tagFetishSanta's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper


God, it's Christmas again, I hate this time of year. I always seem to be alone for the holidays, and that sucks. Seeing people walk through the malls hand in hand and me just watching. Well, of course this year is no exception.

Guess I'm just not a holiday catch. I am Stanley, nothing much just Stanley. Rather average guy with a lousy job and not a lot of friends. So far this has been a pretty good story huh.

This year for a little extra cash I got a Santa gig at the mall, gives me something to do and I figured there was a good chance I might get a few nice tushes riding my lap some of the time. Nope, all I am getting are little bratty kids, some even crying, now that's the worst. A crying kid on your lap and you still have to be nice Santa.

The only saving grace is Ricci and Sam, my helpers. Now Sam is a little hottie, blond, blue eyed, little vixen with nice ass and proud boobies. Her tiny costume does wonders for her figure, showing all the right places. She is so bouncy and full of smiles, and Ricci, she is my elf, I think she is a little person, but she just looks like a little preteen girl, not even sure how old she is.

Red hair, really long but she wears it in a braid and green eyes. Now the elf costume does nothing to show off anything, it makes her look preteen too. So I was never really sure about her and kinda shy away, just in case. But Sam, now that was a real flirt fest.

We started when the mall opened and worked until the last were out, breaks every two hours, only 15 minutes, and a 30 min lunch, it really sucked. Had to dry clean the suit and get reimbursed. That was hell, I just took it to the laundry close to my place and used their steam washer. The girl would write me up a ticket for dry cleaning every other day. Hey, those kids were hellish on poor ole Santa.

The lunch breaks were spent getting to know Sam, lots of suggestions and hoping, trying to get under the tiny little skirt she always wore. While we played around and getting to something, Ricci would take care of stocking the candy bins and doing a little clean up, she really never came into Santa's workshop, the little building we hid in during our breaks, leaving us to ourselves.

The last day, Christmas Eve of course, was brutal. Moms and Dads trying to get in the last minute shopping we became surrogate babysitters, the line going on forever, at least to the farthest exit door. One after another the kids kept coming and when it was time for the lunch break today, Sam asked me to come into the little workshop, she had something to ask me, very important she said.

Once inside the little hideaway she asks, "I wanted to know if you could come to a party at my place tonight, just a few friends, but I would love you to be there, never know what can happen," then she kisses me on the cheek and leaves me to think of the possibilities.

After the doors close I shuffle out the last of the little kids and run to my place to get ready for tonight, I keep looking at the address and hoping someone doesn't beat me to her. I have lots of naughty plans for Sam tonight. Heading back to her apartment after a shower and quick change of clothes, doubting that my Santa suit was gonna get me anywhere with my little helper.

Bringing a nice bottle of white wine, just to show a little class. As I get closer to her door I can hear some music coming from inside, but not much more. Not hearing the sounds of a party I look at the paper Sam had written her address on and find I am in the right place.

Knocking I hear someone coming closer and the door opens to one of the hottest little bodies I had seen in a long time, thinking that I had been wrong, the helper suit didn't really show her off as well as I had thought. She was tanned and tiny, nice b-cup breasts and nipples poking out at me like unsharpened pencils. A short little school girl skirt covering a wonderfully shaped ass. Legs tight and just a little muscular, like an athlete.

"Hey Sam," I threw at her as she opened the door, "damn you look so nice," leaning over to kiss her cheek, then offering the wine.

"Hi Stan, I am so glad you came," her hand rests on my chest as I lean in for the kiss, she smiles, strokes my chest and then takes the wine bottle from me. Turning she heads back into the apartment as I follow, noticing that we seem to be alone. This makes my heart start to race.

"So what happened to the party?" looking around and smiling, "Just us is it?"

"Well there were a few other friends going to stop by, but it seems they started a little early with the Christmas cheer and are in no shape to come over tonight, but it's not just us, my room mate is in the shower and will be out in a little bit. Can I pour you some of the wine you brought?"

"Of course you can," I settle down on the couch and listen to some of the tunes coming from the stereo as she gets a few glasses and pours us each one. She moves in and sits close to me on the couch handing me my glass.

"I am sorry the party didn't happen Stan, I was really wanting to show you off a bit." This brings a naughty little smile to her face and a throbbing to my cock. I think this is going to be an eventful night to say the least. I settle back and take my glass, sipping the wine and returning Sam's smile.

We talk for a few minutes, laughing and joking about the little animals we have been dealing with, it is amazing that the parents let them get away with the crap they pull. When the first glass of wine is gone , Sam gets us another round and also pours a third.

