tagFirst TimeSanta's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper


“Merrily Christmas!”

Jack hunkered down into his coat, he was cold and miserable. Christmas sucks, he thought.

“Hey man, Merry fuckin’ Chrismush.”

Jack paused and turned toward the slurred voice. About 30 feet away a girl was leaning out of a 2nd floor dorm window. She was looking directly at him. Jack replied unenthusiastically, “Merry Christmas.”


“Have a Merry Christmas.” Jack call out.

She leaned further out the window “Are you talking to me?” and began to laugh drunkenly.


The girl looked at Jack pulled up her sweater and shook her substantial breasts. Dropping her sweater she yelled, “Well if you want to get a merry fucking this fucking Christmas. It’s 211 and we’re real horny.” She pulled back from the window and closed it.

Jack was stunned. He was still stunned as he stood in front of room 211. He knocked once and the door opened immediately. A hand reached out and he was pulled into the room. There were two girls, one standing the other sitting in a chair. The girl standing had been the one leaning out the window, Jack noticed that she was short, slightly overweight, and had long kinky brown hair. The other girl seemed rather tall and on the thin side, a mass of black hair framed her face. Two clear brown eyes looked curiously at him.

Window girl spoke first. “Works every time. Show ‘em some skin. Let ‘em know you wanna fuck. They come a-running.” The girl in the chair just smiled. Window girl turned back to Jack and asked, “So who are you fucking merry fucking Christmas boy?”

Jack's mind was churning in confusion. Did these girls really want to have sex with him? That thought alone was enough to cause his cock to twitch and start to grow. SHIT. Within a few brief seconds Jack’s years of sexual frustration and teenaged fantasies played across his mind. SHIT. I’m a virgin and two girls want to fuck me. SHIT. Jack looked from Window girl to the girl in the chair and back to Window girl. “Ja – Jack.”

Window girl cackled hysterically, “Well, Ja – Jack. You got what it ta-takes to satisfy ta -two horny women. Th-think you can handle that Ja – Jack!” She pulled her sweater up over her head and stood unsteadily in her jeans. Her large breasts bounced and jiggled with the slightest motion. She bent over to untie her shoes and stumbled. She stood exhaling heavily, her eyes unfocused. She smiled weakly and bent forward again. Window girl staggered side to side, rose up and fell backward onto a bed – passed out drunk.

Jack looked at the passed out Window girl. SHIT. Jack reached out and gently shook Window girl’s knee – no response. SHIT. His cock had reached full erection and pushed painfully against his trousers. The deep breathing, hell she was already snoring, coming from the bed was unlikely to change anytime soon. Man, I was so close! SHIT. Jack stepped back and turned toward the girl in the chair

She smiled at Jack and slowly shook her head side-to-side. “Sorry. Looks like she drank a bit too much. She'll be out for a while. Certainly isn't the first time." Her eyes swept up and down Jack’s body, pausing at his groin.

Normally, Jack would have been deeply embarrassed and looking for a quick exit, but a flood of desire caused him to stand his ground. He looked intensely at the girl. As a smile spread slowly across his face he took a step toward her.

The girl shook her head, “Sorry Ja-Jack, fucking you was her idea, not mine.” Her eyes met his.

Jack sighed. He picked up his jacket and started for the door.

“Settle for a blowjob?”

Jack spun around. “A what?”

The girl was grinning at him. “Do - you - want - a - blow - job? I mean – it certainly looks crowded in your pants.” She lifted her hand and beckoned him closer. “I'll get you off - but I’m not going to fuck you, understand?”

The jacket fell back to the floor and Jack was soon standing at the girl’s knees.

“Drop your pants but don’t take them off, leave them around your ankles. Keep your hands to yourself, if you try to face fuck me I might choke and accidentally bite down – hard.” Jack complied quickly. She giggled at the sight of his bulging briefs. “Ah, I think these need to go too.” Jack didn’t hesitate as his briefs were pushed down freeing his blood-engorged cock. Jack was visibly shaking, his breath coming in short gasps.

