tagGroup SexSanta's Interlude

Santa's Interlude


This is an entry in the Literotica Winter Holiday Contest. It is strictly a stroke story about Santa Claus being entertained during his world-wide journey one Christmas Eve. I hope you enjoy it and vote accordingly because it was fun writing it.


Santa Claus drew to a stop on the roof of the house and smiled in anticipation of whom he would be visiting there. As is common knowledge, he knows where all the naughty girls live and the two who lived in that particular home were a pair of the very naughtiest. With a fresh spring in his step, he vaulted from the sleigh and turned to advise the reindeer what to expect.

"This is a special delivery, Boys, and I expect to be a bit longer than usual."

They pranced and pawed with their little hooves but the reindeer knew better than to question their master. They watched him climb onto the chimney and vanish before sitting and relaxing. They are aware Santa Claus makes a few of these "special deliveries" every year and they just have to accept it. All the snacks he eats on his annual flight gives him a surplus of energy and he has to burn it up somehow. What better place could there be than in the loving arms of some of the naughty girls he knew everything about?

Cindy and Jackie have become accustomed to Santa's annual visits, and they know his route well enough to know about when to expect him. They enjoy those visits as much as he does and benefit from them with the extravagant gifts of jewelry and designer shoes and clothing he presents to them because he has an unlimited expense account for gifts. When he landed at the bottom of their chimney, they happily advanced to embrace and greet him as the long-awaited lover he was.

Cindy is a tall blonde with blue eyes, a peaches-and-cream complexion, and a voluptuous, completely natural figure with flawless skin. That last was clearly visible to Santa because all she was wearing was a transparent negligee. She would have been naked, but she knows that, like most people, the visitor in their home that night takes additional pleasure from a gift, Christmas or other, when he gets to unwrap it.

Jackie is a gorgeous brunette, considerably shorter and more zaftig than her housemate and with equally flawless skin of a slightly duskier hue. She was wearing nothing but strawberry flavored edible thong panties which she had bought from Literotica because she is aware Santa likes to eat something besides milk and cookies during his annual odyssey. Jackie had been wearing them for several hours, and the considerable heat of her body had turned them so soft the pieces would practically melt in Santa's mouth.

"Hello Santa," the blonde greeted him. "I hope you brought us something nice, because we have been awfully good all year." He didn't believe her, and she knew he didn't because her sexual escapades filled three pages of her folder in the Naughty and Nice file on his computer.

"Yes we have, Santa," Jackie agreed. "And it's so hard to be good, because all the boys we know are always after us to be naughty." He smiled at that erotic thought, because he had read through her folder and it included even more and better indiscretions than that of her friend and house mate.

"Well, girls, if you have been so good, I will have to do something nice for you."

Santa embraced Jackie first, and she cupped her hands under her big breasts so he could start licking them. She murmured happily as his tongue caressed first one of her nipples, then the other. They quickly became fully erect and she let their visitor know how much she liked what he was doing.

"Mmmmmm. That feels really nice, Santa. But let's lie down on this mattress and it'll feel even better." She pointed to a mattress and some pillows on the floor, which she and her roommate had brought into their living room to use during that year's visit from good Saint Nick.

He raised his head and backed away -- right into the waiting arms of Cindy. "How about unwrapping your gift first?" she suggested, spreading her arms wide and waiting to be denuded.

Santa eagerly unbuttoned the flimsy negligee from her sexy body and pulled it off, leaving Cindy naked and smiling. He placed his hands under her luscious breasts and started to lick her nipples as he had done for Jackie's but the brunette held him back.

"My turn first," she told him.

The women had decided in advance who would do what and to whom when the jolly old elf and bearer of expensive gifts arrived and Santa had no objections to their plans. They were both extremely hot women, well skilled in the carnal arts, and he knew everybody would have a great time whatever they did.

"Just lie down over here, but take off your coat first," she instructed. "It's all tarnished with ashes and soot, and you don't need it here anyhow."

He gladly did what she wanted, because Santa Claus knew what would happen next, and it was something he loved doing. After removing his mittens and his red coat with the white fur trimming and slipping the braces off his shoulders, he lay down on the mattress with his head elevated by a pillow. Jackie smiled lasciviously at him, because she was really looking forward to having his full white beard rubbing against her bare pussy while he was devouring her thong and, especially, after he finished with that. She had shaved herself a few hours earlier in anticipation of having Santa's mouth and entire hairy face pressing against her skin, which would be at its most sensitive.

The hot brunette quickly knelt beside him and swung her leg over his face. She loves sex, especially having her pussy eaten, and had been lubricating since before the arrival of Santa Claus. Eagerly, she moved closer until her primary source of fun was directly over his face. The delectable aroma of her fresh juices, enhanced by the scent of the strawberry thong, was so enticing he reached up to pull her pussy against his face and start licking off the delicious treat, which he really does much prefer to milk and cookies, even the chocolate chip ones. Jackie sprawled atop him and her lovely body started squirming in bliss.

