James, the deputy of the North Pole's security department, looked up at his half-naked boss. Like most elves, James was what humans would consider short, topping out at about five and a half feet, though that actually made him remarkably tall by the local standard. Not that he felt very tall at the moment. "Sir, something is attacking the housing area! It came up from under the ice next to one of the female dorms..."

"You were right to come get me, James. Is your brother on the scene?"

"Yessir, he's taken the elves who were on duty and cordoned off the area, they're evacuating the other dorms as well as they can, but the monster got into one of the dorms and we haven't been able to get anyone out from there."

"Wait, the monster? What monster?" Chris was still a bit confused about what was going on as he finished getting dressed.

"The thing that came from under the ice.. it's some kind of monster, with tentacles. A tentacle monster, Sir. When Jacob was setting up the cordon, the thing got a door open and just... squeezed inside, Sir."


The Kringles weren't the only ones with plans to unwind for their last solid weekend until New Years. The dorms basically tended to become a collection of big parties during Thanksgiving weekend, though most of those wouldn't start until later on. For now, everybody was getting home from work, showering, cleaning up, and getting ready to meet up with friends.

Erika stood in front of her mirror, touching up her makeup and applying her lipstick as she admired herself. Many fashions had come and gone in her time, but the Little Green Dress would always be a hit in Elf fashion. And Erika's dress was truly going to be a hit, complete with fuzzy white trim and her cutest curly-toed shoes.

Suddenly the entire building shook, things falling off of shelves and dressers and clattering to the floor. Erika blurted a panicked squeak out as her full-length mirror nearly fell on her, barely catching it in time and lowering it to the floor before diving under her desk. At four foot three, Erika was short even by elf standards and was easily able to ball herself up under the desk until the building stopped shaking. Panic-stricken, she didn't dare come out from under the desk. Earthquakes just didn't happen at the North Pole! Avoiding earthquakes was the biggest reason she turned down the job offer at that cookie company in California after graduating college! Listening carefully, she could hear, over the sounds of the other girls' various panicked sounds in the building... something... moving outside. She could hear something banging on the fire escape door in the hallway before the latch clicked and the door swung open.

"I'm in here! Help!" Still too afraid to come out from under her desk, Erika didn't want the rescuers to miss her when they got into the building to check on everybody. She had left her door unlatched, in case any of the girls wanted to come in to gossip while she got ready, and now could hear the hinges creaking as the door was pushed open. Something was wrong... whoever was walking into her room should be saying something, trying to find out if anyone was in the room...

There was a high pitched scream out in the hallway, Erika's heart jumped as she tried to push herself even farther back under the desk, covering her mouth to cover the sound of her own terrified, gasping breaths. Something grabbed her chair and pushed it aside. Several somethings, in fact. They resembled snakes... or maybe tentacles... they stopped moving and turned as one towards her before snapping out to grab her in their coiling embrace. The elf's screams joined the chorus as she was easily drug out from under the desk, more tentacles grabbing onto her, trying to pull her arms and legs loose, to no avail.

The tentacles oozed some kind of substance, it felt good like some kind of skin-contact euphoria, that Erika could feel sinking through her skin into her flesh, the warm soft feeling spreading through her body. Still she wouldn't loosen up for whatever it was that was attacking her. She squeaked again as she felt a tentacle rub up against her panties, realizing that the fetal position was not an ideal way to protect herself, if the tentacles were after what she was beginning to suspect they wanted.

As the tentacle patiently rubbed back and forth, applying more ooze onto her crotch, she felt the warm soft feeling begin to spread up into her cunt, except unlike the rest of her body, this feeling was much better, much warmer, and her body began to react, producing its own juices in response. Erika's squeaks turned to gasps, then moans, her fair skin taking on a crimson flush as the warmth overtook her and her panties became soaked with more than just the monster's juices.

Somehow knowing the time was right, a tentacle slid under Erika's green panties and slid up inside of her, a sharp moan turning to a pleasured sigh, sliding out and back in again before being joined by another tentacle, the two sliding in and out against each other inside the petite brunette. Her arms and legs relaxed and the elf grunted as another tentacle wormed its way into her ass. Her moans turned into a passionate warbling wail until she was silenced by another tentacle sliding down her throat.