The girl laughed softly as she stroked her fingertips along the outside of his thighs. Her touch flowed smoothly across his hips and over his stomach. Her fingers touched together briefly above his navel then separated and circled back toward his cock. Jack began to hyperventilate as she neared his twitching cock. Pre-cum oozed steadily, dripping slowly down his shaft.

The girl looked up from his cock and caught his gaze. “Steady there big boy don’t pop too soon. I want to enjoy this too. You're acting like this is your first blowjob.” The expression on Jack’s face was easy to read. “You’ve got to be kidding. You’ve never had a blowjob?" Jack shook his head. "C'mon. You’ve got a tool like this and you’ve never had a blowjob?”

Jack shook his head negatively. “Ah, I’ve never – er…No, I haven’t had a blowjob. I've never really been with any girls. I was home schooled. I’ve never done much of anything. Sorry.”

The girl smiled broadly. “Don’t be sorry. But be ready. I’m gonna blow your little 'home schooled' world away Ja-Jack.”

Her hands spread flat around his cock but didn’t touch it. She leaned her head closer to his cock, pursed her lips and blew softly on the purplish plum sized head. Jack shivered at the increased stimulation. She moved her head round and round blowing steadily, yet softly. She pulled back and looked up at Jack again. He smiled at her.

“Well, did you like that? You won't get a better blowjob than that.” A cavalcade of confused and frustrated expressions played across Jacks face. They drew a hearty laugh from the girl. As Jack opened his mouth to speak, she opened hers wide and pushed forward until the head of his cock hit the back of her mouth. Her two hands grip the shaft. Jack cried out loudly and his body spasmed. She clamped her mouth tightly on his cock and slowly drew her head back. As her lips slid over the ridge of his cock-head she twisted her hands in opposite directions. Her lips slipped easily over his hot skin to meet at his pee-hole. Her tongue poked out and swirled round the tip. The girl alternated licking and kissing the entire head of Jack’s cock. She fought the impulse to laugh as Jack moaned continually.

“Oh God…Ohhh…Ahhh…Ohh…God…Ohh.” And on and on and on.

The girl pushed his cock up and concentrated her divine ministrations on the soft underside where the shaft and head met. She flicked her tongue mercilessly across that tender strip of skin. Pre-cum flowed copiously across her lips and hands. She moved her hands higher, separating them, her left stroking his shaft and her right roughly sweeping around the head. The change in stimulation brought forth louder cries from Jack.

“Steady there Jack, don’t lose it yet.” The girl continued to manipulate Jack’s cock with her hands as her mouth moved nearer to his tender, sensitive yet to be touched balls. With her mouth partly closed she sucked forcefully and drew Jack’s left testicle into her mouth. As Jack twitched and shook she quickly sucked in the right one. And then she started to hum. Jack screamed loudly as the nerve stimulation in his groin went from pleasantly ecstatic to excruciatingly intense. It was too much, too intense, but he couldn't move he was caught, her grip too tight. And then he felt it. Deep within his groin a pinpoint of pressure began to grow. The pressure spread to his balls causing them to tighten.

The girl sensed the change and released them from her mouth. She continued to manually stimulate Jack. She felt his shaft swell even larger. Her hands moved faster and faster. She shifted her right hand under the head and rubbed her thumb along the tender underside. Jacks whole body was twitching and shaking.

Jack felt the inevitability of his orgasm sweep through him. He looked down at the girl. Her face was red with effort. Their eyes met. He came.

A tremendous spasm ripped through his entire body snapping him like a whip. His cock swelled to its maximum as a heavy load of cum hurtled up his shaft. A thick white rope shot out, followed by a second, then a third. Smaller pulses continued as Jacks orgasm subsided.

Jack’s breathing began to quiet. His body spasms faded. A deep satisfying calm began to fill him. He looked at the girl. Her hands were slowly milking his cock. One of his spurts had splattered across her cheek and hair. Her hand was covered in dripping cum. Her eyes were half closed and glazed over. She leaned back in the chair.