Cindy smiled at the erotic sight and wanted some action of her own. She pulled the black boots and wool socks from their visitor's feet and started tugging down on the legs of his red pants. Santa felt what was happening and raised his ass to let her finish stripping him and the sexy blonde pulled them and his long flannel underwear pants all the way off. That left him naked below his waist, with his cock stiff and pointing straight up.

She also knelt, but straddling his legs, and leaned over to take his rigid shaft into her mouth to stroke him between her lips. She enjoys giving head but that night her actions were to make his cock wet so it would slide more easily into the place where she really wanted it. When she thought he was ready, Cindy straightened up and moved forward until her pussy was over the hard wet cock. Ever since Santa Claus had come sliding down the chimney, she had been producing a plethora of juices and her pussy was so wet by that time they were dripping down to cover the head. Elves and humans are genetically close, but not near enough for her to become pregnant or to catch any elven diseases or transmit any human ones, so there was no need to worry about safe sex.

Even if there had been, Cindy was so eager to get Santa's big cock inside her pussy she would have taken her chances. When she was in the proper position, she held his shaft upright with one hand and spread her pussy lips with the fingers of the other. Slowly, she lowered her body until contact was made between her dripping hole and the end of the hard cock she was holding upright. Cindy moved the head around in her wetness to spread her juices and, when all was ready, she lowered her body farther until she felt the object of her lust wedge into her eager pink hole.

Santa Claus was having a great time, as he knew he would even before he slid down the chimney of the home of the two naughty girls. Jackie's juices were delicious, as he anticipated they would be and Cindy's pussy was even tighter and wetter than might have been expected, considering how sexually actively she is. With the first two inches of his stiff shaft imbedded in her, she paused and he could feel intense carnal pleasure already starting to spread throughout his body.

His tongue was having just as much fun as his cock. The delicious crotch and front of Jackie's panties were completely soaked with her even more delicious juices and, once the strawberry confection had dissolved and pleased his taste buds, he got the full benefit of the combination of flavors. Avidly, his tongue sluiced all the fresh nectar into his mouth.

That was when things got even better for both him and Jackie. The warm, soft and extremely smooth skin of her pussy may have been the most wonderful place his tongue had ever been and he licked slowly up one swollen lip until he reached her clit, which was engorged with her lust. With the tip of his tongue, he caressed the delicate little morsel and relished the sounds of the beautiful brunette as she moaned in bliss.

To Jackie, the feel of Santa's probing tongue was one of the most delightful sensations in a life that had been filled with sensual pleasures. Besides her sounds of bliss, her body was writhing in lustful joy and Santa Claus reached up with his hands and clung to her succulent ass cheeks so her body would stay in place while he did what she and he both desired.

"Oh, I love that! I love that!" she exclaimed as Santa's beard started tickling her soft and sensitive skin.

He loved it too, everything about it, from Jackie's cries of joy to the writhing of her body on top of him to the incredibly texture of the place he was licking. Equally fabulous was the way Cindy's tight, dripping pussy was enveloping his cock.

After the initial penetration, she had paused for almost a minute and let the waves of pleasure reverberate through her body. The beautiful form of her housemate was already active in front of her, so Cindy placed her hands above Santa Claus's on the brunette's succulent hips. This was for leverage but she also relished the soft smooth texture of Jackie's ass. Both women are beautiful and know it and both are strictly heterosexual. They have so many men with the hots for them they have never even felt the need to do any experimentation with lesbian sex, although they have often been in bed together indulging in the swinging parties they enjoy so much.

Leaning against Jackie's ass, Cindy raised her body slightly, until the head of the cock that felt so good was once again at the entrance to her pussy. For a few seconds of anticipation, she stayed there, before moving her body again and enveloping a few more inches of the hard cylinder. Moaning from the intense pleasure, Cindy stayed in that position until she was ready for more and raised herself again before engulfing more of what felt so good.

She continued like that, taking Santa Claus's cock into her pussy in small increments until his pubic hair was tickling her delicate skin, which she had shaved in anticipation of the visit from Saint Nick. Still resting her hands on her sexy housemate's hips, she slowly withdrew her pussy until just the head was still inside, paused for a few seconds, and lowered her body slowly. When Santa Claus felt his cock being engulfed again, he thrust upward, ramming it into its delightful haven. The woman and the elf both sighed happily, although his was silent because Santa's face was happily buried in Jackie's crotch.

The sexy blonde continued fucking herself on the cock in her pussy, slowly raising her body, pausing and lowering herself all the way again. Every move downward was met by Santa Claus thrusting up and imbedding the entire length of his shaft into the warm, wet place that felt so good. Cindy was moaning blissfully and encouraging him to continue with what he was doing.

"That feels wonderful, Santa Baby! Keep doing that."

