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Santa's Little Helper


Louisa looked out at the ever growing line of antsy kids, queued up to sit with Santa and give their yearly list of demands for being "good." She stifled a yawn and straightened her elf costume. At 5'1" tall, with big blue eyes and a pixie nose, she knew she easily passed for one of Santa's happy little helpers. Despite her 24 years, she knew with the right outfit she could pass for one of the whiny brats in line - that is, until they got a look at her tits. She smirked to herself and she thought of her pillowy D cups. She slid her eyes over to "Santa," currently occupied with a set of twin seven year old boys, and thought of how much he seemed to appreciate her chest too. Each night this week, after they wrapped up seven hour shifts, Dave (this year's Santa) had asked her out to get a drink. She'd said no each time, because she didn't want to make their working relationship weird... but she couldn't help thinking about him more and more.

Dave was in his forties, divorced, athletic, and handsome. He wore the Santa suit well, filling the arms and legs out with strong muscles and using a pillow to stuff the gut. But he was tall, rugged, masculine... and had an air of authority to him that Louisa had to admit made her excited. He'd look at her with those deep brown eyes, raising an eyebrow when he saw her check her phone or sip her coffee behind the counter... Behavior unbecoming an elf, to be sure. She could feel his disapproval and enjoyed the thrill it gave her to be "bad." She snorted to herself, thinking if that was the worst she ever did, she really couldn't call herself all that bad. Louisa was in grad school and spent most of her time studying and writing, working slowly toward her Masters degree. This elf gig was to make some extra spending money for the holidays, but it came with the bonus of Santa's attention.

As she shuffled a squirmy redheaded four year old from her mother's hands to Santa's lap, Louisa decided she'd take Dave up on his offer the next time he made it. She decided she didn't care if it made things weird - he was hot and she was horny and dammit it's Christmas. She got a little squirmy herself as she heard him ask the kid, "and have you been a good little girl this year?" She briefly caught his eye and winked at him, hoping he'd get her message... But things got hectic before they could really get their subtle flirting going any farther. One kid peed in line, another puked, and there was crying everywhere. The shift dragged on, and by the end, it was clear they were both beat.

The mall security guard came to escort Dave and Louisa to the back locker rooms. He left them with a gruff, "have a good night, guys. See you tomorrow" before he ambled off down to his own office.

In the large anteroom outside the men's and women's locker rooms, Dave stared at Louisa for a long quiet moment. She felt herself blush under his scrutiny.

"What?" she asked him.

He didn't answer for a moment as he pulled the fake beard, hat, and wig off, running a hand through his closely cut salt-and-pepper hair. He sighed. "I think that was the worst shift yet. I can't friggin believe we still have two weeks till Christmas."

"I know," she groaned. "I think the kids are getting brattier and the parents are getting lazier. I had to actually stop one mom from leaving her kid unattended in line. Apparently she really needed something at Yankee Candle."

"Jesus," he huffed. "What the hell is wrong with people?"

"I know, right?" she said, sliding her feet out of the felt elf booties.

"I seriously need a drink tonight," he said, closing his eyes, picturing a smooth glass of scotch.

Louisa made a soft murmur of agreement, without actually saying anything. Dave's eyes opened and trained on her intensely.

"You finally going to join me for a drink, little one?" he asked.

She took a breath and met his gaze.

"Sure, Dave."

He smiled at her wolfishly. "Well let's get a move on, then. I'll meet you out front after we both grab quick showers? Can you be ready in ten?"

She nodded, hoping not to look to eager, but knowing her youthful face probably made her look, appropriately enough, as eager as a kid on Christmas morning. They went to their respective locker rooms and both hurried through a quick rinse off. Dave smiled to himself as he pictured the little elf with big tits in the neighboring room, feeling his cock stiffen slightly as he thought of her innocent face and devilish figure. He willed himself under control, hoping his patience would be rewarded at the end of the night with Louisa. Next door, Louisa was also struggling with fantasy as the warm water sluiced over her curvy little body. She couldn't help but pull on her nipples just a bit as she hurried through her shower, anxious to finally get to know her Santa a little better.

