tagInterracial LoveSanta's Helper Ch. 07

Santa's Helper Ch. 07


I went to the bathroom and started to shut the door. "Leave dat open, whitebread." I did. It didn't take long to strip off what little I had on.

Stepping in I was surprised at how little of his sperm had leaked out of me. It had matted and tangled my light brown pussy hair, but none had run down far enough to ruin my stockings this time. The bathroom was as trashy as the rest of the thug's apartment, and turning to the shattered mirror I was horrified by the deep purple hickeys on my breast and neck, those love bites that marked me as his.

I stepped into the shower and turned the grimy handle. I stood under the hot spray for a few minutes and started to soak my hair for a good shampooing. Not seeing any shampoo I had to wash my hair with his bath soap.

My thug, noticing my sexy pose with my back arched and chest thrown out as the water massaged my head and rinsed my hair, sat in his ruined living room chair and stroked his growing erection, devouring my lily white body with his dark eyes. I couldn't help but feel sexy, washing for this hardly-familiar black man. So when I was done rinsing my hair, I gradually rotated to face the shower head, cupping under my neck to make the hot water cascade down my chest and run over my sensitive nipples again and again. I glanced at him and witnessed his black shaft slickening with a sheen of pre-cum as he rubbed his black snake to life.

I felt a twinge below my belly button, deep inside. Looking down for the soap I noticed my diaphragm box, empty and discarded, and the twinge turned into an ache. Soaping up my body, my hands worked down from my collar bone and over my full breasts, the ache spread and grew. Washing lower, my fingers scrubbed across my soon-to-be swelling belly. I shuddered with that thought. Slowly I washed the thug's thick semen out of my trimmed pubic hair. It clung to my pale fingers, desperate to stay on my white skin. The ache turned to a want. My fingers touched my nether lips and found them absolutely drenched, and not by the shower. No matter how much I washed, my juices would not stop flowing. My want swelled into need. My empty lily love box needed to be filled with an ebony lance.

I finished my shower and quickly drying off I double-stepped out to the living room, dropping the frayed towel as I went. He was sitting in his chair, stroking his massive black bone, "Sexiest shower I's ever seen," he growled, crooking his finger toward me. Obediently I sashayed over to his tattered throne and impaled my pink pussy on his long African spear. I started to ride him, scratching the itch that had only grown stronger inside me over the past few days, but he held my hips down instead. He held up my cell phone, keeping my ass planted on his powerful thighs with just a single powerful arm.

"Yo' got two voice mails, whitebread. Check 'em."

He pushed the button and held the phone to my ear. Two messages, both from my husband. The second one my husband sounded desperate, wanting to know if I was all right and where I was. A part of my heart ached listening to my loving husband.

Rocking my hips, "I'll call him when I am done being used," I said, taking the phone and tossing it on the end table. He let my hips go so I could perform my breeding duty.

"Yo' should call yo' hubby back. Sounds like he worried fo' dis married white ass," He grabbed it and I yowled like a cat, "Tell 'em what yo' up to, ho."

I was starting to feel real good and couldn't control my moaning and wailing any longer, "Oooooh! When you're done breeding me. Mmmm!"

"Might be yo' last chance, whitebread. To let yo' ball an' chain know ya doin' jus' fine," he said, thrusting his dark meat deep into my white hole with an evil grin.

My orgasm came on quicker than I thought and I posted wildly, "Oh fuck! I'm going to cum! Cum with me -- CUM WITH ME BABY!!" I threw my head back and screamed. My voice echoed in the little apartment and maybe through the whole building as I came hard on his black cock.

Just as I was coming down from my high, clinging to his shoulders and shuddering, a hard rapping boomed at the door. Worse, a stern male voice called from outside.

"This is the police - Open up!" My thug got pissed.

"Motha fuckers!" He spat, "Always comin' round an' interupptin' shit," he grabbed my ass, not even getting off the chair as he yelled at the door, "What da fuck yo' want? Door's open." The broken door swung open, and three officers stood in the doorway, two men and one woman. His cock exploded sending another copious load of semen into me, I buried my face in his neck while the police peered in at the torrid scene.

"Ah... excuse me sir, do you live here?" The male officer in front asked.

"No shit, dis my place. What yo' popo want today?" he sneered. As he spoke he rocked my hips up and down on his ebony staff. I bit his shoulder to keep from moaning as his shaft started to harden inside me again. All three officers stared at the scene.