I assume the roommate will be out soon so I decide to slow the roll and wait til we can be alone. After she gives me back my glass and puts the third on the coffee table, she takes a nice big drink and looks at me with a shit eatin grin.

"OK, here's the thing, I really want to get fucked tonight and you are the one I need. So that is why I asked you over, I have wanted to do you since we first met and you made me laugh. I could almost taste you." As she finished she unzips that little skirt and lets it drop, standing there in a little pink thong, then the top comes off and she jumps onto the couch and in my arms.

I grab her ass with my hands and we lock into a deep hard kiss, tongues exploring each others mouths and hands roaming all over. I start to grope and massage her tits and ass, feeling the wet crotch of her thong with my fingertips. She pushes herself up a bit and tears open my shirt, pushing her hands down between us and reaching my crotch and opening the zipper keeping me inside.

Grabbing my cock with both hands she slides down and starts to lick my head and shaft. I let her slide off the couch and get beside me as I pinch her nipples I hear, "SO ..... am I gonna just be left here to play with myself?"

Looking in the doorway to the hall I see a very small body, but what a body, about 4'5" with nice long red hair and piercing green eyes, it take a minute but I realize that it is Ricci, she looks so hot, standing there naked leaning against the wall, slowly rubbing her smooth mound, there is a chain between her pierced nipples.

I had never even thought about her in that elf costume. She no longer looks like a preteen girl, holding out my hand, "there is room for you right over here Ricci."

She walks over and slides her hands across Sam's ass, I can't get over how sexy her tiny body is, I pull her close and suck her nipples as I can see her fingers starting to tease Sam's already wet pussy. Sam moans as she slides my cock deep inside her mouth, licking my balls as she gets there.

I put my hands on Ricci's side and pick her up, moving her over top of me and turning her to place her knees on my chest. This puts her smooth tiny cunt right above my face. Holding her I lick her lips until her pussy opens for me and I can suck her clit into my mouth. She drops her head back and her fingers find her nipples, pinching and pulling them as her passion started to rise.

Sam sucks me like a vacuum and I know I won't be able to hold out for very long. Sam lifts her head, rubbing my cock against her cheek and says. "Hey, let's take this into the bedroom, and slow it down a bit."

We slowly get up from the couch and move down the hall to the bedroom, groping kissing and pawing each other all the way down the hallway. Getting into the bedroom Sam and Ricci climb onto the bed and lay back, both with knees up and pussies ready, I get down on the floor at the side of the bed and move back and forth from one to the other, licking and teasing each pussy and ass as I switch between the two.

As I play and lick them they are kissing and playing with each others tits. The site is awesome, almost like a mother and daughter play pen. Then I get on my feet at the side of the bed and in between Sam's knees, I figure she gets the first thrusts since she started this play date. I start to rub the head on my cock against her clit and between those lips until I am wet enough to push inside. While my hand teases and fingers Ricci's already dripping pussy and my thumb slips into her tight puckered ass.

The girls keep kissing and licking each other as I fuck one and finger the other, I pull out of Sam after several deep hard thrusts and move over to push my cock deep and fast into Ricci's tight little pussy. She tightens up as I push inside, but relaxes just enough for me to slide all the way in til my balls are laying against her ass.

When I get into her, balls deep, she is pushing her hips toward me, they are moaning and starting to get more vocal as I have moved over and kept my fingers and thumbs busy with Sam's pussy and ass. That way keeping them both close to the edge and not just waiting for my cock.

Then after several of those slamming thrust into Ricci I again move to enter Sam with my hard wet cock. This back and forth continues for a short while and I pull out of the last box and have the girls roll so Ricci is now on top of Sam, they keep the kissing and nipple sucking going but now I have one pussy right over the other and can just move up and down to reach each one without moving from my stance.

I decide it is time to explore the other holes and start to push into each ass in place of the pussy volley I had going, that lit them up and the vocals reached a fever pitch. I could get deep in Sam's ass but Ricci was so tight, barely getting the head inside. It still was sending her over the edge as I did. But I could tell she just wasn't ready, not near relaxed enough.

So I pull out and decide it is time for me to relax a bit and climb on the bed between them. Grabbing Ricci and returning her to the position we had begun with as I lick and suck her pussy and ass with her knees resting on my chest. Sam climbs on and starts to ride my cock continuing to kiss and make out with Ricci as they both rode me, one on my cock the other on my chin and tongue, swapping themselves between the two positions.

We keep this up for the rest of the night, in every position we could think of, no one getting left out. Sometimes me fucking one then the other, they were using toys on each other, they would lick and suck each other and then come back to me. It was like a small orgy, everyone getting close but not going over to keep the fever pitch high.