An hour later, they were both two drinks in at a local hotel bar. Dave teased Louisa for drinking sugary, girly drinks as he slowly sipped his scotch. She giggled slightly as she explained she liked the drinks that tasted like juice, that didn't make her feel like she was too grown up. A pretty girly drink, rimmed with sugar and maybe garnished with a yummy piece of fruit, and she was all set.

Dave smiled at her knowingly and said, "well then, little one, drink up your juice. Be a good girl and maybe you'll get a surprise."

With his wink, she felt her panties getting damp. She licked the remains of the sugar rim off the delicious cocktail while meeting his gaze. "Mmmm," she groaned. "I love sugar. And surprises."

Dave's hand was on her thigh, stroking gently over her purple leggings. Despite the fabric between his flesh and hers, she felt herself growing hotter. Each gentle stroke, each lazy circle he drew on her, the more she felt ready to ignite.

"I told you to finish your juice, princess. Don't make me say it again," Dave warned.

Louisa quickly downed the rest of her drink and put the glass down on the bar with a flourish before noticing he still had half his glass of neat scotch in front of him.

"Dave," she began.

"No," he cut her off. "Not Dave."

She felt her head swimming from the drinks and the heat between them. She looked at him, genuinely confused. "Not Dave?"

He shook his head slowly, one arm going behind her back to pull her into him. He softly licked the shell of her ear and whispered, "I'm not Dave anymore, little one."

She closed her eyes as he teased her earlobe. "Okay... but what should I call you then?"

Her thighs clenched together and she was desperate for some friction. He was killing her with his slow licks and gentle nips. His arm around her waist tightened and the other hand on her thigh gripped tighter as he stilled her. His lips tickled her ear as he whispered, "You'll call me Sir."

Her head fell back and she couldn't contain her moan as she felt the power of his words. She knew she would give in to this. She knew she wanted it and couldn't wait to see what else her Santa had to show her.

Dave grabbed her chin and turned her face to his.

"What was that, little one?"

"Yes Sir," she grinned at him. "Now can we go?" she then grabbed what was left of his drink and downed it in one gulp. She shuddered, the dark liquor stronger than she was used to. His jaw flexed as he stared at her.

"Oh, little girl... Whatever will I do with you..." He threw some bills on the bar to cover their tab and took her by the hand. They walked together, holding hands, to the hotel desk and Dave booked a room. Louisa stood by his side, blushing but quiet, anxious to see where their night would go.

Four minutes later they were standing in a standard hotel room, no longer holding hands. Dave looked at Louisa appraisingly. He saw that her breaths were shallow, eyes glazed with booze and lust. His cock, which had been at least half hard since they stood together outside the locker rooms, had been throbbing for the past ten minutes, ready to fuck this naughty little elf.

"I think you need to be taught a lesson, little girl. You took my drink without permission."

"I"m sorry, Sir. I was just so ready to leave with you."

"I know, princess. I know. And I'm eager for you too, I assure you." He paused. "But little girls who take things that don't belong to them need to be punished."

Dave pulled Louisa to the edge of the bed and then pulled her across his lap.

"Now, then. Let's pull these little leggings down and see what we have." Dave pulled up the long dress shirt she was wearing and pulled down the purple leggings and white thong she had on. She could feel his cock against her middle and could hear his breathing quicken as he saw her pale round ass. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but before she could feel any relief from the need coursing through her, she felt Dave's strong hand swat her on her left cheek.

"Oh!" she cried.

"My little one needs to have a little spanking to remind her how to behave, I think. Does that sound good, princess?"

"Yes Sir," she whimpered.

"Mmmm," he murmured, swatting the right cheek this time, then rubbing it over where his hand had struck. "Good girl." He gave each cheek two more slaps, rubbing circles after each spank. "Stand up," he ordered, as he set her on her feet. "Strip for me, little one."

Louisa stood before him and slowly pulled the dress shirt over her head, and shimmied the leggings and thong down to her feet. She quickly unclasped her white lace bra and let it slide down her arms. She stood before Dave totally naked, her rosy nipples standing out on the ends of her thick full tits, her legs together, topped with a small thatch of neatly trimmed dark curls.