The lead officer had to take a minute before continuing, "Ah, there was a complaint of a scream. A woman that sounded like she may have been getting raped in here," I could feel them all looking at my naked back. I curled up more.

The thug worked me faster on his erection, "Naw officer, lil breedin' mama here jus' gots over-excited on my black dick. Sorry 'bout dat," he added, obviously insincere.

The lone female officer stepped forward from behind the leader, right as another orgasm began tightening in my belly, "Miss?" she asked, "Are you okay? Did you consent to this?"

"Course she did," the thug said, "She be cummin' on dis nigga dick righ' now too," He made sure of it too, forcing himself deep and grinding his belly and pelvis against my clit.

I shook my head yes, tearing up from the effort to hold back. The woman officer persisted, stepping forward, "Miss, I need you to look at me and answer me verbally. Did you consent?" The officers tensed, hands inching towards their belts. The thug stared them down, making me fuck my white pussy on him.

It was then that his black arms hugged tight around my hips as he filled my wanton pussy with the African essence it craved. My orgasm hit me like a train, and without any more will I arched back and screamed.


The last I heard was the woman officer saying quietly, "Sorry to disturb you. Please keep it down in the future though..." The three officers stepped into the hallway and closed the door, her eyes on me as I wailed and came hard on the thug's dark cock.

I had forgotten all about my husband now. I was this black thug's property now.

With my legs gripping either side of him, I started posting again, slowly coaxing his softening rod back to life. Soon enough it began filling the void, and standing up he carried me into the bedroom, rocking me on his cock the whole way. We fell onto the mattress, I never let go and immediately spurred his solid ass with my now naked heels. Our lips met, our tongues lashed. As he started to beat up my tight white pussy I orgasmed, "Yesss!" I hissed as my pussy constricted around his thick cock, "Give me your African seed!"

No sooner had my orgasm ended than another one was on the rise. I squeezed his lips to mine for another kiss - although a short-lived fantastic kiss, my sperm-coated vaginal walls started milking his shaft with an eagerness to be filled once more. I exploded in climax when he bit my neck, marking me.

"CUUUUUMING," I screamed, "GIVE ME YOUR BLACK BABY!" I wailed towards the stained and crumbling ceiling.

His sperm laden balls slapped and ground into my ass as his climax struck. With a burly grunt his weapon of impregnation fired rope after rope of potent African baby batter straight into my needy Caucasian womb. My orgasmic spasming never ended, and my vaginal walls continually stroked and pulled the seed into my fertile depths greedily.

My constant orgasms had me on such a lofty high that when he rolled over and fell on his back, I quickly rolled with him and smashed my lips to his. I ran my hand down his stomach and over his massive penis to cradle his plum-sized testicles. I was amazed at how swollen and full of spunk they still felt, even with my pussy sloshing with it.

I broke the kiss and looked him in the eyes, "I hate you for this," moving my hand up to fondle his flaccid manhood.

He looked back into my lust-laden blue eyes with an evil sneer, "I don't think ya be hatin' me fo' nothin', white bread," he kissed me hard and pinched my firm apple bottom, "Why ya keep sayin' dat?" He raised his thick brows just so.

"Because..." I leaned and slid down his sweaty body, inhaling the musky odor of pure sexual adrenalin. My lips only brushed his ebony cockhead before his hand grabbed my hair.

"Cause why, ho?" Pulling my head up to look into his deep dark eyes.

Staring into his eyes I replied, "Not only did you steal my panties that first time, but you stole my mind and body as well," kissing him again.

He stopped kissing and pulled me back again. "Yo' best 'splain yo'self," groping and petting my ass.

"Ooooh," I moaned, "Before that first day, I was a loving faithful wife. Now I've spent the last month obsessing over what this..." squeezing his long, cum-slick cock, "Did to me..."

With his weapon fully erect again he grabbed my hips without a word and effortlessly slid me atop of himself, "What did dat do to ya, whitebread?" He jutted his hips to saw between my nether lips with his African lance.

"It made me feel explosive, the need to be used, ravished, the way you took me - like you owned my body," I slide his sperm cannon into my wanton Caucasian love box, "I need that feeling now. All the time."

With that said he rolled me over and mounted me, "I does own ya body, whitebread," was all he said before his teeth and lips began marking my neck again.