“Wow. Wow. That was unbelievable.”

“Merry Christmas Jack.”


She gazed at his semi-erect cock. "Do you believe in the Golden Rule?"


"Do you believe in the Golden Rule - you know - do unto others, the way you'd like to be done." She licked her lips and rubbed her hand easily over her groin. "Or maybe it's better to give than to receive."

The girl smiled seductively and slowly spread her knees apart. Her hands unsnapped her jeans and pulled the zipper down. She pushed her jeans down over her hips and Jack leaned forward and took hold of her cuffs. He tugged them off. The girl was wearing a pair of simple white cotton panties. The crotch was soaked and Jack could clearly see two soft bulges with the faintest of void between them. He reached out and slowly pulled the panties down. A broad triangle of hair appeared that tapered down to a cleft of flesh. He pulled the panties off and pushed her knees wide. The cleft became two thick lips that ended just above her puckered ass. The whole area was slick with her fluids. The sweet, musk-like fragrance of her sex filled the room.

For the first time in his eighteen years Jack was looking directly at a woman's sex. “What do I do?”

“Touch me – gently very, very gently.”

Jack slid his hands slowly up her thighs. As his fingertips slid over her hips he heard her catch her breath. His hands brushed over her silky pubic hair, his thumbs coming to rest on the cleft of her cunt. He rubbed slowly up and down the sides of her cunt. He watched mesmerized, as her cunt lips became more swollen and colored. He pressed his thumbs slightly and pulled her lips apart. A dazzling pink cavern was slowly revealed. The simplicity of her outer lips stood out in marked contrast to the complexity and allure of her inner realm. With his index fingers he completed the opening of her cunt.

“God – it’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

“Touch me more…please.”

Jack stroked his finger slowly up and down inside her cunt. The heat, the slickness of her cunt was incredible. She moaned and squirmed as Jack’s finger traveled slowly up and down. Jack noticed a bump at the top of her opening, a growing mound pressing upwards. He let his finger brush over it and was rewarded with a gasp from the girl and a spasm that swept through her body – Jack, our intrepid sexual explorer had discovered her clitoris. He touched it again and received a similar response. Again and again he stroked across her clit. He leaned in closer until his lips were just above it. He lowered his finger and slid it deeply into her cunt as he extended his tongue and licked her up and down.

“Oh God –yes! That's it. Keep doing that. Don’t stop!”

Jack started to seriously lick and suck her cunt and clit. Her body writhed beneath his oral assault. Continuous moans of delight filled his ears. He sucked hard on her clit and pulled it deeply into his mouth. He flicked his tongue rapidly. Her reaction was immediate – a growing chorus of whimpers and cries. Her pelvis began to spasm and with a loud cry she came. Her body stiffened and as the orgasm overwhelmed her she reached out and pushed his head away.

"Oh God, oh man. Oh yeah. That was incredible. Jack, you’re a natural pussy eater.” The girl was still quivering in the echo of her orgasm when she saw that Jack's cock was erect again. "Looks like you enjoyed that too." She looked at Jack's face, his mouth and chin glistened with her cum.

“Jack. Are you a virgin?”


“Do you want to fuck me?”

"But I thought…"

"Never mind that. Do you - I need you inside me Jack. I need you to fuck me."

"You want me to…"

Yes Jack. I want you to put that big fat cock in me."

Jack pushed her knees up and apart until her cunt was fully exposed to him. He grabbed his cock with his hand and rubbed it up and down her slit. "Please me Jack." He pushed forward just enough that on the head of his cock was captured by her cunt lips. Jack moaned as his hips instinctively pressed him deep inside. She gasped as Jack's hips reached her bottom. The slick heat of her cunt was indescribable. Long moments passed as they enjoyed their enjoinment.

"Fuck me Jack. Fuck me as hard and as fast as you can."

Jacks eyes were riveted to the sight before him. For the first time in his life he had his cock inside a girl. It felt so right, so perfect. He was happy to stay just like this, to never move from this spot.