The urging was unnecessary, because he had no wish to stop any of the wonderful things that were happening on the mattress. Jackie's shaven pussy over his tongue was soft and smooth, especially after he had swallowed all the melted panties. He could taste her own juices and smell the heavenly aroma of her personal scent. She was grinding her pussy against his face but his hands in her ass cleft and Cindy pressing against Jackie's hips kept that part of her body from thrashing about as much as her upper body was doing.

Jackie could feel her orgasm approaching. "My clit!" she begged. "Suck my clit! Yeah! Right there!"

Santa Claus had no trouble finding the swollen organ that needed his lingual attentions and he ran his tongue around it to be sure her clit was clear of any folds of her inner lips. He drew the soft morsel into his mouth and started to suck while his tongue caressed the sides and top. After a few seconds of this increased erotic stimulation, Jackie's reactions, both verbal and physical, were both louder and wilder.

"Yes! Yes! Suck my clit," she cried joyfully. Her upper body rose and fell and her legs started thrusting back and forth as her orgasm drew nearer.

Cindy knew her orgasm was close too and she leaned forward so she could place her hands on either side of Jackie. She started moving her hips up and down faster, engulfing the elf's stiff cock with every stroke while he matched her pace. Another small adjustment of her body position meant more contact between the base of her clit and the hard, thick cylinder that was ramming in and out of her. Cindy began moaning and whimpering in bliss as her orgasm grew more imminent.

"Oh, god!" Jackie sang out joyously as her climax started to overwhelm her. Her movements became even wilder as she begged Santa to keep sucking her clit because she was starting to come.

Just then, there was nothing he wanted to do more than that. Santa tightened his grip on Jackie's ass cheeks and pressed his face even more snugly against the object of his lust. He could feel her delectable juices trickling down to soak into his beard and he could feel her clit, which seemed to have become even more engorged, under the caresses of his tongue.

"Oh! Oh!" Jackie howled in rhythm with the thrusts of her pussy against the pleasuring mouth beneath her. "AHHH!" she exclaimed joyously, as her back arched, her muscles clenched and she rammed against Santa's face for an ultimate time.

After her tremendous orgasm, she lay quietly while Santa's tongue, which had given her so much pleasure, did the same for him as he sluiced as much of her nectar as he could into his mouth. It didn't bother him that a wealth of that delicious treat remained on his beard because it meant that for the rest of his travels that night, he would be breathing deeply of the heavenly aroma of Jackie's gorgeous pussy.

After cleaning off all his reward, Santa lightly pushed on her hip and she rolled off him to lie on her side next to the fucking couple. Cindy took advantage of the opening to lie full length on top of Santa Claus with his hands gripping his shoulders. As her body thrashed all over him, she started sliding back and forth, taking his shaft deeply into her pussy with every stroke. Wanting to keep her in place on top of him and to pound his cock into her as hard and fast as he could, Santa's hands clung to her ass cheeks. With every thrust, he drove his cock into her until his curly pubic hair was brushing against her delicate shaven skin.

"Uh! Uh!" she whimpered every time his cock raked across her clit. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" she demanded, just seconds before her tremendous climax began to sweep over her body, saturating her in unbridled delight.

Santa knew he would be coming in a few more strokes and he made the most of them, pounding his cock into Cindy's pussy as hard and fast as he could while keeping her atop him. From all his extremities, a fountain of pleasure welled up, exploding through his cock just as she cried out in ecstasy, while her muscles clenched and immediately relaxed and her movements ceased.

After their mutual climaxes, Cindy and Santa lay in a happy pile, catching their breaths until his cock slipped out of her dripping pussy. She dismounted and wiped herself off with the towel that had been placed there for that purpose, but did nothing about his messy pubic area. He didn't want her to. His next "special delivery" was scheduled to be in the home of a young French woman who would suck him off and she had often expressed her appreciation of the combination of his cum and the juices of the woman from his previous sex break.

Once all three people had enjoyed their revelry, Santa Claus, still wearing just his undershirt, got up from the mattress and went to his bag of special gifts. He took out a diamond and sapphire necklace and matching earrings for Cindy and a ruby bracelet and cocktail ring for Jackie. These were followed by Jimmy Choo pumps for both women. There was no possibility he would have brought the wrong size of the latter and he knows what kind of jewelry both women favor. Santa Claus has the most complete and detailed information on all the people in the world and that included intimate facts about the women who were the subject of his Christmas Eve "special visits."

After the fantastic sex and the giving of presents, it was time for the even jollier old elf to resume his trip. He put his clothing back on, including his trademark stocking cap, and stepped over to the fireplace, where he laid his finger beside his nose and gave a nod. Up the chimney he rose, to where his reindeer were still waiting for him and he climbed back onto the sleigh. He may or may not have exclaimed "Happy Christmas to all" or "Merry Christmas to all" as he drove out of sight. Cindy and Jackie were too busy trying on their new shoes and admiring their new jewelry to hear him.

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