His hips drove his engorged phallus into me unstoppably, my legs wrapped around his waist to encourage him, and with his giant paws mauling my heaving breasts he sent me to my dark heaven. My body drank in his ravishment, and not long after another series of mind shattering orgasms lanced through my body. My back arched and literally threw my creamy, already starving sperm receptacle up to meet his thrusts, "Ooooh! So good!" I was out of my mind with lust, "I'm CUUUUMING! Own that white pussy. Take it!"

Ravishing my petite body soon made him fulfill my lusty needs. His balls slapped my pale ass cheeks and jerked, my cervix opening like a bright lily to accept his flood of African spunk as he roared. The warming feeling in my lower belly turned to a wildfire that his spurting seed had set ablaze.

"Oh my GOD, YESSSS!" I offered my whole body to him and came right there, "So HOT! TAKE MY PUSSY LIKE YOU OWN IT!" And through my orgasm, he did.

We separated long after our torrid mating ended. I lay with a dainty arm across his hard chest and my leg draped over his sweat-slick thigh, "I love the feeling of what you do to me. But I have to know: why can't I use birth control?"

"Why ya need to know dat?" he asked, glaring down at me.

"I...I might feel better knowing why?" I asked reluctantly. He breathed in deep and frowned, but answered.

"It be White Corporate America dat don't want the superior race to take over.

"Wha..Why? White Corporate America? Superior race?" I didn't understand, then.

"Whites stole dis land from the Indians first all," He reached over and grabbed a half-empty bottle of beer and took a swing, "When dey couldn't conquer fas' enough, the Whites kidnapped my African ancestors to build dem houses, plows dem fields, minds dem white brats causing dey Whites jus' weak," He paused to finished off the bottle and threw it aside, letting his heavy arm fall over the length of my back, "Dey been keepin' us blacks down eva' since. Won't give us no jobs, keepin' us livin' in shit, tryin' to make us weak. But we survive and be growin' stronger, any way necessary..."

"Wha....." he cut me off.

"Nuff' said, ho. Jus' be happy yo' white belly been chosen to carry a baby of the superior race," kissing my forehead and rubbing his snaking cock along the line of my belly.

Not wanting to start an all out rant at this moment, I quietly nodded. I pondered his answer as my burning desire continued to grow in my lower belly. Was he right? I drifted to sleep, thinking about the idea of this thug being part of a superior race, and I being his.

I had not seen the officer's faces earlier in my state of panic and ecstasy, but one of them recognized me. My thug and I were still laying in bed a couple of hours after their visit, basking in the afterglow of our two last glorious bouts of our interracial affair. A loud rap at the door snapped us out of it.

"Fuckin' hell! Who dat be?" He threw down the sheet and strode out of sight into the living room, naked from head to toe. Moments later he came back to the bedroom and hitched this thumb over his shoulder, "Biatch cop wants to speak at ya."

I got up and grabbed a crumpled towel from the floor and wrapped it around myself to go speak to the police officer. When I walked out to the living room to answer the door, a good-looking woman was standing there in jeans and a blue sweater.

"Do you remember me?" she asked. It was the woman cop from the door earlier that day. She was alluring in her own right, about 2 inches taller than I, a strawberry blond with ample breasts and a womanly hourglass build with wider hips than mine. She was pretty -- I would even say she was gorgeous.

I looked her up and down once, "Can't say as I do," I answered. I played it safe.

"I was the one in the ambulance with you a month ago when you were raped, and I responded this morning to the noise disturbance. I'm Officer Cat-"

I cut her off, "No names in here," I stated with my newfound conviction, "You caught the three men that raped me."

"Yes we caught three, but there were four contributors that day according to the hospital reports..." She glanced around the apartment, hinting at who the suspect was.

"And you want to know if he was one of the contributors also?"

"Yes, Miss, I do," He walked out to listen, standing behind the young woman between her and the door.

I smiled over her shoulder at him, "Yes Officer, he was," taking an innocent stance, shoulders swaying back and forth with a cheesy grin on my face.

"Did he... also rape you?" I noticed his long flaccid cock begin to stir.

Smiling I answered sweetly, "Oh no officer. I was a willing participant receiving his sperm contribution so deep in my baby factory," I rubbed my lower belly as a slow burn lit inside me.

The officer never looked behind her to see his hard on, and my answer seemed to throw her off some, "I... I see. I just had to be sure, Miss," she turned to step out when she spotted the thug, "I'm sorry for-" and gasped.

"Best feeling you'll ever have officer. You should try it," I mentioned, noticing her eyes had fallen onto his growing member hanging like a coal-colored rope between his legs.