Ginger was in the shower, all soaped up and rinsing herself off after a long day on the factory line, the rivulets of water running down her toned, athletic body. The factory line was hard work, but it paid well and she was saving her money for a new car. Her thoughts on her financial situation were interrupted as she heard the drain cover pop loose between her feet. She looked down just in time to see a horde of tentacles coming out of the drain towards her and she barely had time to scream "NOT AGAIN!" before her feet were taken out from under her.


All in all, the girls never had a chance of escaping. The monster took a few minutes to get the door open, but at the same time, he was attacking from under ground, working his way in through the drains and pipes under the building. He struck quickly, rushing the building before they knew what was going on. By the time they tried to get out of the building, he had already blocked the exits and was able to catch them and seduce him at his leisure. No woman, elf or human, could resist the effects of the ooze he secreted, as the residents of this dorm were increasingly pleased to discover.


Chris Kringle arrived at the Cordon as the last of the residents of the other dorms had been evacuated and sent to wait in the cafeteria while the security personnel figured out what to do about the monster. Whatever it was, it was big, and it was going to take some time for the elves to get the big guns ready. In any case, they couldn't even use the big guns while the girls were still inside the dorm. They couldn't tell what was happening inside at first, but once they had focused their binoculars on the windows of the dorm, the monster's intentions became very apparent. Some of the girls who hadn't been caught yet had made their way onto the roof, but had no way to get down safely.

"James, have my sleigh readied."


Having heard the news, Misty couldn't help but feel a sense of relief and guilt. She'd be in that dorm if Sandra hadn't invited her over for the evening. While waiting for Chris to get back, the two girls had sat down to have some wine in hopes of relaxing a bit. As the wine bottle emptied, one thing led to another, and the two had found themselves in bed together, their sweaty bodies pressed against each other as they kissed and licked and nibbled at each other, using their fingers to get each other going.

Sandra pushed Misty onto her back, before leaning in to take a nipple in her mouth, licking and gently nibbling at the stiff bud, tasting the sweat from the other girl's body, her own, smaller breasts hanging down and sliding up and down Misty's stomach as the two girls writhed around on the bed, Misty's curvacious, softer build contrasting with Sandra's slender, tighter body. Sandra stopped to grab a red and white candy-cane striped dildo from a box under the bed, with the words "Stocking Stuffer Special" printed along the length of it, and dangled it over Misty's face so she could try and raise her head to lick and suck at the tip.

Misty quickly rolled over, flipping Sandra onto the bed as the two girls wrestled for the dildo, Sandra wriggling and twisting around under Misty until the two ended up on hands and knees, with misty behind Sandra holding her in place as the two women gasped for breath and laughed. Misty kissed at Sandra's back, tasting the sweat from her skin as she reached under her lover with the dildo and worked her way down to Sandra's pussy, teasing the entrance before slowly sliding it inside, bit by bit as Sandra groaned and pressed back on it.

Misty sensed a presence behind her and felt something press against her own pussy, she closed her eyes and grinned, knowing that Chris had returned.

"Ready to go up my chimney, Santa?" Misty moaned with pleasure as she felt the cock slide inside her, before she realized that it didn't feel right, it was... thinner than Chris's cock was... and it was moving around... another one was pressing into her ass with yet another right behind it before she could even turn around, and the next sound she made was a panicked gagging sound as another tentacle went down into her mouth and down her throat.

For her part, Sandra was in another world, moaning as she pumped herself back and forth on the dildo Misty was holding, hearing Misty's moans as Sandra's husband began fucking her only got her more wound up, and it wasn't until she felt something wrap around her midsection that she opened her eyes and looked behind her to see what was going on.

Too late did Sandra realize what was happening, and by now she was bound to Misty by a coiled tentacle as Misty was fucked senseless by the monster. She felt the dildo slide out suddenly as one of the tentacles grabbed it and pulled it loose. She was too drunk to try and resist as two tentacles slid into her cunt, and as the monster's ooze added to her own juices, she was moaning despite herself, the already hot fire inside her burning more intensely.

She felt a thick tentacle push at the rosebud of her ass, and she relaxed to allow it entrance, letting out a drawn out groan as she felt it slide inside, seeming to almost split her open. By now she was too far gone to care, reaching out for another tentacle, the gold ring on her hand glinting in the dim light as she pulled the tentacle to her mouth.