"Jack…please. I need you to fuck me - hard. Now Jack." Her voice was a soft whimper of pleading. He heard the words, he understood the meaning. She wanted this just as much as he did. She needed him as he needed her. She needed him. She wanted him. He pulled slowly back, his shaft reappearing out of her hot cunt. He pulled all the way out and paused with the tip of his cock resting at the entrance of her cunt. She tried to scoot down to reclaim him but Jack's grip on her thighs was stronger. She wiggled her hips trying desperately to get him back inside. She screamed as Jack thrust forward driving deep inside. He repeated his action, slowly pulling out until the tip barely touched then thrusting in, deep and quick. Again and again he plunged into her with his cock.

He began to fuck her as fast as he could. His hips thrusting forward and back. He moved his hand so that he could rub her clit with his thumb. She started to moan and writhe before him. Her hips were moving in concert with his. Her cries grew louder then with a gasp, ceased. Her body stiffened and became rigid, no sound came from her open mouth. The jolt of her orgasm left as quickly as it had come. She collapsed and went limp. Incomprehensible sounds bubbled forth from her mouth as Jack thrust into her relentlessly.

He began to feel the pressure within him build. "I'm gonna cum." He cried out loudly as he orgasmed inside her. He felt his cum pump into her. It lubricated her insides, the result was a series of slurpy squishy sounds as Jack began to finally slow his efforts. He paused deep inside her.

Where they were still joined Jack saw the mix of their fluids, coating and matting their genitals and pubic hair. He was panting and sweaty, his heart still pounding. It had been the most intense physical experience of his life. Jack raised his gaze to hers. There was a smile on her face, heavy-lidded eyes looked up at him, her cheeks were flush with light sheen of sweat. Jack pulled back until his shrinking cock popped free. It was coated with ejaculate. He lowered her legs until her feet were once again on the floor. The tilting of her pelvis released a flow of cum. It spilled out her cunt, covering her anus then dripping to the floor. Jack watch as drip after drip splattered on the floor - what a mess. He pushed to his feet, pulling on his pants.

Jack smiled. He chuckled and smiled even larger.

"What are you laughing at? What's so funny?"

"We never even took our shirts off." Jack started to laugh.

She began to laugh as well. "God, I can't believe I did this!" She stood slowly, unsteadily resulting in a sizable splat of cum landing on the floor. "Shit. I'm gonna be leaking for weeks. Wha'd you do to me - you must of pumped me full of a gallon of your stuff." She watched as it dribbled down her thighs. " Shit, it's all over me." She looked up at Jack, "You are a very naughty boy, look at this mess." Jack bent forward to kiss her when a moan from the bed startled them both - SHIT - it was Window girl. Jack felt two hands grip his head and turn it back, a mouth covered his and he was being kissed - passionately. Just as he started to respond the hands pushed him away.

"Sorry, but you've gotta go. Now."


"Jack. This was great. But I don't want to have to answer a bunch of her questions. Please go."

"But…" Jack was being turned around and pushed to the door. Once outside he turned again. "What's your name? Is this your room? I want to see you again - soon. When can I see you again?" A hand covered his mouth.

"You can't. Jack, just go. We were here just visiting some friends. We'll be gone this evening." She smiled, "Jack, you were great - I loved it. Go."

"Why did you do this then? I mean…c’mon at least tell me your name."

"No Jack, I don't think so. This is just one of those once in lifetime kinda things, you know, it's just this once… promise me you'll always remember this. Your first time with a girl. A girl you’d just met. A girl who wouldn’t even tell you her name."

"I promise."

"Good - you better keep it too."

Jack turned and started to walk away.

"Jack." He turned to look back. "Just think of me as one of Santa's little helpers – evidently you've been a very good boy this year." She smiled. "And a terrific fuck. I gotta go shower. Have a great life Ja-Jack." The door closed softly behind him.

Jack walked out into the cold snow. He couldn't remember having ever felt better or warmer.

I love Christmas, he thought.

He cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted

"Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas everybody!"

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