He spoke, "Hey, no need tryin' ta get me a cop biatch fo' a ho." He moved behind me, placing his hand over mine as I rubbed my flat abdomen through the towel. The woman stood on the spot.

"You have too many rules, but I like rules," I smirked back up at him over my shoulder.

She finally found her voice again, and what came out surprised us both. "What... What kind of rules?"

"Ho rules," He told her flat-out.

"Well, what are they?" she asked.

"Yo' ain't my ho, so yo' need not know," Her eyes hadn't even looked up from his fully erect loaded weapon since she spied it. And still looking at it a smile had come to her face.

"With the size of that, I might want to be..."

I flashed a four at her, and she caught the message, "Rule Four?" She asked confused.

"Ho Rule Four," he growled.

"No white cock enters me while I'm his ho." I blurted, unable to contain myself.

"Um, Ho Rule One?"

"Ho's are not allowed to wear underwear in here" I dropped my towel without shame.

"Ho Rule Two?" The officer was breathing a little heavier now. I must have been shocking her. It was delicious.

"When he's done with me and says 'get gone', I get gone," a devious grin spread over my face, thinking of the last rule.

"Ho Rule Three?"

"White ho's are not allowed to use birth control."

Her eyes widened, and my pussy quivered when she looked down at it, and my flat belly. When she replied she sounded confused, "Why is it only the white women can't use birth control?"

"Ho, answer her." The thug commanded.

"Need to do my part to repopulate the superior race," I said, my belly feeling a hot flare of desire burst within it self.

She looked him in the eyes, "Why is the black race superior? All I ever see is crime."

He looked to me before answering, "Corporate America keeps the black folk down, not givin' jobs to niggas cause dey want us weak. We work harder, run faster, last longer, an' fuck betta. The white man knows dis, so we needs to survive an' grow stronger, and do it by any way..." He stroked his palm over my bare belly and down to my pussy, and felt it dripping for him.

I was eagerly shaking my head, "Ooooh, and I can vouch for the fucking better part."

She asked me, "Is that one really true? I've heard it before, but I never believed it..."

"You saw it earlier, officer," I smiled, "And that was just after my shower. The stamina of this man, Oh my god!" The thug was grinning as I praised him, and the look on the cop's face made us both smile even more.

"How...how many more times did you two...?"

I got giddy, "Eleven times since yesterday."

"Oh my god! That many? How is that possible..."

"Cause he's black," He caught me in his arms as I grabbed his penis and impaled myself, "OOOOH! Make that twelve times now!" He rocked me on his spear of dark love as the cop got even more inquisitive.

"But I don't want children yet. And my boyfriend..."

Quickening his rocking motion, "Yo' can stay on yo' birth control till yo' decide, ho."

"How will I be able to decide without at least trying it?" she asked. I saw her rubbing her thighs ever so slightly together, staring up at my black thug as I rubbed my back up and down his chest. I tried to control my moaning so he could explain.

"After yo' try dis black dick, yo' get the next mornin'. Iff'n yo' come back, yo' follow dem rules my whitebread ho told ya, cop biatch."

I flung my head back in ecstasy, "Yesss! Be his bitch. I'm cuuuuuuming!!" I slouched back onto his chest, my hips twitching and quivering on their own.

He rocked me faster on his staff and started towards the bedroom, "Think 'bout it, cop biatch. Friday be free." She nodded, and I heard the door shut in the front room a minute after he'd flung me back onto the grimy bed and mounted me again.

I couldn't believe I helped seduce a police officer for my thug. He must have been excited to breed a cop. Even though he fucked me only through one orgasm, it wasn't long before I felt him pumping my pale womb full again. I actually counted the fifteen heavy spurts blasting into me, and my pussy eagerly milked him for more.

He rolled over and pulled out of me with a wet slopping sound, "Gotta get me some eats." He got dressed and left, never asking if I wanted anything."

I lay there, contemplating what I just felt. I realized that if he did that every time my chances of not being impregnated by Friday would vanish. If they hadn't already. He was right about how much pleasure breeding sex brought. But then our discussion last night suddenly returned to my thoughts. I couldn't afford to actually have his black bastard growing inside me. I jumped out of bed, remembering my stop at the pharmacy. But taking just three steps out I remembered my husband calling and not going in to get them. The normal jet of panic didn't come though -- I felt warm, especially deep in my belly. There wasn't anything I could do about it now thanks to my husband, I thought.

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