"Oh, baby," Dave groaned. "What a perfect little girl. Santa's perfect little helper," he added, slyly smiling as he pulled her onto her back. Dave spread her legs wide and lapped at her wet pussy. "Is this wet for me, baby? Is your pussy wet because of Santa spanking you?"

"Oh God!" she cried, relishing his tongue against her wet lips. "Yesss!" she called as his tongue flicked against her clit.

"Pull on your tits, baby girl. Tug on those beautiful nipples while I lick this perfect pussy." She followed his commands, grabbing her swollen tits and tugging on the nipples as she writhed under his tongue. She pried her eyes open to gaze down at him, seeing his head between her thighs, feeling him eat her pussy with slow deliberation. He caught her eye and winked as he quickly slid two fingers deep inside her. She broke eye contact as her head fell back and she cried out.

His fingers worked faster as he sucked on her clit, teasing it with his tongue. Her orgasm built quickly, she felt herself tightening, tightening, and finally she screamed out her relief as she felt her body uncoil with ecstasy.

Dave pulled back, licking his fingers and his lips and moaning his appreciation for her taste. "Mmm... Yummy. But now I think it's time you earned the title, 'Santa's little helper,' don't you?"

He helped her sit up and stood before her, offering his long, thick, throbbing cock. Louisa licked her lips and leaned into him. She licked a drop of precum off the tip before circling it with her tongue. She felt his hand go to the back of her head and she let him guide her mouth down his nine inch shaft. Her jaw ached as she took him as deep as she could, moaning around him, letting her tongue play with each inch she could handle. She pulled back and breathed deep before trying again to take him all. Sliding her wet mouth up and down that delicious cock, Louisa let her eyes close and she worked faster and faster, wanting to make him lose control like she did. His hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and he halted her progress when she had pulled back to just the tip. He stared down at her as she flicked her tongue across and around the thick mushroom head.

"That's enough," he whispered hoarsely.

She shook her head and sucked harder.

He took in a quick breath and yanked her mouth off of him. "I said that's enough, little one. I need to fuck that tight wet cunt." She moaned her approval. "That's what you want, isn't it, my dirty little helper? You want Santa's cock in that cunt. Don't you?"

"Yes sir," Louisa replied eagerly, licking her lips, clearly ready for whatever her Santa wanted to give her. He helped her up on the bed, onto her hands and knees. "What do you say, little girl?"

"Fuck," she panted. "Please!"

"Please what?" he asked, teasing her slick wet pussy lips with the head of his cock.

"Please fuck me!" she tried pushing her ass back into him, hoping he'd slide home.

"Please fuck me, what?" he teased some more.

She was panting, whimpering, desperate now. "Please fuck me, Sir! Please, please, fuck your dirty little girl!"

Before she'd finished her last plea, he slammed his dick all the way into her warm wet hole. They groaned in unison, both feeling better already.

"You like that?" Dave asked her. "You like Santa's big hard cock in your pussy?"

"Oh god, yes, yes sir, yes please, fuuuuck" she stammered.

Dave pulled back, sliding out before slamming back in. Then did it again, slapping her ass as he pounded her. Her tits bounced as he continued, back and forth, slapping her ass and watching it jiggle as his cock disappeared inside her.

Words escaped her as she felt herself losing control, building once again to a shattering climax.

Dave felt her getting closer and picked up his pace. "You gonna cum for me, little girl?" he grunted. "You gonna cum for Santa?"

"Yes... sir!" she panted.

Dave smacked her ass hard and plunged in as deep as he could, setting off her orgasm as he came inside her. "Fuck!" he yelled as she screamed "Yes sir, fuck me sir, give me that cummmmmm!"

They both collapsed in a heap on the bed, sweaty and spent.

A moment later, Louisa giggled.

"What's so funny, little girl?" Dave looked over in amusement, his hand coming to rest on Louisa's hip.

"I think I might be on the naughty list, Santa," she said through her laughter.

He grinned. "Hmmm. I guess maybe you are my naughty little elf."

She smirked at him and started stroking his cock back to life, "Yes sir."

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This got my pussy so fucking wet. I want to sit on Santa's face.

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