The two elves moaned and writhed , bound together on their hands and knees as their lover took them in every opening. Misty reached around and grabbed Sandra's tits, squeezing and pinchign and twisting them as she tried to pump herself back on the tentacles she was riding. Sandra made gagging sounds on the tentacle that had slid up and down her throat, both of her arms spread out, more tentacles wrapped around her wrists. Her arms burned from the strain, her shoulders ached, the weight of the other elf on her back adding to the strain, but she didn't care, she just wanted to get fucked by her new lover, the only lover she could think about, forever and ever.

They could tell something was about to happen, they felt their own pleasures getting ramped up, they could feel the tentacles inside of them getting thicker and stiffer, the thrusting becoming faster and deeper, until they saw thick bulges traveling down the tentacles, forcing their way past their already strained openings, forcing jaws and assholes and cunts to spread just a little bit farther for the bulges to pass, the women screaming before the bulges finally worked past, their orgasms hitting them like freight trains as the tension was released and their bodies filled with the monster's seed.


Erika lay on the floor of her dorm room, her legs spread wide as the monster's seed oozed out into a puddle on the floor. A stream of cum was dribbling out of her mouth and down the side of her face into another puddle. She fingered herself weakly, trying to bring back the feelings the monster had given her. That her lover had given her. Hearing the screams of her fellow elves upstairs, she got up and walked out into the hallway.


Nancy was not having a good night, that was for sure. First there was the earthquake, then some kind of monster had gotten into the building, and after it had done who-knows-what to the girls on the first floor, and now the girls were coming up the stairs looking like they were up to no good. It didn't make her feel any better that most of the girls were naked too, never mind that they were being followed by a stream of tentacles. What the hell was going on?

Ginger and Erika grabbed Nancy and held her down on the hallway floor while she kicked and screamed. Ginger leaned in and planted a deep kiss on Nancy, cum oozing out of her mouth and into Nancy's. She had to swallow to keep from choking on it, but no matter how much she swallowed, more dripped into her mouth. Soon ginger broke the kiss, but Nancy's mouth hung open, to catch more of the seemingly unlimited supply of cum as Ginger kept producing new mouthfuls to let drip down into her new lover's mouth. Erika reached down and ripped apart the now-passive blonde's panties, sticking her tongue up Nancy's pussy and using it to push more cum up into the girl.

And so the army of cum-filled girls worked their way through the second and third floor, spreading their seed and incapacitating the girls for the monster to take easily. When they got to the roof, they found a small group of girls huddled together in the cold, helpless.

A small red light could be seen in the sky circling overhead, then diving down as Chris smoothly touched down in his sleigh, helping the frightened girls into his sleigh. Designed to carry presents for all the good girls and boys, there was more than enough room for a dozen elves. He looked up at the girls just now arriving on the roof beckoning them over to get in the sleigh for a moment until he realized that something wasn't right about them.

For one thing, they were naked in the cold winter air, and didn't seem even the slightest bit worried about what was going on. As a group they all suddenly took off sprinting towards the sleigh, one of them jumping and grabbing one of the skids as the sleigh took flight. Erika clamored into the sleigh and lunged at Chris, who brought up a foot just in time to catch her in the mid section and send her flying out of the sleigh.

It was a fortunate thing that Chris hadn't planned to fly far, just to the edge of the cordon, and so Erika didn't have far to fall. Before she could get up, the elf security teams had restrained her and wrapped her in a red blanket so she wouldn't freeze to death.

A quick analysis of the cum oozing out of the girl at the lab quickly helped them identify what they were dealing with. And knowing what they were dealing with, they could stop it.

"I thought these things were native to Japan? Sometimes you hear about them turning up in California, but never up this way."

"Yeah, I didn't think these guys could get this far north, but here it is. Maybe it came in with a shipment of parts from China? These things can be hard to spot when they're young. We'll have to look into that later, but for now we need to deal with this one, Santa"

"Indeed. What do you have for me, Matt?"

"Well," the Head Elf of the North Pole's medical department held up a small, colorfully decorated box. "This is a bomb. Not very powerful, certainly not enough to injure anybody, but powerful enough to send the powder we've packed into it spreading everywhere around it. If they get a few good lungs full of this stuff, it'll start neutralizing the effect the monster's cum has over them. The monster isn't gonna like it much himself, and it might get him out into the open. We're gonna need you to drop these from your sleigh, while we go into the sewers and access tunnels under the North Pole to use more of this stuff to flush him out. Try not to breath it, it'll burn like the dickens."

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