We ended it with a daisy chain so each of us could get a face full of the juices we were creating as we all explode together, soaking the bed together. The collapsing into a pile in a mix of sweat, cum and slobbers. Mmmmmmmmmm. When we are all finally spent we lay in each other arms and drift off, into a very restful peace.

I wake up after a short nap, entwined in a pile with the girls wrapped around me. I have to go to the can so I wiggle and slip my way off the bed and head to the bathroom. After that business is done I stop in the kitchen looking for something to drink, to replenish some of the fluids I had just left in the bedroom.

As I am standing at the fridge I hear someone approach from behind, turning I see Ricci standing behind me next to the kitchen island. She walks up and wraps her arms around me, burying her face in my belly. "Oh Stan, tonight was great, thank you for this, I NEEDED you so badly." I pull her close then drop to my knees in front of her, again taking her into my arms and kissing her deeply.

"Ricci I would never have guessed, never have imagined, you were wonderful and so hot." Kissing her once again I pick her up and set her on the counter top of the island, leaning forward I lick and suck her nipples, teasing each, rubbing the hard nips between my fingers and thumbs. Looking her in the eyes as I keep getting her closer to another orgasm.

Dropping to one knee I place her legs over my shoulders, lowering my head between her thighs and licking her again, she immediately starts to cum on my tongue, coating my face with her juices. I keep licking and sucking as she cums, wanting it to last forever, then I stand and lift her, her legs sliding to my elbows and her pussy dropping to my cock. I slip inside easily and she cums again.

Bouncing her on my arms and her pussy slamming against my crotch, she moans and calls my name, "OH STAN, BABY FUCK ME HARDDDD!!!, I AM .... CUMMIN FOR ..... YOU ...... MAKE ME CUM ...... OVER AND OVER BABY!!! Her head lays back her hair flowing down her back and she cums, over and over, one after another wave of pleasure as I bounce her against my body.

Slowing down and letting her slide down the front of me, I hear her say, "Stan baby please, get that big hard cock in my ass, I need you SOOO BAD!!

As her feet hit the floor I turn her around lifting her again and laying her on the counter belly down Bending my knees a little I take the shaft of my cock into my hand and slip the head between her lips and covering the purple head with her slippery wet cum. Then I push it against the tiny pucker of her ass. I lean over close to her ear and whisper, "I am going in baby, are you ready?"

"Yes... YES .... OH GOD YES.... PUSH HIM IN MY ASS STAN ..... PUSH HIM IN DEEP!! As hot and anxious that her begging made me I still take my time, first just the head, as it slips inside I pinch and rub her clitty hard and fast. She tightens but soon relaxes and my cock slides in deeper and hits bottom.

I hold her there for a few seconds and start to rock my hips, pushing in and out of that TIGHT, tiny ass. She relaxes more and I can move faster and deeper. Placing my hands on either side of her holding myself up on the counter. I start to slam and can hear myself breathing like a marathon runner. Her tight ass is too much and it doesn't take me long to be ready to cum.

AS I get to that point of no return I tell her, "BABY RIC... I AM GONNA BLOW SWEETIE ...... CUM WITH ME RICCI!!! aaarrrrggghhhhh Baby you are Taking me home."

"OH SHIT,,, STAN.. I AM TOO.... MAKE ME CUM... FUCK THAT ASS BABY!!!," She hollers back as we both drive over the edge, I start pumping cum into her ass as she starts to spray my legs and feet with a forceful squirt from her pussy. A few more thrusts and I slow to a slight rock.

She is thrashing and cumming like mad. When I can hold on no more I step back pick her up turn her around and pull her close to me, her feet dangling as I do. I carry her into the living room and onto the couch. Sitting I pull her down into my lap and we sit and hold each other for quiet a long time.

Sam was something else and I will always be grateful for her bringing me to her party and the night we shared, but Sam wasn't looking for one person, as a matter of fact, she is doing movies now, and she is known as the orgy queen, maybe you've seen some of her work.

From that night on it has been my lil Ric and me. We go everywhere and do everything. I have found out there is a kinky side to my lil Santa's helper too. We have started to play with a little spanking and bondage, even joined a few local munches and had some public fun. We are both "growing" and getting into a place that keeps us both alive.

She is amazing, she loves playing little, being my little baby, I get to take care of her, love her and when she is bad or naughty, punish her. I believe there will be a lot more for me to share, we are just getting started. Nothing could be better, I am so happy with my Santa's Little Helper.

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